The Storm Clouds Gather

By Max Musson:

Assad 2Until just a few years ago, the government of Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, was widely regarded by Western governments as progressive and modernizing and it is therefore curious that a coalition of Western powers including Britain, are now plotting military intervention aimed at bringing down that regime.

Assad came to power in July 2000, following the death of his father, Hafez Al-Assad, who had ruled the country over the previous thirty years.

Basher Al-Assad was the second of his father’s four sons and initially was not destined for a life of political leadership.

He graduated from the medical school of the University of Damascus in 1988, and initially began work as a physician in the Syrian army. In 1992, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital, in London, specializing in ophthalmology and this experience forms the basis of his assumed affiliation with the West.

In 1994, Assad’s older brother Bassel was killed in a car crash and Bashar was recalled to Syria to take over as the heir apparent to his father. He entered the military academy and in 1998 took charge of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

AssadFollowing his father’s death in June 2000, Assad was appointed leader of the Ba’ath Party and the Army, was elected President of Syria by the People’s Council, and his position was confirmed in a subsequent national referendum in which 97% of the electorate gave him their approval.

Assad married his wife Asma during the latter part of 2000. She is a woman of Syrian origin who was born, raised and educated in the UK. She graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a degree in computer science and French literature. She briefly pursued a career in international investment banking before moving to Syria to marry Assad.

Interestingly, Asma is from a nominally Sunni Islamic background, while Assad is an Alawite and therefore of a Shia background which rather discredits attempts by Assad’s critics to suggest that his government are persecuting the Sunni majority in his country.

It was probably as a result of Asma’s influence that Assad was for a period before his presidency, the head of the Syrian Computer Society and introduced the Internet to Syria shortly after coming to power.

Assad cannot therefore be categorized as a political thug in the way that Saddam Hussein was. He is an obviously intelligent man; a medical doctor; a fluent speaker of two European languages in addition to his native tongue; he has lived and worked in the West; he has married a Westernised woman who is also highly educated and who was a career woman before their marriage.

Assad comes from a secular family background, albeit ethnically Alawite, and has demonstrated such a relaxed approach to religious matters that he has married a woman who nominally at least comes from a religious denomination with a tradition of intolerance and hostility towards the Alawite minority.

Assad’s fall from grace as far as the New World Order is concerned stems from his foreign policy, in which he has been an outspoken critic of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Furthermore, Assad has become an ally of Hezbollah in the Lebanon and was an opposed to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Most significantly, Syria has in recent times become an ally of Iran and this has aroused the enmity of Israel and it is the Israeli factor in all this that makes sense of the current situation in which Western governments, who are already spending more on public services than they can collect in taxes, are now falling over themselves to borrow more money on behalf of their nations, in order to finance an ill-conceived military adventure that risks the lives of their country’s servicemen and women, and which does not serve their national interests.

To date, Israel is the only state within the Middle East that has nuclear weapons and because of their precarious military position they wish to keep it that way. It seems that whenever another Middle Eastern power looks as though they have the wherewithal needed to develop nuclear weapons, the USA and a coalition of other Western nations, together with Israel, attempt to contrive a pretext with which to justify invading and or bombing that other power, ‘back to the stone age’.

Syria does not have the wherewithal to develop nuclear weapons, but Syria is one of the few allies of the only Middle Eastern nation that does.

Iran if we believe all that is printed in the mass media about that country is on the cusp of developing nuclear weapons and for some time now Israeli governments and their American poodles have been stating that it would be an intolerable situation for Iran to become a nuclear power.

The Israelis have done their utmost in recent years to push the US government into conducting a ‘pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, but so far all these attempts have failed. Iran is a relatively large country, that is technically sophisticated and which has a large military and the capability to strike back at the West should we attack them, and this has deterred Barack Obama from making a reckless attack.

NetenyahuIn September of last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood up at the United Nations General Assembly with a cartoon like drawing of a bomb designed to show how close Iran was getting nuclear weapons. For some time Isreali government spokesmen have been warning the West that the Iranians are on the verge of completing their development of nuclear weapons and have threatened that if the Americans are not prepared to take action, it may be necessary for the Israelis to force their hand against the Iranians by launching a preemptive strike of their own.

Then in January of this year, Netanyahu blasted his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, for comments made by the former prime minister who accused Netanyahu of wasting NIS 11 billion (just under $3 billion) on “harebrained adventures that haven’t, and won’t, come to fruition.”

