The Struggle We Are In To Overcome Our Oppression

By H. Millard:

White Oppression 5The struggle we Whites are in for our survival, expansion and  liberation from oppression is  similar in some respects to the struggles of other peoples, but it also has some differences.

Even the fact that many of our White kind aren’t aware that they are being oppressed is similar to the this same lack of  knowledge of some other peoples including non-White peasants in various nations and even Blacks in the U.S.

One of the main differences between the oppression of non-Whites and ours is that  many non-Whites look different from their oppressors as the oppressors are mostly light skinned or white skinned.  As Whites, however,  we don’t always have such easy visual cues to see who is oppressing us, as most of those in power and who are either behind our oppression or are enabling it, even if passively, look pretty much like us.  Even the Jews in power look much like us, even though they are not like us, but they look enough like us so that they can blend in with Whites who are genetically our kind and can invisibly work for their own interests and against our best interests by networking with powerful and elite non-Jewish Whites who foolishly have little compunction against oppressing Whites who are not in their elite circles.  Ironically, even these White elites or their children suffer from the oppression that they often foist on us or enable against us, but they are often as blind and deceived about the nature of the oppression as are ordinary non-elite Whites.

At the core of the oppression we face as Whites is the wish of White-haters to blend all races, all religions and all nations together. Some of them truly think this blended human population is a good thing and they deny it  is genocide,  but genocide it is.

This White genocide that we are witnessing daily  is being done in a way that many of our people don’t even see it as such and think it is just the natural and proper way the planet is evolving.  It is neither.  There are those who are trying to erase us from existence.

White Oppression 1To blend all races together, the White-haters are doing a number of things at the same time.  Thus, they are importing millions and millions of non-Whites into formerly all White lands.  This increases the non-White genes in the gene pool.  At the same time, massive PR efforts are being made to convince Whites that race doesn’t exist and that we should deny what our eyes, our science, our common sense and our instincts tell us; which is that race is real and that if you blend Whites with non-Whites the product will always be non-Whites and never Whites.

And, in addition to the PR efforts to weaken White resolve to stay White, laws are being passed to force Whites to mix with non-Whites. With the low White birthrate, what happens as our White youth come of age is that they find the gene pool filled with many non-White alternatives and fewer potential White mates and this leads to miscegenation.  So, when a White miscegenates, not only does he or she then help produce more non-Whites, they fail to produce Whites and they break the White genetic chain from their ancestors to themselves and turn their families non-White.  Then, when the non-White children of the White and non-White miscegenationists come of age, they are often more acceptable to Whites who are also coming of age, as many of the former will have enough White features and personality characteristics to be attractive to pure Whites seeking mates but finding few Whites to mate with.  This increases the miscegenation and the production of more mixed children.  It is an evolutionary downward spiral for Whites that leads to extinction of Whites as pure Whites and it is a genetic return to Africa for Whites who evolved away from the African human type thousands of years ago.

Whites are the particular targets and are the most vulnerable  humans in this massive genocide of blending all humans together  for a few reasons. First, Whites are seen as the major impediment to blending. This is so because many Whites still like being White and not only see no advantage in letting their families become non-White, but actively don’t want it. They want to remain White.  So, these are the ones who must be broken down and blended away first.  Second, because Whites are the new human type on this planet–having evolved as recognizable Whites perhaps no longer back than 60,000 years ago, and with many now common White physical and mental characteristics only having evolved within the last 3,000 to 5,000 years–we have a less fixed genome than non-Whites and this is why many White characteristics are recessive and why a child of a White and a non-White can never be truly White.  In simple terms, it takes a White mother and a White father each contributing 23 White chromosomes to produce a new fully White child with the full 46 White chromosomes that makes a White person. On the other hand, it only takes one non-White mating with a White to produce a non-White child.

Using psychology against us

White Oppression 4It is fairly well accepted among psychologists and sociologists that advertising, public relations, the media, laws and court decisions can change hearts and minds of Whites who might believe in staying White in all ways.  They use these to cause a change in behavior and then when behavior changes, attitudes follow.  We see this all the time.  Whites may object to being forced to have non-Whites in their groups, and then when laws are passed forcing Whites to accept non-Whites, for example, the Whites change their attitudes and accept the non-Whites.

