The Seriousness of the Crisis: 69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

london-schoolNearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are non-white, according to figures published by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE).

The figures, which can be found on the DFE’s website here, or downloaded as a dataset here, show clearly the level of ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Britain’s largest city.

According to the figures, there are 498,445 pupils in total in London, which is divided into “Inner London” and “Outer London” for administrative purposes.

Inner London has a total of 176,920 pupils, of whom 81.3 percent of primary pupils are officially classified as “non-white British” by the DFE. For secondary schools in Inner London, the DFE says that 80.7 percent are “non-white British.”

The suburb of Newham has a 92.4 percent “non-white British” level at primary school level, and the borough with the lowest number of non-whites in primary schools is Hammersmith and Fulham — and there they constitute 73.7 percent of the total.

At secondary school level in Inner London, the picture is much the same. Some 80.7 percent of pupils in secondary schools in Inner London are “non-white British,” with 90 percent of pupils in Newham being the “most” and Hammersmith and Fulham being the “fewest” with 69.7 percent.

Outer London has a slightly larger number of white British pupils, the direct result of white flight from Inner London. Even there, however, the prodigious reproduction and immigration rate from the Third World, has ensured that white British kids are in a minority.

In Outer London, some 62.1 percent of primary school children are “non-white British,” and 58.7 percent of secondary school children are “non-white British.”

These figures mean that in total for all of Greater London, some 67.25 percent of all school pupils are “non-white British.”

For all of England (as opposed to all of Britain) the number of non-white British pupils in primary schools is 27.1 percent, and in secondary schools some 23.4 percent.

These figures mean that, given current immigration and Third World reproduction rates, non-whites will be the majority of the population in Britain aged 21 and under by the year 2030.

After that, it will be less than another two generations and Britain will be almost entirely non-white.

This is no made-up fantasy: it is a very real danger to the very existence of Britain—and because this scenario is also playing itself out in all of Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand—the very existence of western civilization is at stake.

Anyone European heritage person who is aware of this danger, and who does nothing to help stop it, is partaking in the genocide of their own people.

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  1. frederickdixon

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    This is why the work which Western Spring is doing is so vital. Our mission, together with other like minded organisations and individuals, is to unify and re-energise the racial nationalist movement, and to provide it with the moral and intellectual backbone which will enable us to compete with the Left’s bogus, but very effective, capture of the moral high ground.

  2. Dumb left wingers seem to think they and their offspring will actually be immune to the severe consequences of this in the future. The worse part is these left wingers aren’t doing this because they believe in it or even want it, they’re doing it because it gets them the attention they desperately seek in life in order to feel their life has purpose. Deeply sick people, how did our race spawn such disturbed nasty hate filled creatures? Must be something in the blood.

    1. Thomas a'Becket

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      I have been informed that Home Group have about 7,000 properties nationwide. Stonham apparently are making many staff redundant in the near future so that Home Group can concentrate on making more profit from their properties.
      When asked by Stonham staff at a recent meeting about the poor folk that the Charity (a front for Home Group by all accounts) have been helping, the answer came back, that they will need to care for themselves.
      When told by front line staff that most of these folk will end up dead on the streets the response that apparently came back was a shrug of the shoulders with a simple yes.

      Is Home Group a typical caring left wing company screwing society?

  3. ConnalOakesHolt

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    London it seems, bears the brunt of the immigrant deluge and is the main destination for further numbers, particularly Africans.
    Other major cities, including Birmingham , Machester, Leicester, all follow the worrying pattern described in the article.
    Small towns also see the gradual increase of migrant children, coupled with white flight.

    As our elderly population of whites begins to decline and the new births of white children slow further, this trend will deepen and widen.

    White enclaves will act as a bulwark and be pivotal in the gradual reclaimation of our homeland.

  4. At the current rate of decline, the day is fast approaching when the only Whites in London will be either East European economic migrants or race-mixers, wiggers and liberals (i.e. those Whites who are either oblivious to or welcome White genocide).

      1. It’s happened before. In the eighteenth century quite a few black slaves were brought to London from the West Indies, usually as domestic servants (needless to say,coarse Negroes straight from Africa couldn’t be used). When slavery in the UK was abolished by judicial activism, most of these people left their erstwhile owners and very quickly graduated to the workhouses and prisons.

        They were rescued by the Anti-Slavery Society which had an informal arrangement with parish authorities to take them off the hands of the ratepayers. The Society had created its own free enterprise colony on the coast of West Africa – Sierra Leone – for the resettlement of people rescued from slave ships, but it did just as well for these “black Londoners”. They were accompanied to Sierra Leone by a number of white women, mostly prostitutes. I wonder how many of those women survived the “white man’s grave?

        Ah, those were the days…could they come again?

    1. I think London has already reached that level.

      In 2013 BBC published an article on white flight (from London and other towns in England). In 2014 the BBC secretly went back and removed the maps/data from the article.

      What is going on is genocide. I say this as the son of immigrants, and I’m married to an immigrant. All my (white) siblings are married to black men/women.

      If the native Brits do not wake up soon, it is game over. Historians of the 20th century where warning even 10 years ago, that it is too late. Consider the UN’s plans for “replacement migration”. They say Scenario Vi is unrealistic. But if you look at the rate of immigration to the UK since the mid 1990s, it is clear that Scenario Vi is being implemented.

      Under Scenario VI the UK will be 59% immigrant by 2050. Your children will retire as a minority, with a racist, violent, aggrieved majority (50% of racist murders in the UK are done by the 20% who are not white).

      The same UN who has laws against genocide is merrily planning the genocide of white Europeans.

  5. Franklin Ryckaert

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    Your children are your future. If you have no children then you have no future. If children of a different race take the place of your children, then that race will take your future.
    These little black and brown children, “innocent” though they might seem, are in reality soldiers of an invading army. The battle is genetic. If it is lost, everything is lost.

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  7. As a UK resident in Berlin I can confirm that the scenario outlined in your article is certainly not applicabkle to Germany, where Immigration is stricktly controlled.

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  9. The reason that most indigenous English people are not disturbed by this trend is twofold. First, the Third World immigrants and their descendents do not participate in the cultural and political life of the nation, so if you are an English person who lives in an all white area, or you have moved out of an area that has been diversified you have so little contact with the ethnic minorities that the scale of their presence is something you are hardly conscious of. Second, most of the indigenous English have been thoroughly brainwashed with the liberal theory that we are entirely a product of our environment, with no inherited characteristics, and that therefore the children of the invaders growing up in an English environment will become English people in all respects except for the colour of their skin. While the ethnic minorities remained a small minority few questioned this orthodoxy, but the transformation of our cities, and schools in particular, since the turn of the century has started to focus the attention of the English on issues of national identity and made them apprehensive about the future of their country.

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