Olmert was referring to money that Netenyahu’s government had spent evaluating military options for an attack on Iran.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Netanyahu defended his government’s military spending, and asserted that it “did not waste a single shekel.”

“Investing in the security of Israel’s citizens is not a waste,” said the prime minister, insisting that what he had accomplished with defense spending “serves the State of Israel very well. We have developed both offensive and defensive capabilities, for the short and long term.”

In the latter part of last year, much diplomatic effort was expended in getting a commitment from the American government that they would support the Israelis if the Israelis felt compelled to launch such a preemptive strike and in April earlier this year the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution to support Israel if a conflict with Iran arises.

Resolution 65, sponsored by Senator Robert Menendez and Senator Lindsey Graham, states: “If the government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defence against Iran’s nuclear weapons programme, the United States government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorise the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.”

Also in April of this year, it was reported in a press release by the US Department of Defense that “The Government of Israel has requested a possible sale of 864,000,000 gallons of petroleum based products consisting of JP-8 aviation fuel, diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline… The estimated cost is $2.67 billion.”

The proposed sale of this JP-8 aviation fuel is intended to enable Israel to maintain the operational capability of its aircraft and the diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline will be used for Israeli ground vehicles. Undoubtedly however, it would appear from purchases such as these that Israel is preparing for the possibility of a protracted war.

Iran missileDuring 2012 Benjamin Netanyahu campaigned for the US and other Western powers to adopt ‘red lines’, the crossing of which by either the Syrian or Iranian governments would prompt immediate military intervention.

In September 2012, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk forecast that the United States will go to war with Iran this year over its nuclear program.  Speaking during a panel discussion on the CBS-TV program ‘Face the Nation’, Indyk said: “I’m afraid that 2013 is going to be a year in which we’re going to have a military confrontation with Iran.”

In April the Jewish Chronicle reported Israeli intelligence officials as saying that the moment was fast approaching when the country’s so-called “red line” triggers for military action in both Syria and Iran will have been crossed.

They stated that President Bashar al-Assad is already believed to have crossed the line in Syria by using chemical weapons and there is now a widely shared view within Israeli intelligence that Iran will have the option of a nuclear capability by the end of this year.

Analysts made clear at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) at Tel Aviv University that Israel potentially faces two large-scale wars within months and Amos Yadlin, the former commander of Israeli Military Intelligence, is reported to have said of Iran: “We are headed toward a collision course by the end of this year.”

This background information demonstrates that the situations in Syria and Iran are regarded by the Israelis as linked to some extent, and it does not take a military genius to work out that if the Americans and Western ‘coalition’ powers can be goaded by Israel into attacking the relatively ‘soft’ target of Syria, this will prompt Iran to intervene on Syria’s behalf and voila! Israel would then have the might of the US military and the militaries of the other Western nations pitched against both Syria and Iran, ‘killing two birds with one stone’.

The US have shown themselves reluctant to initiate military action against Iran, but if they can be induced to attack Syria and Iran retaliates on Syria’s behalf, the Americans would be left with no option but to turn their weapons on Iran as well.

Syria 3In looking at the chemical weapons attack that took place in a Damascus suburb last week, it is clear that some sort of lethal substance was delivered by rocket shaped missiles and while Western (read Israeli) intelligence sources have claimed that the rebel Syrian forces do not have access to such weapons and have therefore declared that Syrian government forces must have launched the chemical attack, there is no proof of this and the chemical weapons could have actually been supplied to the rebels by the Israelis themselves.

The question that must be asked is ‘cui bono?’ – who benefits?

Government forces under Assad had no reason to use chemical weapons as they are winning the civil war and Assad will have been well aware that the use of such weapons would give the US a pretext to intervene. Furthermore, the attack was launched against a suburb of Damascus and it would be reckless indeed to launch such an attack against a district of one’s own capital city, in circumstances where loyal civilians and the governments own forces might be injured by the chemicals released.

The only other power currently active within the Syrian theatre of war that would benefit from the apparent use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government and which has the capability of both supplying and delivering such chemical weapons is the Israeli military.

The Israelis are believed to have already intervened in the Syrian conflict launching a number of air strikes, however whether they would be prepared to employ a ‘false flag’ attack in order to mislead and deceive Western governments cannot be known for certain.

Assad has the means to deliver a chemical weapons attack and the opportunity should he choose, but he does not have a motive, as such action would, as I have already stated, backfire on him by providing the Americans with a pretext for intervening on the side of the rebel forces. Only the Israelis have the means, the opportunity and the motive and therefore until there is absolutely incontrovertible proof available, governments should be very reluctant to apportion blame.

