The Oslo Syndrome & White Self-Haters

By H. Millard:

Oslo Syndrome 2The Oslo syndrome is the name used by Jewish writer Kenneth Levin to specifically describe the psychology of Jews who hate Jews, but the concept applies to all groups as it is a basic human psychological phenomenon which is related both to the Stockholm syndrome and the Battered Child syndrome.

Essentially, what happens is that when a specific group of people is subjected to constant hatred, demonization and abuse, some in the group will often have their spirits broken and be beaten down like whipped dogs, and they’ll lose self-esteem and group-esteem, and feel worthlessness and be full of despair.

These despairing individuals, with the Oslo syndrome, won’t blame those who are harming them, but will actually take the side of those harming them against others in their own group.  Levin posits the notion that some Jews living among Palestinians and identifying with and taking the side of the Palestinians against their fellow Jews exhibit the Oslo syndrome. Now, given the poor way Israel treats the Palestinians one can certainly question Levin’s analysis that Jews hating Jews in this regard have the Oslo syndrome. Instead, the case can be made that such Jews simply understand right from wrong as these terms are used in a universal sense. Nevertheless, Levin’s larger and perhaps inadvertent point remains by extension that any adult individuals and groups of adult individuals–and not just Jews and Jewish groups–can have the same psychological symptoms often seen in children who are abused, or as Levin calls it, the Oslo syndrome.

Native Americans We saw a similar phenomenon among American Indians, many of whom came to feel so worthless that they preferred to commit suicide rather than live as the worthless individuals they felt they were.  In these cases, the psychological feelings of guilt, self-hate and worthlessness were so great that to relieve these feelings–this very real, but unseen psychological pain–these individuals just ended their own lives. Others turned to alcohol. Still others just suffered silently and simply stopped trying to live full lives. In most cases Indians blamed themselves and other Indians for their problems.

Suicide to relieve the psychological pain and feelings of guilt and worthlessness Oslo Syndrome 1It is worth emphasizing that at the root of the Oslo syndrome are feelings of self-hate, worthlessness and guilt and that some individuals will strike out against their own people to relieve these negative feelings and  their pressure release valve is this ritual suicide or self-abnegation.  Others will take a more direct route and simply end their lives.  Those who relieve their feelings of worthlessness and guilt by striking out at their own people and by embracing the bias against their people will often feel “virtuous” in doing so. It is well said that those who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives, they just want to end their psychological pain. Suicide is one way. Erasing oneself with drugs or alcohol is another. Siding with the group that is attacking your group is still another way. And, there are others. The underlying psychological principle here is one of trying to release the pent up psychological pressure of these feelings of despair, self-hate, guilt and worthlessness.

Battered Child syndrome And, the link to the Battered Child syndrome is clear and throws light on the adult manifestation of such a syndrome.  A child who is battered, either physically or psychologically will often not see that the problem is not with himself or herself but with the parent or parent figure who has full control over the child and who is the abuser.  The child internalizes the abuse, feels guilty, and blames himself or herself and believes that if only he or she acted better or was a better child, the parent or parent figure would stop abusing the child.  In other words, the child believes he or she is always at fault and is worthless.

White self-haters Whites who apologize for being White or who forgive non-White attackers often have the Oslo syndrome.

You’ve no doubt seen the stories of Whites forgiving Blacks who tried to kill them because they’re White and how these beaten down Whites will often accept the Black bias against Whites.  You’ve probably also read about White parents who forgive Blacks who kill the White children of the White parents and these White parents then say they understand and sometimes even befriend the killers of their own White children. Such behaviors on the part of Whites are indicative of the Oslo syndrome.

