These Things I Believe

Whites are selected to take the next evolutionary step and to be the replacements for earlier human forms as a new species no longer capable to breeding with other types of humans.

Whites, when we reach full specieshood, will look like the ideal of our type which is the way the best of us now look. Internally, we will be changed in subtle ways so that we will  live longer, have fewer diseases, will have higher intelligence and greater consciousness as we move closer to the Ineffable Divine* that exists in the quantum level of existence where all is created and destroyed and created again eternally and which underpins and sustains our level of existence.

Our evolution along this revealed path ever upward is not guaranteed to each of us simply because we are born White; and there is no free ride.  We, each of us individually, have the dormant potential  to take this path by dint of our White DNA Code that we were born with–and it is this that is the only key that will open the path. No other kinds can open the path or take it.  It is eternally closed to them.  But each of us who can take it must awaken and activate this dormant key that we are born with.

The instructions on how to do this and how to stay on the path have been with us since the beginning and some have understood them intuitively without consciously understanding what they understood. There are three broad requirements to take the path. The first one, we must be born with and it is called Right Blood, which means the same as White DNA Code or White genome. The second one is Right Belief and the third is Right Action. All of our White lives fall under these three headings.

The analogy that some of us use is of a radio which must have the right parts and it must be turned on and tuned  in to the right frequencies. You must be born with the right parts and the right parts are contained in our White DNA Code and are seen externally in our White skin and other White features. Some have more refined parts, but all Whites have the right parts in some measure.  And, just to be clear, White with an upper case W means the same as Aryan as this term was commonly used in Europe in the past, while white with a lower case w means the color white.  So, all Whites are white, but not all whites are White.

The basics of the instructions to take the path are so simple that some might doubt they work and instead look for mumbo jumbo (that never works).   In briefest form they simply say to live a good and righteous life and multiply yourself by having as many White children as possible.

These simple instructions to live a good and righteous life can be fleshed out in much more detail so there is no guessing what they mean and this could fill whole libraries, but our common sense and a few additional details often serves our purpose.

Here’s some of that fleshing out of the instructions to live good and righteous lives: We must not be arrogant. We must seek peace and rational happiness in our lives. We must be gentle, polite and respectful. We must avoid danger and harm to ourselves and not risk our lives–we must live as long as possible to breed pure White–no dying as childless “heroes.” We must think constantly about the Ineffable Divine. We must method live, which is  similar to method acting and which requires us to imitate the ideal of our type in all possible ways down to the smallest details and to never break character. To become it, we must act it.  In practical terms this means wearing our hair the right way, wearing the right clothes, eating the right things, bearing the sacred symbols of fylfots and spirals on or next to our skin, living healthy and happy lives minding our own business and not interfering in the business of those unlike us and we must be indifferent to them, and not mix with them if we can help it and never mate with them, but we must still try always to be polite and kind to all others who act the same way to us and we must try to avoid conflicts. We must try to multiply our personal DNA code as much as possible by having as many White children as our bodies will allow, and we must help other Whites do the same. We must ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?

Living right and doing the right things are more important than the particulars of our beliefs. When we live right, we are holier and we help ourselves move ever higher, and also when we live right, we will be helped and our enemies who are also the enemies of the Ineffable Divine will be destroyed by the Ineffable Divine as it sees fit.

The Teachings also tell us that we must engage in positive conversations with ourselves and constantly feed our subconscious minds with positive thoughts and images.

Too many of us do not know  about our selection or how we should live and thus we drift aimlessly through our normal short human  lives never doing what it is we are selected to do. Some others of us  do the right things, including the most important thing of all–having many White children–even without knowing about our selection.  Now, as we leave our childhood, we must consciously work for our evolution ever higher and for the DNA realization that is our highest destiny.

Our selection as the new model human designed to  replace earlier forms is just the latest chapter in the never ending book of evolution.  Nature always works on what went before, and improves and modifies the earlier forms.  We are the replacements even if most of us aren’t aware of this and even if some of us want to deny it.

