The Great White Hope?

GWHThis weekend saw the much-vaunted launch of the British Democratic Party (BDP) at a humble village hall in Leicestershire, attended by approximately sixty-five well-meaning individuals, most of whom are tragically out of touch with the realities of our situation.

Nationalist politics is currently blighted by the fact that at every level and in every sphere of life in Britain and throughout the Western World today, the social, cultural and political environment is poisoned against the values underpinning nationalism.

Layer upon layer of ‘race relations’, ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ promoting legislation has culminated in the Equalities Act 2010, which places a duty upon every public body to not only operate without discrimination in terms of the services they provide, but to take active steps to eradicate any manifestation of majority White ethnic preference within their jurisdiction or sphere of influence.

When one considers that one such step is to restrict access to public sector contracts to private companies who similarly comply with the spirit and the provisions of the 2010 Act, one can see that a totalitarian regime exists which has effectively marginalized anyone harbouring notions of nationalism or White racial solidarity, and which has effectively outlawed any public expression of the sentiments we hold dear.

Furthermore, when we recognise that almost the entire mass media throughout Britain and the Western World is owned or controlled by organised Jewry who have a vested interest in suppressing the nationalisms of we European peoples and in suppressing all manifestations of White racial solidarity, one realises how hopelessly out of touch with reality are those nationalists who still think that we can achieve political power, merely by forming a political party and standing in elections.

If one likens the act of winning in an election to the act of planting our flag on high ground, then we have a mountain to climb before we can even think about planting our flag – and not just a mountain – but a mountain the flanks of which are almost sheer precipices. We cannot simply run up the mountain, flag in hand, having made no preparations, because sooner or later we will tire, lose our footing and find ourselves tumbling back down to the bottom.

Before we can hope to succeed in our ascent, we need to undertake years of preparation – years during which we will make no progress climbing the mountain – but during which we must make progress in acquiring the equipment and the wherewithal necessary to reach the top. Then once we are adequately equipped, our ascent can begin in earnest and we will realistically have a chance of finally securing the salvation of our people.

The BDP, like all of the other nationalist micro-parties that currently exist, are like the idiot who never learns and who spends his entire life trying to run up the sheer sides of the mountain, flag in hand, having made little or no preparations whatsoever. Each time the idiot fails in his attempts, he tells himself that if his belief is strong enough, he will one day succeed, but over and over again he tumbles back down to the bottom never learning the lesson of his previous failed attempts.

Some who are supporters of the various micro-parties will argue as Richard Edmonds does for example, that with the current tidal wave of Eastern European immigration into Britain and with the threat of more immigrants next year from Romania and Bulgaria, that the time has never been better for a nationalist political party to advance our cause.

However we British nationalists thought the same during the wave of Ugandan Asian immigration and each of the successive waves that have taken place since, but still the British electorate have by and large and with relatively few exceptions, continued to vote for one of the three establishment parties, or more recently for the pseudo-nationalist UKIP.

There is an element of truth in what Richard Edmonds states however, as my experience of over forty years of political activism has shown me that approximately 80% of White British people would vote for a nationalist party IF we were operating in a political environment that is either favourable or at least neutral as far as nationalism is concerned.

The sad fact however, is as I have already described, that we live in a political environment that is virulently hostile to our values and our beliefs and in such an atmosphere of hostility, our people have been conditioned to conceal their true beliefs and consequently they do not realise just how widely held and popular our beliefs actually are. The public have been conditioned into thinking that we nationalists are a small minority and that we cannot win

It is not that our people are all stupid or that they are cowards. The public know that when elected the establishment parties will continue to betray our interests, but they simply don’t believe any of the current crop of nationalist micro-parties have a chance of winning power.

They see well-meaning idiots attempting to run up the near vertical precipice, flag in hand, and they rightly conclude that such folly is doomed to failure. The public therefore have no option but to vote, as a damage limitation exercise, for the least worst of the establishment parties, i.e. the one they think will do the least damage when elected.

Our task is to convince the public that we can win and we can only do that by acquiring the assets and the wherewithal necessary for electoral success. If we can display such assets then the public will increasingly feel that a vote for us is no longer a ‘wasted vote’, or at best a ‘protest vote’, and they will rally to us in increasingly large numbers.

