United We Stand – (Not)

It’s happened again of course, as we learnt with shock but no surprise. The outrage was greeted again by the usual scenes of vigils, candles, flowers and so on and so forth; entirely understandable if such demonstrations help to assuage the sense of shock and grief, but in fact pitiable and useless. Useless because the only emotion which will serve us now is implacable anger fuelling a determination to rid our country of this curse which has been introduced into our midst.

How do we do that? Policing operations to detect and suppress Islamist plots will of course continue, but that is merely inserting a finger into the bursting dyke – there are, we are told no fewer than 23,000 Islamist fanatics known to the Police in this country and it is impossible, in practical terms, to keep track of them. So here are a few suggestions:-  1/ deport all those who are not UK citizens; 2/ strip UK citizenship from those who have dual citizenship and deport; 3/ intern those who cannot be deported in the “British Guantanamo” i.e. that abandoned whaling station on South Georgia in the Antarctic which could be patched up for the purpose – as the island is desolate and uninhabited, fences would be unnecessary.

I have to admit that suggestion 3/ above is slightly tongue in cheek – however much I might like it I cannot imagine that majority opinion, unless inflamed beyond endurance, would approve. However, suggestions 1/ and 2/ are perfectly serious – why on earth should we continue to suffer the presence in our country of dangerous people who are not even legally UK citizens? Unfortunately, “Human Rights” laws get in the way. We need to return to the situation where the Home Secretary could order the removal of any alien whose presence in the country “is not conducive to the public good”, but Human Rights laws do not allow it in the case of persons normally resident in Britain – and the Conservative Party has undertaken in its manifesto to preserve those laws.

What else is needed? No further Moslem immigration whatsoever. A major loophole is the right of British citizens to import foreign spouses and around half of British citizens of Pakistani extraction import their spouses from Pakistan, a major source of continuing immigration and a major cause of the continuing rapid growth in the Moslem population. Although we should not altogether halt the importation of foreign spouses (how many Brits are married, for example, to Americans or Germans and does anybody care?) it certainly needs to be made more difficult. If we forbade the importation of spouses who are first cousins it would greatly reduce the numbers coming from Pakistan, while a requirement that all such importees must speak, read and write English to a good standard would almost eliminate it. Labour wants to remove the present restrictions on spouses.

Asylum seekers should never be accepted from Moslem countries because Britain is never the nearest safe country to any Moslem country. Moslems who have been granted refugee status should be returned to their countries of origin if those countries are now safe, rather than – as now – allowed to remain permanently and take out UK citizenship.

Schooling needs to change to emphasise British history and British culture, and the great achievements and successes of our country. At present these are downplayed, the bad stuff in our past is emphasised and the right of the British people to the possession of our homeland is questioned – Britain, our children are told, is “a nation of immigrants”, an outrageous lie to which anyone who remembers Britain before the 1960s can testify. Emphasising our history and our culture, and the Christian heritage with which both are infused, will compel those whose beliefs are hostile to these things to either submit to our ways or depart. It is also right that White British children should receive an education which instils and strengthens a sense of pride and identity in who they are.

In the end, unless some such programme is adopted, there will be civil war and ethnic cleansing – and it will not necessarily be we who are doing the cleansing.

Finally, “United We Stand”? Yes, so we did in 1940 when a single united people were united against a continental tyranny. But that unity has been destroyed by mass immigration fostered by a ruling elite which has lost touch with the people it rules, even when it does not despise them. We live now, though, in times when global cosmopolitanism is beginning to give way to identity centred populism; therein lies our hope.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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8 thoughts on “United We Stand – (Not)

  1. I’ve been suggesting similar measures to these, a lot more people will die or be hurt until something drastic is done.
    But our present crop of politicians don’t do drastic.
    It’s a surprise it hasn’t been worse.

  2. william Mowbray

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    The only way to deal with these Jihadi fanatics and kiddy rapists is to come down hard. Make their lives so absolutely intolerable here that they will leave this country and not come back.

