The Bugle Call …

 By Max Musson:

Bugle CallIt should be evident to all thinking nationalists by now, that the traditional electoral route to salvation for our people has now been made utterly redundant by the dire conditions that have been created in this country.

That route has been made redundant because our enemies have made such advances over the last 100 years or more that in every sphere and at every level of our society there is now entrenched opposition, not just to the policies of British nationalism, but to the very values underpinning our belief system. In short, our entire culture has been poisoned against us and to such an extent that many of our own people view the looming extinction of our kind with complete indifference, if not actual joyous anticipation.

Anyone who still clings to the belief that a nationalist party campaigning within the existing political system can win power within the available window of opportunity, before demographic changes have rendered us a minority in our own land, is clearly in denial and/or deluded.

The forty-plus failed nationalist political parties that have come and gone over the last one-hundred and twenty year period, and the descent in recent years of the BNP into chaos and corruption should be proof enough for anyone that we must now try something different.

Thankfully, as I have alluded to on several occasions already, we at Western Spring have identified strategies that can still save our people and create the conditions whereby the future survival of our people can be assured, and today I share with you the first of these strategies.

At present our people and even those who have already embraced nationalism and who are attempting to resist the alien invasion of our homeland, are in total disarray and are scattered to the four winds. We are like the troops of a defeated army that has been routed in battle and if we remain in this state we will be easy pickings for our enemies and we will be impotent in our attempts to resist further setbacks.

Bugle Call 4This article is the bugle call that you have been waiting for and it is a call for us to rally together and to end once and for all the dispersal and the scattered condition that has made us so weak in the past.

We can only begin to recover from the defeats we have suffered to date if we gather together in sufficient concentrations such that we can begin to dominate the cultural life of our people within specific localised areas.

Arthur Kemp has outlined in his recently published new book, ‘Nova Europa’ just how essential it is that we European peoples strive to create exclusive White homelands and this strategy beginning with the first cluster of many White enclaves that we intend to create across Britain, will form the basis for just such a homeland here in Britain.

Some people view this strategy as the acceptance of defeat and our acceptance of the status of a defeated people living in ‘reservations’ like the Red Indians of North America, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The future development of these enclaves very much depends upon us and how determined we are to see them expand, coalesce and eventually evolve to form an autonomous ethno-state. If we approach this matter feebly making only half-hearted attempts to assert our right to exist then progress will be slow or completely absent, but if we are bold, assertive and courageous, and most especially, intelligent in the way that we approach this matter then we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

The creation of White enclaves will serve many purposes:

First, as already explained, they will create reservoirs of unsullied White people possessing unsullied White genes, and this alone will ensure the biological survival of our people until such a time when circumstances will favour our kind once more;

Second, they will create ‘cultural space’, that is, places where we will be able to determine and control the social and cultural environment. This is important as our people cannot live healthily and achieve our full potential living in an environment in which our enemies determine all of the cultural mores and norms and deny us any authentic form of folk or ethnic identity;

Third, they will provide places in which our people can enjoy physical safety, and job security, free from attack by agents of our enemies;

Fourth, they will serve as ‘show communities’ in the same way that show homes serve to demonstrate what a house builder intends to create. In this way our enclaves will stand out as examples of what the rest of Britain will be like once we achieve political power. Our enclaves will be ‘beacons of light’ within a grey and darkening Britain in decline; and

Lastly, they will become beachheads from which a new and revitalized British people will expand outwards until we recover the whole of these islands and regain our self-determination.

This then will not be a political struggle in the electoral sense, but a political struggle in a socio-biological sense, based upon an organic expansion that denies access to our ‘living space’ to outsiders and to our racial enemies.

Membership of our ‘new nation’ and therefore access to our living space will be dependent upon an individual’s state of ‘awakening’, i.e. embracing our political aims and our philosophical outlook.

We will be a nation of the ‘awakened ones’ and we will attract and win new members from among the indigenous British and other kindred European peoples, who constitute the ‘stock’ from among whom ‘awakened ones’ can be drawn.

As Britain descends into chaos and corruption as a result of continued mass immigration, many will ‘awaken’ and apply to join us, boosting our numbers and adding their land and their wealth to our living space, but we must be realistic and expect that others will never awaken and will be permanently lost to us through miscegenation and childlessness, and perhaps through racial violence at the hands of our enemies.

As Britain progressively declines, poverty will become prevalent and the quality of life will progressively diminish and this decline will over time serve to make our enclaves highly attractive to those living outside them. In the fullness of time therefore, there will be no shortage of people willing to embrace our political aims and our philosophical outlook, for ultimately their very survival will depend upon it.

In the short-term however, we need to make our enclaves a reality and if we are to attract more than just a few hundred dedicated White nationalists to this task, we must create a way of making life within our enclaves more attractive to prospective settlers than the lives they currently lead outside. This will take money and much skillful planning and to this end, we are drawing together a development team consisting of people with specialised skills and we are building up a network of sponsors many of whom are already donating considerable sums on a regular basis and a significant number of which are in a position to make substantial one-off financial donations to our cause.

We plan to buy land in and around the periphery of existing target settlements upon which we will build affordable housing that we will make available to approved settlers at cost price or at below cost price in situations in which their will be restrictive covenants to protect our interests. This will enable us to introduce significant numbers of new residents to these settlements, all of which will be militant White nationalists committed to our plan of creating exclusive White enclaves.

We will provide grants to White entrepreneurs so that they can create businesses within the enclaves to provide employment for our settlers, and we aim to acquire control of any existing businesses that have the potential to expand to provide further employment.

Our belief is that the prospect of subsidised and therefore inexpensive housing, coupled with the prospect of secure employment will provide sufficient attraction to draw in the numbers of settlers and initially pioneer settlers needed to make this project a success.