You’ll often hear Whites in the first stages of the attitude change say “It’s the law.”  Later, these same Whites may tell you that it is right or just and we’re all just human.  It also works with accepting gays, or any other group.  As far as gays go–which may give an easier to understand example of the attitude change process–just look at the Christian churches that are disregarding Biblical teachings against homosexuality and which are even marrying gay couples.  Just a few years ago, many of  these same churches would have been against such things.  What happened?  Gay activists became militant and got the media, the politicians and the courts to support gay rights. Then, with these behavior changes from these reference groups (more about this below), many Christians changed their attitudes. Yesterday, they were opposed to gay marriages, today they welcome them. The same thing happened earlier with Blacks. Yesterday, Blacks had their place and Whites had their place, today, it’s all the same place.  What happened?  Blacks became militant and got the media, the politicians and the courts to support Black civil rights.  See the pattern?  Understand what we Whites must do?

This is just basic human psychology: Change the behavior (by law and by force if necessary) and the attitudes will soon also change.  Of course, this also works in reverse but to a lesser extent.  In actuality, this is much like method acting.  An actor, trying to convey an attitude will often do the behavior of that attitude first and the attitude (or at least the appearance of that attitude) will follow.  The well known example of this is an actor who wants to convey a facial expression and  body mannerisms of being shot with a gun.  Now, few actors have actually experienced being shot by a gun, so how do they make it look real?  They can imagine stepping into a shower that is ice cold when they expected it to be warm.  The audience will then usually think the actor has done a great acting job of looking like he had been shot by a gun when all he was doing was using his emotional memory of the cold shower.

The lesson: We Whites must ACT.  We must change our behavior by actually getting involved physically in promoting our White interests.  This could take the form of handing out literature, holding signs, attending White meetings, etc.  It will take more than just commenting on the internet for this to really get Whites fired up.  Do the action and the attitude will follow. And when enough Whites do act, and get the high moral ground for standing up against White genocide, other Whites will join.  That’s what happened with the Black Civil rights movement.  When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and move to the rear of the bus in Alabama, she performed a behavior, then the press picked up on it and spread the word.  At first, other Blacks laughed at her and many felt she was harming Blacks by forcing the issue–and that, by the way–is a typical attitude in an oppressed population when such a behavior first occurs that upsets things.  Why?  Because the reference group to which the oppressed look for what is right and wrong is often controlled by the oppressors.  In this case, the reference group was Whites and the law at that time.  So, many Blacks took a cue in their attitude from Whites and the law about Rosa Parks being wrong.  However, her behavior was increasingly seen as moral and just and then more and more Blacks started looking to other Blacks as their reference group and their attitudes changed.

My point here is that we Whites are at the same place where Blacks were  before Rosa Parks and we’re also at the same place before Gays became militant and demanded that they be treated like everyone else.


White Oppression 2Too many Whites suffer from negative self and group images and lack self and group esteem and many have internalized a subtle self-hate.  This is often seen in Whites failing to demand the right to be White.  Specifically, as I wrote in an earlier essay, there are, in the California legislature  (and I’m sure in many other states as well) a Black Legislative Caucus, a Hispanic Legislative Caucus, an Asian-Pacific Islander Legislative  Caucus and even a Jewish Legislative Caucus, but there is no White Legislative Caucus.

When I’ve brought up this lack of a White Legislative Caucus with other Whites, I’ve often received a response indicating that they are unperturbed by this and not at all concerned. Some even thought it would be racist for Whites to have such a caucus. These attitudes are exactly what one expects from an oppressed group of people who, in addition to relying on anti-White reference group attitudes, also have negative self-images  and low self-esteem both of themselves and of other Whites. And, they often got these negative views by internalizing the views of their reference groups.  Too many Whites today are internalizing the negative views of elite Whites, Jews, non-Whites, the media, and anti-White laws as our reference groups and reference points instead of internalizing the psychologically healthy attitudes of our real reference group which we can call by a variety of names such as White Nationalists, Race Realists, Awakened Whites, etc.

