The Hobbit – The Negrification of Middle Earth


By Max Musson:

Hobbit 1Having never read either J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Hobbit’, I cannot write as a great authority on this subject, but I am a fan of director Peter Jackson’s portrayal of these epic sagas in his recent films.

An interesting aspect of the few criticisms ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy received was that there were no parts for non-Whites, and that the portrayal of evil characters such as Orcs and the Ringwraiths as predominantly black introduced ‘racist’ undertones to the film in terms of its subliminal impact.

There were also accusations of racism aimed at one of the production companies involved in the recruitment of extras, following claims by a lady named Naz Humphries, who complained that she had been rejected for the part of a female Hobbit because she is of Pakistani origin and was not considered sufficiently pale skinned. The casting agent involved was subsequently sacked.

Hobbit 2In the light of such criticisms, I was developed a certain respect for Peter Jackson for staying true to Tolkien’s original stories, which had a fictitious, medieval Norse setting, in which there were various ‘races’ depicted, all of which were essentially northern European in character, with the exception of the more bestial evil characters such as the Orcs. Indeed, it would not have occurred to Tolkien, who was famously at one time a supporter of the National Front, to depict the good and heroic characters of his stories as anything other than White.

Readers will understand my disappointment therefore, having just watched ‘The Hobbit – the Desolation of Smaug’ and the fifth of Jackson’s films based on Tolkien’s novels, to find that several of the extras featuring in crowd scenes in the lake town of Esgaroth are black. Not just swarthy in appearance, but fully negro in appearance and another extra is oriental.

Hobbit Crowd 3It would seem that Jackson has finally bowed to pressure from the PC lobby and found some parts, albeit minor parts, that can be offered as a sop to those obsessed with what is known in the media as ‘blonking’, i.e. getting BLacks ON Camera at all costs. Indeed, the camera pans over those parts of the crowd containing the black extras quite gratuitously, in order to make sure that no one misses the fact that the black and oriental characters are there.

Hobbit Crowd 2Film fans with an eye for detail will have also noticed that several of the Orc characters are portrayed in this latest film with pale skin, a measure taken quite obviously to head off further accusations of ‘racism’.

Hobbit Crowd 1It is very sad that even a director as accomplished as Peter Jackson has felt the need to include black people in the most improbable of roles in order to receive the approval of the PC lobby and when one considers the enmities that exist between the various fictitious ‘races’ of Middle Earth, the enmity between the Dwarfs and the Elves for example, it is frankly ludicrous to pretend that negros would go unnoticed and unremarked upon within a town inhabited by men all supposedly decended from common ancestors, the Edain.

Despite these regrettable concessions however, the film remains most enjoyable and is well worth watching, which is more than can be said about three other films currently doing the rounds; ‘Twelve Years a Slave’, ‘The Butler’ and of course ‘Mandela’, all of which are thinly disguised pretexts for the promotion of negros and for the denigration of White people.

By Max Musson © 2014

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    1. There is not much more that I can add at present as I have no first hand experience of Tolkien’s involvement, but his support for the NF has been noted more than once in accounts of the development of the NF during the time of AK Chesterton’s chairmanship.
      Clearly however, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and ‘The Hobbit’ are a form of allegory representing the struggle of ‘light and good’ against the forces of ‘darkness and evil’. The good characters are recognisably Norse European and the evil characters possess characteristics which are so suggestive of our racial enemies that their accurate portrayal in the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy provoked accusations of subliminal racism from the usual quarters. Just as with Wagner, anyone who writes sincerely on such themes cannot help but be sympathetic to the cause of White nationalism.

  1. I was recently cruising through the channels available on my idiots lantern. Much to my surprise I noticed a new channel titled BET. Liking the odd trip to the bookies I thought that I would have a look at this new channel for a few tips. Wow. Was I disappointed. It has nothing to do with gambling. BET is Black Entertainment Television. Returning to the menu and making a thorough search I could not find a new channel titled WET.