Some critics have suggested that when we establish enclaves, our enemies will attempt to frustrate our efforts, however we do not intend to accompany their establishment with a fanfare of publicity. Our strategy of stealth means that the creation of our enclaves will go unannounced and we will employ disinformation to draw the attention of our enemies away toward ‘decoy’ settlements in which we have no immediate interest.

Furthermore, as we intend eventually to create in excess of one-thousand enclaves, it will be almost impossible for our enemies to prevent any significant number of them from developing.

In terms of local politics, our aim within the enclaves is not to field overtly nationalist candidates. We will continue our practice of ‘entryism’ encouraging our settler members to join and take over the local branch of whichever political party holds office in the area comprising their enclave. Thus in a Labour dominated area for example, our members will all join the local Labour branch and in such numbers that we will be able to influence their choice of election candidates, and thereby secure as the local candidate, one of our people.

When elections come around, our members will obviously all vote for the candidate we have chosen and so will all of the ‘dyed-in-the-wool’, ‘Labour till I die’, Labour voters.

In this way our candidates will secure election as local, district and county councilors, nominally representing the establishment parties that have ruined this country, while covertly advancing our policies and serving the interests of our people.

As our members move into the settlements targeted as new enclaves, we will seek election to the boards of governors of the local schools, we will seek election to the parish councils, to residents’ associations, church committees and every conceivable body representing local people, with the aim of dominating every aspect of the social and cultural life of the area. In this way, we will be able to influence the way in which the national curriculum is taught in the local schools and we will be able to ensure that nothing of interest to ethnic minorities will ever take place locally and no support services will be provided to encourage their encroachment.

Ethnic minorities will not be attracted to our enclaves because there will be nothing for them. We will not need to physically exclude non-Whites nor establish any explicit rules forbidding them entry, the ‘Royston Vasey’ effect is all that will be required – “this is a local shop, for local people, there’s nothing for you here!”

Furthermore, by pooling their resources, our members within any enclave will be able to buy any properties that become vacant and in this way we will be able to control who is able to buy and own property there.

The creation of these enclaves will not be easy and they will not be established without great effort and without unforeseen problems occurring. However, the survival of our people depends upon us making them a success and the good news is that as we progress in this task we will through our actions, buy ourselves more time.

Through this strategy we do not need to wait until we have been elected before we can begin turning the tide, we can begin working immediately and with each enclave we establish, the point at which our people will become swamped and dispossessed will be progressively deferred and pushed further and further into the increasingly distant future , thus increasing the potential for us to finish building a new revitalised and militant British nation before the available time runs out.

Bugle Call 3What we need from our supporters at this time is for people to come forward who feel they have the qualities necessary to be a local community leader, i.e. to be one of the people entrusted with the responsibility of managing and directing the creation of one of our enclaves.

Successful candidates will need to by dynamic, self-motivated people with strong influencing skills. They will need to be determined, self-reliant, highly organized, have a high level of achievement drive.

Local community leaders will receive training and support and will be able to call upon our development team who will be available to help overcome any problems encountered.

These positions will be well remunerated, although applicants should view this opportunity as a vocation rather than a career. Your ambition should be to become one of the saviors of our nation and all other personal considerations should be sublimated to this end.

If you yearn to be more than just a witness to history, if you feel that you have untapped potential and wish to play your part as one of the saviors of our nation, then this is your bugle call. Please email your CV to me now: .

By Max Musson © 2013

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86 thoughts on “The Bugle Call …

  1. Of course, a lovely idea at face value. But why are our enemies, who you admit to realising are entrenched in every sphere of influence, whom have strived through hundreds of years to bring about the vice they hold over us now, when victory is within their grasp, why are they going to be indifferent to Whites establishing a racially pure homeland somewhere? I think you need to consider that the greatest obstacle to this enclave is not amassing Whites to migrate, but it is the enemy from which we cannot run and cannot hide.
    We are facing deliberate and well-coordinated genocide that was has been bought by unfathomable strives and hardships of our enemies. If you think we can simply up-sticks somewhere you are incredibly naive.

    1. What do you think our enemies are going to do to stop people buying houses, to stop people starting up new businesses, to stop people starting families and to stop people engaging in lawful community activities?

      1. Since when did our enemies stay within the ‘law’? This is a war against the European races. Genocide is exactly what they intend, clearly, and it is a serious undertaking. Prominent figures who have risen against them in the past usually end up dead or imprisoned (on false charges if needs be). There is a clear cut reason we are in this position at so late an hour, because every resistance we’ve materialised in earlier ages has failed or been crippled.
        Of course they will make effort to thwart the development of a White enclave that will be a breeding ground for racial revolution. To think otherwise is to prove yourself unworthy of argument. As I said before, ‘the greatest obstacle to this enclave is not amassing Whites to migrate, but it is the enemy from which we cannot run and cannot hide’ – the enemy that is hellbent on eradicating us, the enemy that has subverted the entire occident and set well in motion a covert and highly developed genocidal programme, the enemy that is ‘entrenched’ at every position in every field, the enemy that monopolises all free industry and that has the populace so blind and helplessly enslaved to their influences.
        You cannot just neglect the state unless you grievously underestimate their ruthlessness, dedication and ability.

        1. Hello Anon, Yes, we all get the picture. You are in a blind funk over your perception of our enemy’s omnipotence, but you are beginning to sound rather like Corporal Frazer out of ‘Dad’s Army’ – “we’re doomed Captain Mainwaring! Ay, we’re doomed!”
          Of course our political enemies are going to try to stop us, but it would be very unwise of me to post on the Internet all of the measures that we have planned to avoid defeat at their hands. So unless you have something positive to say, I would suggest that you probably have a grandmother somewhere, who desperately needs you to teach her how to suck eggs.

          1. Anon has raised some valid concerns and I feel your response Max was a little immature. Many of us despair at the state of our nation, all white nations, and what’s being done to us. We’ve all seen initiatives and movements come and go, many were impotent and pointless from the off, I think we’re all tired and weary now. It’s become very difficult to throw oneself into yet another movement until a level of confidence in it has been attained. I will keep an eye on this until my confidence in it is sufficient for me to offer to help but I would hope for better responses to concerns raised.

