The Need For A New Religion

Big Bang 4We live in a world in which many people have a dark sense of foreboding. Particularly in Western European countries where we have experienced better times within living memory, there is a feeling that many facets of our lives are deteriorating and have been relentlessly deteriorating for several decades at least.

In material terms we appear to be better off than ever before and yet the material benefits themselves do not seem to adequately compensate for less welcome changes and the sense that somehow our civilisation is in decay. Also the greater awareness of environmental and demographic factors means that we are conscious of the fact that we in the West are ‘living beyond our means’ and beyond the means of our planet to sustain indefinitely. We are told that mankind is already consuming natural resources at a rate faster than our planet can renew them and therefore there exists a sense of guilt in one’s enjoyment of our apparently greater material wealth.

The rise of rationalism and science as the fonts of human wisdom and knowledge and the marginalisation of traditional Western religious beliefs, witnessed by the decline of particularly Christian religious adherence, is a sign of a decline in the spiritual health and well-being of our people. Our place in the world, our place in time and any sense of purpose in life have become blurred as religious belief has declined, to be replaced by a soulless philosophy based upon individuality, liberalism, materialism and personal self-gratification.

Despite our release from previous religious constraints and despite all of our attempts to submerge ourselves in lives of hedonistic pleasures, maximising our personal self-gratification through the new freedoms of individuality and liberalism, in conjunction with our apparently growing material wealth, we still see all around us growing signs of social decay and dysfunction. In the West higher rates of social dysfunction manifest now than at almost any other time in living memory; high rates of violent crime, muggings, rapes and murders; high rates of drug and alcohol abuse; high rates of prostitution; high rates child physical and sexual abuse; high rates of suicide; yes, high and steadily increasing rates of all forms of delinquency and social dysfunction.

We sense, as I have already alluded to, a feeling that even our apparent growing material wealth cannot possibly continue. We are constantly reminded nowadays that we live in a world of finite resources and one of uncontrollable population growth. Already we are informed that for the whole of humanity to enjoy a standard of living equivalent to that enjoyed in advanced Western countries, we will need several planet earths to provide the natural resources required. Obviously therefore, such a state of worldwide parity with the Western nations is impossible unless someone devises a new almost magic method of conjuring wealth and energy out of nothing or discovers some, as yet undiscovered, unknown and limitless source of raw materials and the fossil fuels such parity would require.

Increasingly, we stumble from one crisis to another, only to find that corrupt and inept governments fail us, both in terms of managing the present and in terms of providing inspiration and solutions for what will come and the problems that we see looming. All too often our political leaders are shown to be men and women without vision, lacking any coherent mission and completely devoid of moral scruples. All too often, even when they are not corrupt at the outset, they become corrupted by the spiritual wasteland that our world has become, choosing eventually to enjoy the power and wealth that political office and influence provides with no real care for the direction we are taking.

Traditionally the role of the religions of the world has been to provide a ‘glue’ holding communities together, to provide a means by which rulers can control their subjects, to set moral boundaries to regulate the lives of people and to give them a sense of belonging to something or some cause that is greater than them and which gives their lives direction and meaning. Increasingly however, the scriptures have come to be seen as mere folk tales, of at best symbolic value, and with scant historic validity. Creation stories have been shown to be at variance with modern scientific opinion regarding the origins of the Universe. Furthermore, religious strictures have been revealed as arbitrary constraints, of little but symbolic significance in the modern age and belief in Christianity in particular, is at an all time low among the Western nations.

We live lives of apparently growing material wealth but in a spiritual, moral and ethical wasteland, life for us has no apparent purpose, values are all apparently subjective, transient and illusory. Friedrich Nietzsche in his ‘The Gay Science’ declared that “God is dead”, but what is to become of us if the vacuum left by the demise of the Christian God is not filled by something else?

Today, most intelligent people reject traditional religions as aberrant pre-modern belief systems. Simply put, traditional religions appear to be assemblages of mythic stories propounding belief in anthropomorphic Gods, whose existence, either now or in the past is at best improbable and is in any event seen as irrelevant now in our modern age. Some religions, such a Buddhism assert as the ultimate goal in life the achievement of a state of inner peace that can only be achieved through a renunciation of self and one’s natural urges.

In short these religions fail to provide a credible explanation of; who we are; how we got where we are today; how we relate to the rest of creation; and what purpose there is in life; in a way that connects with the restless, Faustian spirit of Western man and our instinctive ethnocentricity.

Evolutionary psychologists such as Professor Bruce G. Charlton would argue that traditional religions fail because they lack a complete cosmology. Charlton has written that “[a] cosmology is a mythical account of the universe as it presents itself to the human mind; it needs to be poetic, symbolic, inspiring a sense of awe and mystery. Furthermore, a complete cosmology should include three levels of macro-, meso- and microcosm, in order to understand the nature of the universe, human society, and the individual’s relation to them”.

Traditional cosmologies according to Charlton, describe a “static ideal state towards which the world ought to gravitate”. He obviously has in mind here as examples, the state of ‘Nirvana’ or the attainment of the ‘Kingdom of God on Earth’. “However, modern life is characterised by rapid fluidity of all kinds of structures, including innovation and destruction, and growth in complexity of communications without a pre-established end-point. We do not know where we are going, yet we are accelerating towards it.”

“Because people do not have a basic symbolic understanding of the modern world and modern humanity’s place in it, they experience conflict between their cosmology and what they observe and experience. This mismatch between traditional cosmology and contemporary actuality is alienating. Consequently the modern world is frequently perceived as chaotic, meaningless, declining or collapsing”.

Reflecting the essentially European character of his own psyche, Charlton concludes, “A modern cosmology therefore needs to be focused on underlying process instead of structure, on dynamism rather than stasis. If modern individuals become able to develop mythic understanding of the evolutionary nature of things-in-general then their experience of change will match their deepest expectations. Consequently, people may be more likely to feel ‘at home’ in the world and broadly optimistic about the future.”

Through Cosmotheism, which I regard as scientific paganism, I belief that it is possible to establish a complete cosmology that meets all of the prerequisites set out above, which presents a compelling new world view that is wholly consistent with the spirit of Western man, which is consistent with current science and which has the capacity to evolve and adapt and remain credible as our scientific knowledge advances. I will expand upon this in future posts.

By Max Musson © 2013

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85 thoughts on “The Need For A New Religion

    1. Maybe we have too many religions, just as we have too many micro Nationalist parties!
      I like the story about the Catholic girl who has a vision in France & God said to her “You’ve all got it wrong!”
      Having seen the way that very orthodox Jews carry on & others as well, that also would be a very good cosmic joke.
      All that wasted effort & rule following for what?

  1. A belief in ourselves is not enough.

    Of course, our immediate priorities are the continued development of a 24hr nationalist movement. Primarily compromising of economic, political, and social tools.

    However religion, which is our much needed moral and life compass is ultimately vital. We must think of the future, to understand that everything in the universe has the potential to evolve, and become a threat to us. Not now, but eventually. We must create a state of constant scientific and technological urgency, working on securing our existence as well as providing TRUTH about who we are, and our duty to continue to grow and seek knowledge.