I once had the privilege of listening to a lecture by the great adventurer Ranulph Fiennes in which he explained that in order to successfully complete one of his trans-Antarctic expeditions, he meticulously planned the expedition more than 10 years prior to the launch, and spent the intervening years assembling all of the money, men and machines that would be necessary.

Furthermore, the legendary Oriental strategist Sun Tzu wrote in his book, ‘The Art of War’:

“Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle begins. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat.

“Thus in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the path to victory has been devised, whereas he who is destined to defeat, first begins to fight and only afterwards attempts to establish how victory might be achieved”.

The way forward therefore is to demonstrate that we have a plan and that we have everything that is required in order to be capable of winning. This will take years of preparatory work, and it is the main reason why we nationalists do not need a new political party at this time. Until we have acquired the infrastructure and the assets necessary to be capable of winning, a political party is simply a waste of time and money and a liability.

What we need to do is to create a plan detailing how we will acquire the capacity to sustain a political campaign for long enough and with sufficient intensity for us to overcome all opposition and for us to build a movement capable of executing such a plan.

Let us for a moment consider a ‘shopping list’ of prerequisites that will be essential if a nationalist political party is to have a chance of winning a general election:

First, we need c. 650 MP quality candidates. That is, candidates who measure up to the qualities we would want to see in an MP, not those qualities that the average MP exhibits at present;

Second, we will need a community power-base within each constituency upon which each one of our prospective MPs can rely for bedrock support;

Third, we need a network of ‘friends’ occupying positions of influence within the main branches of the political establishment, the civil service, local government, the police; within the news and entertainment media, TV, radio, the arts, etc.; within the world of academia and the sciences; and within the world of business and commerce;

Fourth, we will need a massive media presence, through ownership/control of at least one major national media company and through a massive Internet presence;

Fifth, we will need a large body of political activists, prepared to demonstrate in the streets, and prepared to square up to any violent leftist/Islamic mobs they may encounter in so doing; and

Finally, we will need enough money to fund all of this and to outspend our political opponents in a general election campaign, something like £100 million.

Until now, no nationalist organisation or nationalist political party has ever presented a credible plan through which these prerequisites can be satisfied and through which political power can be attained. However, we at Western Spring have such a plan and we are drawing together the people we need to create not just a movement, but the Movement of National Salvation.

So I now address the leaders and supporters of all of the nationalist micro-parties that have formed to represent the British people, and I ask you: Do you have a strategy that will enable your organisation to satisfy all of the above prerequisites?

If the answer is ‘no’, then it is time for you to contact us and ally your organisation with ours.

By Max Musson © 2013

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Western Spring is not just a website. We are a community of people dedicated to achieving the Six Prerequisites and thereby acquiring the wherewithal needed to win political power and through that secure the future survival, proliferation and advancement of the British people and other White peoples of European descent, wherever they may live. Please join us:

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42 thoughts on “The Great White Hope?

  1. Sadly I don’t think the 6 points are achievable in the time left, coupled with the sabotage that’ll be used to counter it.
    I hope I’m proved wrong.

    1. Steve,

      The strategies that we have devised will buy us additional time, whatever happens. It is the purely electoral route that now no longer has time to produce worthwhile results.

      Why not email me your contact details Steve and we can talk some more.


      Max Musson.

  2. We ALL have to start somewhere, but the BDP has at least got some very experienced brains amongst those attending the launch, and a large number of ex activists who ( I hope) will rally to the BDM once it gets going. Website by end of Feb we were told.

    Also, as you state, there is a DEMAND for the Nationalist product and just because the road is hard and the enemy powerful does NOT entitle us to lie down and die. NO so long as every time we fail to reach the mountain top we have learnt and progressed from the attempt, one day WE WILL REACH OUR GOAL..

    I say we, as a Nationalist of no party at present, I have prayed on it and await an answer. And for the scoffers, I have always recieved an answer previously I so am confident. Time will tell, but I wish them well as there is little or no real alternative.

    A though, why do YOU not join them? There’s a good start for a start?

    1. Yes, Edward, we do all have to start somewhere, but the members of the BDP steering committee have not learned from their previous experience and seem determined to repeat the same strategy that has failed us in the past. Some people have 20 years of experience, whereas others have simply experienced their ‘rooky’ year twenty times over, continually making the same mistakes.