            1. Hi Mike, I guess my reply to Anon today could be construed as a little immature, if you have not read the comments he made yesterday and my response to them, which he has ignored.
              We all have concerns about the future and I don’t mind people voicing them in their comments on here, but Anon doesn’t appear to want to discuss his concerns, it seems he just wants to spread alarm and despondency by repeatedly telling us that our enemies are all-powerful and that we can’t do anything about it. I don’t believe that’s true and it is important that our people regain the will to fight for our survival.

    2. Venutios Brigantes

      - Edit

      If you really believe that the “enemy” is so all-powerful, then you must think that nothing can be done. It’s best that you crawl away and await your fate then.
      The rest of us, however, don’t believe that and want to achieve something positive. If you work on changing your psychological approach, you too will see the possibilities.

  2. frederickdixon

    - Edit

    Certainly we need white enclaves, but they need not all be one model. Building a new, free-standing nationalist settlement is one model but there are others. For example, an existing nationalist group already resident in a particular town might formalise their links to create a close-knit organisation of people who socialise together, educate their children together, and lead a common life. In other words, something like a community of Jews or Moslems (or Anglicans in Ireland) who live among the mainstream population but apart from them.

    I’m not sure that I agree about trying to do without a “fanfare of publicity”. How could the existence of an enclave be made known to the white nationalists who we hope will go to live there, without becoming more widely known? I’m sure that the fame/notoriety of Orania is indispensable to its success, and the same will be true for a similar venture in England – it will also attract and invigorate the whole debate around racial and national identity.

    1. Frederick, you are quite right regarding the potential for there to be a variety of models.
      Regarding the matter of publicity, we can decide upon the level of publicity required to meet the needs of each individual project. In many cases I imagine word of mouth within the nationalist community is all that will be needed, but I doubt that we will be issuing press releases and inviting reporters from the mass media to attend opening ceremonies, that sort of thing.

  3. While I agree wholeheartedly with the tactic of establishing white settlements in our own land, it is not something I can imagine the establishment and the left will take lying down. Just as the BNP membership system was tested and dragged through the courts in costly legal challenges, I can foresee the same tactics being employed here. Mixed race and ethnic minority families will be used to apply to settle in these areas and following the obvious refusal, the Equalities Commission will then use their very deep pockets to crush us in the courts. That is only a small part of the pressure they would use, I would imagine that the left would go down the Social Services route, employing social workers to hound and harass young families and their children. Sorry for the pessimism but I’ve been a nationalist for over thirty years. The enemy stop at nothing. Best of luck in your venture though, I look forward to future developments.

    1. I can see why some people will share your reservations Florian, however the same could have been said of the Irish Nationalist and the Loyalist enclaves in Northern Ireland.
      If you were a Republican Irishman, Would you have agreed to move, together with your family and go and live in the middle of a Loyalist enclave, just to confound and frustrate the Loyalist people living there?
      The Equalities Commission forced the BNP to admit non-Whites to their organisation. How many have joined? You could probably count the number, on the fingers of one of Nick Griffin’s ‘V’ signs!
      If we were to create just one enclave and did so with a fanfare of publicity in the mass media, and if we flew flags from all of the nationalist houses in the area, and told everyone what we were doing, and where, and why, then I imagine we might face some stiff opposition and organised resistance, so this is why we will form a multitude of enclaves and employ stealth.
      For the existing inhabitants of our chosen enclaves, little will change superficially, but over a period of years, they may notice that their community has developed a very positive community spirit and a rather militant and obstinate desire to retain it’s thoroughly British character. What is more, the overwhelming majority of these original inhabitants will regard these developments as a welcome features of life in their neighbourhood.

  4. Anglo-Australian Alliance

    - Edit

    Having met Max Musson and joined this forward-thinking new outfit I can confidently attest that their vision, direction, and organisation is spot on. In light of this I and a few of my fellow Nationalist contacts are putting their time, money and effort behind this venture.
    The ballot box –the party system– is a dead end. With the weight of the Establishment against us we have for too long been foolish in playing the game (the electoral path) that they, our enemies, have controlled. For too long the System has laughed at us for falling into their traps –but soon they will laugh no more.
    Western Spring and its other arms are a welcome and refreshing new direction –a necessary plan b to the electoral path. I outlined years ago the need for a plan b: Now that a group of many stalwart experienced Nationalists, big names in the Cause, have taken up the cudgel I am not left on my own without a political home.
    I’m sure I’m right in saying (but Max could correct me) that the movement is open to all Nationalists of whatever ideological distinction or party. The movement IS NOT a new party. It is a movement and DOES NOT seek to compete with other Nationalist outfits. As such, Nationalists from the many other parties are welcome to join the movement AND remain within their respective parties. Such a position of the movement is founded on the following fundamental principles:
    1) that our racial integrity must always be protected against contamination by non-European elements and;
    2) that our homelands are for ourselves alone.
    These principles unite Nationalists. While there an many additional perspectives, ideas, and ideological positions within the Nationalist Cause, it is these two principles that unite Nationalists of what ever distinction.
    With such a well-oiled machine with many stalwart and experienced Nationalists (both in Britain and Europe) already onboard, the movement is now well-positioned to put in place ideas and direction that are long overdue.
    I urge all true Nationalists to get onboard and quit stalling and messing around. You can continue with your own political position (political party, etc) and join our ranks.
    Please contact Max Musson now for further information and details that the movement does not publicly publish.
    Answer the bugle call –answer it now.

  5. I must admit max I was thinking along the same lines myself for a long while now. Just as the Jewish and Pakistani communities have built up their own enclaves by buying them (houses, shops ETC, ETC.) Yes this would work and well done for your efforts. There is also the possibility of buying or building houses for rent also, that rent could be used to build or buy even more properties I am sure you have thought of that as well. There will always be those that try to pour cold water on any idea do not let that put you off. As there are many old time nationalists within your network you would have been warned of infiltrators that will be my only piece of advice. Well done western spring keep up the good work.