Today, we see Whites attacked on many different levels in our society.  There is a constant society wide drumbeat demonizing Whites. We constantly hear, for example, that Whites haven’t earned what they have and that they only got it because of “White privilege,” or that except for White racism and hatred of Blacks, Blacks would be leading better lives.  This is nothing less than psychological abuse of Whites similar to what we see in cases of Child abuse.  Whites are made to feel guilty for doing nothing more than being who and what they are by birth, yet any e_xpressions of Whiteness or of their genetic identity or of feeling good about oneself are quickly denigrated as being signs of racism and White evil.

As with all psychological maladies, there is a continuum of self-hate and some of the symptoms and expressions of the Oslo syndrome in Whites are more subtle and may appear to the casual viewer as being virtuous.  For example, when you see Whites who are hypersensitive to perceived insults to Blacks and who then attack their fellow Whites verbally or physically for their “racism,” you can be pretty sure you are seeing a person with the Oslo syndrome. The lives of such self-hating Whites are ones of self-abnegation.

And, we see cases of some Whites not so much fearing that others will call them racist, but fearing that they may be secretly racist and as such they have let themselves down and that they must punish themselves. In fact, we can safely speculate that a lot of White suicides are from this feeling in some Whites that they have let themselves down or haven’t lived up to some societal, religious or family standards regarding various norms including the societal demand that one not be a racist.  So, instead of being racist, they obliterate themselves or they live on and hate themselves and relieve the pressure by transferring the hate to other Whites while proving to themselves that they are good people for attacking other Whites.

We’ll also see Whites trying to erase themselves and their kind by not having children or by holding down the number of children they have or by miscegenating and producing non-White children or by adopting non-White children instead of White children. Hermann Goering’s great-niece says she had her tubes tied so she “would not pass on the blood of a monster.”

There are many ways this self-hate syndrome and similar self-hate neuroses can manifest themselves, but the goal for the individual is to  is always to relieve that psychological pain of guilt for being White and then to make amends for the evil that you think you are born with because you are White by somehow sacrificing yourself.  Of course you can add in the Great White Mother and Great White Father complexes that I’ve written before as part of the subconscious motivations for adopting non-White children–and, usually, the Blacker the better.  These folks wouldn’t want to adopt a Black baby that isn’t almost purple Black lest others not realize that the baby really is Black and that the adoptive White parents are truly virtuous and righteous individuals.

Staying mentally healthy and emotionally strong

So, what is a mentally healthy view of oneself?  It is that you should be who you are born to be.

Don’t ever apologize for being White.  Don’t ever support non-Whites against Whites. Always remember, that you have every right to be who and what you are.  You have every right to identify as White and to feel good about yourself.  No one has a right to abuse you or insult you or attack you because you are White and if they do, you should not go hide in a corner but stand up for yourself in whatever way is appropriate, and which doesn’t put you in harm’s way. If remaining silent under the circumstances is the best choice for your survival and safety, then that’s what you should do. But, as you do so, never let the haters of Whites make you feel guilty and worthless for being White.  You are exactly the opposite of that, just by being born White.

You are an important person to yourself, your family, your ancestors and to all the rest of us Whites who are awake and aware.  You are not alone.  You are never alone. You are not the only one who feels as you do.  There are millions of us. Never let the haters of Whites make you feel isolated and out of sync with what is right and just.  Your survival and the survival of our people–as proud White people who don’t want to be blended away genetically, spiritually or culturally is never unjust or out of sync. You have a right to be yourself.  You have a right to your genetic identity.  This is your planet as much as it is anyone else’s and no one  has any more rights to anything than you do. That dirt under foot?  It is yours.  That tree?  It is yours. No one got deeds to anything on this planet from nature, and your rights come from nature and (if you to choose to so believe) from nature’s God.

Develop the mental strength and self-esteem to withstand those who hate Whites.  Stay White. Breed White.  Live White. Never criticize other Whites who are also awake and aware. Never side with non-Whites against Whites.  Do not hate yourself or your fellow Whites.

