The Folk

I was thinking the other day of some warning words from Mark Collett. He is concerned by the dilemma in which some active young nationalists find themselves – fired up with youthful patriotic idealism they wish to do their bit for race and nation but fall foul of the oppressive laws of the politically correct state, or the discrimination which liberal society inflicts upon those who challenge its all-pervading values.

No doubt most of us have all heard of some of the young men who have found themselves arrested, or even imprisoned, for offences against political correctness – Jack Renshaw, Joshua Bonehill, Lawrence Burns and no doubt there are others. Then there are those who have been forced out of college, denied employment, unable to pay their rent, unable to found a family. It may be, and I pass no judgment here because I don’t know the details of their offences, that they have been naïve, their tactics questionable, their targets mistaken – but their courage and their dedication to our country cannot be questioned. Some of them are now in severe personal difficulties because of their work for our cause and Western Spring has provided emergency relief to one or two, but Western Spring’s resources are meagre and have many calls upon them.

These young men are our young men and nationalists must offer them a future because without them, and other young men and women like them, nationalism itself has no future. And yet nationalism can do next to nothing because in Britain (I cannot speak for other countries) it is not structured to do so. Our great weakness is that we are not a community of believers, we are a scatter of individuals some of whom are gathered into tiny political parties dreaming of the day when the electorate will elect a racial nationalist government. It’s not going to happen, not as society is now.

Our best hope is for racial nationalists to imitate the more cohesive ethnic minorities and organise ourselves to look after our own. We must support each others businesses, we must help each other with jobs and housing, with social support and fellowship, with education for our children, with legal representation for those who fall foul of politically correct laws, even with finding racially and ideologically suitable marriage partners. Young patriots will then no longer be left to sink or swim if they find themselves in trouble but will be part of a strong network of mutual support.

While imitating ethnic minorities in those things, we will – if organised to do so – have one great advantage over them. We are embedded in the majority population and therefore well positioned to constantly recruit our numbers from that almost unlimited pool. To do so, we can use a variety of outreach approaches tailored to appeal to different sectors including the kind of anti-establishment shock tactics which will attract the attention of young people.

I have called this article “The Folk” because that is what I want us to be – a growing community of people defined and united by race and ideology and equipped with the tools to resist everything that our enemies throw at us – the ideological spearhead of the race. How do we get from here to there? By developing the structures  – social, administrative and financial – which every cohesive body must have if it is to succeed and endure. I have said that we are not presently equipped to do these things, but in fact there are the beginnings here and there in activities which seek to bring all nationalists together irrespective of party allegiance – the London Forum and its regional offspring, Heritage and Destiny magazine, Western Spring. There is so much more to do, but the first faltering steps have been taken.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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One thought on “The Folk

  1. Can I ask, is there a means for people to donate help, financially or otherwise to those who have found themselves in dire straits as a result of their political actions, and beliefs.

    There must be many like myself who cannot pledge X amount per month, but would like to contribute whatever they can when they can.
    This also extends to practical and emotional help and support to people being persecuted, and indeed their families who also pay the price.

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