  6. Seems like a sound plan. Can’t be sure of where I fit into it but I’m prepared to carry on trudging the road I am intended to while this falls into place. I will of course be happy to aid anyone involved in the limited ways I can be of use to such a venture.
    I offer my congratulations on such a well crafted scheme and it has my best wishes.

  7. Hi,Max. Im afraid that the British people are cowards and I despise them for their weakness. The invaders will turn on us once their numbers are sufficient. They will vote in other Muslims to power and enforce their barbaric cult on us. Only a …

    1. Thank you for your interest Dai. I can understand why you might feel as you do, but it is a failure of leadership that has resulted in most of our people sitting on their hands at present. This is about to change however and I am confident that enough of our people will respond positively to our initiatives in order for us to win through, in the ‘nick of time’.

  8. ConnalOakesHolt

    - Edit

    Success breeds success.As the MONS gains momemtum this truth will become evident to many who are perhaps at present doubtfull, or despondent, through suffering long years of struggle, that yeilded little or no harvest.
    The enemy are indeed formidable. But they are mortal men not omnipotent gods. Much of their success is due to their being, and operating as a group.
    By focusing upon and employing strategies that bring success, ditching those that waste resources and bring only failure and the sense of hopelessness that follows ie yet another micro nationalist party, the snowball effect of successfull momentum will grow.
    To do nothing because one can see hurdles or challenges that appear mountainous is as Venutios Brigantes spoke of above, a psychological problem that requires adjustment.
    All great expeditions that underwent hours of planning and preparing were still arduous monumental endeavours and were known to be so before being undertaken. They were still undertaken.
    The race that plotted the course of the stars in the firmament, that worked out and divided the lines of longitude and lattitude upon our globe and explored and discovered new territories, produced great engineers, scientists and artists, can surely set up a few enclaves and purchase some housing under the noses of our enemies in our own lands, just to kick off with.
    Lend a hand and lighten the load

  9. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    It’s most heartening to see ideas such as these inspiring other equally positive ideas. This must be what we would describe as a “Movement” because we’re inspired to become involved and do something constructive. Thank you Max!

  10. Sounds good to me….. I have noticed the GOV bending over backwards to appease different religions and cults recently.
    (One religion particularly springs to mind).
    Seem to remember Druids being mentioned by the Equality and human rights commission as deserving of equality etc.
    Perhaps the founding of a religion or the adoption of an ancient English pagan order might furnish some protection in these precarious times.It might also provide a route to Charitable status which would have tax benefits and help with future funding.
    I have noticed the judiciary will always try to apportion blame and therefore damages should action be taken against a company or individual.What about some kind of co-operative whereby all assets are communally enjoyed but cannot be sold or ever owned by any individual.Similar to the covenants present in some house deeds.Incurring responsibility for perhaps a shared driveway but not allowing ownership or sale.I would presume legal action would be problematic against 1000+ individuals.Therefore community administration seems a safer bet.(Hope no-one minds me throwing a few ideas in)? As for areas Cumbria has a head start and is i believe fairly mono/ethno-cultural. Norwich is close enough for regular access to London but far enough away for comfort.The English /Welsh border might also provide sufficient insulation(apart from Cardiff).

  11. Green Arrow who runs the “British Resistance” attacking ethnopluralism in 2012:

    Green Arrow now supporting ethnopluralism “enclave” principles in 2013:

    This guy is a serious troll. His shifts his idology constantly. Remember also how he went from a “Griffinite” to suddenly anti-Griffin and anti-BNP. Yea sure, people can change their views, but not radically in such a short space of time. I don’t take the “British Resistance” serious and caution this site not to either. GA and the British Resistance booted off enclave supporters/ethnopluralists from their site last year calling them “cranks” and “fake patriots”. Suddenly now though they are supporting the idea of ethno-enclaves…

    1. Hi Atlantid,

      Firstly, I would point out that Western Spring do not advocate ‘ethnopluralism’, we are racial nationalists and what I have proposed in the above article is completely different to what Anglopyramidologist was advocating in his article on the British Resistance website.
      Ethnopluralism, envisages ethno-enclaves as an end in themselves, rather like a rigidly institutionalised form of multiculturalism. It is in effect a version of the Hindu caste system that failed to keep the races separate in India, all those hundreds of years ago.
      We advocate the establishment of White enclaves merely as a strategic measure, as a means to an end, and that end is the eventual creation of an ethno-state, which will expand over time to encompass all of the British Isles.
      Let there be no mistake, we don’t intend to be ‘Injuns’ on a reservation and nor do we intend to co-exist within a tapestry of differently constituted, other racial ethno-enclaves. We intend to repopulate the whole of this country with a revitalised and militant British stock.
      The basis of your attack upon GA is therefore fallacious and if you are an honourable man, you might now wish to consider an apology.

      1. Thomas a'Becket

        - Edit

        I must admit I sometimes wonder and worry about Green Arrow’s ability to change allegiances almost overnight. However he is not the only person involved in the British Resistance. And I am sure at heart he really cares for the future of the white race.

        As editor of the British Resistance website he holds a position of power.

        Media is a tool that we are slowly but surely tightening our grip on but until we have our own fully operational television stations etc. we rely on volunteers such as Green Arrow who do their best and work in very difficult and trying circumstances.

        I guess one day the editor might be called into an office to explain his actions and be given a choice of either apologizing or resigning should he write or submit something that goes against the cause.

        1. I can understand why you might have these concerns Thomas, but despite the fallings out that GA has from time to time, I think we can rely on him to fight for the future wellbeing of the British people.

        2. His support for Max Musson is by no measure a new thing, it has featured for a long time as far as I can tell and it seems well founded.