In Westminster tonight MPs are discussing the possibility of British forces assisting the Americans in launching a punitive attack upon Syria.

In time honoured fashion, British intelligence have produced a ‘dodgy document’ in which they assert that in the view of their ‘intelligence sources’, probably Israeli Mossad, the balance of probability is that the Syrian government were responsible for the use of chemical weapons, but their report is scant on factual information and like the Iraqi ‘dodgy dossier’ before it,  is obviously worthless from an evidential point of view.

Let us pray that our MPs realise that Britain, already almost drowning in debt, lacks both the funds and the military capability for any sustained involvement in the Syrian civil war and we certainly lack the funds and the resources to allow ourselves to be drawn into a war with Iran, especially as there is no British interest at stake.

Indeed, if we allow ourselves to be drawn further into this debacle, it could have far-reaching and calamitous consequences for us, especially if the Iranians do already have a nuclear weapons capability and a delivery system capable of reaching these islands.

By Max Musson © 2013

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25 thoughts on “The Storm Clouds Gather

  1. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Another excellent article published by Max Musson! It was very helpful to our understanding by throwing light into the murky corners that the Western warmongers would prefer to keep hidden.

    At the risk of appearing pernickety could I just plead with ‘Western Spring’ not to describe the legitimate Syrian government as the ‘Assad regime’. The Western media have deliberately chosen that derogatory term as part of their vile propaganda to undermine President Assad.

  2. A well written piece which strips back the rhetoric and drum-beating to show a logical reason for an intervention for which most of the British people have no truck.
    This should be made available to a wider audience in the hope that people begin to think for themselves.
    The only bit I would add is that I’m 100% certain that the rebels would not, if they have the capability, hesitate to use such weapons on their own people in order to legitimise their struggle. Of course, the Israeli element remains the same.

  3. It is interesting that Cameron, Obama and Hollande, given the impasse at the UN Security Council, do not invoke Resolution 377 and put their case before the General Assembly. I expect it is because they know that even with all their bribery of one sort or another they wouldn’t get anywhere with that either.
    It is also interesting, though obviously not surprising, that when Israel used phosphorous in their assault on Gaza, and we really did see who did that, no such condemnation of the use of what can only be described as a chemical weapon against civilians was forthcoming.
    How can it be that the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, can be considered impartial and even handed when he is a leading member of the Conservative Friends Of Israel?

  4. Having trawled through the wreckage that is the Syrian debate in parliament last night, I sense there is a whole air of fantasy abroad that somehow Britain is still Britain,

    Britain is no longer Britain. (Haven’t you noticed?). At some indeterminate moment in recent years, Britain’s ‘Camp of the Saints moment had come and gone,’ Britain is no more, but the comments across this morning’s bloggeratti havn’t realised what has taken place.

    Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore.

    The political class, and a huge-huge slice of our rank and file population are suffering from an acute dose of cognisant dissonance, where one world view of Britain is a still an all white homogenous nation, whilst holding another worldview Britain is now a multicultural, multiracial open liberal society.

    The result of this barely recognised state of affairs is that Britain has now, (since 1997) become ungovernable.

    To whom is our government addressing? Is it to a white homogenous British population or is it to a multicultural, multi-racial open liberal Britain?

    Britain’s so called democratic parliamentary process can no longer function, that is why Cameron felt he could go it alone and throw two fingers up at the white British, fortunately, at this moment and on this occasion white Britons are still in the majority and subliminally acted in unison thus achieving a result in favour of white interest. But what will happen when white’s majority goes negative in a few years time?

    Syria and its chemical warfare is but a sideshow. Globalisation has decreed that wherever resistance to its agenda is encountered, then it must be overcome with the use of military force. The next objective for the globalists is Iran and beyond – to Russia and China.

    That’s what makes this ‘Syrian’ affair a biggie and dwarfs what’s gone before, any western military intervention in this sphere is inviting a huge risk of a nuclear war.

    Cameron’s cabal must knew this but don’t seem to give a damn, where do we find these people?

    The whole political class has gotta go!

    1. “The whole political class has gotta go!”
      Or we surely will be gone!
      I think it’s more of a case that they’re forced upon us rather than us selecting them.
      So until we get better at rejecting them, we’re stuck with them.

