The Media Giveth and the Media Taketh Away!

By Max Musson:

As we enter a new year we are all given to thoughts of renewing our efforts with regard to our given field of endeavour and as nationalists, with the news of Nick Griffin’s bankruptcy fresh in our minds, and in anticipation of the potential support that could materialise for UKIP in the forthcoming European elections, there has been much speculation of late with regard to what 2014 may bring.

Bearing in mind the collapse of support for the BNP from one-time party activists in particular, and the expected collapse in support for the party following last weeks bankruptcy proceedings, Nick Griffin is unlikely to be re-elected as an MEP in the North West and the BNP are widely expected to do badly at the polls this year.

Nick Griffin’s bankruptcy has been heralded by supporters of the British Democratic Party (BDP), as a significant ‘shot in the arm’ regarding their potential electoral fortunes, particularly as it raises once again the possibility of a complete and utter collapse of support for Griffin, and a much hoped for transfer of members from the BNP to the BDP.

In my opinion, any boost for the BDP from the continued decline of the BNP will not be significant, as most of the members and activists shed by the BNP in recent years have dropped out of active politics, preferring to wait for a new organisation with new ideas, new policies and new tactics to fully emerge.

The BNP is unlikely to collapse completely and the great likelihood is that with its membership further reduced, it will continue as a ‘lame duck’ party, blocking the path for any new racial nationalist party that might be formed, and serving as a ‘road block’ preventing a revival of electoral fortunes for the National Front (NF).

The BDP does not position itself as a full on ‘racial nationalist’ party however, but in taking the slightly more ‘moderate’ route, pits itself more directly in contention with UKIP than the BNP would have ever been. As such, the BDP will find UKIP an even greater obstacle to their progress than the floundering BNP, and the BDP really have no place to go.

The great likelihood therefore, is that Andrew Brons, like Nick Griffin, will lose his MEP seat in May and I suspect that while he may soldier on to some extent within the BDP as a ‘grandee’ of that party, he will largely take a back seat and retire from active politics.

From an electoral standpoint therefore, this leaves us with UKIP as the sole party, embodying any kind of nationalist sentiment, that has any hope of making electoral gains this year, and I expect they will increase their tally of MEPs, taking the seats formerly occupied by Griffin and Brons and perhaps a few more.

In light of the above, should we nationalists take heart from the anticipated advances to be made by UKIP and should we regard these as indicative of a groundswell of support, which could yet see a future UKIP government at Westminster emerge as the saviour of our nation?

Some commentators would argue that if the electoral successes of the BNP up until 2010 were a cause of hope for nationalists, then surely the current popularity of UKIP and the potential for them to dwarf the achievements of the BNP should be celebrated as a significant improvement in nationalist political fortunes. However this is sadly not so.

Media Brainwashing 2While the mass media do not have absolute control over public opinion, they do exercise enough influence to ensure that political parties they oppose experience only sporadic and limited electoral success.

Many studies have shown that public opinion is largely molded by the mass media and by television in particular.

While in the past, an individual might expect to interact in conversation with perhaps as many as fifty different people every day, and therefore be exposed to fifty different opinions, each held by people who were their social equals, today an individual may routinely complete his or her working day, having had a meaningful conversation about the state of the nation with as few as two or three other people, or perhaps not at all.

In the past an individual might set off for work on foot and on the way to work meet neighbours and other friends with whom they would have conversed on their way.

At work, before the days of mechanisation and computers, such individuals might have spent their day talking to work mates and colleagues, and at the end of the day, might have conversed with friends on the walk back, perhaps stopping off at the local pub for a ‘swift half’ and more conversation before finally going home.

Such an individual nowadays may watch the news on breakfast television and go to work by car. At work, the individual might occupy an enclosed workstation and only communicate with others by telephone or by email, in which case the opportunity for conversation will be limited. Having travelled home alone in their car, an individual might then spent his or her evening watching television, and in place of the fifty viewpoints they might have been exposed to each day in the past, they might instead be exposed to the opinions of perhaps fifty of the characters that appear in their favourite soap opera on television.

mediabrainwashWhat people are often not consciously aware of, nowadays, is that the ‘fifty’ opinions they hear expressed by the characters they have become familiar with on television are not ‘fifty’ different opinions at all. They will instead be fifty slight variations of the opinions of the small number of media moguls who control programme production on television throughout the world. Thus the opinions of the media moguls are not just one voice among many, they constitute in fact, probably 90% of the opinions that individuals may now hear and their influence upon such individuals is as great as if 90% of an individuals close friends, relatives and neighbours all held those same views.