  2. Unfortunately cowardice is the new courage, as bullying is the new tolerance. If you’re black, you’re also white but not vice versa.

  3. With regard to the forthcoming release of the film ‘Mandela’ about the life of the late black terrorist leader Nelson Mandela, I note that the title role is played by black actor Idris Elba, who also featured in a Kenneth Branagh’s 2010 film ‘Thor’, in which he somewhat incongruously played the part of Heimdall, a Norse deity!!!
    The film ‘Mandela’ is expected to catapult Elba into international stardom and in expectation of this, there have already been ludicrous suggestions that Elba should be cast as the new James Bond. Casting Elba in such a quintessentially English role would be as ludicrous and absurd as casting a White man as Nelson Mandela.

    1. Heimdall is described in the Norse sagas as “the whitest God”. Perhaps that is why he had to be portrayed by a Negro, all part of the deracination of everything and everyone white.

  4. Thomas a'Becket

    - Edit

    Hopefully the offending scenes will be edited out of the Hobbit film with an apology added at the end of the film to the author and the white European race before too long.

    The sickness that these cultural Marxists suffer from should not be spread to the young and vulnerable.

  5. I have been a fan of Tolkien since reading the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in my mid teens. I have subsequently re read The Lord of the Rings several times. I was very happy with Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Lord of the Rings with only a few very minor niggles, but not enough to spoil my enjoyment. I have not seen any of the Hobbit films because it did not hold my interest in the way that The Lord of the Rings did. And after reading your article Max, I now won’t bother.

    I didn’t know that Tolkien had been a member of the NF, but it doesn’t surprise me. He was of that generation like: Sapper, John Buchan and Dornford Yates who were very patriotic.

    Tolkien was a professor of Old English and Middle English at Oxford, and when he wrote The Lord of the Rings it was partly to create a mythology for England. He wanted to create a larger Beowulf, because he knew that England had lost a great deal of writings of the early English/Anglo-Saxons – partly due to the Norman invasion.

    I cavil slightly Max at you describing The Lord of the Rings as a medieval Norse setting, as Tolkein’s greatest influence was Anglo-Saxon (Old English) literature and poetry. There are elements of Scandinavian/Norse and Celtic myth but Tolkien’s love was for his country, England. The Rohirrim in Rohan speak Anglo-Saxon and have Anglo-Saxon names. If you have, or get, the extended DVD version of The Two Towers you can hear Eowyn singing a beautiful lament in Old English. The film is worth that one scene alone. Waes pu Hael Angelcynn

    1. I regard the Old English, the ancient Britons, the Angles and the Saxons, the Celts and the Normans as ‘Norse’ peoples.

      1. Interesting viewpoint, I suppose it can be understood if you were to call those four groups ‘Norse’ based on their Northern European locations, but the ancient Britons? As far as I know they had nothing to do with the Norse at all, as in the Scandinavians of whom ‘Norse’ generally refers to, the Vikings wouldn’t start raiding Britain until the 800s, and they didn’t establish active occupation of the areas under the Danelaw until 876. Religion, culture, language, what links them?


        I can understand the Anglo-Saxons more being considered by you to be Norse going by the fact that the Angles, Saxons and Jutes came from upper Germany and Denmark, although personally I’ve always considered the Germans and the people generally thought of as Norse to be different groups, although I’ll readily admit that this is probably because the Christianisation of Germany, having occurred centuries prior to the Christianisation of Scandinavia, probably aided in making Germany seem more different to Scandinavia than it probably was pre-Christianity.


        The only Celtic link is the intermarriage between Celts and Norse settlers/conquerors, other than that I wouldn’t consider them Norse, like I said, it’s an interesting viewpoint though.


        This debate about non-Whites in the Lake-town scenes has received the general ‘argument’ put forward by leftists that the town is known to be a trading hub in Middle Earth, and that as such these people can be explained away as traders, the only chink in that explanative armour is that the people are in no way indicative of traders, and if they are then they are clearly doing very badly for themselves.


