The Stairway to Heaven – Part 3 – The Political Soldier

I am aware that the term ‘Political Soldier’ and the concept of a political  ‘soldier’ has been used before, and there are Pdf documents available to be found on the Internet in which Derek Holland outlined in 1984 his vision for the formation of an elite group of political super-activists which he termed ‘Political Soldiers’ in order to emphasise their total commitment to our cause. I do not argue with Derek Holland in this respect, however an omission he made was in not emphasising enough the need for willing subordination on the part of those super-activists — the need for those ‘soldiers’ like a Jesuit order to submit to near military standards of group discipline in order to co-ordinate their actions to maximum effect and eliminate the cancer of infighting and division caused by petty rivalries.

 In any confrontation between two or more opposing forces, the side that wins is the side that maintains order and discipline within its ranks longer than all its opponents.

The maintenance of order and discipline is the difference between an army and a rabble. Both may be involved in a struggle for power, both may display great courage and heroic sacrifice, but the side that wins is the one that provokes disorder and chaos within the ranks of its enemies, and by maintaining order and discipline within its own ranks, capitalises on the resultant ineffectiveness and collapsing resistance of the enemy.

For some considerable time now, we British nationalists have been continually retreating in the face of an organised and determined enemy. There have been sporadic displays of heroic courage on the part of certain groups and individuals, but these have been impossible to sustain and the overall effect of our actions has been one of retreat, because we have behaved like a rabble and not like an army. We have allowed our enemies to sow division, mistrust, ill-discipline and insubordination within our ranks, and we have behaved like a rabble!

There are many people of superior quality within the nationalist movement in this country, however they are often not recognised as such by those around them and despite their superior qualities, these people have also often let themselves down and those around them, through ill-discipline, insubordination, mistrust, petty rivalry, selfishness and egotism. This must stop!

Far too often we have seen individuals, motivated by petty feuds and rivalries, insulting each other in a vile manner — denigrating each others efforts — calling into question each others honesty or integrity – and often on the flimsiest of pretexts, and absent any convincing evidence to substantiate the claims made. This must stop!

Those who make a habit of denouncing fellow nationalists as ‘spies’, ‘snitches’ and ‘informers’, or who delight in spreading rumours that so-and-so is a ‘drunkard’, a ‘lecher’, a ‘pervert’ or a ‘paedo’, or who accuse others of being ‘crooks’ and ‘con-men’, must in future bite their tongues, because the climate of mistrust and division such ill-discipline creates is far more damaging to our cause than ever the actions or misdeeds of those who are the targets of such libellous slurs have been.

Those who refuse to play an active part in our struggle, on the spurious pretext of not wanting to be associated with so-and-so who is the object of some spurious slur; who refuse to join our ranks and instead start up in opposition their own miniscule micro-parties, thereby creating needless further division within our movement; who insist that their own pet side issue is of such fundamental importance that it precludes them supporting the wider movement; or who lack the self-discipline to conduct themselves productively and who instead speak out recklessly and constantly involve themselves in damaging, needlessly provocative, ego-centric publicity stunts, larping and pandering to their own egos – such people must desist!

Those who expect swift results and through impatience switch their support back and forth between groups, constantly proclaiming each and every new splinter group as the newly revealed instrument of our salvation, without giving existing groups the time or support needed to develop and grow, such people need to realise that the building of a mass movement for the salvation of our people will be a long and at times seemingly torturously slow process, and they must develop faith and exhibit loyalty, and urge loyalty and perseverance in others.

There are some among us who fail to make an adequate contribution to our cause, contenting themselves with posting Facebook comments and sharing the posts of others, or getting involved in pointless controversies  between rival bloggers or vloggers, convincing themselves that such action alone will in some way bring salvation closer. Thinking such as this is however a cop-out!

Everyone connected with our struggle should be actively involved in some form of outreach: writing and producing literature or multi-media material; distributing leaflets and canvassing, or involved in some capacity in community causes or projects, or in formally contributing money to our cause on a regular basis. Too many people have failed to attain any degree of activism because of a self-imposed lack of mobility — having never learned to drive a car — making it difficult for them to travel, either to support events or to visit potential new recruits. Too many people have ‘opted out of the system’, meaning that they do little or no paid work and therefore are unable to contribute financially to our movement, or cannot afford to raise a family to provide our people with a future. The Fourteen words fall a bit flat if we have not secured a future for our people by having children, and therefore have no White children to secure a future for.