      The launching of the party when they don’t have a website is just one more example of their inability to plan ahead properly.

      There is not a ‘DEMAND’ as you put it for a nationalist ‘product’. Eighty percent of White British people would vote nationalist in a neutral or favourable political environment, but as yet such an environment does not exist. Instead the environment is entirely hostile, and until we have taken steps to change the political culture in this country by achieving steps two to five on my list, all that exists is a passive wish on the part of the public and a resignation to simply vote tactically for the least-worst of the establishment parties.

      Why don’t I join the BDP?

      Because we at Western Spring are building a Movement of National Salvation. Why don’t you email me your contact details and find out more?

      1. We cannot win this while the increasing weight of the state and the traitor class is sitting on top of us. There is actually only one way to retake the island, and that is the way nobody wants to talk about.

        1. The anti-white parties votes can be rigged to get them elected. How they do it is they make up false names on the Electoral register and then apply for a postal vote. Then once they receive the ballot papers through the post, the person concerned just has to place their X in favour of the anti white party.

        1. They launch a ‘Party’ but cannot have a web site ready at the launch.

          This says all I need to know.

          Imagine them running the Country…………….pathetic.

    2. Start Somewhere! But you have not started anywhere! You are years behind and you will never catch up. Its just the same rehashed failed nationalist agenda. I anticipated BDP being smart and looking at the success of Golden Dawn. Imagine my disappointment when I saw its policies. The rise of EDL should also have been a guide for them. At its peak the anti-Islamist organisation could get 10,000 on the streets, the majority under thirty years of age. I would guess BDP have some considerable finance. It should have used it to fund properties to house a radical nationalist community. Like Max I can’t help feeling that this new party is all a complete waste of time and it will simply disappear without trace.

      1. Thankfully PrettyVacant, we have already started, and if you want to find out how you can assist us in bringing about the salvation of our people, then please email me your contact details.

        Sadly, I don’t think the BDP do have ‘considerable finance’ as by organising as a political party, wealthy potential donors will shy away from making large donations in order to avoid the necessity of having their name and address published on the Electoral Commission’s website for the PC brigade and all of the anti-British militant groups to see.

        There already exists around a dozen nationalist micro-parties that are all floundering for lack of funds and support. Why then the founders of the BDP felt the need to launch yet another BNP clone and think that their fate will be any different, God alone knows. Perhaps they should have read my Parable of Dr Strangeways first?

      2. This is a point I have made before, that a standing army of fighting age men has been deliberately imported by the very people who should protect our country & its interests.
        It’s treason & suicide of the worse kind.

    1. Chris, As I pointed out to Steve earlier, we have devised strategies that will buy us additional time, but in the final analysis, we cannot afford to not spend the time in preparation and in acquiring the assets and wherewithal needed, as if we again omit this vital step, we will simply continue to fail. We cannot afford to keep rushing, bull at a gate, into certain failure.

  3. I really like the plan. When are we going to get rid of the United Kingdom government which they have betrayed us White people?

    But I still suffer high blood pressure over the media which I am seeing like the immigration, EU business and Scottish independence against our will.

    I want the racial homogeneity of our nation restored, I want Scotland to stay united with Britain. I want Ireland to reunify with the British Isles. I want the EU to dissolve. I want the banks in City of London to dissolve as well… It’s going to be loads of arrests and court cases going on. But I am looking forward to that.

    But why have Golden Dawn been in the high level where they help their own people and have their own militia guards to protect their own people. Plus they got seats in their own Parliament. What about British Nationalists? I wished we are at the same level as Golden Dawn.

    I can’t stand looking at the pound notes anymore seeing the Monarch which betrayed the White People of Britain. Its too much bad news I am seeing which really stresses me out. 🙁

    So i really hope we get our own country back and secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  4. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Nationalist4UK rightly asks, “Why have the Golden Dawn been at such a high level where they help their own people?” The answer is threefold; firstly they have flourished on the discontent since Greece came to the brink of economic and political collapse, secondly they have remained true to their principles and not tried to compromise with the liberal/capitalist establishment, (moral leadership is always the most essential ingredient), and thirdly they have done exactly what Max Musson has been urging all along, they have prepared themselves materially and not rushed their fences.