As we know, the mass media throughout the world is overwhelmingly owned and/or controlled by Zionist Jews. Individuals who have very particular needs, desires and wants, and whose priorities and whose agenda are often entirely different to those of non-Jews.

As we also know, Jews generally exhibit a profound antipathy towards the nationalisms of we Europeans and have a preference for multicultural and multiracial societies, and these attitudes stem from a rabid paranoia that White nationalists, even those that begin as Judaeophile, will inevitably gravitate towards some expression of anti-Semitism.

While the mass media do not dominate public opinion absolutely, and were not able to completely stifle BNP electoral successes up until 2010, the influence of Jewish/Zionist media moguls has been sufficient to prevent the BNP from making sustained and increasing gains and the party’s gains have been, as I have described earlier, sporadic and short lived.

While the BNP did achieve a notable Internet presence through their party website, the BNP never took the time to build a nationalist media capable of rivalling that of organised Jewry, and the BNP have throughout their history been largely dependent for their media outreach, upon the Zionist mass media, i.e. British nationalism’s most determined and implacable political enemies. Predictably therefore, the media have made sure that the BNP have never had the opportunity to promote British nationalism in a way that the public would find attractive.

We should therefore be cognisant of the fact that UKIP have no more established a nationalist media than the BNP, and UKIP are therefore be just as dependent upon the generosity of Zionist/Jewish media moguls for their continued electoral success as the BNP are.

While we may therefore wish UKIP well in the elections to come, while there may be some honourable men and women among their ranks, and while we may eventually benefit from the effect that UKIP successes may have in breaking the ‘two party’ strangle hold on British politics, we should not be so foolish as to place our trust in UKIP as a potential vehicle for national salvation.

UKIP will either toe the line and obey the wishes of organised Jewry, or the media moguls will turn off the tap of sympathetic news coverage and let loose their ‘attack dogs’ to rip into UKIP at every step and turn.

UKIP may make further electoral gains and may eventually become the junior partner in a future coalition government with the Conservatives, but our current mass media will never allow them the power to implement truly nationalist policies.

The building of a nationalist mass media is one of the six prerequisites that I set out in an article last year entitled The Great White Hope? and it is clear that until that prerequisite has been achieved UKIP and the BDP, and/or any other nationalist political party, will either completely sell out to the forces of Zionist Jewry or their electoral gains, should they achieve any, will be short lived and their influence illusory.

We must therefore set out with determination to grow our own mass media and our own media moguls, for verily, with regard to electoral matters, media moguls giveth and media moguls taketh away!

By Max Musson © 2014

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41 thoughts on “The Media Giveth and the Media Taketh Away!

  1. Great article. It is true about the media; and here is one example: the NCTJ aren’t allowed to give the ”oxygen” of publicity to a nationalist party unless it is negative. Also, the mainstream (Zionist trained) journalists are experts in NLP, preventing debate and spreading disinformation.

    You can’t expect to enter the nationalist ideal (preventing White genocide) into the collective White conscious through mainstream media discourse. It is like trying to convince a bank robber that his best interests reside in being honest with the police. It will never happen.

    The solution is obvious! The only obstacle is money! I remember reading about a nationalist called De West Hooker one time; this dude, a friend of George Lincoln Rockwell, asked one of the Kennedys to lend him enough money to set up his own media outlet outside of the Jewish control; but this Kennedy told him he had told JFK all he knew and he was setting him up to destroy the NWO from the top.

    I often wonder what would have happened had Mr. Hooker managed to get the money. If he was successful we might have never been subjected to mass immigration, the Gulf Wars, the banking scandals, hip hop culture — and much, much more!

    I think it is plain to see that JFK was only one man and giving De West Hooker the money might have been a better option. As we all know, if you control discourse, you control debate, and if you control debate, you control politics. People’s ”viewpoints” flow out this sad reality.