By H. Millard © 2014

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13 thoughts on “The Oslo Syndrome & White Self-Haters

  1. But I don’t see Jews who are essentially anti zionist as being the same as self hating whites.
    Kenneth Levin is simply a zionist pushing the usual line about we’re victims even when we control things.
    It’s a way of denigrating anyone who opposes them, if that fails call them “anti Semitic”.
    His kind can’t accept they’re wrong about anything.
    They also back self hating whites to their own advantage.
    He’s talking nonsense about being under siege, they can leave, they have a homeland which puts Jews above everything else.

    I think the thing about Aboriginal people is that they have a genetic intolerance to alcohol & they also realised they couldn’t defeat demographics.
    The more successful ones try to work with the system as it is, if we are defeated by demographics, we too will have the same situation, also destruction by drink is pushed on us too.

  2. It’s one thing to say that land or tree is yours as much as anybody’s but if you won’t fight for it, it won’t be yours.
    Look at those Africans fighting to come here from Calais, at the disillusioned jihadists who want to come “home”, how many more stand behind them wanting the same thing?

    If we give in to them, when & where is the line going to be drawn?
    In fact that could be a good campaign, ask our MP’s “Where’s the line drawn?”
    What is the maximum population this country can hold?
    What preparations are being made for that & to then hold it at that limit?
    The answer is probably none, social collapse is where the line actually is, the point at which this country starts to produce refugees.
    There have been a few cases of people trying to smuggle themselves out.

  3. Also I would say the self haters are “weak seed” & will die out, that’s the way of nature.
    It’s better for us too, if it leaves behind white people happy to be white, proud of it in the way others are proud of their culture & achievements.

  4. If you read accounts of the concentration camps or gulags, you see people under pressure, do much of what is stated above, some will collaborate, some will fight, some just give up, the rest are hapless victims.

  5. The reference to Hermann Goering’s great-niece caught my eye. Looking at that event positively, we can be glad that she cannot breed, thereby passing on her warped world view to any offspring. Any gardener knows the dead wood should be pruned asap.

    On another point, I know this is off subject, but I must take the opportunity to say it. Has anyone in Western Spring considered the usefulness of forming a “church” as a cover to facilitate their PLE intentions? It would serve as an ideal cover story for selecting suitable candidates to occupy white only settlements. If some of the crackpot religions out there can get away with it, all the while using religion to make money, or for the usual other reasons, why not use it as a tactic for PLE’s? There appears to be other, practical advantages (tax? corporation laws?, etc.) for doing so. Think Scientology. One could devise a “Canon” of principles making the organisation extremely unattractive to non-white, and other loathsome categories.

    1. The ‘church’ side of things is already underway.
      It’s good isn’t it, the way we all start to think alike once we free our minds of the influence of the mass media?
      It must be something in our genes! 🙂

  6. I had several occasions during my mid twenties when I was forced to conform to the left. I remember sitting amongst a group of these people, listening to pure White-hating nonsense, and feeling envious that I couldn’t adopt these people’s world view. Even amongst independent-minded people such as myself, the will-to-social-acceptance is powerful.

    I could be wrong; but I don’t think White self-hatred has much to do with our movement’s biggest enemy: White, anti-Whites. I think it is more a case of indoctrination. In my view, it is more of a case of people adapting to the base anti-Whitism that pervades all of our culture, and then, to get the rewards for their evil behaviour, a portion of our people become ardent anti-Whites: by instinct!!!!

    I think, under the circumstances we exist under, it is useless trying to get these people to change. The reality is all around them: Britain is a multiracial society. Telling them to oppose this is the same as telling them to oppose existence. We need to reach all the people we can, and when we succeed, when that day of liberation comes for our people, we can start to re-educate the ”supporters” of the current regime.