  5. Cameron is getting too far ahead of himself as usual. As I understand it, the UN weapons inspectors are not there to identify who carried out the attack but rather whether the attack was carried out and to assess the damage.

    Why are we already debating military action when it’s far from sure the justification for any military action even exists? As much as I despise Miliband his position is more or less fair on this issue: agree in principle that humanitarian aid should be sent but do not agree to any military intervention unless compelling proof is presented.

    Of course, we should go further and say that the entire war is none of our business and we should not be interfering at all.

    The points made in this article are very much in need of being made on national television where the masses could be given something to think about other than what David and Ed decide is appropriate for them.

  6. What’s the betting a further horror will occur, maybe with a nuclear element & the cry will go up again “Something must be done”.
    Iran says it will get involved if we do.
    That suits the agenda of those who want Iran “dealt with”.
    Does anyone know where the WMD came from?
    Are they ex Iraqi?
    I know Russia has supposedly supplied anti aircraft type missiles.

  7. The Drudge Report did an excellent article regarding the reasons for this war, one aspect was Qatar and Saudi Arabia wanting to run gas pipes through Syria and Turkey into Europe but Assad is in the way. The Russians aren’t happy as they’re currently the biggest exporter of gas into Europe. Qatar has allegedly been funding the so called rebels to the tune of three billion dollars so far, making them the largest financial contributor. Additional the Associated Press has released an article stating that the rebels have admitted carrying out the attacks, they claim the weapons were supplied by Saudi Arabia but they didn’t know what they were or how to use them properly suggesting the attack was an accident and many rebel fighters had also been killed.

  8. Anyway it’s interesting to note that all our pet dictators have gone out of favour, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak & now Assad.
    At one time the West was happy to do business with them but now wants them all gone.
    Are there any others left in this category?
    I can see why Iran would want to be wary of the West.

  9. Syria. Some more thoughts.

    Who was it who said a week in politics is a long time? Obama and Cameron doing flip flops within hours of the die being cast, sort of supports that claim.

    There’s not an unsubstantial element among the daily print media’s bloggeratti who are gaga with their faith being restored in British parliamentary democracy, so much so, they declare they are proud to be British again. Euphoric stuff indeed, is everything to be hunky dory from now on?

    I may sound a bit sceptical but something funny did happen on the way to the Syria parliamentary debate, but I’m not altogether sure what it was. It all started with Cameron straining at the leash ready to knock seven bells out of the Assad regime – and off he galloped, only to find, looking over his shoulder, his support was draining away. Oh dear! What had happened?

    Now that’s a good question.

    In the build up to Cameron’s clamour for glory, the media press (and the BBC) went into full global support mode where all the usual (journalist) suspects threw in their lot behind Cameron.

    And for me, that is where it all kicked off, for the commenter’s went ballistic with some of the most vitriolic comments I’ve seen. The feelings of the commenting public were let loose, displaying passionate and anger at Cameron and the political class in general. The mood of the nation was giving these opinion forming sycophants a bloody nose and they reeled at the savagery of the blows. They were gob-smacked!

    Keep on pounding gentlemen.

    Did this onslaught from the British public make a difference? I think it did, such was the ferocity from every quarter, some politicians were updating their CV’s in anticipation of 2015.

    Is the optimism of those claiming the democratic process has been re-claimed justified? Hmm? I don’t think so. When they listen to, and take notice of the views of the British public on matters of immigration, political correctness, on affirmative action, on anti-hate crimes, (not to mention anti terror legislation) and all the rest of the anti white legislation that has been dreamt up, then I might be persuaded the politicians have seen the error of their ways.

    Has president Putin got the measure of both Obama and Cameron? I think he has. Putin is no pushover and all this grandstanding by Obama and Camera cuts no ice with him, for the existential threat to Putin’s Russia is real. It’s back to a future cold war.

    Funny China are being a bit quiet on all of this?

    The architects of this Syria business must be fuming, they thought it was in the Bag, Perhaps, they, like the EU, will keep rejecting any verdict that doesn’t give them what they want. Rinse and repeat the whole cycle – now that’s better.

    Just one last aside. How gullible (and naive) are the general public? The architects, (through the media) throw a juicy red meat bone into the arena, namely Syria’s chemical weapons, and accuse Assad of heinous crimes. But there’s no proof yell the crowd, and at that moment they’re hooked. The decision as to why to attack Assad at this time has become a red herring that divides opinion. Everybody is booing and hissing. Nobody is questioning any other motive for attacking Syria, everyone is concentrating on who did what, which leaves the real objective still not known to the general public. Same old – same old tactic, it works every time, expertly assisted by the BBC of course.