    A system of archaic values, with a rich culture, but where everyone is pulling the chain of scientific advancement.

    Most nationalists want to turn the clock back to a 1950’s Britain. However, we must push the idea of race and forward-thinking scientific culture. For continued survival we have no choice. Every personal decision and government policy must be for the benefit of securing our survival, for whenever needed, and looking to become the most powerful and glorious life-form on earth and then the cosmos.

    It will provide us with the much needed racial spirit and unity we are internally longing for. This new duty is likely to go on forever. Which will provide us with a timeless and stable culture and truthful belief system. We can hopefully work together like an army of ants, solely working for the benefit of our people, and securing higher power statuses. We are all an extension of the race and do not have the right to be individualistic, and do nothing to better our natural duty.

    The East Asians already have an altruistic mentality. As with everything else we pioneer, they too one day will mimic a cosmos-centred world view. They are already putting rockets into space.

    To be a nationalist, means supporting the continued advancement of your people… And there is nothing more nationalistic than Cosmotheism.

    1. I think we have the necessary self belief but a lot of people have succumbed to the relentless propaganda that whites are racist & to blame for things & that we owe the world something.
      I push the idea of networking but to become like the Asians is not a good idea as individualism as we have, helps us invent things, allows us to be lateral thinkers.
      I think that trait will help us survive.

  2. frederickdixon

    - Edit

    The late John Tyndall once said, presumably in response to a question about his religious beliefs, “race is my religion and the nation is my church”. That is a spiritual statement of a kind, because it expresses a belief in something of which each individual is a part and yet which is far older, deeper and long-lived than our own short and narrow spans, yet it is a spiritual statement entirely free from any supernatural element

    I suppose Tyndall was an atheist but his statement would fit perfectly well with a Cosmotheist belief system, in so far as I imperfectly understand that system. However, there are many difficulties with Cosmotheism – for example,it cannot by its very nature provide people with the warmth, comfort and reassurance which they obtain from a personal relationship with God because in Cosmotheism there is no God – yet; just a cold and empty cosmos. How, I wonder, would a Cosmotheist minister comfort the bereaved? We are, if Cosmotheist hopes are to be fulfilled, to evolve through eugenics to a point far in the future where we become gods ourselves, creating new universes – but how, and through the agency of which god, did this present universe come to be, and where is that god now? Is Cosmotheism anything other than a dressing of scientific racialism sprinkled over atheism?

    I don’t wish to be too critical because I recognise the potential in Cosmotheism to provide our beliefs in racialism and eugenics with a coherent, philosophical unity, but these problems need to be addressed – unless, as I hope, someone can show me that I’m imagining these difficulties.

    1. One of the first lessons of instruction that I received regarding the Christian religion was that ‘God is not, as many imagine, some grand old man sitting on a cloud looking down over us, but that he is all-seeing, all-knowing, and most importantly, all around us and everywhere at once”. In other words that lesson, which I received at the tender age of five, was that the Christian God is ‘immanent’.

      Definition of ‘Immanent’: Naturally part of something; existing throughout and within something; inherent; integral; intrinsic; indwelling; existing within and throughout the mind and the world; dwelling within and throughout all things, all time, etc.

      Within Cosmotheism, ‘God’ and the ‘Cosmos’ are seen as one and the same, and as with enlightened Christianity, God is not regarded as that ‘grand old man’ sitting on a cloud, but as a ‘spirit’ that is immanent.

      Where Cosmotheism differs from Christianity as a theology is that while Christians believe without a shred of verifiable evidence to support the assumption, that ‘God’ is a conscious entity, Cosmotheism asserts that just like the Cosmos, ‘God’ is an unconscious developing entity. Furthermore, where Christians believe that God has always been fully formed and complete and that the world in which we live is his creation, Cosmotheists recognise that when we search for ‘God’ and a meaning in life, what we always find is the physical universe and a Cosmos that is unconsciously evolving towards something, and we therefore deduce that together with the Cosmos (in that they are one and the same), ‘God’ is as yet incomplete and is similarly evolving towards a final and as yet undetermined absolute state.

      Another fundamental difference between Christianity and Cosmotheism, is that while Christians adopt an ‘infantile’ attitude, seeking the comfort of a child that ‘God’, their father is looking over them and will always ‘make things better’, regardless of what goes wrong, Cosmotheists recognise that the Cosmos, and therefore by implication, ‘God’, acts immanently and only acts consciously through us and the consciousness that we have evolved.

      When we seek comfort and hope therefore, we should not pray to some ‘grand old man’ sitting on a cloud, like a child writing to Father Christmas. Instead, we should as adults turn to those earthly manifestations of His as yet imperfect consciousness with whom we share the same evolutionary path, i.e. the people of our race and nation with whom we have communion, and take comfort in their warmth and inspiration.

      1. If God is all around in the Christian sense then he’s a very hands off type of guy but some put that down to humans being given free will & having to take the consequences of that.
        With the Catholics, the bit that really gets me is this notion of you can be really bad & then a deathbed repentance means you go to heaven, which is the ultimate “get out of jail free” card.
        That makes no logical sense to me.
        Is Tony Blair really going to heaven?

        Then there is the deluded moslem terrorism where they kill people & say “If they’re good moslems they’ll go to heaven anyway, the rest were destined to hell”.

      2. A new religion is called for. It should have roots in our deep ancestral folk religion but with a new understanding of ‘Odin’ and the Gods. It can recognize the solar religion buried in Christianity and respect Jesus as a white initiate who kicked the banksters of the temple, and got hung on a cross for his troubles. It should unite religious sentiment with scientific discoveries.

        We are not alone. We are kin to the gods. That is good. We can steer the longship of our life onwards and upwards. Life is an adventure!

  3. Superstitions, man-made religions, the belief in spirits etc are all associated with low IQ (its why Negroids are the most superstitious race, they don’t understand science). You have to laugh at the BNP website where Rev. Robert West denies evolution happened and that everyone descends from the migrations after the Tower of Babel.

    1. Does West believe in the literal truth of these things? I’m a bit surprised because I’ve met him and spoken to him and he doesn’t seem mad. As for the Tower of Babel story, it was no doubt invented to explain the presence of many different races, languages, cultures and countries. It is a myth, with a mythological truth which remains true today, but surely no-one believes in its literal truth?

    2. Some of the things that some Africans believe in are mind bogglingly stupid & explain why they don’t progress as a race.
      It’s a general inability to learn from mistakes, like a child that doesn’t learn or grow up.

  4. There was also the concept that if you imagine you’re God & the universe is a sandy beach stretching for miles & there is one grain of sand on which there are some microbes.
    Some of these microbes believe in you & worship you, would you even notice or care?
    Would you help an individual microbe out or favour one over another?

  5. Then there is Gaia theory which I think has the Earth as a self contained organism, so we are like fleas on a dog, if the infestation gets too much, will it find a way of doing pest control?
    A well placed earthquake or virus maybe?
    Are we building a form of intelligence in the form of the internet & all the stuff it’s linked to, that could one day become self aware & makes it’s own decisions?
    Watching my own child grow, made me realise that so much is built in, that was not taught.