In simple terms, we are looking for our cues as to who we are and how we should be and how we should act and what attitude we should have  in all the wrong places and we are coming away with negative views of ourselves that are often subtle and which manifest themselves as I wrote above in Whites being oblivious to the oppression and being non-assertive for White rights and even for our natural right to be as we are as Whites, to live among our own kind with no interference from other kinds and to seek our happiness as we rationally believe it to be.

You and I and all other Whites have a natural RIGHT to be White in all ways that we think are important and no one has a right to take that right away from us.  We own this planet as much as any other human being or group of human beings including governments.  They have no greater rights that we do.  We must always act in the best interests of Whites and never in the best interests of non-Whites.  Why?  Because they are competing with us subconsciously as their genes try to kill off and replace our genes with theirs.  This is the way of nature. Do not deny it.  Do not hate it.  Learn to love the struggle that we are in, because we can win it if we start living every minute of our lives as intentional Whites.

By H. Millard © 2015

# # # #

OPPRESSION: Any situation in which others keep one from his or her pursuit of rational self-affirmation.

GENOCIDE: UN LEGAL  Definition: The International Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide on December 9, 1948 set the United Nations definition of genocide: General Assembly Resolution 260A (III) Article 2 In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.  BIOLOGICAL definition:  Killing a distinct type of organism’s genes or replacing its genes with the genes of a different, but often related, type of organism. This can be done by mass immigration of a different type into the environment of the type being destroyed.

GENOME: An organisms complete set of DNA, including all of its genes. Each genome contains all of the information needed to build and maintain that organism. In humans, a copy of the entire genome–with more than 3 billion DNA base pairs is contained in all cells that have a nucleus.

REFERENCE GROUP/REFERENCE POINT:  Any group or authority (media, laws, etc.) to which a individual looks for cues on how he should compare, judge and decide upon his opinions and behaviours.

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19 thoughts on “The Struggle We Are In To Overcome Our Oppression

  1. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Excellent article! One of the problems we have to overcome is the lack of racial pride that has been so deeply instilled by our oppressors. We must avoid the “Victimhood” mentality whereby we whinge about how unfair it all is, how unfair it is that others are “allowed” to be Racist but not our own group. As proud White/Aryans we have no one to blame but ourselves and our own gullibility if we can’t find the moral courage to assert our own identity.

  2. How can we stop white genocide when our children are being brainwashed in school and by TV and Hollywood? Kids today are growing up thinking that multiculturalism is normal, that homosexuality is normal, that polygamy and FGM is normal. That alien people have a perfect right to live in European nations and hold on tight to their barbaric practices and customs.

    1. Hi Tony, I suspect you may be new to Western Spring, and if so I would recommend that you visit the ‘About us’ page of this website and read the ‘Essential Truths’ article, moving on to ‘Essential Truths – The Second Prerequisite’.
      The Second Prerequisite is the need for us to form intentionally White communities in which our people predominate to such an extent that we are able to dominate the local culture and are able to influence the teaching of the national curriculum in local schools. We need to encourage our people to stop watching mainstream television and we need to implement the Fourth Prerequisite in which we establish a nationalist Internet TV channel broadcasting entertainment, educational and news programmes 24/7.
      These measures will in large measure overcome the problems that you have correctly identified and which will prove insurmountable otherwise.

  3. Cultural Marxists and Zionist Jews are in charge of the most powerful weapon in the history of mankind…The Media!…For the last 60 years they have been brainwashing our youth…in Pop Music, Film and TV

    For example a innocent looking advert on TV..a White couple walking along a Path in a Park…White lad has a soft idiot looking face…A Football lands at his feet, A Black Lad with strong features ask him to give the ball…White boy is thinking do i pick ball up and throw back ..or do i take a chance and kick the ball back..he kicks ball back and gets a nod of approval from the Black man, Now white boy feels all proud and walks off with proud white girl.
    Now most people may take no notice of this advert….but its there to undermine the white man to make him look stupid ..and the black man superior….and if you look at most film and TV its always the same story..Black man looking more intelligent and worthy than the white man.
    When you think of it just a few Thousand people over the last 60 years…have control over a whole nation of millions.