    Someone pointed out that this Syria situation has been going on a long time, Cameron and warmonger Hague have been beating the war drum almost from the start, why have they waited this long for an excuse to invade? Surely they could have concocted this chemical weapon scenario ages ago. (I have no answer to this question.) Maybe the architects are getting impatient.

    I could go on, vis a vis, chemical devices as to missiles. Morally, whats the difference? Either one kills you.

    1. Assad is on the verge of victory, that is why it is now. Desperation, the Jews see the writing on the wall, the public have stopped believing everything.
      As the poem Voluspo prophecies, the world serpent shall envelop the world and eat its own tail, once the world is in its grasp, the hammer will fly (the swastika can be used to represent the hammer in flight, hence the fear the enemy gives it) and the serpent shall be slain.
      What we are seeing is the beasts shock at realising he has devoured all and now gnaws his own end.

  10. Since the US seems to have backed off from action like our government, hopefully a turning point in this sort of interference has been reached?

  11. This past week has proved most eventful and hopeful for at last there are real signs of progress being made in white’s affairs. Progress of what you may ask? I feel perhaps for the first time whites are (en mass) just beginning to cotton on in their minds that there is something definitely not right in Britain’s affairs. There appears to them there is a constant niggling of unease, an unease you couldn’t exactly put your finger on, almost as though there is menace in the air. Paradoxically, this unexpected good fortune has mainly, been brought about by the MSM who are an important and integrable component of the new order. The total mess of disinformation in explaining away the chemical weapon furore in Syria by the MSM, has certainly produced a series of unintended consequences that will prove fortuitous to white folk everywhere.

    What’s a place like Syria thousands of miles away got to do with me? – white folk ask. Hmm? Yes, they may well ask. I suppose it is a bit much to expect ordinary folk with busy lives to lead to connect the dots between a place they’ve only seen on the BBC News and the flood of alien faces pouring into their local neighbourhood. I suspect by far, the majority of ordinary folk have never heard of something called the New World Order, yet on the other hand, those same people are confident they understand the oft used term globalisisation.

    White people are, (at long last,) subliminally (unrealisingly) beginning to think of themselves as a group, nature is kicking in, whites are (again unknowingly) preparing to circle the wagons. They are beginning to think this way because they clearly perceive they are being singled out by their elected leaders for special treatment. (For reasons they don’t understand,) Why would their leaders, who, the people voted for to represent their interests, treat them in such a fashion? Recent events in Syria are helping them to further understand the answers to these questions.

    Slowly, but oh so slowly, our people are waking up beyond my expectations, why has it taken so long? (Rhetorical) Although still slowly, I must admit they’re gradually smoothing out the cognisant dissonance that has plagued them for so long. Forgive me if you think my optimism is overstated, but I really do think this moment is hopeful and will become exponential in nature. The genie is pouring out of the confused minds of our people and it ain’t gonna be put back.

    I’ve oft used the term ‘we’re living in interesting times,’ and as we move forward those sentiments are becoming more prescient than ever, something tells me the Globalist’s are getting impatient.

    A vastly important component of the globalist project toward world government has been the Fabian style of incremental approach, softly-softly catchee monkee has served them well. It has been said that this project has been work in progress for many years and I can well believe it.

    The time however has arrived when the inevitable exposure of the architects plans would become apparent to all. Cunning as they are, they cannot conceal among us millions of aliens who look different to us. White folk are beginning to cotton on, realising their future does not bode well for them. But I suspect to most, the convulsions of the middle east for the past 13 or so years and mass immigration into their own localities is a dot connecting too far.

    The accelerating of the globalist’s agenda can only be of benefit to the white world at large, finally cementing in people’s minds what their future is. Conversely there is a grave danger for the elites the cat will be out of the bag before they’re ready to go. Which can’t be far off now.

    The elites verses the people.

    Yes, times really are getting interesting.