    Before we can have a hope of taking power we must build our own racial socialist communities. This has the advantage of providing a power base while at the same time protecting our folk, even if we were to become a minority within our own homeland.

    1. I wish all the nationalists would wake up and abide by the plan that Max Musson has planned out. Since 2010 when the BNP never gained a single MP I have been very upset about it. But all I would say is to get rid of the United Kingdom regime and start a brand new government and a new citizenship for indigenous British people.

      The government is destroying our Island by having more concrete in place so they can bring in more immigrants. State of Oregon is 98,381 sq miles and have 4.6 million on Population while UK is 94,060 sq miles and have nearly 70 million on population (roughly).

      I want the cultural an racial homogeneity of my country restored and the traitors in Parliament and the bankers gone from our lives! I just basically want my country back as it really belongs to us the indigenous British people!

      How long will it take to build the racial socialist communities and overthrow the illegal UK dictator government?

      I’m sorry, i’m just really stressed at the political situation of today.

    2. I agree Michael. We must work on building of our own communities and those in these communities must work even harder to make them the envy of surrounding communities.

      One of our enemies great strengths is their networking and support for each other so we must use these same tools even more effectively than they do.

  5. There is nothing wrong with your strategy, how achievable would this be within the time frame we have left? it would take years to build such a power base, its taken generations to poison the the British people with zog constructed progressive liberal multiculturalism, we are being eliminated. Nationalist parties have been unsuccessful mainly due to the idiots who run them. Creating a strong foundation for nationalism to flourish is a good strategy so why not have both.

    1. There is enough time left for our strategy to work. As long as there remains a pool of racially aware White people of child bearing age and of sufficient numbers to defend ourselves, then there is always the potential to secure our survival.

      Besides, what choice do we have?

      Unless we manage to acquire the resources I have outlined, we will not be able to secure power electorally or by any other means. We either do what I have outlined or we are doomed.

      The sooner we build a Movement of National Salvation the quicker, the more easily and more assuredly we will be able to secure our salvation. So please email me you contact details. Go on, do it now!

    1. Surely we have what you are proposing, except it doesn’t apply to white areas, they are still subject to non white immigration.
      Then there is the ever open door meaning that all white areas will slowly be subject to pressure to allow immigrants to settle there.
      White areas are the most desirable areas to live.

    2. I think what you are suggesting is similar to what Harold Covington wants to do in the US, have a separate area for whites but I don’t think the authorities will allow it.
      In Germany there are signs of whites buying up a village & keeping non whites out but how much of that can they do before the authorities act?

      I think Europe needs to be declared an exclusively white homeland.

      1. Ethnoregionalism/pluralism is entirely voluntary. The idea is to just promote a greater sense of identity and preservation among different groups (folkish, ethnic etc) – so they seek to create their own communes. It is not forced segregation. My outlook is generally libertarian, however i’m a staunch racialist. The way forward in my view is through attempting to awaken people through science (books, journals, articles) not politics which has proven a complete failure. The BNP in 2009 when they were at their height only had 55 councilors out of 20,000, meaning not even half of a single percent. Not ethno/racialist political party in UK will ever get more than a single percent of council seats.

        1. “Ethnoregionalism/pluralism is entirely voluntary.”
          So it won’t work because what we’re up against is not voluntary.
          By all means promote what culturally interests you to ttry & ensure its survival but you’re up against people who want to crush all white culture.

        2. Atlantid I think we are on the same wavelength with regard to solutions. I once ran a now defunct libertarian nationalist blog which argued for secession rather than repatriation as a solution to the race problem.

          Check it out:

          I am all ears to any legal avenues to promote practical politics that does not rely on conventional party activism like the BNP, BDP, ABC etc etc.

          1. Hi Simon, until we have acquired the assets needed to win major elections, nationalists need register with us so that we can assist them in forming local community groups aimed at promoting racial awareness and promoting the interests of White people in their neighbourhoods. These groups can then put forward candidates in local elections, either as independents, or as candidates for one of the establishment parties, whichever strategy is most likely to get them elected. This is what Asian groups do and this is why Asian communities all over the country have elected representatives who put the Asian community first, irrespective of which political party they nominally belong to.