    1. The total monopoly of the media by a handful of people who plan to change civilization coupled with the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming or brainwashing is having a devastating effect on our people, more importantly it is shaping our children’s minds. It is unrelenting.

  4. If a White female sexually co-habits with a non-white male the resultant child will be predominately non-white. If a Non-White female sexually cohabits with a White Male again the child will be predominately be non-white so it is easy to see who is the endangered species on this planet. As they say its all in the Genes.

  5. “What happened? Gay activists became militant and got the media, the politicians and the courts to support gay rights […] The same thing happened earlier with Blacks. Yesterday, Blacks had their place and Whites had their place, today, it’s all the same place. What happened? Blacks became militant and got the media, the politicians and the courts to support Black civil rights. See the pattern? Understand what we Whites must do?”

    Not quite that simple, surely? Those who control the media were more than happy to assist and no doubt ‘encouraged’ the whole thing. Emma West did not become Rosa Parks simply because the controllers/media did not wish her to be so and have no interest in allowing Whites to achieve victimhood.

    1. Blacks and gays getting militant would of achieved nothing without the backing of the organised jewish banking, political and media interests!
      Whites getting militant won’t have establishment backing and conversely will face concerted opposition from the powers that be! We do have to educate our people though and build a mass movement founded on our own communities before we can change anything.

  6. Hello from America!

    I love this article. You have definitely expressed the problems that we Whites face everywhere and the mindset that has prevented us from fighting back.

    I just want to say that Blacks in America are NOT oppressed. They are treated very well here. They are given the benefits of social welfare programs, education, medical care, and hate crime laws that are used against Whites but not against Blacks, especially disconcerting since most of the interracial crime in America between Blacks and Whites is actually Black on White crime. In any dispute between Black and White, Blacks are always given the benefit of the doubt by the mainstream media.

    The media, United States government (including Barack Obama), and special interest groups are always implicitly or explicitly suggesting that Whites are racist oppressors who need to change their ways to suit the desires of Blacks. I consider this anti-white and just another way of weakening White people in America.

    1. Welcome Drina2

      The Cultural Marxism that has crippled The USA Has in a more extreme form absolutely destroyed Britain.

      1. I don’t think we should think in terms of Britain being “absolutely destroyed”. Our current situation is dire, but it smacks of defeatism to speak as if our fate is already sealed.
        It is still possible for us to retrieve the situation, but first we must learn to believe in ourselves again.

  7. This article assumes Evolution is a given when after all The Theory of Evolution is just that a theory!

    The article states the following” It is an evolutionary downward spiral for Whites that leads to extinction of Whites as pure Whites and it is a genetic return to Africa for Whites who evolved away from the African human type thousands of years ago.” Firstly, there are theories that humans didn’t come out of Africa but originated elsewhere in the world. Secondly, If whites did evolve out of Africa then we would simply be going back into the black mass from which we came, and what is to say a white race couldn’t ‘evolve’ again out of this mass of humanity? Thirdly, I don’t see the white race of which I am one as a separate species of human but as a separate race with obviously a higher average intelligence than Africans. Finally, although I am of white European stock and proud of my racial heritage how can I or any of us be certain we haven’t a tiny admixture from other races somewhere back in the mists of time and indeed the author Millard contradicts himself with his notion of ‘pure whites’ when he insists we evolved out of Africa so necessarily at some point even if it was eons ago we must therefore of had a common genetic starting point with other races!

    To obsess on the minutiae of ‘whiteness’ and racial purity to the extent Millard professes is crazy and will not appeal to the masses of our white brethren! We are proud white Europeans and have much to be proud of our heritage and civilisation, we know who we are and what we have achieved, and don’t need to obsess about things!