          For a while I was sceptical of WS, mainly due to it’s secrecy but I think Mr. Musson has really found something and thought about it hard. I knew someone somewhere had the attention span to do the necessary and plot out ideas and outcomes and it seems Max is it. Makes me feel a little ashamed that I didn’t think of it I suppose, I have the time and brain power.

      2. IMHO GA is an honourable man frustrated by the lack of solid active support from Nationalists. I think that if you look at GA’s past articles he has always been in support of W.S albeit with certain amount of reservation in the early days. As for NG, he fooled most of us Nationalists helped by the motivation to build a Party worthy of challenging the main three Parties, no wonder GA feels the way he does about NG as he has set back the movement years and at the same time making many of us cautious of WS.
        I do agree with Max Musson an apology would not go a miss.

  12. Establishing White enclaves sounds good but on balance I’m not sure it really is. Some points:
    * it’s a defacto form of segregation that will spotted and ‘legally’ acted against by the State once it gets on their radar. You won’t be able to hide it once it becomes noticeably enough to attract Whites.
    * Further to the above point, there’s that saying ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’ White enclaves will be singled out for ‘special treatment’ by our overlords.
    [MM’s reply: You should visit Belfast. There are a number of ethno-enclaves, both Republican and Loyalist, that the establishment were unable to destroy. Furthermore, the inhabitants of those enclaves made no attempt to disguise what they are. They painted giant murals on the sides of buildings and they painted the curb stones along the roadsides so that everyone knew they were there.]
    * the whole idea of both trying to hide an enclave from the State while also trying to ‘publicize’ its existence among aware Whites has many inherent problems.
    [MM’s reply: That does present some problems, but they are not insurmountable.]
    * White flight from third world blight (Hey, it rhymes) has occurred and is occurring ‘naturally’ anyway. Whites leaving London is a prime example.
    * Energy spent running away from the imported hordes is energy not available for fighting and destroying the people responsible for importing these hordes. White enclaves are just another form of White flight, and White retreat. Individually good but racially destructive. We must re-learn how to stand our ground!
    [MM’s reply: However White flight is simply a disorganised retreat in the face of the enemy. We will not be retreating in disarray, we will be forming ourselves into ‘defensive squares’, a formation for which the British army was famed in times gone by, and from there we will advance in formation to push the enemy back.]
    For all of the above, I think your well-intentioned idea is actually counter-productive. We don’t need Whites hiding away in relative comfort in little Hobbit like White villages scattered across the countryside. We need ‘bloodied’ Whites who know the raw truth of living with the ‘orcs’. They will form the vanguard.
    So I’m sorry, but what you are suggesting I think will hasten our demise.
    [MM’s reply: Let there be no mistake, we don’t intend to live like ‘Hobbits hiding in the Shire’ and nor do we intend to co-exist within a tapestry of differently constituted, other racial ethno-enclaves. We advocate the establishment of White enclaves merely as a strategic measure, they are the community equivalent of the ‘defensive square’ referred to above. They are a means to an end, and that end is the eventual creation of an ethno-state, which will expand over time to encompass all of the British Isles. We intend to repopulate the whole of this country with a revitalised and militant British stock.]

  13. As you say in your excellent article, nationalists have been scattered to the four winds, feeling isolated and betrayed by Nick Griffin due mainly to his catastrophic leadership of the BNP at the last election. Well I know you did not use those exact words but it is certainly how I and my wife felt after having lent some considerable financial and practical support to the BNP and then finding that all the money raised (over 2 million pounds?) seemed to have vanished into thin air.
    The idea of establishing white enclaves is an excellent one and by setting up restrictive covenants you will prevent subversives infiltrating our movement in an attempt to sabotage us. For the first time in years I am beginning to have a feeling of hope and optimism instead of a terrible fear that that there is no future for my two lovely grandchildren.
    I believe this Movement of National Salvation really might resonate with thousands of true nationalists who must still be out there somewhere and who would be only too pleased to support you.
    I wish I was able to make a financial contribution but that is not possible at the moment although you must be raising substantial amounts through personal contacts judging by the ambitious plans you are implementing.

    1. Nationalists are still out there Shaw. The BNP despite Griffin’s horrendous performance on Question Time actually increased their overall vote to over a half a million. That fact should encourage anyone that many a white brit wants their home back. Western Spring has an excellent idea as white flight will only continue in droves regardless.

  14. At last! This is good to hear.

    Some thoughts – as ‘British Nationalism’ is effectively ‘White Nationalism’ (being the unification of several different nations), I wonder how, in the future, the ‘British/White’ communities will interact with the ‘English’ communities (this same PLE idea is being proposed by English Nationalists). And will Eastern Europeans, for example, play a prominent role in these ‘British’ PLE communities?

    I know that many see the ‘British’ versus ‘English’ Nationalism divide as hairsplitting, but it’s a fundamental difference of perspective that will come to a head at some point.

    Either way, I would recommend that these British communities take advantage of the space and whiteness of Wales and Scotland. This is a luxury that English PLE-Nationalists do not have.

    1. Hi Steed, I don’t envisage there being a conflict between those proposing British nationalism, as opposed to English nationalism or White nationalism. In the difficult years that lie ahead we will need all the White people we can muster – especially men and women between the ages of 16 and 50 – and I am confident that we will be sensible enough to all stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of our mother tongue, be it English, a form of Gaelic, or from continental Europe.

      1. It’s deeper than that Max. I know I’m against the Western Spring grain by saying this but I’m firmly in the camp of ‘English origins being Germanic’. There is no British race, and if there is it is the Welsh and the English only share some blood with it.

        That’s not to say that we can’t, or shouldn’t, work together. But for the English race to survive the English must breed with their own. Likewise for the Scots, Welsh, Polish etc. Naturally, there has been a minor degree of cross-border ‘unification’ and that’s fine, but a British Nationalist future would surely envisage an abandonment of such identities (and then ultimately a unification of all European identities as far as I can ascertain). So for those wishing to preserve the English, Welsh and Scots as unique nations there can be no ‘British PLE’.