  12. Max
    Another great article.
    I could add only one aspect seems to be missing. The power structure of the west has obviously decided ( with a certain amount of cunning logic), that the best way to inoculate western nations against fundamental Sunni Islamic extremism is to give it full run as they are obliviously not only turning a blind eye towards every Sunni extremist going to Syria they are giving them aid just as was done in Libya and Egypt. In Egypt this has resulted in Civil war because most of the people will not tolerate the radicals.
    But the switch from overt opposition to Al Qaeda such as was done under the Bush administration to turning these mad dogs loose on the Shia, seems to be deliberate policy.
    Unfortunately for Obama he is another disciple of Brzezinski just like Carter , and the Russians need no reminder of who is number one in this Dr Strangeloves crosshairs.
    Brzezinski is a Pole and he has a Poles long enmity towards anything Russian, and He has never forgotten nor forgiven what the Soviets did to his motherland country.
    This old cold war/ neocon mentality where western Europe and the US must be at the top of the pyramid no matter how the rest of the world suffers, this view of these cold warriors, is utilized by the international financiers in their never ending struggle to remain at the pinnacle of society. It has reduced the world to a sort of madness.
    Nationalism, with its “you stay in your space and I will stay in mine” rational. is obviously the political part of the answer. Were most people rational beings, we could quickly come to a meeting of the minds all over the world, and end this madness.
    But unfortunately it seems that just like in the 1930’s the banksters are set on war.
    Max, it’s the WHOLE of the establishment that is doing this, Only in fiction does Israel crack the whip. The Jews succeed by argument that the plan is good for the banksters and the Banksters succeed in Tel Aviv because the bone thrown to the Jews is with all of the middle east moslem world in a mad struggle between the extremists and moderates, the threat to Israel disappears.
    This bullshit about the ‘eternal Jew’ masterminding everything through out history does not pass the slightest intelligent scholarly scrutiny, The truth rather is that the smart Jews have survived and prospered by making themselves useful to the ruling class, And Max, the ruling class is much too greedy and shrewd to let the tail wag the dog. In fact I have lots of evidence that they Knew that Hitler when they built him up and turned him loose on the Russians, was going to slaughter the Jews as well. Just as they have done throughout history they cull the Jews, the way you would trim an overgrown hedge, whenever they think they are getting too much power.
    My main worry is this by giving everything in nationalism an antisemitic taint we ignore the fact that the vast majority of the power structure is NOT Jewish and when we turn the spotlight off of their machinations they are free to work against us unopposed.
    In fact I think a lot of them are once again glad for the diversion.
    Your site is becoming known for its dedication to truth and reason. You do not shy from putting up well reasoned opposition. Help us in promoting the cause of Nationalism and distributism world wide, Not ” white Nationalism” which is a misnomer But British nationalism, French Nationalism Greek nationalism Rwandan nationalism Brazilian nationalism etc etc. Give each man in the world a chance to be proud of his own people and His own nation and promote the cause of peace. JJB

    1. Apologies the above link to the ‘special projects report’ is not a direct link and does not work in this format.

  13. A must read. Courtesy of Counter Currents. 5th. September 2013.

    Standing With Syria

    An article by Gregory Hood.

    As Paul Gottfried has shown in works such as “After Liberalism: Mass Democracy in the Managerial State,” the kind of invasive social conditioning we take for granted in the West goes beyond anything even the Bolsheviks attempted. However, Western populations are so trained to associate the feel-good word “democracy” with empowerment of “minorities” that questions about the power of the state, control over the economy, or rights of free speech, freedom of association, or cultural autonomy are simply dismissed as irrelevant.

    Democracy simply means empowering those dependent groups that can be relied upon to destroy anything that stands in the way of the Last Men. Thus, Western politicians can without irony speak of banning popular political parties as a necessary step to “protect democracy.” The word “tyranny” is used to refer not to acts of extreme government intervention, but expressing opposition to homosexuality, anti-white racial preferences, feminism, or whatever other sacred cause is being promoted this week.

  14. Good article. In my opinion it was probably the Al-Qaeda terrorists funded by western Zionist Occupied Governments who used chemical weapons or maybe even Mossad agent provocateurs in this cowardly attack on civilians in Damascus. It makes no sense for Assad and the Syrian government to commit such a heinous crime against their own people most of whom seem to support the Syrian government.

    Assad is far from stupid and would know the consequences of committing such a crime would be to give the Zionist powers an excuse to attack Syria. This whole so-called civil war has been engineered and financed by Zionist Jewish interests and this I feel is another of their false-flags designed to get support from the people of the western nations for their sick and criminal warmongering!

    One reason you haven’t mentioned for the Zionist war criminals attack on Syria is the fact that Syrian banks are not part of the international banksters banking scam; the Syrian government issue money for the benefit of their own people not for the benefit of the usurers in interest payments!!!!

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