It is not enough to simply have an interest in politics. It is not even enough to merely dabble in political activism, and nor is it enough to merely share the wishes and comments of others on social media – this is the behaviour of those who do not care enough! This is the behaviour of those who would willingly see our people driven into extinction rather than climb out of their comfort zones and expose themselves to the heat of battle. We must become ‘soldiers’ for our cause if we are to experience victory!

In a war zone, civilians hide in shelters and watch from the side lines, wishing for victory for their favoured side. It is however ‘soldiers’ who take the action needed to determine victory on the part of one side or another. We need to become ‘soldiers’ in our people’s cause and become the instrument of our own salvation and to do that we need to produce children; we need to attract new followers who will also take up the cause; we need to contribute our time and we need to contribute money, and if we have it within us, we need to exercise leadership and above all, we need to co-ordinate our efforts with others so that a united movement can form and function as an integrated whole, as a well-oiled, well-disciplined and synchronised machine.

Our struggle is a ‘war’ of words and of ideas, and it is also a ‘war’ of competition with rival racial and ethnic groups — with rival communities, for political power, for limited resources and for living space within what was once our exclusive homeland. We are not involved in a military struggle and I use the term ‘soldier’ here only to emphasise the need for self-discipline and the willingness to selflessly subordinate oneself to a common leadership so that we can act effectively, as a unified whole.

Our methods must remain lawful and we must discipline ourselves to resist any urge to initiate violence against our enemies. We have a new strategy, the fourth and most potent revolutionary strategy and violence that would bring us into direct confrontation with the state is not necessary. We must be ‘soldiers’ of a militant revolutionary idea, fighting for the survival and future wellbeing of our people and the militant communities we must forge and in which we must learn to live. To err from this strategy would be to let ourselves and our people down.

When we let ourselves down, when we let down those around us, and we let down our movement, through selfishness, egotism, petty rivalry, ill-discipline and insubordination, we play into the hands of our enemies – we do their work for them – and we desecrate the heroic memory of our forebears, progressively rendering null and void their efforts, their struggle and their sacrifice going back thousands of years, and making our extinction – the extinction of our kind — all the more likely.

We must stop behaving like a rabble: we must become selfless and generous in the service of our people’s cause; we must put aside petty rivalries, suspicions and mistrust; we must become disciplined, loyal and subordinate to the will of those who have proven sound leadership. As Derek Holland advocated back in 1984, we must train ourselves and equip ourselves and dedicate ourselves, utterly, to the task of securing the salvation of our people, but more, we must adhere to the fundamental principle formulated during another nation’s struggle for salvation almost 100 years ago: ‘Meine Ehre heißt Treue’.

We must become, not merely people with an interest in politics, not merely people with a predilection for dabbling in politics, we must become the most extreme political fanatics — we must become ‘political soldiers’ — determined, disciplined, loyal and above all selfless — united in our movement of National Salvation!

By Max Musson  2017

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12 thoughts on “The Stairway to Heaven – Part 3 – The Political Soldier

  1. Absolutely. Ideas become right at the right time – the Political Soldier concept is the right idea for now, and it has a mechanism for the self-self selection OUT of the movement for Aryan biological survival of those petty elements whose squabbles have drained so much energy from so many. Excellent article Max. Of course, the Political Soldier cannot be squandered in such mundane and pointless activities as marches, demonstrations, flyer distribution, poster sticking, etc. That is petty politics. Can we expect a further article on the nature of the political (meta-political?) struggle to be engaged upon, above and beyond the old, worn-out activity-for-activity’s-sake politics of the past? One further point in the article which might be skated over by some readers – “we need to produce children”. Our struggle is nothing less than one for biological/racial/genetic survival. Every Aryan birth is an act of resistance.

  2. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit


    Absolutely Max, it must be emphasised that the “Political Soldier” needs to be part of a family with an established hierarchy and sense of discipline. We need to make building an organistion in which all Racial Nationalists of goodwill can find a place the priority for 2018

  3. I think that two words are missing from the graphic in your article, they are “decency” and “freedom”.
    British people react very strongly to the appearance of decency or the lack of it in the context of politics, and they have been conditioned by the media to see anything connected with Nazi Germany as “indecent”, though I think it’s also partly in the nature of British people to react in this way.
    Even though the political establishment are far-left extremists, they still manage to maintain the semblance of decency and respectability in the eyes of the public.

    If you want nearly everyone to be against you and give you the cold shoulder, all you have to do is to use words such as “Aryan” and “Meine Ehre heißt Treue”.
    I shall be sticking with anti-globalism, because I would rather have people laugh at me than throw things at me and call me a “Nazi”.
    I would rather focus on a kind of aggressive anti-establishmentarianism which doesn’t immediately provoke hostility among the general population. That seems more constructive to me.

