Weak Seed Whites who Are Trying to Atone for the Original Sin of Being Born White

By H. Millard:

Lord Jim 4A study was released recently that shows that Blacks with White friends are considered less Black by other Blacks. However, the study also revealed that Whites with Black friends are less likely to be considered less White by other Whites.

One can interpret this information in a number of different ways, but I think the best way for conscious Whites, interested in White survival, to look at this is that among our population of Whites we have too many weak seeds who run from being White and that we need to overcome the influence of these week seeds if we are to fully realize our identity and our self and group esteem as the distinct people that we are.

This lack of identity and lack of self and group esteem (call these self and group actualization if you wish) is evidenced in many ways. Barely a week passes where we don’t read about some Whites almost running right over needy Whites right here in the U.S. to bound off to Africa or Haiti to help Blacks. At the same time, we see White celebrities going out of their way to avoid adopting White orphans right here in the U.S. and instead flying to Africa or Haiti to adopt Black orphans. And, the PC newspapers are quick to show photos of these weak seed Whites beaming with the Blacks that they are helping which, of course, just reinforces the notion that these Whites are somehow compassionate and good–when in fact, what they are is neurotic self-haters and weak seeds who are running from their Whiteness.

Recently, one of former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s sons adopted a Black child, and Mitt, himself, infamously tells how when his Mormon church changed the original “revealed” policy of only allowing Whites to be members of the priesthood in the church, so that Blacks could now hold the priesthood, Mitt, who was driving his car at the time, and heard the news on the radio, was so overcome with joy that he pulled to the side of the road and wept tears of great happiness. Hallelujah! Yes, White Mitt was overcome with joy because that doggone fickle Disco God, who apparently wants to be with it and hip and who wants to do whatever human public opinion is at the moment, had once again changed his mind and had sent a “what’s happening now” revelation reversing the earlier revelation that was supposed to stand for all time. God now said that Blacks are okay. Next up one wonders if we’ll see new revelations for Mormons to accept homosexual marriages, bestiality and whatever else the mediocre herds of humans are manipulated into accepting at the moment. But I digress.

And, we always see Whites starting charities to help non-Whites while not helping Whites. We also see some Whites almost cheering when a non-White politician with a strong sense of his or her racial/ethnic identity wins over a White politician–who typically has virtually no sense of his or her racial/ethnic identity. And, it goes on and on.

Lord Jim 3Part of this lack of identity and self-esteem of Whites is, paradoxically, probably entwined in what I call the Great White Mother (GWM) and Great White Father (GWF) neuroses, of which the Lord Jim syndrome (also a term I’ve invented–and can be male or female) is a part. I’ll get back to Lord Jim in a moment.

Neuroses masked by misplaced compassion

To refresh your memory. Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers have a subconscious belief in their racial superiority and they manifest this in noblesse oblige attitudes and behaviors toward non-Whites who they feel just need to have the motherly and fatherly help of the GWMs and GWFs to let the inner White emerge from their birth defect, dark-skin prisons. These GWMs and GWFs secretly believe that all humans are much the same under the skin (but are not quite as superior as Whites). But, the twist here is that what the GWMs and GWFs really mean is that all humans are really White people under the skin, as though they were kept in the oven a bit too long, but under that dark exterior, by golly, they’re white. As a corollary of this often subconscious belief system, these GWMs and GWFs also believe that Whites who do not share their neurosis simply hate all other humans who do not have White skin.

Historically, we saw the GWMs and GWFs try to “help” American Indians overcome their red skin and ways to let the inner White person out, by forcing little Indian kids into so-called Indian schools where the kids were given White haircuts, White clothes, White religion and White cultural values. And, of course, this was always done with “love,” just as the present GWMs and GWFs say they are acting out of love for Blacks and other non-Whites.

Interestingly, over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the new term “White privilege,” pop up all over the place and this term is now used by self-hating Whites to attack other Whites for supposedly benefiting from having White skin, which, in the twisted minds of the self-hating Whites, is a sort of unearned “get everything easy or free card.” Of course, this is just a different flavor of a lack of identity and self-esteem among these self-hating Whites who in their constant attempts to denigrate other Whites because of their white skin actually reveal more about their self-hating neurosis and psychological need to give up being for a sense of non-being than they would like. These weak seeds, daily commit psychological suicide upon themselves and Whites in general as they constantly try to get the White out of themselves.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the Stockholm syndrome as it relates to Whites who lack a proper sense of identity and self-esteem and who make fools of themselves after they forgive Blacks who have attacked them or their loved ones. Some of these mentally sick Whites have been seen to gush and forgive Blacks and actually befriend them after the Blacks have killed family members of the Whites.