  7. Whilst I’m not always impressed with the style of the author’s other writings (such as the characters like Homeless Jack), this one has a very different feel to it and I think it is a very important and well written article that discusses some of the fundamental reasons as to why the wider populace operate as they do.
    I think that it is important to appreciate the psychology of the nation in these ways so that we can figure out how to deal with it. For this is not only a physical problem we are up against (in terms of numbers, for example) but a psychological one. In fact, it is arguably the primary problem that has lead to much of our ills.
    I know that even long established nationalists can reach the point where they feel so beaten down that they start to question the validity of what they are doing, particularly in the seemingly ‘futility’ or ‘inevitability’ of the situation now present, so when it comes to the wider populace, it can be even more difficult to break the chains that bind.
    I have often refrained in the past from calling our opposition mentally disturbed, because I believe that various tyrannies of a more Communist persuasion used to do this to their opponents and lock them away, or worse, because their contrary views were seen as some kind of “madness”.
    However, that being said, I have since come to appreciate that there is psychological damage being done to us and that things like the Asch conformity test, some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, narcissism, cognitive dissonance, ‘nudging’ (and other elements as posed in the above article) are all working together and genuinely affecting people and their actions.
    I am far from a medical expert, but I suspect that it is inducing real changes in the brain, like an addiction does. As I understand it, an addiction conditions parts of the brain to the point where it becomes nearly impossible for somebody to get out of damaging behaviour and prevents people from have enough time to allow the brain to try and heal itself.
    For this reason, I think it is an extremely dangerous addiction we are seeing out there and I think it is quite easy for people to get pulled into it, sometimes irretrievably, by a constant barrage of narratives that are against our interests and instilling guilt for even being alive.
    I don’t know what we are going to about it, however, I think that it needs to be an appreciated element of any plans to reach a wider demographic.
    I used to believe that if our situation was just explained properly to others, if we just gave them the right facts and figures and arguments, we would win them over and they would stand, to some degree or another, for their own peoples future.
    I no longer really believe this, because we are no longer working with logic, reason, facts. We are dealing with a psychological conditioning where these things do not resonate and do not impregnate cohesively into peoples minds as they should be doing.
    In fact, as addicts to the system, they are uncomfortable about being challenged and would tend to reject any serious measures that would allow things to heal. Most cannot even admit to themselves that they are addicted and conditioned.
    Anyway, I did find this to be a good article and I think Mr Millard has touched upon an important issue here. I think it should be re-read by anybody who may have skimmed through it.

  8. When are whites with their supposed higher IQ and sophistication going to learn not to scare the masses into the opposite direction, into the arms of the people who really wish to use and exploit them and destroy them.

    Stop fcking going on about jews etc, it makes you look exactly like the hollywood stereotype of some kind of Americans convict who has nothing going for his life, has his freedom taken away and is on a fast train to nowhereville – tell me, in what fcking world do the masses find this attractive, where, in what mind do the unaware peoples, find this a draw, a magnetic pull, an unreistable proposition that makes them want to sign up to any crowd who has that image?

    It also makes us look like the hollywood stereotype “nazi”, or a gang of serial killers, or you know that loser, creepy, smothering, nazi shop-keeper character in “Falling Down”, this is what the masses think of the nationalists now, and every fcking time we go on about jews it reinforces it, it pushes them even further away, it makes it easier for the marxists to work their propaganda.

    It gives us the image of angry grumpy, losers with a life in dead-endsville. An instant turn off for the people we are looking to attract.

    We know the problem, we know the jews are the source, we know they are the source of the financial and multicult and mass immigration problem. The masses don’t. They do not live in your world, they do not perceive the world as you do, going on about Jews to the uninitiated is like asking a traumatised person do they want to join a gang that does habitual violence. This is exactly what you are dealing with.

    The aim of natives is to draw more unaware natives – you WILL NOT do this by going on about jews or whatever other hollywood and media meme traps are out there.

    We have no need to, we know the score. Talk about bankers and wall st and every fcking globalist bank and the damage they do and how they have a cohesive ethnic group and promote their own, you have to be one of them to be part of the ownership stakes. Talk about immigration, multiculturalism, their effects, who wants it, why globalists want it, how it is exploitative

    You can talk about finance and mass immigration, talk about destroying these 2 policies and you by default end up destroying the Jews who are behind it without ever getting into “it’s the jews, it’s the jews” rant, which does look like a rant and to the people you are trying to convert, is an instant, bye, bye factor. They in their mainstream world simply see a hollywood corner street, end of the world is nigh, lunatic.

