The Greatest Danger to Us Today

Today, the greatest danger to us as Whites for our long term survival as a distinct people doesn’t come from wild animals or floods or earthquakes or other natural disasters or even wars and attacks on us in the streets. It comes from other types of humans who can mate with us (miscegenation) and diluting and corrupting our White DNA Code and our family lines with their alternate DNA Code and genes that spread through the White population, in the same way as a sexually transmitted disease, via our natural sex drive.

These genes that are different than ours and which are sexually transmitted to us change White families into non-White families and take us ever closer to our complete extinction as a unique people.   I call this danger the gene wars.  Natural selection is a similar term. The eternal struggle to be and to be more is also similar.  And, the term genetic competition also applies. Whatever you call it, it is real.  And it is part of all life, not just human life.

Never doubt that miscegenation by Whites is a threat to our very existence.   To continue to exist, and as a general rule of thumb, we must be guided in our mating choices by the king of our senses, our sight. The different races of humans are generally and conveniently color coded. If someone is not White on the outside, they are not White on the inside and Whites should not mix with them.  Of course, there are some who may look White but who aren’t truly White and we must be aware of them as well.  We must only breed White. Our survival depends on it.  If we become non-White we are no longer ourselves. What could be clearer?

We must understand, however, that there is often no evil intent on the part of many non-Whites any more than there is evil intent on the part of many other organisms from germs on up that are dangerous to us. They are dangerous to us as part of their nature.  It is up to us to understand the danger and to avoid it as best we can.  This is sometimes hard to do in a world that wants everyone to believe that all humans are virtually the same except for minor differences. Minor differences? Nature makes big changes with so-called minor differences. That’s the way nature works.

Seemingly minor differences in our DNA codes can have major effects and can make very different organisms.  After all, DNA is DNA no matter what organism it is found in, but even though we are anywhere from 96 to 98 percent genetically the same as chimps does not make us brothers and sisters with chimps and because we are about 50 per cent genetically the same as bananas does not make us cousins.  Why  do we share so many genes with all other organisms? It is because we are all descended from the first molecule of DNA that came into existence and made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to being the so-called living minerals that we call life.

Miscegenation by Whites, which can be called bedroom genocide, is similar in method and effect to the way “undesirable” mosquitoes can be destroyed by flooding their geographic areas with a less undesirable mosquito who they can breed with. Soon the undesirable mosquitoes are blended into the desirable ones and go extinct. The same thing is being done with killer bees–flood their areas with non-killer bees and in time the killer bees will lose their DNA code and be assimilated into a non-killer bee genome.

One of the key components of this procedure is to truly flood an area with individuals with the “desirable” genes so that those with the “undesirable” genes will find more and easier mating choices with the ones with the so-called desirable genes instead of those like themselves. The targeted population with the so-called undesirable genes will thus satisfy their natural sex drive but will not produce more like themselves.  Instead, they will produce offspring like the ones who have been flooded in and who they were tricked into mating with.

In human terms, there are those who hate Whites and who consider our genes as undesirable. They can’t just kill us off directly en masse or they’d face genocide charges. So, instead, they do everything possible to flood our lands with those with non-White genes and let nature and the natural sex drive take over.  It’s very simple and works for destroying “undesirable” mosquitoes and “undesirable” bees and it works for destroying White humans, who haters of Whites consider undesirable.

Add to the above danger to Whites the widespread use of birth control measures, homosexuality, celibacy and abortions and you have the human analog for a second way to kill off certain types of mosquitoes–flood their area with sterile mosquitoes that they can breed with, and the sex drive will be satisfied but no offspring will result.  In time, the population of undesirable mosquitoes (or White humans) will go extinct due to their failure to make more like themselves.

God wants Whites to survive and thrive

Maybe you don’t believe in God. That’s your choice. I do believe in God, but I believe He is far different than many people believe and that He is found in the quantum level of existence from which all matter is created.  I also believe that He interacts in our level of existence as He wishes, but that He is both empowered in some cases and constrained in others by natural laws–many of which we don’t understand–that among other things he is the God of evolution, and that He has a plan that we Whites are a major part of and that we have been selected for a special role in helping Him fulfill His will on our level of existence that requires us to be a good, just and righteous people who always seek to do what is right and good and to constantly try to perfect ourselves in all possible ways to be His  better helpers and to evolve spiritually, physically and genetically closer to Him.

I also believe that God has revealed and continues to reveal His will via revelations to Arman and that among the revelations are instructions, laws and commands for how we are to live as the selected ones.