            You don’t see an Asian Nationalist Party putting forward candidates that only Asian people will vote for. No, Asian community leaders stand as Labour, Conservative or LibDem candidates in the main. They know that their people will all vote for them, and so will large numbers of deracinated White people. This way they get elected and once elected, they can be as ethnocentric as they like, as long as they don’t attract to much adverse attention.

            This is how politics works in a multiracial society.

            The work of building local community organisations must go hand in hand with the creation of White ethnic enclaves, and as these enclaves with consciously White populations expand, first we will get parish councillors elected, then borough and county councillors and eventually whole councils will fall into our hands.

            As far as Parliamentary elections are concerned, success in these will follow once we have the assets that I described in the ‘Great White Hope?’ article. Until then, I would advise nationalists to vote for whichever candidate best represents the interests of the indigenous British people, irrespective of party affiliations.

            The British people and most nationalists are still in denial regarding the existence of a multiracial society. I am sorry, but we all need to wake up to the fact that the establishment parties have sold us down the river and we do now find ourselves in just such a society, and we had better wise-up and start playing by the ‘rules’.

  6. Max,

    A good write-up in re the BDP and the falsehood of nationalist democracy.

    Your six point plan is of course a recipe for success given our present predicament, but how to achieve it? I think Britain will have long fallen into the abyss before all six come to fruition. Good luck.


    1. Hi Nick, attaining the six does seem a daunting prospect, but once one sits down and crunches the numbers, they are far more easily achievable than one might at first think.

      I have had a career in which I have dealt with client’s millions and made them millions more. Now is the time to make millions for my people and for our future generations.

      I wish you luck in your projects also.


    1. I am already sowing the seeds of doubt in the Unions in my workplace I work for public sector and the bosses are chopping and changing our working conditions and the Unions are accepting it. I keep saying what is the point of paying £6 per fortnight if they can’t do anything – why don’t we just pull out?

  7. Enlightened Patriot

    - Edit

    Hi Max, I welcome this timely reminder of where you think the Nationalist movement should be heading and, hopefully like the other 3 stalwart Nationalists who attended our recent meeting here in the NW, I am happy to give my financial/moral support (such as I can) as long as I see some steady progress with your/our aims. Having previously put hope in the likes of the BNP and Britain First, it does take a big leap of faith for people to make a firm commitment to yet another Nationalist organisation.

    I appreciate things can’t happen overnight and that the enemy has had 4 or 5 decades to implement their strategy but, as I have replied to detractors of Western Spring’s aims, any plan is better than no plan! Sure, we all feel that time is not on our side, our subjugation is happening at an increasing rate, but we must try a new approach to achieving success. Your reasoning reminds me of the oft-quoted definition of insanity :- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    I am awaiting a call to arms (I feel politically impotent in many ways) in some way or other, but like many other readers I am sure, years are not on my side. That is why I am encouraged to understand that your aim is to try and attract the younger generations. Please keep up the good work.

    Kind regards.

  8. Max, apologies for the lateness of this comment. I do agree with most of your analysis and have duly signed up to your enterprise. I am not sure, however, that you are right about dispensing with political parties – something is needed to keep the issues alive and in the public eye, particularly as time goes by and fewer and fewer people remember the all-white Britain of the fifties, the controversies which surrounded immigration in those early years and Enoch’s great speech. To more and more people a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain just seems normal rather than the monstrous aberration which we know it to be.

    So, if not a political party we need a noisy, highly visible pressure group agitating for an end to immigration, for a white British homeland and for the interests of the white British people. A different branch of the same organisation should provide services specifically for white British people particularly in areas where they are falling into minority status – providing community facilities for the elderly where they can be with their own kind, and that sort of thing; this is the path so successfully trodden by Golden Dawn, Provisional Sinn Fein and others. Thirdly, we need a youth organisation which will be deliberately transgressive – saying and doing things which offend the respectable i.e. the politically correct.

    1. Hi Frederick, you are absolutely right and we at Western Spring aim to provide a visible focus around which our Movement of National Salvation can grow.

      We intend that our movement will be composed of the very facets that you describe. I can see that you are already in tune with us and I welcome you to our ranks.

  9. I agree with you. England is the homeland but if you think the cities that have fallen and are still falling into foreign control then I sometimes wonder if England is lost already. I hope not.

    1. Strategically, for lots of reasons, it is the rural areas that are most important at a time of crisis.
      All is therefore not lost.

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