    I suspect that once people get the anti-establishment bug, and have the experience of participating in mass civil-disobedience, they will become more receptive to white issues, at which point your time will have come, but even then you’ll still have to leave out the trigger words.

    I assume that I don’t have to explain why “freedom” is important.

    Don’t worry, I’ll sod off now.

    1. Hi Shaun, you are right that the words ‘decency’ and ‘freedom’ would have fitted well in the graphic used with this article. The graphic was not intended to be exhaustive but we could try to make it more so, and if any other readers have further suggestions they will be most welcome.
      On your second point — the use of terminology and words that ostensibly harken back to the Third Reich — there is the danger that the use of such words will deter some faint hearts, but there is also the potential for a judicious use of such words to rehabilitate them and public perception of attitudes prevalent in National Socialist Germany.
      The use of the word ‘Aryan’ for example, predates the Third Reich and was widespread across Europe, Britain, the White Commonwealth and North America prior to WW2, indicating the archetypal European racial type, i.e. without Turkic, Semitic or Hamitic admixture. I own a number of historical and anthropological tomes dating from the early 1900s that use the word ‘Aryan’, ‘The Makers of Civilisation in Race & History’ (1929) by Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell, CB, CIE, F.L.S., L.L.D, M.Ch., I.M.S. RAI, F.R.A.S (1854–1938), a British explorer, Professor of Tibetan, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, an Indian Army surgeon, collector in Tibet, and amateur archaeologist, springs to mind. Laurence Waddell is widely believed to be the real life inspiration for the fictitious character Indiana Jones.
      Lastly, no need to ‘sod off’, come back and comment further if you wish.

    2. Nearly everyone is against us, Shaun, i.e. nearly everyone has swallowed – hook, line and sinker – the anti-White, liberal/Marxist, cosmopolitan propaganda which is leading our Folk to biological extermination by stealth. Part of the success of that propaganda has been down to determining which words we are allowed to use. So, and partly for the reasons Max gives in his reply, I shall not be deterred from using the word Aryan. If people wish to draw clear conclusions about my politics from that then they are at liberty to do so, and they can like it or lump it. And if they want to take me on then they can try that as well. And I shall be avoiding “anti-globalist” to describe my political position precisely because it is unclear on racial grounds. As for being laughed at, I rely on the wise saying: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”

  4. Michael Woodbridge

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    Agree with Shaun entirely about the importance of the concepts of decency and freedom to the British people. After all, what would be the point of being British if we were not to abide by our own superior ethical code? However, it must be OUR sense of decency and OUR freedom which we uphold, and not the perverted values propagated by a hostile media over the last eighty years.
    This coming Wednesday, 10th january, at 10 a.m. Alison Chabloz is being charged at Westminster Magistrates Court for singing a satirical song that has upset some members of the Jewish Community. The words of the song are not important, her freedom to sing it is. As Shaun is no doubt aware, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. Hope to see as many as possible there in support of Alison.

  5. So, no more takers for discipline. honour and loyalty then? Has anyone in the Western Spring readership even read The Political Soldier and the subsequent booklets/pamphlets in the series? Are there no more constructive comments or thoughts?

    1. I think there is an abnormally sober and muted mood among many nationalists at present in view of the disturbingly misplaced repressive action taken against young nationalists by agents of the state, ostensibly in some cases to punish ‘hate speech’, but also under the absurd pretext of counter terrorism.
      My call for the most extreme fanaticism therefore may appear misplaced to some, but in time everyone will realise that when the beast of political repression raises its ugly head, the correct response is to gird our loins, summon the blood and without unnecessary provocation, to continue working towards our goals undeterred!

  6. The fanatics amongst us have always been political soldiers.

    The only other thing I will say is that if you push this as a political line, you will fail – as did the political soldier wing of the NF.

      1. Being a political soldier/fanatic is about the attitude of the adherent, not about the politics/policies. The political soldier wing of the NF used their paper to talk to themselves and about their attitudes. They were not talking about politics and policies so they stopped recruiting people by repulsing them.

        1. In addition to cultivating fanatical belief in our cause, the ‘political soldier’ approach advocated by Derek Holland placed great emphasis on asceticism, vowing poverty in order not to be distracted by material things, and on studying lengthy and very dull political treatises written by obscure authors. I do not advocate these latter two things.
          As Tony quite rightly points out, insistence on such things would be the kiss of death for our movement, as it was for the ITP faction of the NF. Instead, we must develop ways of making our fanaticism both fun and practical. That will be the formula for success!

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