        1. Hi Steed, you begin by stating that English origins are Germanic (Angles & Saxons), which is true, but you ignore the fact that the Celts were also a Germanic people, as were the Belgie, the Vikings and the Danes.
          All of the four sister nations that compose the indigenous population of the British Isles are a mixture of Celts, Belgie, Vikings, Danes, Angles and Saxons with the aboriginal peoples of these islands who would have been of Cro-Magnid (i.e. Proto-Germanic) stock. Furthermore, there has been a massive amount of mixture between the four sister nations, not just a ‘minor degree’ as you suggest.
          Therefore the distinction between the peoples of the four sister nations is cultural rather than racial.
          The acceptance of British nationalism does not imply a loss of Scots or Irish identity any more than it means a loss of identity from someone who identifies strongly as a Yorkshireman. One can concurrently identify as a Yorkshireman, an Englishmen, a Briton and a European, as long as one recognises that these are primarily cultural distinctions and that our primary identity should be based upon race and that we are all White men.

          1. There are those who don’t identify primarily with ‘whiteness’. A Pole who adopts English culture does not become an Englishman.
            ‘Celts’, really, is still an abstract term. The Brythons certainly weren’t Germanic. So the English and the Welsh are different ethnic groups and full intermixture will destroy both peoples. The ‘Celts’ are only Germanic in the sense that they originated in the region of land now called Germany. But inasmuch as the ‘Celts’ are Gaelic, no, they are not Germanic. ‘Germanic’ is a cultural and linguistic term, and whilst the Germans and Celts might be genetically similar they are different peoples who deserve the right to maintain exclusivity.
            What evidence have you got that there has been a ‘massive amount of mixture between the four sister nations’? A Scot with an English Great-Grandfather is a Scot, and an Englishman with a Scottish Great-Grandmother is an Englishman. The degree of mixing that you propose would have to be so great as to make separate identities irrelevant. A ‘British’ PLE would ultimately rely on the full intermixing of the English, Scots and Welsh – thus those identities would forever disappear. They cannot be reclaimed by simply choosing to adopt a language and culture in spite of one’s ancestry.
            But this is an irreconcilable difference of worldview. I don’t mean to make an argument of it, but it is something that will become contentious within the Nationalist movements of the future.

            1. I’m sorry Steed, but the distinctions that you attempt to draw and the sensibilities of which you speak have been rendered redundant by the dire situation that we British find ourselves in at this time, and pandering to them is simply a luxury that we cannot afford.
              There is no reason why any of the English, Welsh, Irish or Scots families who may come to live in one of our enclaves need feel the need to divest themselves of their particular cultural or ethnic identities. I am an Englishman with some Scots ancestry and my wife has mixed Scots and Irish ancestry, and I would just as happily march to war against a common foe in the company of Welshmen singing ‘Men of Harlech’ as I would with Englishmen, Irishmen or Scots singing their tribal songs.

        2. frederickdixon

          - Edit

          As an English patriot I have a lot of sympathy for what you say, Steed, but I think we English, Scots, Welsh and (some) Irish have lived together for long enough in these islands to form one people, the British. We speak the same language (apologies to the Welsh, but they do all speak English as well as Welsh), read the same newspapers, watch the same television programmes, laugh at the same jokes, live in each others countries, shop in Boots and M and S.

          For all our regional differences – yes, we do remain English, Scots etc. as well as British – we recognise each other as fellow countrymen, something which we cannot do with the French, Poles or Norwegians. I as British any white person who derives half or more of his or her ancestry from the ancestral populations of the British Isles (including of course Americans, Australians etc.) but that blood connection with the British nation is CRITICAL, I would never admit to one of our enclaves a white foreigner who did not possess it, unless he or she was married to a Brit in which case the children will have the necessary connection.

          (Sorry to be so long winded, I didn’t realise it would take so many words to say so little!)

        3. Steed there are simply too many non-whites in the UK in 2013 to be concerned with racial differences as well as cultural amongst white british. Unity and white enclaves are the only hope at the moment.

  15. Thank you MM for your reply to my preamble.

    I would appreciate it, and I’m sure your readers would appreciate it, if you posted and replied to the other half of my comment that you haven’t posted, the actual meat of my comment dealing with the crucial jewish role in our ongoing demise.

    1. Hi Katana, I don’t intend to publish the rest of your comments because for legal reasons I cannot do so without making what you would no doubt regard as an unacceptable number of editorial changes.
      Suffice to say that we at Western Spring sympathise with your viewpoint as we are well aware of the adverse impact that organised Jewry often have vis-a-vis the wellbeing and future survival of our people. Furthermore, I think the content of our various articles reflects this.

  16. Two questions:

    How long do you believe it will take (the best you can hope for) for your plans to come to fruition?

    How much do you broadly estimate it will cost?

    1. If all existing nationalists were to throw their weight behind us immediately and fully support our initiatives, we could be in power within 5 years. Realistically however, it will probably take 10 years unless we attract some really big sponsors.
      How much will it cost? About £500m in total.

  17. With respect, I have to say again that I think this whole idea is misguided. from a cost benefit point of view. Your mention of ‘defensive squares’, etc., reflects a 19th century kind of thinking where possession of defensible pieces of land is the key to White survival. We are not in that kind of war now.

    We are in a MIND WAR. A war waged by the tribe against Whites through enslaving them via poisonous ideas that lead to White destruction. Whites across the globe are being subjected to poisonous ideas via the tribe’s control over most forms of information.

    That’s where the battle lines are and not in the possession of villages or small towns of like-minded Whites. Spending 500 million pounds (the figure you mention) on forming enclaves of Whites throughout the country reminds me of the French and their building of the Maginot Line. Useful in many ways no doubt, but not good value for money at all.