      1. Thanks!
        If God exists why would there be only one?
        A moslem I once had a debate with once described God as “we” which appeared to be a royal “we” & also “he” but also cut & pasted answers proving themselves unable of independent thought.
        I have thought about such things a lot & the thought I come back to is that man can’t be the most intelligent thing in the universe.
        If so that would be the biggest cosmic joke going.
        It’s said that dog thinks man is God, are we making a similar mistake?
        When we die & meet God, would we find ourselves looking at ourselves?

  6. I have also heard interesting interpretations of the Garden of Eden story, that it’s either about when man became self aware & then had free will, so we separated from the animals at that point or an allegory on a particular kingdom & it’s end.
    It makes no sense as the birth of mankind as there were others outside the Garden of Eden?

    1. Yes, that is an interesting allegory. Also, i’ve always found fascinating the similarity in the North European mythical fist man and woman – Embla and Ask.

      1. Must admit I hadn’t heard of them, I saw an interesting YouTube video that said the basic Jesus story crops up time & time again in a lot of religions predating Christianity all over the world but I haven’t really studied that to see if it’s true.

        1. Is that video called Zeitgeist? If so I found it fascinating too but I did find some serious looking criticisms elsewhere on the web contradicting many of the claims so I am likewise unsure.

          1. I watched Zeitgeist which I think ended up suggesting that global communism would fix things or it seemed that way to me.
            I think the Jesus story video was about 10 mins long whereas Zeitgeist one is about 1 hour?

  7. jon haidt’s research (& book, “the righteous mind”) speaks to the binding-power/group-cohesion when members hold something sacred. he cautions that that which we hold sacred binds us, but also blinds us to other things. hence the modern left, holding “oppressed groups” sacred, cannot entertain the hypothesis that there are average differences between the groups.
    there is a need for us to hold some thing(s) sacred & circle around them in order to bind cohesively – our ancestry/race used to be enough to bind us, but the left’s propaganda has become so heavy that it may take more.
    btw, thank you for the excellent article & this website which i found only recently.
    your cousin in the states.

    1. I just saw an interesting comment on Veterans Today that said something to the effect that the Jews believe in many different things but the one thing that binds virtually all of them together is believing in the “holocaust”.

  8. I came across this sort of idea in the film “Altered States”.
    “TED” videos can be a bit creepy & full of hidden meaning but this one was apparently censored in some way by corporate interests but is interesting.
    This is Graham Hancock, the other is Rupert Sheldrake.

    1. To be honest I’m not into the recreational use of any drug including alcohol & Graham Hancock’s experience of cannabis echoes what I have heard other people say.
      The use of peyote or ayahuasca seems to connect the sub concious to the concious more directly & tell people what they should know anyway.
      I think it would be interesting to use it on deluded liberals who think multi culturalism is a good idea.

      1. Another weird thing that came out of that video was the concept that the human soul is like a TV signal that is still there even when the TV set doesn’t work anymore.
        Which would mean Hitler, Stalin, Kennedy, Elvis are all out there somewhere!
        Imagine if you could speak to them, obviously some people think you can do that already but I think it would only work when you were dead too!
        So there would be billions of normal people to speak to as well & an eternity to do it in.
        I always found that some of the more ordinary people who worked for Hitler (as an example) more interesting for their insights into things & what it was like to be at historical events.
        Famous people tend to have an agenda to protect.

        1. The other video (Rupert Sheldrake) is interesting in revealing that certain things aren’t quite as fixed or agreed on as we thought.
          Speed of light & gravity are mentioned & I’d include climate change in that too.

          1. I pondered the idea of the soul as a TV signal that exists even once the TV is busted but I can’t understand how that works out.
            How many souls would there have to be, one for everyone who lived or is there reincarnation/recycling?
            How many are on the substitutes bench awaiting their turn?
            Is there a fixed amount say 15 billion, which is the point that humans overwhelm the planet with their demands?
            Or if we set up colonies elsewhere, what is the total we could achieve?
            If say a baby only lives a day, does it get another go at life?
            Then there is the belief of working our way up from a rock to an animal to human or some such thing.

  9. I have a lot of sympathy with your nationalist goals, but with religion you are really barking up the wrong tree and are doomed to failure because of it.

    Much of the religious philosophy on this website smacks of New Age muck (“Cosmotheism”) which is just a mishmash of Hinduism, nature worship, secular humanism and the occult. Once, the West was strong because we developed our Christianity from Jesus, through the Apostles and the writings and examples of the Church Fathers and the Saints, then incorporated it into our political systems, and our very consciousness. The result was “Christendom”, the glue that held Europe together once. That glue is falling apart because we let it. Certainly, Marxism and liberalism were spin-offs but it never had to be that way. We could have strangled them at birth, but our materialism got in the way.

    Is it just a coincidence that we have turned into spineless weaklings at the same time that we have trashed our religion? I know my Catholicism has had its faults, but it is the only power on this earth that can stand against the Moslem invaders. We did it before with Charles Martel, the Battle of Lepanto and Vienna, and we can do it again.

    As for getting, a deathbed waiver from sin; I suggest some should try to study Catholicism a bit more to learn the real truth. There is no get out of jail free card. Read a little and learn the beautiful Truth.

    G.K. Chesterton I think, said that the man that does not discriminate has no principles. Do you have principles? Do you really want to waste time talking about a new religion when the Truth is staring you in the face and we can use it to defend ourselves? We have built the most magnificent and beautiful cathedrals and churches as monuments to our God and our Faith before, and we can build something, as yet unknown, just as beautiful again. But we must follow the right path.

    1. Thank you Robert, why don’t you pen a complete article explaining your position more fully and email it to us for possible publication?

    2. I think the Roman Catholic religion needs to prove itself for awhile, too many scandals past & present.
      Many RC’s I have met seem to have difficulty meeting the tenets of their faith.
      As in promiscuous women & homosexual men.
      Did religion make them like that or would it have happened anyway?
      The other point is I think a lot of Nationalists would see the Catholic faith as a bit of a third world religion & it doesn’t seem to work for them either.
      Be good now & get your reward after death?
      No point in being a Nationalist then if all there is, is suffering?
      By all means build beautiful buildings, they’re in short supply.

  10. The purpose of my writing is to provide an Action Plan to progress our Nationalist interests. I will not try to deliberately proselytise, though this may be an inevitable consequence of the plan later on. But please bear with me. Ultimately my jottings may have applicability to both the Religious category and the Activist category of this web site.
    The first step we need to take is to develop a plan. It is no good complaining, except for a short while, I suppose, to confirm that yes, a problem exists. We need to go quickly to a plan.
    All proper plans take the form of a needs analysis. We start with a problem definition that the vast majority agree upon. We then go on to agree on the desired state we want. This provides us with the “gap”, which in turn, leads to readily identifiable objectives. Other factors come into play later on, but the above must be agreed upon first.
    So, my suggestion is that the organisers of this web site (who are in the best position to decide) present contributors with various alternatives which we can vote on, first concerning a “Definition of the Problem”, then alternatives as to the “Desired State”. Don’t go offering solutions yet, get the basics right. Can this be done?
    If a decision can be made on these two categories, our Goals and Objectives will crystalize rapidly out of such an imaginative and intelligent bunch of contributors.
    Later on, I would like to inform you of my personal suggestions based on my devout Catholicism, but we must agree first on the above. As I said, solutions come later.