        The non-white extras are all dressed and take an interest in the well being of Lake-town in the exact manner you would expect a permanent resident of the town to do so, and that’s because, attempts at explanation aside, they are almost certainly intended to simply be Lake-town resident extras, albeit deliberately chosen because of their race.


        In which case it must be assumed that the Master of Lake-town, played by Stephen Fry, must be enacting significant and effective measures of apartheid because the phenotypes of the various residents remain remarkably racially distinct despite this apparent, and presumably centuries if not millenia old melting pot that is Lake-town. Obviously I’m being tongue in cheek, but it highlights how ridiculous the placement of these extras were.


        There inclusion was so surprising because LOTR was so equally surprising in its complete lack of adherence to the usual mandatory samplings of ‘diversity’ all films seem compelled to include. LOTR, despite being made in the early 2000s, is devoid of a single non-White character who isn’t heavily clad in prosthetics or masked, that is amazing given the day and age it was made in.


        What’s more, LOTR went further and not only remained steadfast in a purely White cast for the main characters, but when it came to the legions of Harad marching on the side of evil, Jackson committed to hiring Middle Eastern extras to play them and clad them in a classically medieval Middle Eastern military appearance.


        What I find interesting is that, from what I’ve briefly read, Gondor and the Gondorians are meant to have been Tolkien’s version of the Byzantine Empire, which makes sense when I thought about it…


        1. Gondor is the surviving remnant kingdom of the previous much larger kingdom of Arnor that was split along sibling lines (The Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire was the surviving section of the old whole/Western Roman Empire, the empire too being split at times, although ultimately for different reasons, for multiple siblings to rule).


        2. Gondor is constantly at war with a Mordor, Mordor itself geographically lying just across the Great River next to Osgiliath, similar to how, after the Turks/Ottomans had taken most of Anatolia, Constantinople faced the Ottoman Empire separated by only small Bosporus Strait.


        3. As Boromir says when he argues why he should have the rings, long has Gondor and the blood of his people kept your [the elves, dwarves, and other humans] safe [from Mordor]. This can be seen as a parallel with the Byzantine Empire being the sole force, due to its geographical location, that kept the Turks and Islam itself out of Europe during its existence.

        1. I’d just like to quickly add, it’s this complete, essentially, two fingers up approach to the media crusade for ‘diversity’ that Jackson too with LOTR, that makes this Lake-town scene feel like such a betrayal and a confusing one at that. He portrays the Rohirrim, the Elves, the Gondorians, as well as everyone else, as unanimously racially pure and Northern European in appearance, and he does that without fail in a trio of blockbuster three hour + long movies, yet just over ten years later he gives in for his second movie? It make you wonder who exactly was leaning on his shoulders, or whether he truly did have a ‘diversity epiphany’, I’m sure it’s the former.

        2. “This can be seen as a parallel with the Byzantine Empire being the sole force, due to its geographical location, that kept the Turks and Islam itself out of Europe during its existence.”

          But that was not totally true.
          The Islam entered Spain and was expelled after 750 years of continual war (reconquista).
          After that Spain helped to defeat the otoman empire in huge battles, the most famous one was Lepanto, were 120.000 christians were set free from the otoman galleys.

      2. “I regard the Old English, the ancient Britons, the Angles and the Saxons, the Celts and the Normans as ‘Norse’ peoples.”

        The ‘celtic’ nonsense is peddled by every second-rate academic in pursuit of a research grant. When John Collis wrote ‘The Celts – Origins, Myths, Inventions’ a few years back he attracted hate mail and was even accused of genocide by otherwise perfectly rational academic colleagues. What we have here is a [17th? 18th?] century Englishman’s idle speculation seized upon and used by Irish nationalism to define itself in opposition to the English. ‘Celtic of any sort,’ said Tolkien, is ‘a magic bag, in which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come.’ Unfortunately ‘Britons’ [i.e. dozy, self-hating Englishmen] still refer to Scots as ‘celts’. You’d think the Declaration of Arbroath and its claims of descent from a tribe in what is modern-day Ukraine never happened. Academics are gatekeepers so far as I’m concerned. The ‘celtic’ deception is as political an instrument as the ‘minority’ view of English settlement to emerge out of nowhere in the 1980s and which is being used to reduce native resistance to EU regional policy and England’s abolition. The English have been micro-managed by an alien elite for centuries. Hardly anything has changed in that time.