    Spend that kind of money on educating non-aware yet thoughtful Whites on what is really happening to their countries and by whom would do far, far more good. We are in our terrible situation because we have been brainwashed by a tyrannical tribe into believing that our destruction is a blessing to mankind. It’s a house of lies held up by their information control.

    In summary I agree with you that like minded Whites should try to live together in like minded communities. I disagree that it should be a priority worthy of spending a lot of money on when it could be spent on awakening Whites.

    1. Katana, you have missed the whole point. We are in a war where possession of defensible pieces of land is the key to White survival, most Whites have just not realised it yet and waste their time competing in elections or as ‘keyboard warriors’ fighting futile ‘mind wars’ with an enemy who currently holds all of the ‘big guns’.
      Someone asked me how much it will cost us to win and I said £500m, but I did not say the whole of that amount would be spent creating enclaves. We will be spending much of that money educating our people and on a number of other strategies that will need to implement if we are to win.
      As I said near the beginning of my above article, this is the first of our strategies that I will be sharing with you – so don’t be too quick to dismiss our ideas – you don’t know the half of it yet!

      1. Max, if we were in a land war against an invading force then OK. That is not the case.
        [MM’s reply: Perhaps you need to visit the centres of some of our large towns and cities – Bury Park in Luton perhaps – then you might realise that we are involved in a land war against invading forces.]
        Your dismissal of ‘keyboard warriors’ fighting futile ‘mind wars’ is a dismissal of the power of an IDEA ‘whose time has come’, as they say. We will not win this war by owning land. We will win through the power of ideas. We have after all been laid low through the power of perverse ideas.
        [MM’s reply: The ‘power of ideas’ has not got us very far to date. Furthermore, “an IDEA whose time has come” is merely a rhetorical phrase. As I have said, our enemies own all the ‘big guns’ as far as the media are concerned and until we take possession of our own mass media outlets, or concentrate our limited assets/numbers into smaller geographic areas (as in the formation of enclaves), we will not make progress.]
        I became ‘aware’ about the ‘jewish problem’ about three years ago …
        [MM’s reply: I see, you are still very inexperienced as far as this struggle is concerned. With respect, perhaps it might be wise to wait a while before you attempt to lecture others as stridently as you do?]

        1. Anglo-Australian Alliance

          - Edit

          The point at which and the time span of one’s awakening to the ‘Jewish problem’ [sic] matters only in retrospect. That is to say, whether one’s neo-enightenment[1] to this concern was 3 years or 10 matters only in regard to what was one’s position and what one could have therefore done for the Cause during this time span. Presently, surely, it is the weight and depth of one’s knowledge of the ‘Jewish problem’ that is of ultimate concern. 3 years or 10 matters not one iota. Whether or not one is FULLY aware of this concern transcends the concept of time (50 years of misunderstanding and/or an effete conception is, in regard to time, immaterial if one has not fully grasped the issue).
          Unfortunately it is the very use of the all-expansive, non-discretionary, lazy use of the ‘Jewish problem’ that to this day still makes me sigh.
          [1] Deconstruct the deconstructed: use the tools/terms of academia and the System against them.

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  19. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Surely there is only good in Katana playing devil’s advocate. It would seem that through the dialogue between Katana and Max some very worthwhile points have been made and the debate has been opened up in a very constructive way.
    Max makes an absolutely crucial point when he implies that even with the best ideas in the world nothing will be achieved if we don’t build up our resources. Our enemies have gained the upper hand and outmanoeuvred us not because their ideas are better than ours but solely because they’ve harnessed superior resources.

    On the other hand Katana makes an equally valid point by questioning how the resources that we build up should be employed. This will no doubt be an ongoing debate subject to constant review as situations change and new strategies are called for.

    The one big constant that we must never shirk though is that of our own personal integrity. It was above all through a perceived lack of integrity in the BNP leadership that initially led to a disastrous hemorrhaging of its membership.

    In order to ensure our integrity it’s vital that we evolve an agreed ethical system, some might go so far as to say a religion, which will provide a framework for our Movement. John Tyndall said that his race was his religion and his nation his church. That might do for a start!

  20. While I have been skeptical, even a little disparaging of this PLE idea in the past (and MM’s championing of it) I do not wish to add to what has been said above as it is clear the sun is heading down behind the horizon.

    As you have mentioned many enclaves are planned and no doubt a few tens of enclaves have been sketched out, I hope that Cornwall has been considered among them.

    As I wrote some time past on AK’s book page, it is one of the least diverse places in the UK, it is considered an area of economic deprivation (with an economy based on agriculture and tourism, i.e. seasonal) which means that land is relatively cheap ( and many villages have been hollowed out by the migration of people looking for better opportunities and holiday home owners have moved in. This situation is dependent on cheap interest rates and other factors which could very conceivably in time see significant sell-offs.

    At the same time, in some areas there are green shoots, for instance small but growing hi-tech industrial growth. Perhaps more importantly, there is a long-standing interest amongst the local population towards ideas (if not the practicalities) of independence. Much of this comes from a far-left position, but that’s besides the point, I think. At a time when devolution is a hot political potato and the aspirations of local populations are having to be taken into consideration in Westminster (and Whitehall), this offers perhaps an ideal territory in which to build the renaissance.

  21. OK, I’ll have another go at why this ‘White enclave’ idea is not good from a cost benefit point of view.

    * White enclaves already exist by the hundreds of thousands throughout Britain and Europe. Little villages and towns populated by all Whites or there about. Of course they are not openly and consciously White nationalists (because they don’t see a need to be).

    * All these countries are majority White (for now).

    * The flood of third world people into our countries is being deliberately orchestrated by an alien tribe and their collaborators with the specific aim of destroying us. They have brainwashed a large part of our people that this is a ‘good idea’. The White man is evil, and so on. All through dominance over information via the media, education systems, etc.