  2. I was disappointed that the British National Party did not develop a much better Nationalist media network with the resources that they had available when they were at their peak a few years ago. Too much time and money devoted to leaflets, leafleting and elections wasted.

    1. Creating consecutive, high quality media content is very difficult unless you have the equipment, personnel and finance. Even after you do all that it’s a nothing thing getting those who are not converted to view the media. Most people have probably never viewed the BNP website as the media has tarnished them so much. You can get an immediate return with leaflets.

      1. Thomas a'Becket

        - Edit

        I do understand it is not easy building up an extensive media network especially when costs are taken into consideration.
        I don’t doubt that effort was made along those lines by hard working and dedicated British National Party activists.
        But considering how important the control of the media is I feel progress has been tediously slow, so far, regarding a Nationalist Media Network.
        However now that Nick Griffin is a famous TV chef things are looking brighter.

  3. Brons has already declared he won’t be contesting his seat again, which in my opinion is a shame but the costs outweigh the benefit for a party with no money at this stage in its development. It would be nice to contest a seat if only to spread the name but the £25-30,000 needed is far too much. Griffin of course can find the money from his loyal sycophants when he needs to, by either borrowing on the never, never, or a jolly good, patriotic, begging letter imploring nationalists to save their nation with a donation.

  4. Farage will no doubt be secretly offered a seat in the House of Lords if he agrees to co-operate with the Tories in marginal seats.

  5. UKIP is not and cannot be a racial nationalist party, nor would it wish to be as that would immediately reverse the (relatively) easy ride it has had from the media, including the declared support of the Daily Express. However, the one absolutely indispensable thing it can do is to prepare public opinion for our exit from the EU, indispensable because if we do not recover control of our borders from that infamous nation destroying machine we have no future.

    As you so rightly point out, the future of racial nationalism has now passed to us from the Nationalist political parties which fumbled and dropped it.

    1. “As you so rightly point out, the future of racial nationalism has now passed to us from the Nationalist political parties which fumbled and dropped it.”

      The period ahead are an opportunity to rebuild nationalism as the media is distracted with UKIP. Griffin gets the boot as soon as possible and the BNP can rebuild as unless something big happens in the next year and a half then they cannot do much.

  6. Enlightened Patriot

    - Edit

    The timing of this particular article is strangely coincidently for me on many of the issues raised. Particularly the reference to UKIP being seen as the route to salvation of this country for many – especially Daily Mail readers. As I have commented there more than once, these people are deluded if they think that UKIP will solve (salvation is the word I used) this countries’ immigration ills by (hopefully) getting us out of the EUSSR.

    As I pointed out, it was only a few weeks since I saw Nigel Farage on Question Time state that he has NO objection to people entering the UK from outside the EU as long as they are prepared to work! As I stated – Millions? It may be OK for him but not me. Forgetting racial issues for now, what about our own people deprived of those job? The strain on the public services like the NHS, schools, benefits system, local councils, etc, as well as housing, traffic, roads, etc. The list goes on and on.

    Since then of course, he has welcomed (perhaps tactically to deflect BNP/racism-like accusations) the prospect of us taking in Syrian refugees. Refugees who would not have been in the dire straights they are in but for the interference of the UK and it’s warmongering allies in a sovereign, previously conflict-free country. Oh, the irony.
    However, I saw and commented on their appeal and possible political rise quite some time ago as people slowly woke up to the 3-in-one party, all with the same agenda, the LibLabCon, and their collective plans for the destruction of our beloved country. In the absence of a viable Nationalist party in an election, I would reluctantly have to choose UKIP as the best of a bad lot.

    As for the media bias and reduced interaction between the general public to enable them to discuss issues of the day, a couple of thought arise. As well as the previous opportunities for such interaction (including the church visit) being eroded, as mentioned by the writer, I believe it is no accident that so many traditional British pubs are being closed as a result of deliberate UK government policy (like preferential treatment given to supermarkets to defer VAT on hot food so they can sell alcohol at a loss) to encourage their demise. They do not want people having free discussion they cannot control.