    2. @ Cry Havoc!

      Agreed. Tolkien said:

      “The Hobbits are just rustic English people”

      “The Shire is based on rural England and not on any other country in the world….After all the book is English, and by an Englishman.”

      “I love England, not Great Britain and certainly not the British Commonwealth.”

  6. Tolkien’s expressed aim in his writing was to create a mythology for England. In this he meant to revive in a new form the great corpus of Nordic and Germanic tales which, he was sure, England had once had but which had been uprooted by the Norman conquest and replaced by a French, Latin oriented culture. The entire structure of Tolkien’s work, its cast of characters, its legendarium, are all derived from the rags and tatters of English folklore and from continental and Scandinavian cultures where the northern tradition was
    better preserved.

    I have not seen the Hobbit films, but I do remember Tolkien’s description of Laketown in the book and it is very obviously meant to be an English place of the early Middle Ages inhabited by English people. Placing Negroes into such a place at such a time is a grotesque travesty in which our heritage and identity are being trashed yet again. Tolkien (who, by the way, was never an expressed supporter of the NF but did subscribe to Chesterton’s publication, “Candour”) would have been appalled.

    “Inclusive casting” as they call it, is the modern practice but it is only ever “white” parts which are subjected to this travesty. I remember the outrage some years ago when an oriental character in the New York production of “Miss Saigon” was played by a white actor – it has never happened again.

  7. I’ve never read the Lord of the Rings, but I have (to a limited degree) studied Norse Mythology. If, as I’ve read, the Lord of the Rings was based on the Viking Eddas then they have done a terrible thing by putting non-whites into the Middle Earth.

    1. Shaun: The Lord of the Rings isn’t/wasn’t based on the Viking Eddas. Tolkien was trying to create a larger Beowulf (an Anglo-Saxon/Old English tale). He was certainly influenced by the Eddas, and also Celtic mythology and the Finnish Kalevala; but it was: Beowulf, Deor, Widsith and the various poems found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, that were his chief influences. Tolkien during his Anglo-Saxon studies came across this couplet in “Cynewulf’s Crist”: Eala Earendel Engla beorhtast ofer middangeard monnum sended. Translated into modern English: Hail Earendel brightest of angels, over Middle Earth sent to man. It was this language that fascinated him and made him want to create the mythology of Middle Earth. The sound of Old English is beautiful. Get a copy of the extended DVD version of The Two Towers and listen to Eowyn’s lament.

      1. I always thought his primary influence was Odinism — well, much of the Anglo-Saxon mythology must have been similar to Odinism anyway…. The Middle Earth (Midgarth) is a central aspect of Odinism, so Tokien must have seen similar themes running throughout all North European mythology.

        Slightly off topic, I remember speaking to a guy one time who was convinced that the Lord of the Rings was filled with racial overtones. I haven’t read it; but this guy, a rather intelligent person, spoke about hordes of dark skinned people coming to Europe from Africa being mentioned in the Lord of the Rings. This guy was convinced that Tokien was a racial thinker — I’ve always assumed from that date that he was!!!

        1. Shaun. Yes I also believe that Tolkien was a racial thinker. Tolkien claimed to dislike allegory but he also admitted that you are affected by experience. And with a work like Lord of the Rings you cannot but help put your own ideas and beliefs into it.
          There are a couple of Lord of the Rings amateur films on Youtube: The Hunt for Gollum and Borne of Hope. Both made on a shoestring and both well done. I mention this because the actor who plays Aragorn in The Hunt for Gollum says to an Orc he has just killed: “This is not your land” I conflate that scene with what is happening to our land, Britain and the West today.
          You are right that Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythology are similar. The racial roots of the myths go back beyond the Anglo-Saxon and later Danish invasions. The tales are just variants of the same theme. For example: Anglo-Saxon has the tale of Weland the Smith the Norse sagas call him Volundr.

