Was Guy Fawkes the Last Honest Man to Pass through Westminster?

Imagine a government that would deliberately take millions away from the budget meant to educate its own nation’s children, while at the time use billions to send foreign aid to other nations who don’t need it?

That would be nothing less than treason. You cannot imagine any sane government doing such a thing. Think of, for example, China, or Japan, deliberately depriving its own people of an education while giving money to Korea? It just wouldn’t happen, because the Chinese and the Japanese would—rightly—regard that as nothing less than treason.

Of course, you guessed it: Britain’s House of Treason down by the banks of the old river, has done precisely that—and no-one seems to know or care.

The Tory-Lib-Dem-Labour party—because they are just all the same party—is busy with much-vaunted “budget cuts” to “save the economy” (after they and their big business bank cronies screwed it over in the first place) and one of the first cuts to be announced was in the education arena.

Any parent with university-age going children is well aware that uni fees have now rocketed from a manageable amount just two or three years ago, to an impossible £9,000 per year—and that is just for the tutoring fees, never mind books, resources, living allowances, residence and so on.

Even those students “lucky” enough to get loans, start off their working lives with tens of thousands of pounds of debt—an impossible burden which—even more importantly—makes starting a family next to impossible.

The nuts and bolts of the process are as follows: England’s university budgets were cut by £449 million in 2010, with similar cuts being added each following year. This means that over £1.3 billion has been cut in the last three years, and there is no end yet in sight. By the end of 2014, the total uni education budget cut will be cut by nearly £4 billion.

In practical terms, this means that the universities have had at least 6,000 fewer places each academic year.

In addition, research funding has been frozen and the uni buildings budget cut by 15 percent.

At the same time, the Government has announced that taxpayers will hand over £50.8 billion in foreign aid to the Third World by 2014. This translates to 61 percent of the total “spending review” cuts announced by the Government.

According to a press release issued by the Department for International Development (DFID), the total foreign aid budget will reach the targeted 0.7 percent of Gross National Income (GNI) by 2013.

This would mean a yearly spend of £12.6 billion, the DFID said.

This increased spending, the DFID said, is “in line with the UK’s international commitments to help those living in extreme poverty in our world. Over the course of the Spending Review period, the Department for International Development will increase resource spending by 35 percent in real terms, and increase capital spending by 20 percent in real terms.”

This means that the foreign aid budget was £8.4 billion in 2010, £8.7 billion in 2011, £9.1 billion in 2012, and will be £12.0 billion in 2013, and £12.6 billion in 2014—totalling £50.8 billion by the end of 2014.

So there you have it: cut the education budget by £4 billion, but boost the foreign aid budget by £50 billion.

Who would dare call it treason?  I for one, and I am increasingly becoming convinced that the last honest man to pass through the halls of Westminster was indeed Guy Fawkes.

4 thoughts on “Was Guy Fawkes the Last Honest Man to Pass through Westminster?

  1. I think Guy Fawkes was the equivalent of a moslem terrorist, he wanted to overthrow the government & introduce a Catholic one & they were pretty extreme in those days.

  2. VoidPhilla is right. Guy Fawkes and his ilk wanted to enslave the English Protestant people under the yoke of Catholicism. He was certainly no hero to the English.

  3. You both should read some good history books on the English Reformation and be better informed. The English people never wanted to be Protestants. Anglicanism was not a grass-roots movement, believe me. The so called English Church that evolved into Anglicanism was the invention of social climber and sycophant, Cranmer, and oath-breaker Thomas Cromwell, spurred on by that lustful glutton of a sovereign, Henry VIII. Anglicanism was imposed from the top onto an unwilling people.

    Anglicanism and white nationalism do not go together, in fact quite the opposite. The average Anglican, of which I used to be one, through their social opinions has one foot in the enemy camp already. No one likes to include Moslems in their ceremonies more than Anglicans and it is only a matter of time before it dies out except in Africa.

    One can be a Catholic and a white nationalist at the same time. The warrior monks of the Crusades proved this time and time again in their battles with “the Moors”. Catholics hold the marriage union as a Sacrament, and the Pope was willing to give up a Kingdom to uphold it. How is that for Principle! If we had those principles now we would not be under so much pressure today.

    1. I do not think Guy Fawkes & his group were operating in the interests of the British citizens, they were terrorists, Catholicism was extreme but I guess so were most things.
      On balance I think it was best they failed.

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