The Stairway to Heaven – Part1

As 2017 draws to a close we begin thinking about what the New Year will bring and we reflect on the effectiveness of our tactics hitherto in terms of building our movement of national salvation.

It would be true to say that our nation’s cause has reached a very low ebb and if we seriously contemplate improving our situation, we British nationalists must by now recognise that a radical change of tactics is required.

Across the broad church of British nationalism and also across the wider political spectrum as a whole, people have traditionally assumed there are only three ways to win political power:

  1. Through the contesting of elections, using peaceful campaign methods, lawful and orderly demonstrations, publicity campaigns and door-to-door canvassing;
  2. Through mass confrontational civil disobedience, involving aggressive strikes, protests and demonstrations, leading to acts of terrorism and violent insurrection that eventually make the country ungovernable and force the abdication of the existing government; and/or
  3. By overwhelming force of arms — a coups d’etat — involving support from a large section of the nation’s armed forces and the army in particular.

Over the decades that I have been an active nationalist, we nationalists have as one might expect tended to restrict our efforts almost exclusively to the first of these three paths, however by incremental steps successive governments have introduced repressive legislation to suppress lawful and peaceful political campaigning by nationalists and hamper our ability to get candidates elected.

This repressive legislation has effectively made social pariahs of any White people wishing to practice in-group preference and has effectively criminalised any expression of in-group preference by White people, despite the blatant double-standard by which every non-White ethnic or racial group is both encouraged and permitted to practice in-group preference to the detriment of the indigenous White people of Britain.

This oppression of our people combined with the corrupt administration of the electoral process and the overwhelming domination of our country’s mass media by our enemies has created a situation in which option 1 above, the electoral route to power is effectively closed to us for the foreseeable future, and this has caused large numbers of former nationalists to drop out of the struggle and lapse their membership, such that politically active nationalists are now very small in number. I estimate that the total membership across all nationalist groups is now less than 1,000 individuals.

In recent years we have seen some nationalist groups abandon the electoral process altogether and choose option 2. We have seen groups like National Action, the North-West Infidels and the South-East Alliance staging aggressive and confrontational demonstrations that have gained them much publicity, but which have inevitably allowed the government and the media to portray their activities and the inevitable violence they have attracted as criminal. We have seen National Action and other groups deemed to be associated with them proscribed by the Home Secretary and we are currently witnessing a number of prosecutions proceeding through our courts that will most likely result in most of the leaders of these groups incurring prison sentences or being taken out of circulation for the foreseeable future due to the imposition of control orders.

As far as the government are concerned, they know that option 3 is a total non-starter as far as British nationalism is concerned, so thoroughly have they emasculated the upper echelons of our armed forces and so thoroughly have they inhibited and eliminated any influence over members of the armed forces that nationalist groups might have had. The government are also aware that virtually all remaining active nationalists have now realised that the electoral process is closed to us and this is why Special Branch and MI5 are so keenly anticipating the emergence of terrorism from those nationalist groups engaged in aggressive and confrontational street demonstrations.

As we have probably all by now deduced, all three of the hitherto considered routes to political power are now closed to us and if we are to have any chance of success we must employ lateral thinking and embark upon new ways of building a power winning organisation. We succeed in this or we and our people are ultimately doomed!

Fortunately, there is a fourth way. It involves a holistic or gestalt approach. It is entirely legal, it does not involve aggression, or confrontation, and it does not endanger the health or welfare or the liberty of the activists involved. It will however place in our hands the means by which we can immediately begin to repair the damage done to our people and it will provide a stairway to political power and the ultimate salvation of our people.

I will write more about this in the days and weeks ahead.

By Max Musson © 2017

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10 thoughts on “The Stairway to Heaven – Part1

    1. That will certainly be one of the elements involved, but that on it’s own will not be enough. Much, much more is required. 🙂

  1. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    In addition to effective tactics, whatever they may be, honest and courageous leadership is essential. We have seen the opposite, causing the tragic degeneration of the British National Party, We can also see the antidote to despair in the courage of those who now face imprisonment for the steadfastness of their beliefs. Yes, we need to rethink our strategy but those clever boffins in the backroom, who direct the battle and man the machinery, will get nowhere without the selfless heroism of those on the frontline.

    1. ‘,,, will get nowhere without the selfless heroism of those on the frontline’. You are so right! We really must go to great lengths to protext and support our wonderful frontline people. Above all, we must never let them feel that they are facing the enemy alone. They are precious and very loveable. We must make that clear to them.

  2. With all the brainwashing of our children these last Sixty years and some of the most draconian race relation laws in the world, I cannot see any change through the ballot box or even a shift to the right by the media of political parties,
    All I see is eventuall Civil War and it won’t be the indigenous population that starts it, Already daily our people are Murdered, Raped , Robbed and the odd Terrorist attack which will increase as the Muslim population grows, and once they have the numbers all hell will be let loose, the indigenous population will be fighting for their very lives and it will be hard to predict the outcome, I like to think that the British fighting spirit will eventually show it’s self, but the devistation that will befall this Country will like no other in the history of this land,
    One thing is for sure it will end with the utter anailation of us or them.

    1. I believe you are right Albert, unfortunately our Home Secretary seems to believe that in White people, the mere act of anticipating a future race war is tantamount to an act of ‘terrorism’. She can’t seem to understand that anticipating an event is not the same as engineering it.
      A great many White people anticipate a future race war with mounting dread, not because we wish to have a war but because we realise that government policy of continued mass immigration from the Third World will make such a war inevitable. The truth of this matter is that the means to prevent such a race war lies not in our hands, but in the hands of the government, and Amber Rudd can either do nothing and let it happen, or she act to prevent it.

      1. To Max and Albert: I suspect that all of us who are not too scared to look see that our political infrastructure has become hostile to the indigenous population, and is chomping at the bit to criminalise it. This is seriously peculiar. As a student, I often heard the view of the older sages that Britain has a confident and popular ruling class, and that protects it from falling vicitm to nation-destroying fads such as communism. OK! Where is that ruling class? Will it show itself again? That class has surely not been wiped out by the fact that Baroness Warsis and Lord Sugars now stack the House of Lords, and Theresa Mays and Amber Rudds people the executive government!

        Notice how very popular Jacob Rees-Mogg is? Possibly, that might be due to no more than that he is a highly personable man. (Then again …) Why do we not call upon the aristocracy to form a national party, and field a candidate in every constituency?

  3. The solution is the metapolitica and achieve alliances with nationalist and identity groups from around the world. Have a base of operations in Eastern Europe. Poland. Create a manifesto identifying the white genocide and the Zionist participation. Alt Right is an example to follow ..

  4. Very, very attractive thinking, panadechi. There is certainly a readiness for an inter-White-nations nationalism. It is actually possible that this, the Alt Right philosophy, has been brewing for quite a while. I recall listening, as a child, to the conversations of my Eastern European parents and their friends, all of them emigrant survivors of WWII and bolshevic communism. The wisdom often voiced in their context was that we shall cease to fight ruinous wars against one another when we have to come together to ward off an ‘outside threat’. At the time, the perceived looming threat was ‘the Yellow Peril’. I have often thought that the aggressive anti-racism thesis that has been rising since the 1960s to gloss White Man as the ruthless exploiter and destroyer of cultures superior to his own is in fact the globalist ploy for pre-empting the possibility of international White solidarity. And ‘the Zionist [actually, Jewish] participation’ in this! We cannot miss it, nor are they troubling to hide it from us.

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