Lord Jim 1Now, as promised, a few words about that species of GWM and GWF that I call Lord Jims. They might also be said to have a Jesus complex or a Mother Teresa complex. These are the ones who sacrifice themselves for non-Whites (but almost never for their fellow Whites) and who often present themselves with moist eyes looking heavenward (sometimes literally). But, their sacrifice of themselves isn’t without a benefit to themselves, even though it is a psychological benefit. In their minds, they see themselves as the protectors of non-Whites from evil Whites (and most other Whites, in their eyes, are evil). In extreme cases, we imagine they might even dream of being carried on the shoulders of the poor, downtrodden “natives,” ala Lord Jim, after they have organized the natives against the big bad and evil Whites who are in some way trying to destroy the natives. And, yes, in their minds these Lord Jims, who when they are in White society are usually nobodies, believe that it was only they, often because of their inner goodness or purity of soul, who could have helped the natives, and they relish the sacrifice that they have made to fight off the evil Whites. Their greatest desire is to be crucified to expiate the original sin of having been born White.

By H. Millard © 2014

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27 thoughts on “Weak Seed Whites who Are Trying to Atone for the Original Sin of Being Born White

  1. The whole concept is unnatural and goes against survival and darwinism. The springbok looks after its own herd, not cheer when the lion grabs one. It only shows how brainwashed some whites are

  2. “Lord Jim’s” are nothing to do with Jesus.

    “But if anyone does not provide for his own [kind], and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

  3. Terrific. However, I disagree with with the notion that these whites are trying to drop their whiteness, as instead of non-Whites you could be talking about the natterjack toad and these freaks (for that is what they are) would react exactly as described above. Agreed, they do have a crown of thorns complex, but when all is said and done, they simply have defective genes.

    Knackered whites, in my humble opinion, should be prevented from passing on their genes. This is the most humane way of phasing out the week seeds.

  4. This wholesale mass movement of White behavior and thought that leads to our long term racial deaths in various forms of self destruction is the culmination of generations, now, of long term planning.

    Whites have been so deeply saturated with anti-White propaganda that they accept the anti-White causes that they feel they must support in order to atone for their “sins”.

    Each symptom of White self destructive behavior that Millard rightly points out, from the adoption of black “friends” to the adoption of black babies from Africa, the GWM and GWF complex, etc., is the outcome of deliberate planning of our racial enemies.

    1. Katana, I have not published the latter part of your comments even though I agree with them, because you couched them in terms that can be easily portrayed as an incitement to racial hatred. There is a fine line between what can and cannot be said in this country without leaving us vulnerable to prosecution. If we wish to denounce our racial enemies the wording used must be very carefully chosen. Therefore, please do not be discouraged, simply try to model your future statements on those that we use in the articles we write. A lot of thought goes into the wording of our articles in order that we can say what we want without laying ourselves open to prosecution.

      1. Reasoning with a man who has a knife to your throat is no good, you have to have the balls to take it from him and plunge it into him. I dont see how we will win if we don not have the balls to so much as speak freely in defends of our own existence.

        1. It’s not a matter of balls, it’s a matter of common sense. We are weak and divided at the moment and we face an enemy who has far more power and influence than we do. If we play into their hands and provide them with the pretext to shut our site down and put us in prison, what good does that do? On the other hand, if we are smart and find ways to say what we want without incriminating ourselves, we can continue to organise and spread the word and one day we will be strong enough to go toe to toe with the enemy, slug it out and prevail.

        2. Well Western Spring can’t do much when it’s website is shut down can it?

          If we use the example of the French resistance (despite WW2 being a war that has led to our weakening) were they lacking ‘balls’ because they didn’t go up to Germans and tell them that they would drive them out of France? Doing so would just send them to jail so they can’t have any effect on the resistance. Instead they stay publicly quiet while doing activities in the background without their enemies knowing.

          Saying harsh words on the internet without protecting your IP is doing just that. Less keyboard cowboy antics and more brains. You can get through to people WITHOUT overstepping the boundaries we have been forced into.

        3. To add Western Spring’s contents is refreshing. Racial Nationalism in the 1920’s & 1930’s was not uniforms and parties but intellectual ideas and discussions by many writers and theorists.

          Too much modern day racial nationalist writings and literature concentrate on the actions, symbols and party paraphernalia of old which in there time were just a means to an end than representing what we really are trying to protect.

          Western Spring offers well presented and interesting content that provides a good intellectual resource for the issues we face. Our aim is inevitably to defend our people and allow them to prosper into the future.