    My 80-year old neighbour (just fallen on the stairs and now in hospital with a plaster cast on both arms after waiting 4.5 hrs after we rang for an ambulance) of 45 years, a good Christian lady who sees no wrong in anyone knows of my ex-BNP association, my views on Nationalism, immigration, Islam, etc.
    We visited her on New Years’ day and conversation got round to these things albeit in a friendly way. She feels I am extreme and obsessed in my views and I retorted – Not obsessed, just rightfully angry about what has been and is being done to my country. I have not always been like this.

    She explained she had good Muslim friends and shook her head when I started to enlighten her about the real nature of Islam and the likely true views of her by her Muslim friends. A view that is dictated by the teaching of the Koran. (That they are allowed to lie to her, as a non-believer. That as a Christian in an Islamic State -which the UK will become in time on present course – she can 1) Convert, 2) Pay a tax or 3) Die. That is the choice. She helps in an organisation to give young Muslim women a fuller, more independent life but I tell her it is the men, heads of the family, she needs to re-educate in this regard (which is impossible) or nothing will change. Look at what is happening in Afghanistan as the Taliban regain control – women’s’ rights go out of the window.

    She laughed when I told her my beliefs on Islam, the holocaust deceptions, the twin towers/3rd building inside-job demolitions, the Titanic sinking (probably it was it’s sister ship), JFK’s assassination (by the bankers, owners of the FED) not being the work of just one man, Oswald, The New World Order, etc. She said she had her views and beliefs on all these and would not be moved. I said, where did you get all your views from? The television, radio, newspapers, school teaching, etc? That is what formed you opinion.

    I said I would love to sit you down for an evening and watch all the contrary evidence to all such events placed on such as You Tube videos by some very respected and learned people to counter long established `truths’ put out by the `Establishment’ and then ask if your views have changed. I quoted a recent American blogger who stated that 90% of information put out by the media is lies and only 10% are true. For the internet, it is the other way round.

    Thank God for the Internet (another British invention) which may yet be the tool of our salvation in saving us from tyranny but first, the British people need to grow a backbone.

      1. Enlightened Patriot

        - Edit

        No, and to be honest, neither have I – just pieces that others have quoted.
        If I asked her to, pointing out some of my (hopefully correct) assertion, I know that she would refuse. She would not want to know, she is happy and fixed in her attitude to Muslims. She hold the viewpoint that there is good and bad in all colours, creeds and religions, Islam just being a normal, one of many.
        I asked her if she is happy to see the White race disappear in this country, pointing out all it’s past achviements, inventions that have massively benefited mankind and she does not mind. Immigration here has always gone on and always will – she’s is happy with the coffee-coloured outcome.
        Others I speak to know what is happening but just do not care, not even for their grandchilderen, which is my motivation. People only seem to care about the here and now, no thought for the future. Some would call it selfishness.

        1. This is what makes me sick. Our own people who are too stupid to see what is happening. You would think that an 80 year old would have enough sense. But I suppose the old adage about there being no fool like an old fool applies here. Our young delight in the destruction of our country because they have been brainwashed by teachers and the media. And we are losing our country because of them.

        2. Agreed. A big disparity has arisen over the years of those who care and those who do not care. We can view anti-immigration comments of the internet and get hope but the sad fact is most of the population have a completely moronic attitude. They

          Cowardice maybe but they are really just airheads. The cork of liberal newspeak has blocked their common sense. As people get the majority of their views on others through media these people in 99% white areas only see non whites as upstanding characters on TV shows or ‘victims’. It’s all done through their subconscious. The worst are those who think they know more than others because they read a broadsheet and listen to Radio4, those are the biggest idiots.

          While they live in safe 99% white areas they say they do not care if they and their children become a minority become a minority. Yet when they hear a foreign language or have to be in close contact with non-whites they become uncomfortable and don’t want to be around them. They cannot put two and two together.

          1. Absolutely, Gerry. At university I met a lot of people who’re clever, in the sense that they could understand/regurgitate complicated (usually abstract) ideas and/or perform complex calculations, but aside from their academic studies they watched soaps, reality TV and sport. They considered themselves intellectuals but had no curiosity.
            Politically most would adopt whatever view was fashionable and they wouldn’t countenance anything aside from the limited spectrum of political views that were/are considered legitimate. That’s if they were politically minded at all.
            During my two years as a member of the BNP I encountered many people from a variety of backgrounds. Some were highly educated, others weren’t. But they all had one thing ion common: the ability to reject mainstream propaganda and instead believe what they could see with their own eyes.
            I suspect many people simply do not want to acknowledge what they can see, for to do so would mean facing up to an uncomfortable truth and, of course, the possible of social ostracism were they to do anything about it. The whole situation we’re facing is a case of whether people are prepared to stand up and say “the Emperor’s naked!”