  3. The problem is that you have to look far beyond the obvious and examine how this has come about and why. Most people are now so brainwashed, so psychologically disconnected from the realities that inflict all white western European nations that they actually feel a sense of revulsion at the simple alternatives. All of the anti racist, liberal, pro diversity legislation introduced over the last 40 years, has been purposed to crush the democratic processes which are the bedrock of European civilization and to undermine the law of the land in order to safeguard a small group of people, who, because they are so kind, gifted and altruistic, have been slung out of every country they have ever been in. In order to protect themselves from such an indignity ever happening again they have inserted themselves into positions of power and authority in order to implement those changes as will be most advantageous to them. Naturally, to bring about such massive changes to our national identity and self determination with a clear intent would meet obvious and solid opposition, so they have painted their all inclusive vision of our future with as broad a brush as possible. Masters of disguise as they are, they have created a cloak of invisibility for themselves by introducing vast hordes of incompatible, unassimilable peoples from the four corners of the globe in which to hide themselves from scrutiny. While those hordes now wreak havoc, murder and mayhem in our lands they divert attention from our beneficent friends so that they can continue about their nefarious businesses unseen, unmolested and totally protected by law and with the complete and utterly subservient complicity of the state.

  4. Spot on .This is indeed what we are faced with.

    The state of affairs today, see’s contributing factors, almost impossible to change. That problem is the result of the Left’s own handiwork. They created the beast, which saw laws passed, that made it impossible to put right. Ridiculous pandering to the terminally offended, see’s their human rights, more important than the victims of these atrocities.

    There is only one course of action. The British are the most generous race in Europe, but they have had that generosity, thrown back in their faces. We should immediately, abandon, the social cohesion, that the Left strives to preserve, in their fantasy of a lovely multi-cultural society . Diversity has been an epic fail. How ironic, that the British live lives, that require no military on the streets, and when we have to, it’s due to Diversity. That New Labour fantasy of some multi racial, Utopia, has brought about, our military being deployed. So much for the happy clappy, dream of social cohesion.

    1) Empty every prison of immigrants and migrants, who abused British hospitality, and committed a crime so serious, that it warranted a custodial sentence. One boat, one way. Revoke, all British citizenship statuses.

    2) Those 4,000 plus Jihadists under surveillance. Round them up, confine to a disused army barracks, and begin shipping them out. Again, revoke British Citizenship. Also,send their families with them. If their parents can raise a child, with so much hatred of our people, then, ship them out also.

    3) Give police power to raid Mosques.

    4) Any Jihadist leaving Britain, to fight for IS, never gets to step foot in British soil again. That includes the British.

    5) Give police power to look under every Burka, pat down suspects in the street, search bags, seize their phones, if acting suspicious.

    What else do they expect us to do, when now, children and police officers, lay dead.? The gloves should be off.

  5. Saxon Warrior

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    What “Continental” tyranny were you referring to Mr Dixon – not the National Socialist’s I hope? I must also say, that we will never get anywhere – until we deal with the JQ and in particular the Rothschild family!

  6. We are at the beginning of a eventual Civil war, a War without end, Britain is fast running out of time as our indigenous youth 14 to 26 year old’s of fighting age will be outnumbered by immigrants in just 17 years, after that we will be fighting for our very lives in our own country, the casualties and destruction will eclipse both the world wars that only civil war brings,
    I cannot see any other way out.

  7. This article, and the comments, are spot on.
    But the trouble is now that youngsters have been so indoctrinated with ‘racial equality’ that they don’t see anyone as ‘different’ any longer. They don’t see the dangers associated with this so called integration and mixed marriages etc. Even TV adverts often depict mixed couples. This is not (yet) the norm, but the makers try to portray it as such, so as to ‘tick the boxes’. Is that to make themselves feel good or the (still, just) minority population of coloureds in this country? I believe there actually are people who are susceptible to advertising! So this will influence them.
    We do need to do something about the potential terrorists, and these suggestions by Frederick, are really only common sense and self preservation.
    I think we should go further. Anyone who has gone to fight for Daesh should be deported. Those still abroad should have passports revoked, and it might be an idea to include immediate family in the deportation. That might induce some parental responsibility.
    We must also get rid of hate preachers. I am all for ‘free speech’ but most of that is inciting violence and must be stopped.


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