          Odin (Norse) = Woden (Anglo-Saxon)
          Midgarth (Norse) = Middengeard (Anglo-Saxon) and so on. The etymology is obvious just a different pronunciation.

          I may seem to be banging on about something that has no relevance to our problems today; but I believe that knowing about our past is vital to retaining our identity in this multi-cultural nightmare.

          1. I was interested in Norse Mythology a few years ago, but you are right: it has little relevance to our cause. Although many of the teachings do apply to the struggle, it is a complete non-issue to the masses. But, at an organizational level, it might work as religion for nationalists — maybe.

            Some of Tom Sunic’s ideas about monotheism apply to the nationalist struggle. When you read his most famous book, Homo Americanus, you realize that monotheistic thought is responsible for the thought-forms that are causing our people to welcome their demise.

            Another guy who criticizes monotheism is Alan De Beniot. He says monotheism is responsible for modernism. To De Beniot, modernism is the idea of monolithic progress and equality and the idea that anything new must be merged into a modernist, homogeneous whole.

            The polytheistic religion didn’t try to create a monolithic standard of belief, so they are, from our point of view, better for us to believe. I wish Christianity had never existed — in my view, it is poison.

  8. Blonking is a new one on me but yes I have seen the evidence of that, the relentless assertion we have always been multi cultural & diverse, the mongrel nation lie.
    I think the propaganda lie has been stepped up of late with the films you mention above, along with insertion ethnic minorities into TV period dramas.
    I saw an interview with the director of the “12 years a slave”, the latest guilt trip, to be inflicted on us, who seemed to think there had not been many slavery films, that the subject had been over looked!

    I watched “The Keep” (1983) an old horror war film made by Michael Mann & it set me to thinking about how the Nazi’s often pop up in horror films & the like, recently there was one about a Nazi UFO & also Nazi zombies.
    But I can’t recall one film were the Communists are the baddies in that way.
    There are silly things like Rambo in Afghanistan but the emphasis seems on promoting the Nazi’s as the most evil thing ever.
    Any casual reader of history can see it ain’t so.

  9. I really liked the the LOTR trilogy. I then walked out of the first follow-up Hobbit movie because it was plain dumb. Today I watched the second Hobbit movie. The black and Asian townspeople were an odd sight. The movie itself was all about special effects.

    All in all , the follow up movies stink. It’s all about special effects and thin on plot. These movies are juvenile entertainment. Our culture is sinking lower with each passing year.

  10. Thorin is a dbag

    - Edit

    Of all the terrible things plaguing this movie (poor script, bloated script, poor CGI, made up lore, unecessary love triangle, elves with god like combat powers, Sauron, Azog resurrected, orcs having Morgul weapons, an ancient dragon who can conquer a dwarvish nation but can’t scratch a handful of dwarves, on and on) you worry about a black person being on screen for 3 seconds? Really? Your bigotry and weighing you down and shining through.

    1. You are obviously a LOTR fanatic to be so irritated by the flaws that you identified in the films, however the flaws of which you complain, relating to magical fantasy creatures, are merely matters of artistic interpretation and poetic licence, whereas the aspect of the film that I have taken issue with is one that has significant real world implications for the survival of our race.
      Your priorities are therefore perverse.

        1. ‘Upset’? Who said I was upset? No, I’m not upset, but I do have a ‘serious issue’ in mind. It relates to the mass media trying to create the false impression in people’s minds that non-Whites have lived amongst our people for centuries. This is not so, and it is done in order to fool people into thinking that mass non-White immigration into Britain and other White Western countries is harmless and without serious implications for the survival of our nation.
          The fact is we indigenous British are on course to become a minority in our own land within a generation, and the struggle to save us from that fate is a real life struggle, far more important than any of the fictional, fantasy struggles depicted in Lord of the Rings.