      2. What I usually say about the koran, is that you don’t really need to read it, you just judge it by the results.
        I simply don’t like the results, when I see obvious moslems I feel uncomfortable.
        Maybe I am just a racist but I’m happy with that, it feels natural to me.

  7. True. Easier said than done, unfortunately. Websites like this one are a start, however I believe that the new internet filter that is currently being implemented does not only stop access to pornography – as it has ostensibly been designed to do – but also filters out ‘extremist material’. There’s an article on The New Statesman which goes into more detail about this censorship, but I have often thought that the ruling elite would resort to such tactics.
    There is certainly the potential for alternative media via the internet, and at a low cost. It has always struck me how there are so many different nationalist websites online, and yet if we pooled our resources and built one really decent one with news, views, sport and even entertainment, it could really flourish. At its peak the BNP had 14,000 members and achieved nearly one million votes in the last EU elections. If we could tap into 1/5th of that support we’d have a very successful resource. Unfortunately, as always, infighting and antagonism between individuals and rival factions makes that unlikely.
    How about swapping links with other similar websites, in order to promote this one and generate a crossover of traffic? AmRen, The Occidental Observer and AltRight are three of the other sites I visit on a regular basis, along with this one.
    As for the BDP, I wish them all the success in the world. That party is probably the one I would consider joining were I still inclined to believe in the possibility of an electoral breakthrough; I have a lot of respect for Andrew Brons. Unfortunately though, I think it’s too late for salvation through the ballot box, and I believe that things will get a lot worse before there’s any hope of them getting better. UKIP are better than nothing however, and I have my fingers crossed that they will triumph in the next EU elections, something which will surely guarantee us a referendum on our continued membership of that malignant entity.

    1. Max,
      I’m not sure whether you’re aware of this fact, but Western Spring is considered an ‘adult site’ by O2 at least. I tries to access it today via my mobile phone, and was informed that I’d need to prove I’m an adult in order to have the filter removed. I was given the option of using a credit card to pay a pound, or alternatively visit an O2 shop with photographic ID. It must be nice to know you’re considered on a par with the pedlars of pornography!

      1. I always suspected that the ‘family filters’ being introduced were not primarily aimed at combatting porn sites and in reality being introduced in order to filter out nationalist political websites. Your report tends to confirm this.

        1. Enlightened Patriot

          - Edit

          Suspected Max? I never doubted it. I don’t believe the powers-that-be give one jot about our young being corrupted by pornography in the internet. Nor most of the public it seems. The Daily Mail has recently run 2 stories on how a youngster has sexually abused a younger child. I twice commented to the effect that what adults want to watch is up to them but let’s please try and ensure we protect that which is probably the most precious thing a child can have – it’s childhood. I nearly got red-arrowed to death!

          No, this move on censoring the internet is doubtless intended to stifle any opposition to the status quo, ref. my last paragraph in my first comment. The former USSR and North Korea have nothing on this lot.

          Speaking of which, coincidently, after posting that comment I received an email from an unfamiliar source offering me `Free Face Recognition for Windows Login-Amazing’ to which I replied –

          Thanks, but with the CSA/GCHQ monitoring everything we say and do – no thanks. Camera covered.

          Of course the Watchers would like easy access to a photograph of we troublemakers but I’m not making things easy. Paranoid? Probably, but I do know they have been doctoring laptops with snooping devices prior to online sale (via Amazon I think) and computer viruses can switch your pc/laptop camera on to observe you without the red warning light coming on. That is why my camera is now covered over.

          Addendum Again, another coincidence? In trying to post this reply, I have not been able to access your website and it just times out. All other websites, including The British Resistance
          and (after some delay) the BNP website wok ok. Very strange.
          Ah, access again after 10 mins. Dirty work afoot I wonder?