  11. Some (not altogether original) reflections on religion:

    1. The Christian faith postulates (a) an omnipotent God, (b) a perfectly good God, and (c) the fact of Evil. However, if Evil exists then God either cannot eliminate it, in which case He is not omnipotent, or He will not eliminate it, in which case He is not perfectly good. Therefore Christianity stands refuted.

    2. The Christian faith postulates (a) that prayer has point; (b) an omnipotent God and (c) a perfectly good God. In order for prayer to have point, it should change something for the better. However, if God is omnipotent and perfectly good then He must ensure that the best possible outcome always happens anyway. If the best possible outcome always happens anyway, then prayer can never change anything for the better. Therefore prayer is pointless. Therefore Christianity again stands refuted.

    3. The Christian faith postulates that God is omniscient (knows everything). If God is omniscient, He should know what we want even before we pray for it. Therefore prayer can have no point. Therefore Christianity yet again stands refuted.

    4. There are many different religions, making many different claims. If we choose one, how do we know that we haven’t chosen the wrong one and missed the right one? If we choose none then we might still be missing the right one (if there is such a thing) but at least we won’t spend our time prostrating ourselves before superstitious fancies or, more to the point, giving our time, money, energy and commitment to spurious distractions.

    5. Since the dawn of written human history, religion has been the cause of conflict between men. A world freed from religion would be a world free from a major cause of conflict.

    In February 1967, Enver Hoxha declared Albania the world’s first atheist state. Within three months every religious institution in the country was closed. He used the slogan: ‘the religion of the Albanians is Albanianism’ (‘fe e Shqiptareve eshte Shqiptaria’). Now whatever one thinks of old Uncle Enver’s politics, I venture to suggest that he was spot on when it came to religion and that we could profitably adopt the slogan ‘the religion of the British is Britishism’.

    1. Maybe it’s like the Law of Physics where for every action there is a reaction.
      So God has to have a Devil, good only exists because of evil & so on?
      One thing defines the other?

    2. The references to Albania and Enver Hoxha are,well I don’t want this reply to be removed. Albania was the ONLY country in the world that had citizens trying to escape INTO soviet bloc countries, it was so bad, elsewhere people were being shot trying to ESCAPE FROM communist countries (including Yugoslavia). NOT even remotely an advertisement for atheism.
      Meanwhile we, in what was still termed at that time Christendom enjoyed a steadily improving lifestyle, ever more affluence, comfort, technology, we could come and go as we pleased, even Albania, Yugoslavia, East Germany, the Soviet Union if we wanted – if they’d let us, which wasn’t easy – you had to be ‘politically sound’ because the last thing that they wanted was affluent westerners telling their citizens what life was REALLY like in what was also known as the’ Free World’. You see they had told their citizens that we were even worse off than them – we were all on the brink of starvation. Of course, only the hard line communists really believed in – and the gullible masses, but it was enough to maintain over a hundred million people in abject fear and misery for the best part of the twentieth century

    3. point one first the physical world we live in is not the whole of God it was created for us humans. we are ( obviously )beings who can choose to try to be good or evil and that is the point; we are to make the choice.
      Let me put it this way would you want to marry a woman who was totally wired to admire your every move or one who could make a choice and love you of her own free will??
      Point two Same as point one God wants to do us good and wants us to want it and ask for it. we are created free beings to choose.
      Point three since God has created choice we are not wired automatons but we can choose freely. You postulate is that Gods omniscience precludes our free choice yet our free choice is evident and your postulate relies on your claim that you know how the creator is put together, how Gods universe functions.. Rather presumptuous on your part, is it not??
      point four simple ask Jesus if he is real to come into your heart. Of course first you have to admit you are troubled worried about evil including some of the things you may have done. You cannot stand in self righteous scorn demanding god perform tricks for you, because if you are honest you will see that you have nothing to be self righteous about.
      Point 5 are you seriously holding up Hoxha as an example ?? why not Stalin or Kim or Ceausescu?? what occurred in each of these states was the religion of the state was the cult worship of the leader. And they were such great places to live also!!
      You seem to be like every leftist I have seen completely bereft of your sensory perceptions, living locked in a world of the worship of your own logic.

  12. I cannot fault the logic of Dr Who, and I won’t even try, but one of the greatest rationalist of history, Blaise Pascal (physicist, mathematician, engineer, Catholic) who formed much of the scientific knowledge we use today, said, when asked if we should believe in God replied, “We should, because if God does not exist, we have lost nothing, but if He does, we gain everything.”

    The point about Albanianism or Britishism is well taken, because it reveals Dr Who’s patriotism. However, I think point 5 should have been omitted from the argument because it also reveals the flaw that we want to counter through this web site. And that leaves aside the miserable history of Albania.

    The flaw is that because of the logicians, no actual definition of a “Britisher” exists except to say that he holds a British passport, and that clearly is inadequate. I would like to be enlightened on that point.

    When the blacks and Moslems flooded into Britain after the War, and into my own country (Australia) a bit more recently, no one could find the logic for “discriminating” against them. There was no moral or ethical foundation, say, for separating a black African Moslem from a white English speaking South African. After enduring two World Wars, the British were exhausted and broke, and I believe this led to disillusionment with their Christianity which they still suffer from. They fell back on the awful and false promises of secular humanism. When I was a lad in the Australia of the 1950’s my father proudly told me that I was a British subject and an Australian citizen. Somewhere along the line they took the first of these away from me. I am less welcome in Britain than a Turk, who was our mutual enemy in WW1.

    Look at the Moslems of every race in Britain today. What unites them? Their false god. I believe that Christianity can do the same thing (unite us), and we have the bonus of being right! One would have to be very naïve to believe that a non-religious world would be peaceful. What, like the former Soviet Union? I am also conscious of the fact that our Christian religions have also been undermined by Marxism and other pernicious isms, and that will need to be corrected.

    Finally, there is no waste of time and money, as Dr Who states. Charitable Christianity always used most of its funds for the relief of the poor, and to sustain our hope in the future. I am still waiting for the first hospital to be built for general use by an exclusively atheistic sect, yet atheism seems to be the dominant belief amongst our people. I guess that conforms with their fundamental belief. That is, it is only logical to spend all ones money on ones self, while their tax is squandered on a monumental scale by care-less bureaucrats, the dwarfs of the welfare state.

    1. Couldn’t the NHS be described as an “atheistic sect” that builds hospitals?
      I would question whether moslems are united, especially once the various sects get reasonable numbers here & form their ghettos.
      Same with the Jews.

    2. Australia was discussed before & it seems that once certain people got into positions of influence, the immigration policy was altered away from white immigration to all sorts of Asian immigration, just as the bias was shifted in the US around 1964 & in the UK 1948 was the turning point.
      I think you can find a precise date & minister responsible, then check out who was pushing this idea.