    1. Hi Mark,
      You state that “evolution is just a theory”, however that is not right. Evolution is a fact. There is well documented evidence of domesticated species evolving under selective breeding programmes implemented by livestock breeders.
      It is the occurrence of evolution through natural selection that is a theory and it is only a ‘theory’ because it has taken place without the conscious involvement of human beings capable of recording it as it happened. There is however an immense amount of physical evidence and genetic evidence to support the belief that evolution has occurred and still does occur naturally through natural selection, so-much-so that on a balance of probabilities it is laughable that anyone should believe otherwise.
      You mention the ‘Out of Africa Hypothesis’ of human evolution and in this respect you are on stronger ground and the evidence to support this is far less convincing or complete and there is within the world of Palaeoanthropology a school of thought who profess an alternative ‘Multi-Regional Hypothesis’.
      In his writing, H. Millard does not waste effort arguing against the Out of Africa Hypothesis and neither does he waste effort arguing either for or against the Multi-Regional Hypothesis, instead he accepts the basic premise of the Out of Africa Hypothesis, that Homo sapiens have a common origin and argues instead that the White race is an evolutionary offshoot of the non-White mass of humanity, which is correct.
      If the White race where to be re-absorbed back into the non-White mass of humanity, we would not re-evolve and re-emerge once again at a future date unless the evolutionary conditions that caused us to evolve in the first place were able to be replicated and this would not happen, for the following reasons:
      1. The common ancestor from which the modern races of man evolved no longer exists.
      2. The environment in which the White race evolved, i.e. a glacial Europe, no longer exists.
      3. The existence of modern technology means that no human group will ever again experience the struggle against nature that our ancestors endured.
      You claim not to view the White race as a separate ‘species’, but as a separate ‘race’, however the distinction here is merely a matter of semantics. The White race is a genetically distinct group and whether or not the degree of genetic difference is sufficient to justify separate ‘species’ or ‘sub-species’ designation is a matter of personal opinion and a mute point. Millard’s message however is that we should aspire to separate species-hood, irrespective of whether or not we think it has already been achieved. That is the essence of his message.
      You assert that by accepting the notion of a common African ancestor for all mankind Millard contradicts his belief in the importance of racial purity, but this is not so. You have fallen into the trap of assuming that if all humanity came from a common African ancestor, that African ancestor will have been a Negro, however. This is the same mistake that people make when we talk of humans and apes having a common ancestor – people assume that common ancestor was a modern chimpanzee or a Gorilla, but this is not so.
      The ancestor who was common to both mankind and apes, was not either a man or one of the modern species of ape. That common ancestor had features common to both, had some features that neither has inherited and was devoid of some features that are to be found in either modern apes or man, and what is more, that common ancestor is now extinct.
      Similarly, the common ancestor of all humans will have had some characteristics common to all of the modern races of man, will have had some characteristics that none of the modern races of man have inherited and will not have had some features that either one or more of the modern races of man have evolved. And, what is more, that common ancestor is now extinct.
      A common genetic starting point not withstanding, it is therefore just as valid to conceive notions of racial purity regarding the modern races of man as it is to conceive notions of separate species-hood between mankind and the modern species of ape.
      You claim that we don’t need to ‘obsess’ about Whiteness, however the evidence of increasing miscegenation within our societies would tend to indicate otherwise, and would indicate that we do need to make our fellow Whites more racially conscious.

      1. Hi Max,

        I wasn’t talking about selective breeding and can agree with you that selective breeding is indeed a fact. However, evolution is not a fact unless you define it as mere change over timewithin species!

        I was talking about neo-darwinian evolution – the great claim that unguided natural selection acting upon random mutations is the driving force that produced the complexity of life – has many problems (scientific) because such random & unguided processes don’t build new & complex biological features. According to technical definitions of ‘theory’, ‘fact’, and ‘hypothesis’, such neo-darwinian evolution is neither theory nor fact. It’s just a hypothesis. It would indeed be laughable if anyone thought otherwise.

        You say Millard doesn’t waste time or effort arguing against the ‘out of africa hypothesis’, or arguing either for or against the multi-regional hypothesis. Well perhaps he should as how can he be sure the white race is an evolutionary offshoot of the n on-white mass of humanity if this is not necessarily correct. It undermines his whole article.