  8. I’ve just been reading a poll on the AOL website. Out of a poll 18619 there were the following results.

    Cons 24%
    Lab 23%
    Lib Dem 2%
    UKIP 40%
    Others 11%

    The Lib Dems hopefully will be wiped out at the next election. Labour will be history if Scotland vote Yes for independence. The way is opening up for a nationalist party to piggy back UKIP. Is Western Spring ready ?

    1. It would be very interesting if the general election result in 2015 followed those percentages, but a UKIP government would not necessarily be good for racial nationalism. UKIP would have a vested interest in implementing measures that would inhibit the growth of a genuine nationalist party, because we would take votes away from them, and they are not sufficiently racially oriented to be prepared to halt non-White immigration entirely and/or repatriate ethnic minorities already here.

      1. Thing is, Max, a UKIP government or a government sufficiently influenced by them would, according to the manifesto, halt immigration for 5 years. While not perfect, this would buy us time
        Max, please don’t forget the tactic of entryism. Sure, UKIP forbid ex-BNP members but there is no way they can vet each ex-BNP person if they have not had their snap taken.
        Will UKIP utilise the published BNP list? So what. Ex-BNP members should simply use a family or friend’s address and UKIP would be non the wiser.
        ENTRYISM is key. Start now and we can turn UKIp to our favour in time to reap their rewards. Better to be onboard with UKIP as well as with Western Spring than out at at sea, methinks. It is no sell out -it is tactical ENTRYISM.

    2. I truly hope that poll is correct. It put a big old smile on my face.

      Surely a gain by the UKIP will force the Conservative party to move back to the right?

      1. What KIND of ‘Right’ are you talking about though? The ‘Right’ that says if you are poor or unemployed (in particular) you are total scum and wants to punish you or the ‘Right’ which is patriotic and wants to defend our country and people?

        Make no mistake, if the Tory Party moves back to the ‘Right’ it will be the former. UKIP represent the former attitude too and that is why the Tories are bleating and constantly whinging everyday about their mythical army of ‘workshy’ layabouts.

  9. I think most people will reply “Who?” if you mention the BDP or “Them!” if you mention the BNP.
    I think the BDP will make about as much electoral impact as the average fly does on a car windscreen.

    1. Of course they will but all parties have to start from somewhere. Provided the BDP is built on the right foundations (there are a few attitudes that were found within the BNP that have to change) and is much more professional in its approach there is no reason why it can’t be a success.

        1. Why? I think it can be provided it ISN’T a clone of the old party (there will have to be some fundamental changes to the old party line in certain areas of policy) and is FAR more professional and actually appears to the British people as if it is a SERIOUS political party which the old party didn’t for long periods of time and especially hasn’t since 2010.

          1. If & a big IF, it can do what you say then maybe but I’ll wait & see first.
            The problem lies with the system itself & if they don’t know what they’re up against, they soon will.
            At the moment disillusioned voters will go to UKIP.
            It’s a brand at the moment, the BDP simply isn’t.

  10. Politically, the end of 2014 will look nothing like what we see now.

    The author is right, successive generations have suckled at the bosom of the media and we’re all constructs of the media now. But is it about to lose its mojo?

    There’s a mega convergence taking shape in Britain.

    Since Blair’s new Labour project came on the scene declaring to destroy the forces of Conservatism our populace has been in a state of ever increasing cognitive dissonance,

    What is this mega convergence taking shape? In short, it is events dear boy – events.

    BBC- immigration good. Our people – immigration bad. Cognitive dissonance reigns.

    From the very beginning it was crazy to think the political elites could get away with their programme of dispossession by mass immigration without being sussed.

    That moment is imminent. But what is this convergence? It is the demise of the BNP, the rise and rise of UKIP, the population explosion, the NHS crisis, the housing crisis, the education crisis and much more due to too many people. The country can no longer function rationally, it is the fomenting political crisis that will be the clincher, and it’s coming to a cinema near you.

    The lib/lab/con trick is laid bare, the cries of the little boy have been heard, the King is naked. In fact the whole bloody system is naked and the people are beginning to see it is so.