Go forth and multiply your kind and only your kind according to the natural laws written in your DNA code

One of the primary commands to Whites from God is that we must have as many White children as our male or female bodies can produce. This is an individual responsibility as we are not born as couples, and we are to fulfill this command according to how our bodies work either as males or females. We must understand that  the internal calendars and clocks for males and females are different and we must follow the calendar and clock of our gender.  Simply put, males can produce more children than females and they must try to do so.

Males produce new sperm each and every day and this allows nature to make changes to the DNA that is passed on by males. Females get their eggs just once in their lives and this provides stability to the type as the eggs are pretty much set in genetic stone and don’t change.  The result is that when there are long term changes in the internal or external environments, later generations will be more likely to have adaptations that give them  survival advantages for the new conditions, but if there are only short term changes, later  generations will remain stable. This allows for necessary changes but keeps the changes from having a yo-yo effect.

We Whites evolved to be White because the long term environmental effects in Europe gave Whites survival advantages in the less sunny weather.  We are adapted for cold, rainy, cloudy skies.

For centuries, too many Whites have ignored the natural laws relating to our reproduction and have unquestioningly accepted the artificial morality of false religions and have gone against the wishes of God as written in our DNA codes for our survival and for the maximum multiplication and evolution of our kind via our natural way of making more like ourselves so that we fill all of existence with our kind alone. Only God can see the trajectory of future history and can foresee dangers thousands and millions of years in the future and God seeks to have us avoid those dangers by revealing the right and good things we must do in our present day.

Another of the primary commands to Whites is that miscegenation is forbidden to Whites for all time and all places both male and female. However, it is not forbidden to other types of humans so long as no Whites are involved.  Again, God knows best.  Trust in God.

Whites–both White males and White females–are selected to do God’s will in all of existence for all time and to bring more of the spirit of God with His goodness, righteousness and justice to our level of existence through our flesh and very presence  and our  unique White DNA Code in which God resides in glory. The more Whites in existence, the greater does God’s presence and love shine forth.

Our White DNA code is not our personal possession but is owned by God and it is God who determines what is right and good and He has decided that we White ones are the selected ones to fulfill His will at our level of existence. He will guide us and direct us in what is good and in what to avoid because it is evil but we must listen, and we must use our free will to make the right choices.  We have the free will to do good or we can do evil. We must choose.  We have the free will to live righteous, peaceful and just lives or we can choose otherwise. God gives us some free will but he gives us no free ride, and He expects more from us than from other kinds.  We are to be the replacements for earlier forms.  This is His will, but we must make it so. He watches and has us compete with all other kinds of humans to see if we have the right stuff and have left the things of childhood behind and are now ready to move ever closer to Him.  If we fail, we shall go extinct and God will start again with a new model.  We must not fail.  He has told us what He wants. But, it is up to us to obey.

God’s forgiveness

God will forgive us some of the wrongs and mistakes we make as we go through life for we are not perfect even if we try mightily to be so and to always do what is right and good.  We do not need anyone to intercede for us with God to get His forgiveness.  What we must do is to try to correct whatever wrongs we do as best we can and we must sincerely decide to not do them again as we try each and every day to be  a better person who avoids evil and negative things and who tries to do good and positive things in thought, word and deed.

God wants us to be indifferent to other kinds and to not interfere in their lives

We are commanded to treat all life and all other humans as we want to be treated.  We must be respectful of all that exists and must try to avoid harming others. At the same time we must always try to not interfere in the lives, the business or the destinies of non-Whites.  We are not their masters, their parents, their teachers, their betters. We must leave them alone to their own fates and we must demand that we be left alone to ours and that we not be interfered with as we seek our perfection and our evolution to be closer to God.  We must always be indifferent to them and let them be in their own ways. They are not our responsibility or our concern. We must simply butt out and mind our own business.  they must live or die as fate determines without our intervention. This is as God commands us.  We must be separate from them all the days of our lives for all times both male and female in all places.

God has helped us a little by revealing His will to us, but just as we teach a child to swim or drive a car or do many other things, God won’t do these things for us.  We must learn and we must do the right things.

It is only through White flesh and blood and DNA Codes that God is truly manifested at His fullest on our level of existence with our level of abilities to do things with our hands; and we Whites are the hands of God and we are directed by the Will of God who has selected us alone.

But to be selected also means that we have a great degree of free will and have the ability to choose the good or the evil.  We must choose wisely.

Arman says we don’t have to announce our beliefs to the world if we don’t choose to do so and that we can politely avoid much contact with non-Whites by making the right choices in life.  In times of hatred of our kind as we are now living in, one does not have to become a martyr unless one wants to be one.  One can simply beg off on social events and live in areas with few if any non-Whites. And, one can choose schools that are  mostly White.