    3. “We should, because if God does not exist, we have lost nothing, but if He does, we gain everything.”
      Disagree, if you spend a lot of time on rituals, praying, throat slitting, pilgrimages & that they are either the wrong rituals or God does not exist, then you have lost time, money & energy better applied elsewhere.
      It’s like relationships, you’re better off with no relationship than a bad one, because then those resources are better used for your benefit.
      As I said earlier about the French girl who had a vision from God, who said “You have all got it wrong”!
      Everything about us is finite, so spend it wisely.

  13. I would like to pose a question for everyone out there. Quite apart from the instinct for self preservation, what is it about us as a people that is worth saving? In other words what institutions, values, moral codes or social systems do we employ that are worth perpetuating into the future? This is a loaded question so think carefully.

    1. That’s a difficult one, the Earth wouldn’t miss most of us, we’re like fleas on a dog & there will become a point where the numbers need culling whether we like it or not.
      Maybe at that point we will be terraforming other planets, maybe the Nigerians will be at the cutting edge of that on the money we’re giving them for their space programme?
      We can then think about having a black planet, a Jewish one, a moslem one…………………maybe a white one?

    2. Our ability to do good would be worth saving but sometimes that can be worse than doing nothing.
      Such as misguided attempts to save the souls of savages or upsetting eco systems.

  14. 1. On the matter of the NHS, I would simply fall back on legal definitions. Nowhere in English or Australian law is a public service health care provider identified as a sect, religious or anti-religious organisation, composed of volunteers. They are just public servants doing their job for pay.
    2. If we are just fleas, it does not matter whether we die out or not.
    3. Before Catholicism became a “Third World Religion” it was filtered through the prism of Western thought and culture for centuries, including Greek philosophy via Thomas Aquinas and other of the ancient Church Fathers. A major European capital is still its centre (Rome). Also do not forget that England was Catholic for centuries until Tudor times, when Henry VIII let his lust and wilfulness get in the way of his subjects’ religion. No reputable historian now accepts that the people of England wanted to break away from the Church. By adopting Catholicism, we would be going back to our roots. It is the oldest structured human organisation in existence and we should hook up with it to preserve our cultural heritage.
    4. The reason we have been able to do good is exactly because we have a long tradition of Christianity. If we did not have Christianity we would be more like Ancient Romans, absolutely ruthless at every level even within our own society.
    5. Christians are not perfect, nor do they claim to be, quite the opposite. It is a fundamental tenant of Catholicism that we are born sinners and will continue to sin by our very nature. What makes us different is we are obliged to try and make ourselves better.
    6. Catholicism is being white-anted by the same philosophies that have undermined our civil organs of government Communism, Liberalism, Sexual Concupiscence, Secularism, etc.

    I recommend that we “hook-up” with an organisation that would rapidly bring about amongst us, (a) a genuine Cultural adhesion that all can learn about by simply opening a history book (b) a robust ready made organisation that has withstood destructive forces for two millennia (c) an organisational structure that can be utilised to help our aims, and can still bring souls to Christ.

    Remember, our history together is what made us who we are, gave us our toughness and endurance, what made us truly human. It is there for us in our hour of need. We only need to reach up and take it.

  15. There is a lot of flawed thinking here, mainly because the left/globalist/class of ’68 have controlled the media and education for the last 40 years. The earth does NOT have finite resources, for the foreseeable future, that is a complete myth, as long as the sun keeps shining we have all the energy we ever need.There are THOUSANDS of years of fossil fuels available at the current consumption rates. Why do we think otherwise ? Well, who controls the media, education, virtually all sources of information ? The left/globalist/corporate alliance.
    THEY are the ones who thrive on crisis, on fear to control. The left want to control every last detail of everyones behaviour because the think that only they have the answers to all mankinds problems if only they can dictate every last detail of peoples lives, the world would be peaceful and happy they are control freaks. One only has to look at the misery caused in the twentieth century by their ideology(s) to see how deeply flawed their thinking is, and they seem to have formed (among others) an unholy alliance with the corporate globalists, who are – control freaks, only their kick is wealth and power a never ending struggle for ‘finite’ resources maintains their power – and their mark up.
    I’ ll tell you how effective this brainwashing is: I live near a school, recently I had some kids go by the end of my drive whilst I was washing my car, and I got remarks thrown iin my direction like ‘disgusting’ ‘wasting our resources’ etc. When I asked my grandkids they told me that the world is short of water, that people in poor countries have no water, and it’s a precious resource that should not be wasted. Now, I told them that two thirds of the planet is submerged under it, it falls out of the sky BILLIONS of gallons at a time (in this country at least). What you have available at any one time depends on how much you catch, the world is NOT, remotely short of water. Who do you think they believe ? Their teachers ? The ? BBC ? Grandad ? Who should they believe ?
    Now ask yourself – the world is short of food (supposedly) so why is the EU spending billions of euros a year paying landowners to grow – NOTHING ?
    Why is big oil funding the environmental lobbies ? Yeah, they get a fat lip now and again from the greens, but in return they get their prices maintained, lots and LOTS of regulation to deter newcomers, AND their two main competitors (nuclear and coal) hit out of the ball park.
    Is Africa short of resources ? Was South Africa short of ‘resources’ when the Boers ran it ? .Was there famine in Rhodesia before it became Zimbabwe?
    Who profits from all of this fear and misery?

    1. I don’t think the thinking is flawed, just a discussion of ideas as none of us are in possession of absolute knowledge & truth.
      The Earth is finite, unless it’s like Dr Who’s TARDIS, so therefore its resources must also be finite?
      But careful use of the resources probably means we can last thousands of years but again that depends on the human population & at what level you want them to live at or continue the present system of a few living pretty good & a mass living badly & breeding in an uncontrolled way.
      I think a disaster is being set up where a billion at least will die.
      Making use of what the Sun sends us is determined by our finite resources, we might run out of materials to build solar cells (or wind turbines or water & sewage plants) & fall back to just basic farming.
      I agree with your general point about brainwashing but you don’t wash your car with seawater or rainwater?
      What happens if the ability to clean water is lost or severely limited?
      As the world population hits 7 billion it becomes more & more difficult.
      Yes the EU is corrupt & has to fail.
      The Chinese are asset stripping Africa as we write, some will get rich, most will starve as usual.
      I think we all know who profits from this unbalanced state of affairs.