Too many Whites are mentally blocked from knowing the truth of our existence and our selection and are unknowingly harming their family lines and all other Whites by mistakenly helping those unlike us survive what the Ineffable Devine has  planned for them.  We must understand that we are not to interfere in the business of those not like us and we must be indifferent to them.    Interfering in their lives may sometimes seem like the right and compassionate thing to do, but in the long run it harms them and it harms us and it is against the will of the Ineffable Divine.  We must simply mind our own White business and not butt into the business of other types of humans.  We are not their keepers or their parents or their teachers. They are not our pets who we think we are to take care of. They have a right to be left alone to their own fates among their own kind as are we.

We must only practice altruism with our own kind but we must not be unkind to other living things that cannot breed with us or who pose no threat to our existence. The greatest threat to our existence comes from those who can breed with us and contaminate our collective White genome. They do not have to mean us harm consciously, but they harm us simply by being where we are. It is their DNA code that is a danger to our DNA code, and if our DNA code is in danger, then we are in danger as the people we are because our DNA code is one with us and we are one with it. If it is contaminated, we are contaminated. If we are harmed, it is harmed.

We must also understand that altruism to our own kind so we may make more like ourselves is not  foolish altruism–as altruism to other kinds that can breed with us is–as the more of us in existence the more in existence there is of our White genome and this is as the Ineffable Divine wants it to be.

And, the more of us in existence the better it is for each of us individually  as they provide the needed other half to our mating needs. The more Whites we can mate with and produce pure white children with the better it is for  our survival and it allows many more shuffles of the 3 billion or so elements in our DNA code so that we have more raw material to help with our evolution as a distinct people. And, the more of us in existence, the holier is the planet which is made this way through the existence of our flesh and blood which carries the indwelling light of the Ineffable Divine that shines out into the world through us. The more of us, the stronger is the light of goodness and justice that flows through us to make the world a better and holier place.

*Ineffable Divine is one of many words we use to try to name that which can’t be fully understood and which we believe is everywhere in the sub-atomic level of existence that creates, sustains and underpins our everyday reality and which can and does intercede in the affairs of man when it chooses to do so to make corrections to the trajectory of life and evolution and to punish those who do evil and help those who it has selected to do its will. We believe it has chosen to intercede with revelations and actions in our day for our guidance and to destroy all who seek to harm us and whose words and deeds frustrate its will. We also often use the terms First Cause, Supreme Power, and God, although this last term is often misunderstood and is often anthropomorphized (even by us sometimes).

By H.Millard © 2017

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6 thoughts on “These Things I Believe

  1. Frederick Dixon

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    I don’t know about all this evolving ourselves into a higher species; given the rapid reduction in sperm counts among western men reported the other day, we may be evolving ourselves rapidly into extinction.

    The news about sperm counts isn’t new – I first heard of this accelerating problem decades ago, long before we heard of Aids. Yet the enormous attention paid to Aids and the vast sums thrown at it for medical research seems to have largely cracked the problem. I wonder why the sperm count problem hasn’t received a fraction of the attention or the money and still no-one has a clue what is causing it? Couldn’t be because the victims are mostly White heterosexual men, could it?

  2. janet mills rice

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    however much we wish it were so, let’s get real. at least half of our own race are indeed infected with toxic altruism and are true believers/social justice warriors. in addition to their misguided sappy “feelings” that everything wrong in the world is because white people are bad, there is an overall majority of white people who are just plain stupid and lazy and on drugs and they are purely opportunistic and think anyone who is kind is a sucker. in other words, trashy people not fit for anything.
    an even greater pandemic is evidenced by the growing ranks of pedophiles and cannibals. their ranks are seriously growing and these are the people who have the most money and power and they are evil and cruel–because they can get away with anything and everything and they cover up for each other from the top to the lower ranks. it is clear, is it not? anyone who attempts to call out rapists/child rapists ends up in trouble themselves, being threatened by the police or the judges or even killed. surely if you think about it, you cannot seriously advocate.that white people breed with such white people and produce more psychopaths with this affliction of perversion.
    besides all that, our young people are so helpless and seem to have very little problem-solving ability. they do not seem to be getting smarter but rather have hit a plateau of failure of critical thinking.
    back in the beginning when white people were first put here was the time not to interbreed. now it is hopelessly too late. it looks more and more like an extinction event is on the way.
    take a look at Deagel’s forecasts and you will see western countries projected to have decline in GDP, population, and average personal income for our western nations but increases in the low IQ countries.
    here is 2025

    here is 2016

    it does not look good, my friend.

