Winter Camp – For Those Who Aspire to Lead

By Max Musson:

In August of this year a sensation was caused with the emergence of a new organisation channelling the latent energy and desire for action that oftentimes lies frustrated and dormant in the hearts of our youngest and most dynamic members. The ‘Summer Camp’ organised under the ‘Sigurd Legion’ banner was an outstanding success, and hailed as a life-changing experience by many of those who attended.

Legionmac 1Early in the New Year a second such event is scheduled to take place and we are pleased to announce that we have been able to make a few more places available for those who may wish to make bookings at this time. ‘Winter Camp’ is due to take place on 23rd to 25th January 2015 inclusive, at a centre in the Heart of England and this second event promises to be an even more intense experience than the first, with sessions specifically designed to build skill and confidence in both physical and psychological confrontations.

This is the course for those of you who have always yearned to release the ‘spirit warrior’ within, but have never known how, who have always dreamed of becoming one of that small band of epoch-making culture heroes whose names will be carved with pride when our life’s work is done.

The organisers have published the ‘Fight Syllabus’, which will include sessions on: fighting fundamentals; break-falls and stance recovery; defensive striking; vision and psychology; team tactics, and much, much more!

Accommodation and many of the sessions will be indoors, but there will also be outdoor sessions in which stamina and hardiness will be tested and there will be sessions designed to imbue greater mental resilience and a deeper understanding of our mission in terms of politics, spirituality and self-fulfilment.

If you have not yet booked for ‘Winter Camp’, then do it now, there are only a few extra places left.

By Max Musson © 2014

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12 thoughts on “Winter Camp – For Those Who Aspire to Lead

  1. Sounds great Max, somehow I think I might be past redemption here, a stroll to the local hostilery sounds more my speed at 78/79 years of age by then.

    1. You must be the best judge of that Brin, but there may be some younger souls among your immediate circle whose attendance you might like to sponsor?

  2. I think every young nationalist (with no exceptions) should train in hard martial arts, still their mind through meditational exercises, and harden their limbs through vigorous exercise. These types of events are fantastic! They attract the right types of people, and they’re very enjoyable. If you’re thinking of coming, please do…. You won’t be dissapointeded.

    1. If only.. every success Shaun, I’m sure it will be fun and I recall camping with the RAF in 1954, and it was terrific fun. Gwen and I made the RWB camping events with BNP, that was also great, just meeting up with folk on the same wavelength.

      1. I regularly go to a wrestling gym, and sometimes I’m the only White in the class. I repeat: if young White nationalists don’t know how to fight, they better understand that the other side is training every day. These events are needed. We won’t get anywhere if we’re all intellect and no physicality.

  3. I’m still injured, I had intended on attending one of these. I especially felt miffed after seeing the hiking exercises (I am a hill climber/small mountain climber by vocation)
    Mr. Fraser did say that he wants no monopoly over the idea and as all those I hike with are like minded fellows. Perhaps we should mount a team expedition up a tall mountain, or something similar.

  4. I was one of the older folk that went on the summer camp last August in Wales. It was a fantastic weekend. Seeing so much enthusiasm in our younger and fitter comrades was particularly heart warming.

    As an older person it has since spurred me on to do a bit more exercise, that alone, from a personal point of view has to be good. Not that I can ever hope to keep up with the youngsters in such a physically demanding undertaking.

  5. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    The confidence of the leaders at the last camp gave confidence to the participants and there wasn’t a single wasted moment. It was a question of “work hard, play hard”.

    1. I don’t think there would be too much of a problem with some people arriving a little late on the Friday evening, but I will check and confirm. Watch this space.

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