      1. My dear fellow, I stand by all that I have said. As far as energy goes the known resources of fossil fuels will last for thousands of years, as will sources of nuclear energy, oil may be shorter lived, but new sources of natural gas through ‘fracking’ appears to have a similar lifespan to coal reserves. (Incidentally, isn’t it funny how the greens, funded by ‘big oil’ are most virulently opposed to anything that A: offers the west energy independence B: threatens the ‘big oil’ monopoly on energy generation ?). In the final analysis, as long as the sun keeps shining the amount of energy stored in plants, which can be turned into bio fuels, solar energy, and hydro electric power, which I can’t understand why we don’t use far more of, it is much simpler to use, and far less unsightly than wind for instance, means that the earth’s energy supply is, to all intents and purposes infinite.
        As for food, a mere fraction of the worlds potential for agriculture is being cultivated, for various reasons. We could feed the present world population ten times over with just the land that was under cultivation at the beginning of the last century, when you take into account the greater efficiency of modern farming methods and transport , storage, preservation of foodstuffs.
        As for water, you are completely WRONG, I DID wash my car with rainwater, piped to my house from a reservoir built in the 1920s !, which STILL has the capacity to catch and store enough water for several major cities.As I have said water falls out of the sky by the trillions of gallons. Its how much we catch that governs how much we have available.
        SO, what we have is NOT a shortage of ANYTHING.
        IF we use all of the energy sources available to us we have a massive SURPLUS of available energy for the foreseeable future, take away the objections to coal, nuclear, fracking, and you have MASSIVE reserves of energy.
        IF we put back under cultivation all the land in the developed world that is now being ‘set aside’. If we can find a way of putting back under cultivation all the land that was expropriated from white farmers in South Africa, Rhodesia, and turned over to at best subsistence, at worst left to ruin,then we would be running massive food surplusses
        If we simply catch enough water, well, it just falls out of the sky. What we have, if anything is a lack of planning, if, as successive governments wanted, as they have, to stuff our countries with people, then they should have increased the infrastructure accordingly – which they HAVEN’T – in almost anything
        I watched a news report a couple of years ago about an army team raising money to go to some African village and drill a borehole for water, they wanted money to get themselves and their equipment over there and to pay local workers to do the drilling so the ‘local economy’ benefitted.
        So, you have to ask yourself. Why in a place so short of water does it take someone to travel thousands of miles to pay the villagers to get at water that is under their feet ? Why can’t local labour dig a well for their own benefit ?
        Water is one of the most common substances on the face (and beneath the surface of) this earth there is NO shortage of water, or anything for that matter. Except perhaps people with logical minds who can weigh up evidence, ignore the propaganda, and arrive at a sensible conclusion.

        1. You said you DID wash your car with rainwater but you don’t now?
          That option isn’t open to a lot of people & I would imagine the water could be quite dirty in the city unless filtered.
          The reservoir option you talk about is only suitable for some but in this country with additional pipework or canals, it could supply our needs but that’s assuming our population is controlled.
          It’s not going to work in an African country where the rainfall isn’t as even or frequent with uncontrolled population growth aided by outside charity & their inability to build or maintain infrastructure.
          My comments were meant to be more about the world situation under the present systems.
          Yes I know Rhodesia was the bread basket & all that but are you seriously suggesting we recolonize these places?
          Because I can’t see how they will ever sort themselves out.
          Which also applies to your borehole question.
          Surely we should sort out our own country & I don’t think we should be restarting the British Empire again, we gave them independence, they need to grow up & run their own affairs.
          There are simply too many people living in areas unable to support them, the natural order needs to be respected.
          The subsidy that allows the unnatural growth of humans in the wrong areas needs to stop.
          Otherwise an even bigger disaster will occur.

          I think the mass importation of people & the lack of infrastructure & planning here are quite deliberate so as to cause a breakdown of our society.
          Our farmland is being built on for that reason, to stop us being an independent nation able to feed itself.
          Also the ability to use the Earth’s resources in the ways you describe means that by & large white people have to be around, if they aren’t then it probably won’t happen.
          The Chinese build infrastructure in Africa but I think that’s more for their benefit than the Africans.

  16. Part two. The other brilliant trick that the left has pulled off is outlawing the ‘C’ word. If you want to appear modern, grown up, educated, rational, clever, unsuperstitious, anything, you must NOT mention the ‘C’ word – unless it’s to attack it, you can even endorse witchcraft, paganism, tai chi, feng shui, crystals, the cosmos, reptile lizards, planet x………………..but avoid the C word at all costs.
    And therein lies THEIR victory. A young man elsewhere on this website makes a very good argument for preserving, and fighting for European culture and identity, he makes a very compelling and articulate argument – except for one thing, he has no core beliefs, no identity to defend, he says so much, and when someone, rather sheepishly asks him about the ONE THING that defines what it is to be European, English, French, Austrian, German………THE ONE THING on which all of our laws are founded, defines all of our interactions with each other, defines our sense of what is right and wrong, permeates our languages to such an extent that they don’t make sense without it, has defined our existence for almost two thousand years, has been the culture that has allowed us to grow from a mish mash of brutal, superstitious, cannibalistic, almost stone age tribes into the most decent, civilised, powerful, technological, prosperous, educated, the GREATEST civilisation that has EVER existed ANYWHERE on this earth in all of known history. THE ONE THING that defined what the civilisation that used to be called Christendom – and he shies away from it like count Dracula to a clove of garlic (or a cross)
    And that IS their victory, and they worked it out a long time ago NO CHRISTIANITY – NO US, in any meaningful way. Full stop, period, game over, and that is the inescapable TRUTH.
    Russia, after all they suffered in the last century seem to have got the message, here is a great article with a very powerful and moving video:

  17. Phil, when I read your posts my eyes, honestly, started to mist over, such was the passion and eloquence of your plea. There are many fine people using this site and if we can help them understand what they have already within their grasp, it will be time well spent indeed. Already the users of this site have proven to me just how great they are. Because even if they are not inclined towards Christianity, they have shown themselves to be tolerant, and accepted our opinions with the grace that characterises our Anglo-Saxon peoples.

    When Christendom (a pan-European term if ever there was one) was strong, we were strong. Certainly, the Church has been undermined. How could we not expect that? If civil society has allowed itself to be subverted by Communism and liberalism, why would the Church be different? The Church and civil society in Western civilisations are in the same boat together. We stand or fall together. If Moslems gain a critical mass in the UK and my own country of Australia, what will happen? Christianity will be crushed out of existence, so we will not have any ethical principles to support our people except as an underground movement. Let us not then, abandon our heritage, but boost it the in any way we can. Max has given us his six point plan which I quite like. We could conceivably fit into the Third category. Our effect would be slower than the rest, though. It is easier to change a man’s politics than his heart. But we need to participate.

    Once all of North Africa was Christian. Look at it now. That is our fate, in your island and mine. As the saying goes, if we do not hang together, we will most assuredly hang together.