    They are further reinforced with the idea that white nationalists etc are exactly what they were told hollywood said they are – losers, nutters, fringe people who will take my life and put it into a cul-de-sac, a dead end – nope not for me, thank you.

    It is all well and good making for reassuring print to the converted, the usual thought that because so-and-so has mentioned the source, that means he is a bona-fide native patriot.

    Great, we get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that individual gets to feel the short term glow of a few slaps on the back amongst the native fraternity, then in the long term, the warmth dies, the numbers do not change, the masses are ever further repulsed by our pathetic offerings which only confirm the image of what hollywood has laid for us, how indeed the jews are laughing, the great Aryan race unable to act in a more sophisticated manner to 1) understand their environment that is an arena controlled by Jews 2)any wild ranting about the “jews” has already been thought about by the Jews who have the masses fed on a diet that to point out the jews in that way, means to help the jews stereotype of us

    In other words, we are tightening the knot, by constantly going on about jews, especially when we have no need to, to untie the knot we do not need to. We merely need to focus on the policies of debt slavery and mass immigration and their effects, that is what will take us to power, once their, and after firm consolidation after many years, we can implement other policies, without one mention of a word that merely plays into exactly what jews have already provided for – they have control of society’s perception, they have set the storyline of who the big bad wolf is, and how the big bad wolf acts, he cries jew, jew, jew, and the sheep then identify that creature as the one to stay away from, hollywood etc is then reinforced as the shepard whom the sheep place even more faith in.

    If we have not figured this out yet, and cannot restrain ourselves then indeed we are well on the road to extinction, and it won’t be the jews, or the leftists who will have done it, it will be all down to our reckless selves. We have the means to save our race, but it will take people who are using their brains and not their emotion to untie the knot, if we keep acting out of emotion, we are in effect damning our race more than jews, muslims, leftists, and our own apathetic or ignorant natives, because we are the people who know the score, yet have decided to repel our people so that they would never have any reason to touch us with a barge pole.

    1. Since in the article you refer to, Millard discusses an alleged ‘syndrome’, the name of which was coined by a Jewish writer, writing about Jews, it would have been difficult for him to make the points he does without some reference to Jews in his article.
      The article is not in fact a rant about Jews, it is an exploration of the possibility of the ‘Oslo Syndrome’ also affecting non-Jews, and Whites in particular.
      I find it amusing that this website regularly receives criticism from different quarters, for both failing to mention the Jews and for mentioning the Jews too much. This suggests to me that we probably have the balance about right.

  9. No, I was not criticising the article, which I agree with, and support a fine article expounding a little further on the rationale behind some of the dysfunctional behaviours exhibited today.

    I rather obliquely or outright tangentally got to thinking about how so many of our own awake and “knowing” patriots actually do engage full on in behaviour that is a repellent to the masses we need to draw a select pool from, in order to gain critical mass for the movement, who in this article engage in racial self-destructive behaviour, but in fact are far less to blame as they are indeed ignorant and oblivious as to the emotional and psychological undercurrents being foisted on them in society by deliberate conditioning, and a psyche warfare easily crafted because of what we know is the Jewish ethnocentric hegemony of the disseminating media, that is imparted casually but solidly into their minds.

    Apologies for lack of clarity, whilst having been in reflective state by the article with thoughts sparked by the article itself and a despondant mood & anger at our predicament observing all the recent invasion goings-on such as Rotherham, beheading of an 82 year old, the scum at Calais invading, the far-left cretins enabling the suffering and bloodletting of our people, fostering the rape, torture and murders of loved ones now and in the future. Leadership is indeed called for.

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