    1. Hello Janet, you seem to have missed the point of H. Millard’s message. He does not predict a future characterised by ease, comfort and security, but a future in which there is the potential for a speciation event permanently separating the White race, or at least the most vigorous part of our race, from the rest of humanity.
      It is normal for speciation events to take place under intense selective pressures and we often suppose that such selective pressures will be associated with a harsh climate or some-such-like, in which the ‘lower’ races flounder and die out while ours, the ‘fittest race’, survives. However this is not necessarily so.
      For a speciation event to take place, all that is needed is for one breeding colony of White people to genetically isolate ourselves from the rest of humanity, and this genetic isolation does not necessarily require geographic isolation. All that genetic isolation requires is that the members of the ‘breeding colony’ choose not to interbreed with those of another race and with those of our race who are inclined to interbreed. Within a couple of generations, those of our race who are inclined to interbreed will be extinct, however the White racial breeding colony will have an entirely separate gene pool to the rest of humanity, and the longer we remain separate, the more genetic drift will occur and the less interfertile we will become with the rest of humanity.
      After perhaps 20 generations we may find that while the members of our White breeding colony will still be able to mate with the rest of humanity and produce offspring, the offspring may be infertile, as is the situation where horses interbreed with donkeys. After a further 20 generations, we may find that our White breeding colony will completely lack infertility with the rest of humanity and the threat of extinction through miscegenation will be gone.
      The size of the breeding colony that we are able to establish in the time available to us will depend upon how quickly we work and how much effort we invest in that project. It may be just 1,000 individuals at first, or it may be the whole of Poland, plus Belarus and the Ukraine, together with sizeable chunks of the USA, Canada, Russia, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, plus smaller areas of most other Western nations. Whatever it is, however large that breeding colony is when the tipping point occurs, all that matters is that we Whites who are a part of it dedicate our lives to ensuring that it survives and grows in numbers as quickly as possible.
      The religion that H. Millard espouses, Armanism, is a form of Cosmotheism and it is a religion, a belief system, that underpins and reinforces our belief in ourselves and our ability to survive the speciation process and thrive thereafter.
      One thing we must be careful not to do however, is to assume that nothing can be done unless we carry the whole, or even the majority of the White race with us. Some of our race have already made the decision to do everything in our power to keep our blood lines pure, however sadly, for some of our race it is already too late as they have already taken the irreversible step of miscegenating. Many more however, have yet to decide — the writing on the wall is not yet large enough to prompt them into making a decision — but that will happen sooner or later.
      For those who choose to miscegenate, they will face extinction and their mixed-race progeny will eek out their final days as you describe, in a cesspit of their making, before finally being re-absorbed into the rump of humanity. However for those of us that have taken the decision to survive, we will be the seed corn of a new, more vigorous White race and our decendants will live on and flourish for as long as they too continue to believe.
      What we must not do however is wallow in pessimism and assume that there can be only one destiny for our race. Our destiny will be what we make it!

  3. We must bear in mind that our individual life span has been compared in scale to the thickness of a postage stamp on the top of Nelson’s Column. Furthermore, it would only take one generation to cease breeding for the whole human species to be eliminated. Perhaps by teaching racial hygiene to the up and coming generation with the same moral imperative as Christian dogma has been taught in the past, a programme of eugenic selection towards a higher form of humanity is within our grasp.

  4. New to this site, what is the name of the group, plan, to create breeding space for our white race? And what about armanism?

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