The Great White Hope – Encore!

Pierce 5In 1976, Dr William Pierce made his most famous speech entitled, ‘Our Cause’ in which he set out many of the principles that were to guide his movement in the years ahead. The purpose of this article is not to appraise or reproduce the speech in its entirety, but merely to focus on just one of many key aspects of that speech that can still be instructive to us today.

Pierce was only too painfully aware that in 1970s USA, just as it is here in Britain today, the entire political establishment, the mass media and all of the institutions of state lie in the hands of our committed political enemies and that the Alliance could not hope to succeed in its political aims if they tried to campaign in accordance with rules set by the establishment and the mass media. That is, if the Alliance relied upon the mass media to transmit their ideas and if they relied upon conventional electioneering as the primary means by which they would strive to attain power.

Pierce believed that there were no quick and easy solutions to the dilemma facing White people today and he advocated a strategy based upon the acquisition of resources, with a view to a time when there could be established a White media capable of rivalling the established mass media.

In his speech, Pierce states: “One thing we are not trying to do is to find any quick or easy solutions to the problems confronting us as a people. We have enormously difficult problems. If we are to solve them at all, we must tackle them with more determination, more tenacity, and more fanaticism than they have ever been tackled before. We must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for a very long, bloody, and agonizing struggle.

We mustn’t imagine that we are like a squad of soldiers about to assault a cave full of robbers and that the only preparation we need is to be sure our bayonets are fixed and that our powder is dry. This seems to be the attitude of most patriots these days and it is not a realistic one. ‘Throw out those bums in Washington,’ they say ‘and our problems will be over.'”

Does this ‘bull at a gate’ attitude that Pierce describes sound familiar to British Nationalists today?

Do we see patriots falling over themselves in their rush to form yet another, and another, and another political party and rush headlong into battle at the hustings, with little or no preparation?

Pierce goes on: “No. We must think of ourselves instead as the beginning – the barest beginning – of a mighty army whose task is not to clean out a cave full of robbers, but is to conquer an entire hostile world. Before the first shot is fired we must build our invasion fleet with thousands of ships and siege engines. We must lay in massive supplies of cannon balls, powder, and all sorts of other munitions. And we must do a hundred other things.

“In other words, we must prepare ourselves for our political struggle before we can count on it yielding anything other than the invariable failure which has rewarded patriots in the past. We must build a foundation which will sustain us for a very long campaign.”

Pierce’s words here echo those of the legendary Oriental strategist Sun Tzu, who I have quoted before and who wrote in his book, ‘The Art of War’:

“Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle begins. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat.

“Thus in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the path to victory has been devised, whereas he who is destined to defeat, first begins to fight and only afterwards attempts to establish how victory might be achieved”.

Pierce continues with a further analogy: “We are like a tribe of hungry, starving people living in a land which, although the soil is fertile, provides relatively little to eat. These people find a few berries growing on bushes and a few edible roots in the ground. All they can think about is that they are hungry and they must fill their bellies.

“This is their immediate problem. They spend all of their time, day after day, year after year, hunting for those scarce berries on the bushes and pulling an occasional edible root out of the ground. And they never really fill their bellies; they always remain hungry and on the edge of starvation. That is because no one has ever taken a few minutes off from berry hunting and thought further ahead than the immediate problem of filling his belly, now, for this meal.

“No one has proposed that while some continue to hunt for berries, others in the tribe should tolerate their hunger pains for a while and make themselves a few simple tools, a simple plow from a tree branch perhaps, and a hoe, and then use these tools to plow up some of the most fertile areas of their land and plant a few berries in furrows and keep watch over them so that the birds don’t scratch them up.

“They could weed their furrows and perhaps divert a portion of a nearby stream for irrigation. If they did this, if they thought beyond their immediate problem, and, to the extent possible, tackled a much larger problem, they would eventually, even though it might take years, solve the problem of hunger which they could never solve when that was all they thought about.

“The solution to the problem of keeping their bellies full would be to develop an agricultural basis for their berry-picking and root-digging.”

In this last analogy, the short-sighted ‘picking and eating of berries and roots’ is comparable to the actions of the nationalist micro-parties that are springing up and immediately throwing themselves into the first available elections, with little or no preparation.

In those elections they invariably receive a derisory share of the vote and these elections are entirely counter-productive serving as a glaring demonstration of weakness, not just weakness before our enemies, but weakness in the eyes of those of our people who might otherwise have been tempted to support us on a subsequent occasion.

The leaders of the micro-parties organise ‘table-top’ demonstrations in the high streets of towns, in which a handful of patriots again demonstrate their weakness before our people.

It is true that some kindly patriotic people passing by do stop and take a leaflet or two, but this is largely out of pity more than anything else.

Furthermore, the leaders of the micro-parties again demonstrate, not just their organisation’s weakness in terms of numbers, but their own abysmal lack of understanding of the psychology of influencing others, when they call for mass demonstrations in the streets at a time when their membership lacks the numbers to mobilise more than a handful of activists.

Six sorry looking demonstrators standing outside Westminster Palace holding hurriedly assembled, makeshift placards, does not impress anyone – in fact it has the reverse effect.

We cannot afford these demoralising demonstrations of weakness and we must exercise the discipline necessary to wait until we have built an organisation capable of winning before we go on the political offensive. We must learn to walk before we attempt to run.

This does not however mean that we should be inactive and do nothing today. We have much work to do and we need many willing hands, but instead of parading our current weakness in a high profile way before our enemies and our potential friends alike, we must quietly but systematically apply ourselves to building the foundations of a movement capable, as Pierce states, of mounting a sustained campaign over many years.

By Max Musson © 2013

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  1. I think flash mobbing can work well, it’s used in Germany to get round certain organisations banned from protesting.

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    To recover our country we need tools to work with i.e. resources, but apart from our own hearts, minds and bodies we have none. Nationalism has never had the kind of significant material resources which would enable us to use the law and the media (to take just two areas) to our advantage. Max is beginning to build a resource base, so if you want to help in this absolutely vital work, please get in touch with him.

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