      1. I have read the Hobbit, the Silmarillion and the LOTR books. I’m just saying, bro, that if you had an appreciation for the books, and realised how much Peter Jackson RAPED the LOTR narrative, you could have seen this coming a light year away.

        I think what Thorin… was getting at, is that as disgusting as 3 seconds of negrofication is, it was the least of these film’s problems.

        I have expressed how I feel of these movies on the Daily Stormer, where your article was mirrored. My opinion is so negative, that I will not reiterate it.

        I don’t think ANY Hollywood film, or Hollywood-funded film, is worth watching, by the way.

    2. I don’t suppose you would be saying that nonsense had all the extras in the film Zulu who made up the tribes been white or Chinese?
      I guessed not.

  11. All the politically correct comments that are meant to justify the non-whites in the movie has learned me a lot, but mostly stuff I already knew. For instance that the PC-elite is usually stupid, hateful, self righteous and full of crap. They does their best to excuse the rainbow coalition, but so far every attempt has failed.

    In the old days, it was racism if you portrayed other races in a less flattering way. Today it is racism if you don’t include other races, no matter when or where the story is supposed to take place, like in Scandinavia hundreds of years ago:

    But when you look at the Disney princess lineup, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are still front and center: two perky, Caucasian blondes whose movies came out in the 1950s.

    “Many Disney fans were less than thrilled when the lead character of Frozen was revealed to be yet another white, blonde, feminine princess. The only solution, it seemed, was to change her themselves.

    This Could Have Been Frozen is a Tumblr dedicated to the idea of an alternate Frozen where some of the lead characters are people of color. Although the movie is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” This Could Have Been Frozen points out that not all Northern Europeans are white. In fact, Frozen tacitly acknowledges Scandinavian indigenous culture by having its (white) protagonists wear what looks like Sami clothing.”

    It’s wrong to call the Sami people the Scandinavian indigenous culture, because it suggests the other ethnic Swedes and Norwegians has less right to their countries and are not indigenous people. The fact is that both people arrived a long time ago when the world was a very different place without written history, boarders and modern civilization. While the Sami mostly continued to live a half nomadic life, the other Norwegians and Swedes built their countries from scratch and turned them into what they are today. Second, most of the Sami have mixed their blood so much with the other people in the area that a lot of them have blonde hair and blue eyes as well.

    Another suggestion was that the characters could have been eskimos instead. But why should a story written by a Danish man which takes place in Scandinavia suddenly be relocated to Greenland and eskimos just because some anti-white racists don’t want to see a movie with all white characters? I assume a movie without a single white character would have been perfectly OK for them.

  12. Blonking, propaganda, NLP, brainwashing. Call it whatever you like it is happening, they told us about it at school and informed us that it would never occur yet it does.
    In the recent remake of the Carrie movie every important character from the school headmaster is black, they even managed to squeeze in a black male mid-wife for Pete’s sake.
    All the soaps are the same and a black or Asian is never a baddie always a goodie and usually in a role of a respected position be it a Doctor,police chief,lawyer or social worker although their not really respected these days.
    It’s so obvious it stinks and the ones responsible for all this blonking are the “chosen ones” who control the advertising, media and film making there is no clearer proof of who our enemy is.

  13. Today whites are learned about what they owe other races, while other races are learned what they can demand from the whites. And the young ones are brainwashed form an early age. From an article a few years old:

    Propaganda for toddlers

    CHILDREN as young as three are being taught anti-racism lessons as part of the first NSW Government-funded program designed to stamp out bigotry from a young age. The program will be rolled out at a preschool in western NSW and youngsters will be given regular lessons in tolerance and multiculturalism.

    The move comes as NSW councils investigate implementing a similar program across all council-funded daycare centres across the state.

    The Menindee Children’s Centre, in the state’s Far West, has just received a $4000 grant to launch the first State Government-funded program of its kind. The focus on racism follows the 2005 Cronulla riots and a recent Government survey which found more than 40 per cent of migrants surveyed had come across “some” or “a lot” of racism in Australia. Claims of racism also blew up recently in the Sydney Test between India and Australia.