      2. Fair enough Max. You are the one in the hot seat so naturally I accept your calls in what you decide to publish.

        I’ll try to word future comments as you suggest, while sailing close to the wind.

        1. Thanks for responding so goodheartedly, Katana. While it grieves us all to have to adapt what we say to the requirements of the law, there is always a subtle or oblique way of saying almost anything we might want, and it would be foolish for us to hand Trevor Phillips and the EHRC our heads on a plate by using language that we know will make it easy for them to convict us in a court of law.

    2. Whilst much of what you say is correct ‘saturated with anti-white propaganda’ and that our destruction was planned long ago.However,there is cause to rejoice also.The enemy is clearly identified,our cause is just and honourable.We have begun to claim the moral high ground and more of the masses are enlightened.We as a people are showing that part of our national/racial psyche that we failed to identify before,or perhaps were too cowardly to show.

      Our racial consciousness and our courage rises,our Britishness,the stuff of our forefathers.

  5. Bob Geldof was washed up and this resurrected his career. I bet some cynics might claim that a good explanation for his involvement in the “Feed the World sham.” Do “celebs” feel any shame?

  6. These self haters are typically middle class, those born away from the true horrors of multiculturalism, they’re heavily indoctrinated at university. It would be amusing if it weren’t so serious that those that receive the best education are so effortlessly manipulated and completely lack independent thought. The remainder tend to be societies misfits and failures, those with a history of drug abuse, again typically middle class, these individuals just tend to be looking for a cause to join to make them feel their life has a purpose and to take their anger at being failures out on others.

    As an off topic comment I just thought I’d mention that the illegitimate EU have now agreed a bail-in policy. Although they claim only depositors with over €100,000 (£85,000) will be effected that isn’t the case. All depositors will be effected when there is a systemic collapse of the banking system, as occurred in 2008. The banks are now in a significantly worse state than before 2008, for example Deutsche Bank is leveraged 66-1, Bear Stearns collapsed at less than half that. Once the final pillar is in place expect the real state of banking finances to be made public and a bail in will follow.

  7. It is amazing what passes for free speech. White people have to be very careful of their words in case it MAY offend someone, or face prosecution. Yet the muslim clerics in the UK are now openly broadcasting hate in their factional exchanges.

    Dicey, it is not just universities doing the indoctrinating. Check what is coming out of Disney in the USA aimed at white kids. It is often a black boy with a white girl. The black boys are made to be the cool ones, while the white boys are nerds. You can’t stop kids watching it, but you can show them the credits at the end and show them all the jewish names and explain that is what they want you to believe to undermine your culture.
    It is the BBC when you turn it on and see Indians or Blacks with posh british accents to convince you they are ‘british’. The brainwashing of white people is constant and aimed at all classes via various media. And it is global. Such a brainwashed society will not resist as the their nation is slowiy taken over. First will come the curry dens and kebab stands, then they move in, then entire neighbourhoods are taken over, and then the smaller towns. Pockets of resistance are bypassed and isolated, ridiculed as ‘racist’, ‘nazi’ ‘ignorant’ etc. To be mopped up later. It is the classic application of infiltration tactics moved from the military field to an attack on society.

  8. Race mixing is the classic example of white self-hatred taken to its logical extreme. In the end all will go down into the multi-racial melting pot except the iron hard kernel of the Folk, and from them the nation will be re-grown, unified and purified, when our country is our own again.

  9. Is that Bob Geldoff in the top picture? If so, he might be “Caucasian” but he is NOT white. 😉

  10. If something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck an all that . . . I think Geldof is one of the tribe

  11. A ‘social’ experiment conducted by (I think) Manchester University involved a test subject (one white, one black and then one Asian) walking in to a ‘cafe’. In the café all the tables were taken by groups of students arranged in racial groups. Each table had one seat empty. What shocked those carrying out this experiment wasn’t the fact the white guy sat at the ‘white’ table, but the black sat at the ‘black table and the Asian sat at the ‘Asian’ table.

    To me that demonstrated quite conclusively that ALL human races feel more comfortable associating with their own. We can identify with each other, we share common values, morals and standards. Whites trying to be black or blacks trying to be white goes against all that is natural. Something The Frankfort School have been trying for decades to smash.

  12. Geldof has risen to prominence as a result of this media-driven circus. The losers are the vast numbers in Somalia (or wherever) – there are now twice as many of them starving to death, and everyone else who feels obligated.

    1. Yes I think Geldof has made the problem worse.
      It’s why I can’t support any of these types of charity now.

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