    1. My dear fellow, thank you for your kind words, it is nice to receive a reply from someone sympathetic, understanding, rather than a lecture about evolution, how our distant ancestors were pagans, how we are now more enlightened, clever. There is a passage in the bible where St Paul ? Talks about the wisdom of fools !
      Let me try to give you SOME heart though dear friend. Firstly, have a look at the article and video in the link to Pravda above. It is very heartening to see that these people, who suffered so much have learned their lesson, and Christianity is being restored to it’s rightful place in Russian society, despite being banned an brutally oppressed for decades under the Soviets, and despite the propaganda, Russia is now on the rise in terms of prosperity, power, and quality of life for it’s citizens.
      Interestingly Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world, due almost entirely to its spread in the former Soviet Union and China, where they have now an ‘official’ church, again after being banned and brutally oppressed for decades, and a much larger ‘dissident’ church movement. I don’t know if they are still doing it, but the Chinese authorities were bulldozing every independent church they discovered, but they were springing up faster than they could knock ’em down. Take into account too, the amount of Christian converts in muslim countries who face death for their beliefs, and you realise that it is not all over for us – it has barely begun – the bible tells us so, and if people took the trouble to actually read it they would realise that all of these things are foretold. Christianity is NOT a cult, a sect, even a set of beliefs – it is the TRUTH.
      YES, we have some terrible times ahead, believers and non believers – the bible tells us as much, in fact we are going to suffer most. When I first heard that prediction – decades ago – that Christians would be persecuted for their beliefs – it was not believable, I thought it was a bit for the fairies, but now you can see it happening – building in formerly staunch, solid Christian countries.
      But take heart my friend, the truth – and Christianity will eventually win out – the bible tells us that too, unfortunately it’s how much suffering we will all have to go through before the penny drops.
      You are so right about the church being undermined from within. My last visit to my local church featured the vicar preaching the communist manifesto from the pulpit. I couldn’t take communion from the man and haven’t been back since. Communism is the complete antithesis to Christianity. You can’t have freedom with communism/socialism, you can’t have anything else with Christianity, because that is at the very core of Christian beliefs and teachings – that YOU are responsible for yourself, your actions, not the state, or anyone else, it gives you a very clear set of GOOD rules, and then it is up to you, and if you follow them then you will prosper, both as individuals and as a people.
      Thank you once again for your kind comments

      1. My visit to a local church also found the wishy washy well meaning liberalism hard to take & is probably doing more harm than good in the long term.

  18. What's it all about Alfie?

    - Edit

    The very questions that are being asked here is so vastly complex in scope that any attempt in reply would need to be in shorthand brevity.

    Liberalism has given us the new religion, it is the pursuit of pleasure within the totalitarian confines of liberal hegemony. Most folk in the west find it very appealing. The BBC is the proselytizing agent here in Britain.

    I think I’m a liberal nationalist, can that be?

    I’m not a religious person and never have been, whenever asking myself the eternal questions I have never been able to reply in a positive manner.

    What are those eternal questions?

    Why am I here? What is my purpose in being here?

    These questions have been asked since the dawn of time. the answers always contested of course.

    Why do I think I’m a liberal nationalist?

    I’ve never understood or reasoned what I’m doing here or why, try as I might I cannot think of any reason for my existence here on this earth, what difference does my presence make to anything in this world or out there in the vastness of the cosmos?

    I’m only an ordinary kind of chap, endowed with average intelligence (I think), so how is it possible for me (and billions of others) to answer any of these questions? The only other divining rods of inquiry nature gifted to me is a set of five perceptions through which to filter my life’s path.

    Oh. There’s one thing more nature provided and that is what I call a ‘gut feeling,’ whether everybody is kitted out with such a facility I have no idea. It would be interesting to know what comprises this ‘gut feeling.’ (Intuitive radar)

    I feel most pressing that Mother Nature (cosmos?) is totally neutral in life’s affairs here on earth. Someone less forgiving might say Mother Nature doesn’t give damn about anything that goes on down here on earth, one only has to watch ten minutes of a BBC nature programme to see that.

    These kind of sentiments are the tenets of liberalism, all human traits are believed to be socially constructed. In other words there are no natural rules other than evolution.

    Liberal cannot accept this randomness and feels the need to alleviate the harshness of the effects of nature. (Tolerance the welfare state and all that)

    Why are we hardwired from birth to survive? The only reason that comes close as to why we’re here is solely to survive and ensure the continuity of the species, which only exacerbates the question further by asking, why for what purpose?

    Scientists tell us that at some time in the future the sun will become a supernova and gobble up the world and spew its gaseous remains into the vastness of space to be recycled.

    Hmm? I think this is where I came in?

    1. I guess if life wasn’t hardwired to survive, despite the futility of it, it wouldn’t.
      If everything is eventually gobbled up by a supernova maybe we go on to a different plane or dimension?
      But I have no belief in that one way or another.
      See you on the other side……or not!

      1. Life isn’t ‘futile’, Steve, nor are we destined to be “gobbled up by a supernova”. Some people’s lives may appear futile, but others most definitely aren’t.

        1. I think ultimately things are futile as the Earth will come to an end at some point, supernova & all that, but that doesn’t concern us because we’re probably talking about millions of years yet.
          But maybe as I said elsewhere humans may have moved onto other planets by then or destroyed themselves.
          So I am not saying we shouldn’t care about our present situation & the other aspect of it, is what happens when you die, do you go on to another dimension, heaven or hell etc.
          I see no proof of that at the moment or faith in the concept.
          But as you say some lives seem to be futile & others not but maybe even the futile ones have a purpose, though I wouldn’t know what that was.

          1. You are starting to answer your own questions, Steve. The solution to people’s fears of the possible future destruction of the earth is that we advance our race to a level of technical ability such that we are no longer dependent upon this one planet for our existence. As you say also, we have millions of years to deal with such issues and so they should not be uppermost in determining our actions today.
            What happens to our individual consciousness (our individual spirit) when we die, is another issue that we humans cannot answer at present, but we do know that our DNA lives on after our death in our children and so logically we should seek to maximise the future survival of that part of our being by having as many children as possible.
            Our lives are only futile if we miss the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the future wellbeing of our kind. A life spent in hedonistic self-gratification would be a wasted life, but lives spent producing more White children, advancing our technology, enriching the arts, or contributing to the social cohesion of our people, would be examples of lives that are contributive and of lasting value.

            1. Yes I am debating about the paradox that things seem futile but what seems unimportant at one time can end up being very important.
              Martin Webster talked of the early Christians hiding in the catacombs to preserve their ideas & faith not knowing what impact they might have after death.
              I was fascinated by the story of Jane Austen who had no children & was not famous in her lifetime but if she came back & saw the million pound industry & cultural impact she has had, she would be very surprised.
              Likewise photos I took as a record years ago were only meant for me & I didn’t think that others would see them but thanks to the internet, there are a lot of people who find them useful in explaining how things were & what was lost.

    2. Your gut instinct is what’s left of your animal survival instincts, if it’s good, then you should always follow it, despite the best efforts of liberals trying to tell you it’s not rational & can make you racist.
      If I’m walking down a street in London & saw a group of non whites together, my gut instinct would be not to walk through them or actually get too close.
      If I see such a group moving or making a lot of noise I would try to stay still & blend into the background or enter a shop.
      A lot of that is what animals do, especially with other species.
      I also avoid football supporter crowds & large events like the Notting Hill Carnival where possible.

  19. One of the most puzzling questions facing future historians will be why were our people seemingly so indifferent to the existential threat they faced.

    I wonder how many I see around me living out their daily lives feel that they are indeed under threat from mass immigration for I see no outward signs myself.

    Mass non-white immigration into western nations is the major visible manifestation of a culture war that has been waged against white people. By the end of the last century the culture war had been decisively won, and whites had been defeated.

    The 21st century is to be the century of change.

    Future historians will assuredly point out that the most important battle won by the new order was the total deconstruction of white people’s religion. This only confirming Nietzsche’s earlier pronouncement in the 19th century, that God was dead!