    NSW preschool’s director Hayley D’Ettorre said the centre would use the funding to launch the program, which was to include guest speakers and lessons on international music as well as foods and books. She said the centrepiece of the program would be regular discussions about racism. “It is the biggest part of the program, it will be about teaching tolerance and positive diversity every day,” she said.

    Premier Morris Iemma said it was necessary to teach our youngest about tolerance. “It is important for our children to learn acceptance of different cultures at an early age,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “If we set our children up with the right messages we will ultimately enjoy a more tolerant, accepting and peaceful society.”

    Local Government Association president Genia McCaffery said they would study the anti-racism program of one western Sydney daycare centre with a view to rolling out a simular curriculum across the state.

    1. Obviously, the people who have designed these ”educational” programs are beyond evil.

      Although these people may enclove their brainwashing (on three year olds for heaven’s sake!) in the language of the love, what they are really trying to do is break down White people’s resistance to becoming a minority in their own lands.

      To borrow from the Zionist-globalist Henry Kissigner, the purpose of propaganda isn’t truth. No, it is the creation of a perception. Through ”education”, these monsters hope to create a positive perception of multiracism into White children’s minds and this is evil for one reason: multiaracilism is bad for White people.

      Read Frank Salter, an Australian academic, and you will discover that multiracial societies correlate negatively for community trust, community relations, and community voluntarism. They only correlate positively in one thing: corruption.

      Also, multiracial societies are second only to a lack of democracy as an indicator for civil war.

      In short, the people who are ”educating” these children deserve to burn in hell. Anybody who thinks it is ok to brainwash 3 year old to tolerate a System that is harmful to them is demonic. Enough said.

  14. WesternmostWhite

    - Edit

    The film should be entitled ‘The desecration by Jackson’.

    It appears that Jackson has behaved cowardly here and that the money and fame may have gone to his head. Bowing to the almighty PC and populism. Tolkien based his creation for a specific ethnic group, as a work contributing to the foundational mythos for the Anglo-Saxon peoples of England. A white creation by, for and about an ethnic people who happen to be white. It is a folklore of, for and about white ethnic people, not African, Indian, Pakistani or Chinese, they have their own folk tales and legends. Whites are only 8% of world population, unlike other ethnicities and races – no lands to call our own, but homelands which are increasingly not ours or the preserve of our culture and peoples – no longer places where our ethnic group can immerse and enjoy our own culture. And now Jackson infringes on one of the only spaces ethnic whites have left, our inscape – our imaginative historical background, our myths and legends. He effectively intrudes, violating, invading that landscape and desecrating it, so that it is no longer a sacred tapestry of our ancestral memory.

    Our legends and myths were borne and wrought by our white ethnic ancestors over millenia, it is part of our ancestral memory, part of our unique, ancient and rare culture, unique and precious to us. Would Jackson waltz in and re-arrange the myths and legends, the players or characters that are the founding pillars of Zulu or Maouri culture? No he wouldn’t dare. Instead he had no qualms not only siginificantly rearranging the Tolkein story of the Hobbit, for plot populism (a certain amount is understandable to make it fit into a new medium) but to deliberately put in ethnicities which were not meant to be there and for a work that was supposed to be for a specific ethnicity – specifically of them – belonging to them, part of their story and not any other ethnicity, who have their own… is deplorable. Would he think to cast African ethnicities in Chinese myths and legends or an Oriental as Mandela, or in 12 years a slave? Not a chance.

    Tolkien’s work is not just a story, but meant as a foundational work contributing to the edifice of the identity of a whole ethnicity, it was meant to be specific to us, something to root and build on the creative story, myths and legends of our being and gift onward in order to nurture our descendants, their very preservence and survival, because it is part of the fabric of our psyche. Jackson has done his part in helping destroy and despoil that. We await another more courageous and uncompromising director in the future more worthy, relegating Jackson’s dumbed down populist drivel to the historical film trash-heap, who will produce a version, more worthy and true to J.R.R Tolkien’s books, unbowed to the church of multi-racialism, true to our ethnic and globally increasingly, declining white people.