In time, those who follow the Teachings will grow in numbers and will be able to have their own communities and schools and other institutions.

No one should be forced to be around people they don’t want to be around and the right to associate with whomever one wants also means that one can disassociate with whomever one wants.  But, it is up to us as individuals to live as God commands us.  We must make the individual choice to live the righteous and holy life free of discordant elements and things that will pollute and corrupt us and take us further away from being holy.

As we go through our daily lives we shed skin cells and hair and they carry our DNA, we must only be in places where the only DNA that is shed is White DNA.  God commands this.

By H. Millard © 2017

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7 thoughts on “The Greatest Danger to Us Today

  1. Wherever you turn miscegenation is being pushed (I’m sure we all know by whom), especially towards white women. The last few years they’ve ramped up this miscegenation agenda on white men and it is starting to have an effect, abieit a slow one. What I see daily turns my stomach. Too many of our people don’t care. It’s tragic that in only one generation a person can destroy their bloodline for all eternity. I really don’t understand the mindset of those that do this. It’s going to take more than faith to end this and I’m not even sure if it’s possible at this late stage.

  2. Frederick Dixon

    - Edit

    Well, if you think it’s bad now (and it is) just wait until Prince Harry gives the Royal seal of approval to race mixing by marrying his half black/half Jewish mulatta. All the more reason to get our all White national community off the ground asap.

  3. Interesting article. How do you view DNA testing in relation to identitarianism? I’m sure a lot of white people are currently doing it to find their core identity in a world where there heritage, culture and traditions are being consistantly belittled and eroded. We know in National-Socialist Germany a candidate for the SS had to prove his Germanic heritage going back to the 1700s, an autosomal test would perform the same function today. We also know that to obtain Israeli citizenship you have to undertake a DNA test to confirm your Jewish ancestry(I’m not quite sure how they identify the twelve tribes of Israel)
    How would you apply DNA testing to the creation of an ethnostate, a balkanised style white enclave, a parallel society. Or is it a case ‘I feel white so I am white.’ I read somewhere that National-Socialism was not so much a doctrine but the state of the mind. If the the European lineages are to be preserved in any form (and we know the hapologroups) it would be an issue that would have to be addressed.

    1. At present DNA testing, despite what anyone may tell you to the contrary, is still a fairly rudimentary business and rather than giving us an unequivocal picture of someone’s genetic potential, genetic composition, or provenance the tests currently being widely marketed are not much more accurate than astrological charts or phrenology.
      What we must understand is that these tests are undertaken by people who deny the significance of genetic differences, who claim that race is merely a social construct, and yet we are expected to believe that they can identify with near pinpoint accuracy the genetic markers that make us what we are! We are expected to believe that they can identify in our DNA our racial composition, something that they deny even exists!
      Most of what these tests reveal, the haplogroups etc., are based upon mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) and Y chromosomal DNA, which are simply in effect biological barcodes showing ‘genealogy’ rather than genetic composition. This distinction is explained here:
      White genes are generally recessive and therefore non-White genes cannot be transmitted from parent to child without them being readily apparent in the phenotype (the physical make-up) of the individuals concerned. It would be sensible therefore to proceed as H. Millard suggests, to use our most powerful sense — our sense of sight — to determine who we believe to be White. If someone’s appearance and behaviour is such that they give no cause to suspect they are other than White, and there is nothing known about them to the contrary, then they should be accepted as White.
      Even someone known from a genealogical perspective to have some non-White ancestry, but who is overwhelmingly White in appearance and accepted as White by their peers, should be accepted as White, because the absence of non-White characteristics indicates that no non-White genes were inherited, and genetics trumps genealogy!
      In a future ethnostate genetic testing and genetic engineering may be refined to a point at which they can enhance the lives of our people, but for now a common sense approach to this issue is all that is required.

  4. Thanks for the link to the previous article on the subject which I hadn’t read.

    I might be mistaken but in his article I think Mr Millard places considerable importance of genetic purity and my comment was in relation to that.

    There are indeed some spurious companies offering DNA analysis so one has to be wary. Quite a few rely on academic research that may have a political dimension and DNA projects compiled by others. The recent Welsh DNA project comes to mind of a valid DNA analysis project. It also appears confirm there is a correlation between haplogroups and perecived historic ‘tribal’ movements that cannot be waved off as astrology. And certainly the State of Israel places great store in the efficacy of its DNA testing.

    However personally I tend to agree with the opinions of most of the posters in the linked article. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it’s a duck.

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