    The media has kept the lid on all of this with its mantra of racism and political correctness, but it’s wearing a bit thin now. Since the beginning, by a series of psychological totalitarian structures – (political correctness) the media has maintained an iron grip on the one way racial discourse, to the extent that the populace is cowed into silence on threat of incarceration for uttering incorrect thoughts.

    Farage says he is taking advantage of this and is venturing utterances where others fear to tread, and as a consequence finds himself in front of an open goal, the game is within his grasp…. but….if he’s not one of us?

    For the first time, increasing numbers of our tribe are hearing a different tune, one of defiance, of resistance, and they like what they are hearing. As I’ve commented elsewhere on this blog the media and the political class feel ill at ease, they are going to have to resort to defending their anti white world view to the very people they are against.

    As things stand, it’s all up to Farage, if he slams the ball in the back of the net we’re on our way, if he turns round and kicks the ball back to his own goalkeeper – it’s back to square one.

    We’re about to find out.

  11. A vote for the BNP/BDP in my opinion would be a wasted vote. Far better to vote for UKIP. I know that UKIP are not a Nationalist party, but it is at least a step in the right (pun intended) direction. If UKIP do well, it might, just might force the hand of Cameron and his ilk to do more to get us out of the EU and stem immigration.

    Farage has claimed that Enoch Powell is one of his heroes, and if he gets enough members into parliament he might just try to put Powell’s views into effect. Of course all these mights will come to nothing if the Zionist media make a move to curb and discredit UKIP if it seems to be turning into a real Nationalist party.

    And if any of you think I am a UKIP supporter you’d be wrong. My views on what I would like to see happening in my country are so extreme they wouldn’t be published.

    1. I am sorry to disappoint you but Farage is very unlikely to get ANY members into parliament and that is because of Britain’s disgraceful joke of an undemocratic electoral system. Simply put, under our system it is NOT how many votes you get but WHERE you get them and UKIP haven’t learnt to target individual constituencies and build-up a local government base in them as the Lib Dems have been doing for decades. The Green Party has also done this on a more limited scale and as a result they got Caroline Lucas elected in one of the Brighton seats in 2010.

  12. I doubt that it will do. The Tory Party is filled to the brim with globalists who should be in the Liberal Democrats. All a massive UKIP vote will achieve with respect to the Tories is that they will become ever more extreme and callous towards the unemployed (not that they haven’t already) and that will result in a Labour victory which is what is on the cards for 2015. Indeed, it is because of the rise of UKIP that they constantly whinge about their mythical army of ‘workshy’ layabouts. They do this in an attempt to get Tory voters back into the fold from UKIP. UKIP is going to help put Ed Miliband in 10 Downing Street.

    1. Very good point! UKIP is dividing the so-called conservative section of British politics, so this works to Red-Ed’s advantage: it is almost certain he will manage to worm his way into power in 2015. Red Ed — a self-confessed Zionist — is beyond a joke.

      Red Ed’s father was mentored by Harold Laski; and Laski, another Zionist, was the chairman of the Labour Party at the time the first legislation was written to open up our borders to non-whites. Unsurprisingly, Red Ed is pro-immigration because, like his father and his mentor, he hates the English. I can’t believe that these animals are our rulers.

      Of course, there are positives. UKIP are popular because the native population are fed up with what Red Ed’s father and his co-ethnics have done to our country. Also, I do think UKIP have a lot of nationalists within their party and their biggest funder, a hyper-capitalist called Paul Sykes, is funding them BECAUSE he’s anti-immigration.

      Nevertheless, we must accept that the System is fixed against the English people. In this climate, parties like UKIP serve a purpose for one reason: they open up discourse. If UKIP can gain acceptance within the English mainstream, the language of politics, immigration, multiracial, and race will change.

      Hopefully, a significant strata of influential people will start to entertain nationalist ideas. Gusteav Le Bon may have been right when he said ”the beginning of a revolution is the end of an idea”. Let’s hope UKIP start to destroy the ideas that keep the System going….

      1. He might not even need UKIP to get into power. It is a truism in politics that governments lose elections oppositions don’t win them. With that grade-A economic illiterate George Oliver Osbourne at the helm of the British economy there is little chance of a ROBUST economic recovery taking place and one that can be FELT by ordinary people in their millions. Governments who can’t deliver a significant ‘feel good factor’ economically-speaking usually lose elections.

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