    1. I think your reaction is somewhat over-the-top here Westernmostwhite. Yes, Jackson has inappropriately introduced some non-Whites into the Hobbit and it is as you say deplorable, but let us not vilify Jackson completely. He has still produced some very enjoyable and inspirational films from Tolkien’s work and largely without bastardising the stories and he deserves some credit for that.

      1. No, Jackson hasn’t. His LOTR films were garbage. The fact that he’d shove non-whites into European folklore shows what he’s really about.

        And I don’t think WesternmostWhite’s reaction was over the top at all. I couldn’t have articulated it better myself. Hear hear!

        1. While the LOTR films may not be perfect by the standards of people who are devotees of Tolkien, if you just think about it for a moment you can imagine how they could have been so much worse, with black hobbits, oriental elves etc., and with some of the key characters played by totally inappropriate ethnics. That Jackson has held out until the fifth film in the series before introducing some random non-White extras, is creditable in this day and age.

      2. WesternmostWhite

        - Edit

        I thank you for your worthwhile response which provoked further thought on the matter.

        Yes Max, I had some respect for Jackson for his work on LOTR. To me I had thought LOTR were mostly as you describe. I would have said the very fact he kept LOTR to whites was great, meriting credit.

        But onto “The Hobbit”. For me it is the fact that when he did LOTR he was in the beginning stages and tentative to get the approval of the Tolkien family. But then he makes millions from those films, has the rights to “The hobbit” then does not need the family anymore. But then we see a discontinuity, a break from that ethos, not only does he make sure it is a multicult film, he alters the narrative (again I understand the need to make books work in a different media) but the man actually goes far past that technicality and starts to alter the story dramatically.

        I think “The Hobbit” really is a case where we get to see the true character of Jackson rather then anything else. It is only in Jackson’s longer film directing journey of these fims, do we see what either he always was, or has allowed himself to become, an egoist, a populist and full on-board multicultist.

        I think it is ironic that Bilbo’s journey where the temptations of the wider dark world with it’s material ambitions and promises of power, are in fact more reflected in Jackson’s own journey in making these films, the ring of power, fame, has either exposed the flaw within Jackson or exposed what he has become. Thus I can no longer give him credit, even for the LOTR films, as it may simply have been a means to an end, acquiescing to the Tolkiens in order to get the contract, but having acquired the rights, the true nature of the man came out?

        If not, then he would not have done what he did, and we would indeed have had him defiantly and resolutely sticking to the guns of a continued white mythology.

        I think now having thought about it further, I thoroughly damn the man, those who tinker with that which is the very foundation of our world, which starts in our imagination and image of ourselves – our myths and legends, begins the pulling of the thread that unravels the very fabric of the white race, our history, our present, our future.

        1. I think you are overlooking the pressure that Jackson would have been under from the movie industry at large to find some way of including non-Whites into these films, yet still it was not until the fifth film that he succumbed to that pressure, and even then in still quite a minor way.
          I think you are also losing sight of the fact that LOTR, despite its allegorical links to Nordic folklore, is just a fictional story, about fictional people, of fictional races, involved in a fictional struggle with evil. So let’s not be too hard on Jackson until we have seen the concluding part of the Hobbit series.

    2. An order to understand Tolkien’ great works, its important to actually start with; The Silmarillion. Which explains the Great God, Iluvatar who creates the Valor, one of whom, Aule, created the Dwarves. The Valar, were looked upon as Gods, my the races of men. The Rohirim were men, but the People of Gondor, those of the line of Isuldur, were numenoreans, from the Western Isle that sunk beneath the waves. Toklien was writing purely about the white race. The Atlanteans who intermarried with humans ( the blood of Numenor is all but spent!). The only men who were not “white” were the eastern men who were swarthy but did not have black skins!

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