    So what happens to a people who lose their religion and culture (without a fight) and no longer believe in anything?

    First off is there are no longer any divine rules to navigate peoples journey through life, if transcendent rules no longer filter down from on high then they, the people, are free to do their own thing, for there is no longer a higher authority than man himself. (Who, in turn, becomes his own god and makes his own rules.)

    So again, what happens to a people who lose their religion and culture (without a fight) and no longer believe in anything? Chaos ensues. Nothing works anymore, corruption is the norm, crime increases and a once ordered society falls apart. Sound familiar?

    Our future historian will tell us the loss and absence of any transcending belief system leaving people without compass is the principal cause of our people’s indifference to their plight. And that is where we are right now.

    With religion gone, the task of deconstructing a docile western society became a formality. With an omnipresent hostile media working its raison d’etre, victory became assured, a piece of cake in fact.

    This story thus far is the story of modern day liberalism, which sometime in the last century set out a strategy in an attempt to make the world a better place. The architects, movers and shakers at the time had decided things could not continue as they had in previous centuries. A whole strategy was set in motion to accomplish this task, it is this strategy that we see unfolding before us.

    The question of does mankind need a new religion still remains. It is clear that man does not have the capacity to figure out such complex questions and is burdened with such a task. Traditionally, the problem is resolved by removing this oppressive burden from man’s shoulders and transferring it to a bearded man sitting on a cloud. Ah, that’s better.
    Hmm! I think this is where I came in. Damn!

    1. There are plenty of bearded, moustachioed, and clean shaven men and women capable of taking that ‘oppressive burden’ from the shoulders of the masses, Alfie. Our only problem is in getting the majority of our people to take notice of our deliberations.

    2. I smile when people scratch their heads in documentaries about why people fell for Hitler, though they rarely say that about Stalin or the equivalent.
      They seem to be unaware of the bubble they live in now, as shown in “The Matrix”, people are not aware of reality, they believe in a construction that makes little sense when you stand back & look at it.

  20. There’s an interesting blog by a Michael John Greer entitled the The Archdruid Report which I have followed for a few years now.

    The theme of his latest writings is of the new religion being a blind faith in the progress of progress. A sort of blind faith that progress will….err…em…well, just keep on progressing.

    I must say I agree with him, but there again, I’ve always been a half empty man.

    Here’s is his opening gambit for the 4th. September 2013.

    Caveat. I find this author rather pedantic, never uses a sentence when a chapter or two will suffice.

    ‘The next ten Billion Years’….. ” Earlier this week, I was trying to think of ways to talk about the gap between notions about the future we’ve all absorbed from the last three hundred years of fossil-fueled progress, on the one hand, and the ways of thinking about what’s ahead that might actually help us make sense of our predicament and the post- petroleum, post-progress world ahead, on the other. While I was in the middle of these reflections, a correspondent reminded me of a post from last year by peak oil blogger Ugo Bardi, which set out to place the crises of our time in the context of the next ten billion years.

    It’s an ambitious project, and by no means badly carried out. The only criticism that comes to mind is that it only makes sense if you happen to be a true believer in the civil religion of progress, the faith whose rise and impending fall has been a central theme here in recent months. As a sermon delivered to the faithful of that religion, it’s hard to beat; it’s even got the classic structure of evangelical rhetoric—the awful fate that will soon fall upon those who won’t change their wicked ways, the glorious salvation awaiting those who get right with Progress, and all the rest of it.” ….

    Read all

  21. I read your essay “The Need For A New Religion”—a bit late to read it.

    It has been my project for years to develop a new/old religion, and I reflect on this in my blog. Unlike Cosmotheism I attach biological evolution to Christianity, the Inward Path to the symbolic God Within of traditional religion is transformed into the Outward Path of evolution to real Godhood in the cosmos, thereby the old can bond with the new, a conservative way to proceed.

    If this interests you my blog is here:

  22. We had a perfectly good ‘religion’ once, though we never refferred to it as one. It maintained our racial values, encouraged bonds between our blood and nourished our souls and minds. It taught us to value the healthy and cast out out the diseased, it did not ask us to bow before a universalist power or force others to do the same. All people’s across the world once followed religious traditions that suited the same purposes. We gave up our gods due to threats and promises that appealed to our fears and promised us eternal life.
    The universalist Hebrew faith was forced upon us through torture, violence and coercion. It is clear that since its adoption that we have lost our racial soul and the whole earth has been gradually enslaved.
    Why worship a foreign god when we have our own, worshipped for time immemorial that represent the earth and the highest good of mankind?
    That do not ask for kneeling slaves, but for men and women to honour what they represent and attempt to emulate them.
    The writings of Varg Vikernes, on Burzum.orf and I recommend especially. Return to Europe.

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  24. NATURE IS INTERNAL IT IS MORE THAN A RELIGION or a belief IT IS A FORCE FOREVER AND WE ARE [PART OF IT ,but as a religion it is the one we need to believe in our self as natures finest creation and we are still evolving and our future is the stares and the answers we all seek ,are we alone so lets believe in what created us and what it created us for,as our religion ,Nature is the religion and living by its laws and that is where we belong so the 3rd and the 2nd world need not be our prime concern our prime concern is our self’s of the 1st world,natures finest that can take us to the stars and the future of our man/woman kind ,the other Races will get into space on our backs do we need them NO so lets follow what nature created us for ,Nature is our religion not a new religion but a belief system that is internal Nature.

    Nature has no compassion but Survival of the fittest will achieve its goal .

    I hope I make sense .

  25. “A modern cosmology therefore needs to be focused on underlying process instead of structure, on dynamism rather than stasis.”

    Modern? Why? It already exists and it is ancient, in the West it is called Hermeticism. Read the Emerald Tablet.
    However it is not really a religion I guess.

    No, what is really needed is a religion of the blood that deifies the race and its heroes. If it incorporates all prior great European religions (like Christendom did before it) then all the better I guess.

  26. I like Dr Pierce’s Cosmotheist (pantheist/panentheist) concept. The only problem is it’s a bit vacuous when compared to something like an Anglican sermon, with all the music and singing. Soon the Asatru Hof will be completed in Iceland and we’ll see how they stack up, but I doubt they’ll have as much inspirational music. I say we need to amalgamate everything into one – it’s what the Unitarian Univeralists (UUs) do. The UUs have sermons on science (which includes evolution, psychology), history (which includes all the mythologies from across the planet) and philosophy. Unlike the UUs, however, our version should be British centric (so we focus on British history, Asatru, Christianity, and panentheism as Dr Pierce suggests). Call this new faith “Britishism” or “Britianity” and our most holy day of the year will be “Britmas”. This way, we’ll be just like the Jews who have a nationalist religion unique to their people. Long live the British folk and God save our Queen! (especially her grandson Harry who was caught wearing a NS costume, and may the memory of Her uncle, King Edward the VIII who almost stopped WWII, live in our hearts forever). Amen

  27. The problem with both Christianity and Islamic religions (indeed all ‘major religions’) is that depreciate the value of life by promising something better in the hereafter. Work it out for yourselves to test the model…

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