        It is true that misgenation is increasing in western societies but this would cease to be a problem if we could build enough support within our nation to take back political power and control of the media, and then we would simply close our borders and begin the repatriation of undesirable aliens. I do agree we need to make fellow white bretheren more racially aware, conscious of and proud of who they are! I believe in order we achieve these aims we need to concentrate on economic nationalism and promoting a better future for our people and their children and grandchildren as opposed to the globalist dystopia of materialism ,consumerism and wage slavery offered by the international jewish bankers!

  8. I am not talking defeatism Max?…..Put a Foreign Army in front of the indigenous British and even today they will fight to the last.
    As I wrote above Our enemies who hold control of the media have control over the hearts and minds of the people…The British seem totally unaware.. that they are living through their own genocide.
    The only way we will recover our Country is through Civil War…Once the killing starts…The Warrior blood that runs through our indigenous veins will pull us through too eventual victory and we will reclaim our Country…Be it next year, Ten years, Twenty years.
    Our day will come.

  9. This is a good article by Millard and I fully support his sentiments and his advice that we do need to start “acting” in the real physical world. The Internet is of course crucial to spreading the word but so is doing it on the “street” so to speak.

    That said, I’d like to add a different take on what’s been going on with these “disadvantaged” groups that have used militant action to overcome their “oppression”.

    In all cases they’ve had the behind the scenes backing, full support of the very people who are trying to destroy, genocide, Whites. The reason that organized jewry (OJ) has supported those groups is that it furthers OJ’s aim of destroying us. They were used as tools against us.

    For example Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of the bus wasn’t some spontaneous action on her part but rather a result of a well organized plan. Parks was an activist working for a black group that was directed and run by OJ.

    If OJ wasn’t the driving force behind the civil rights movement it wouldn’t have happened. Same with the homo rights movement, etc.

    So when Whites start to rise up from the back of the bus and start to demand that we be in control of of the damn bus that we created we ain’t going to be given the Rosa Parks limo ride to fame by OJ. We’ll continue to be demonized as Nazis.

    But that won’t matter because we’re on a mission, if not from “God”, then at least for our very survival. And when enough Whites realize that aliens and traitors rule us, things will get interesting for those people.

    1. Thank you for your comments Katana, however assertion that Organised Jewry have the aim of “destroying us” is not quite accurate.
      It is evident that certain Jews do seek the destruction of the White race, seeing the existence of strong White nations as an impediment to their economic, political and cultural ascendancy, and while the end result of continued mass immigration of non-Whites into White homelands and the creation of multiracial societies will inevitably bring about the genetic obliteration of our people, the primary aim of organised Jewry in supporting mass immigration and promoting ethnic minority rights etc., is not the destruction of the White race but the engineering of our economic, political and cultural impotence, while simultaneously promoting their own ascendancy in these respects.
      Our genetic obliteration is an unfortunate (for us) side-effect of multiracialism and a matter of supreme indifference to organised Jewry, just so long as enough Whites or nearly-Whites remain, sufficient to keep some semblance of civilisation functioning and to provide the cannon fodder needed to fight their wars against those nations militarily hostile to their global ambitions. In this respect, organised Jewry are no different to the plutocratic, White dynastic families that became deracinated during the 20th Century and which are now in league with the Messianic and Zionist elements of organised Jewry in their drive for global economic, political and cultural hegemony.

  10. I have downloaded the UN’s Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples and there are 46 articles. Every western or European government has broken each and every one one of them.

    Article 8 is the most potent in our favour. So we must all downlaod and digest this article. It follows that an Indigenous People’s Act is needed to replace the white hating Equality Act 2010, Public Order Act 1986 and Human Rights Act 1998.

    Here’ the link:-

    The question is how do we go about forcing our government to implement it?

    Well the answer lies with the Council of Europe. In 1993 The Scotland UN Committee devised a monitoring system to test how democratic each european country was and guess what the UK was in the bottom 6 along with Moldova, Latvia, Croatia and others. The Council of Ministers Report was dated June 1996 and in March 1997 the UK was facing expulsion from the Council of Europe if it did not comply.

    So there we are we have identified the weak point in the system – Council of europe’s report into UK democracy and the UN Indigenous People’s Rights.

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