    Given the above what is the value above the costs involved in congregating White nationalists into like minded ‘enclaves’? In pre-internet days maybe this could have a good justification, as then people could easily communicate.

    As I mentioned in a previous comment, White nationalists tucked away in comfortable White enclaves preaching to the choir are likely to be less driven compared to those remaining at the coal face.

    Rather than spend time and energy resettling Whites nationalists from one part of the country into White only parts of the country, that time and energy would be much better spent on waking up the vast majority of intelligent, yet ‘sleeping’ Whites among us who are already within the system. After all that is exactly what will have to be done in the end, anyway.

    1. Hi Katana, I admire your persistence, but you are wrong.
      The first point you raise, you effectively rebut yourself when you state, “Of course they are not openly and consciously White nationalists”, and that is the critical difference between an enclave of consciously White, militant nationalists and a village/suburb that is still White, simply by default, because no non-Whites have as yet reached there. Such areas that are White by default will succumb to immigration just as soon as the immigrants start arriving, whereas an enclave dominated by a high concentration of militant Whites will defend itself and repel the invaders.
      The countries of Europe are still majority White, but not consciously or militantly so, and therefore they do not defend themselves against non-White immigration and they all have aging populations, without replacement rates of fertility and as a consequence, they are all heading towards a ‘demographic cliff’, which will see the White populations of European countries fall dramatically over the next 25 years. If nothing is done to defend White communities so that our populations remain racially unsullied, and if nothing is done to boost fertility rates, Whites will suddenly find themselves in the minority around half-way through this century. This is why we must act now!
      If we are to win the war of ideas we must dominate the media and the culture that the media creates. This cannot initially be done on a nationwide basis because we do not have the resources, but it can be done on a localised basis, in areas where we are numerically strong. This is why we must create localised concentrations of militant nationalists (enclaves) so that we can dominate the local culture and having turned the tide in those locations, progressively expand outwards to cover the whole country.
      As I have said before, we will not be hiding away like hermits in places of refuge, once established our enclaves will be aggressively expanded and will serve as centres of outreach to Whites living beyond their borders. Furthermore, we will implement initiatives to ‘wake up’ the sleeping Whites. These two strategies are not mutually exclusive. We can, and do intend to do both.

      1. frederickdixon

        - Edit

        Max, I support the idea of white enclaves but I do share some of Katana’s concerns. It’s essential that we do not put all our eggs in one basket. If resources permit then we can certainly try the “Orania” route, while bearing in mind that in our country’s circumstances (vastly different to those of South Africa) it would be an experiment and there have been many similar experiments in this country in the past – utopian left wing communes and the like – and they have all failed, the enthusiasm of the founders rarely lasting beyond the first generation, if that long. We dare not risk such a failure because we don’t have the resources or the time to try again.

        A looser, more informal, kind of enclave could perhaps be created more quickly and cheaply and would maybe better suit the independent nature of our people. I have in mind a drawing together of like minded racial nationalists to form a de facto enclave.For example a “London Enclave” (surely desperately needed) could be founded by identifying an area of London which is still heavily white British and has a tradition of nationalist activity (Romford perhaps?), encouraging nationalists who work in and around London to move there when their circumstances permitted, acquiring a hall for our community functions, establishing a local London nationalist media, establishing home schooling facilities with additional classes in the hall.

        That is how the ethnic minorities operate. We could do the same, stem white flight and begin the hard task of recovering our great cities. (And because people would buy their own houses we wouldn’t have to pump all our scarce resources into it!)

        1. Hi Frederick, as we have already agreed, enclaves do not all have to follow the same model and as you suggest it is possible that one could be formed in a place like Enfield (although I can think of much more attractive places). I don’t see however, how your thoughts regarding a metropolitan enclave, mirror the concerns of Katana, who seems opposed to the idea of creating enclaves altogether.
          Furthermore, it is not true that all prior attempts to create enclaves have failed, As there is the example of the Jesus Army in Northamptonshire to consider, who have a number of enclaves, the largest of which was set up in 1979 and the population of which now numbers 700 people. All this despite advocating a fundamentalist form of Christianity, a requirement for members to donate the bulk of their incomes and all of their wealth to the church, and enforcing a strict code of celibacy among their members!

          1. Don’t forget that a PLE actually exists in Germany, where the NPD has taken over a small village.


            The settlement of this village was done in the open by key activists of the leading German Nationalist Party under a regime which is far more repressive to nationalism than that which currently exists in England. The anti-whites spread black propaganda about midnight hitleresque rallies and all the non-nationalist residents being terrorised by violent ‘neo-nazi’s’, whilst complaining that the Police are not taking any action (probably because all the anti-whites claims are bullshit).

            If German nationalists can do this in the open, then British nationalists can do this in secret, it just requires action.

        2. Romford would be ideal, I don’t live far and know a LOT of people who would be on board with the idea proposed above.
          We have suffered a recent influx of immigrants which appears to be rapidly increasing and not so conincidentally causing our standard of living to deteriorate, whilst being home to many disenfranchised whites who harbour nationalist tendenceies which could quite easily be turned into fervent nationalist beliefs with the prospect of a real white future for the town/wider community.
          There are many who remain silent (through oppression and forced guilt) yet supportive of this cause. It’s just a matter of dangling that carrot in front of them

          1. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
            You write that you know a lot of people who would be interested in supporting our project. I would appreciate it therefore if you would be so kind as to email me with your contact details: and I will be in touch.

  22. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    However, we go about achieving our aims the critical thing is that we act as an organic community or series of allied communities. That’s why I suggested that we give serious thought to the idea of developing a kind of racial religion through our shared values.
    Katana has mentioned a certain ethno/religious group that has always posed a lethal threat to our existence, and I’m not talking about Islam!
    I entirely share Katana’s concern that under the wrong guidance we could be thought of as building nothing better than retirement homes for elderly racial-nationalists. However, the ethno/religious group Katana refers to has never found any conflict of interest between pursuing the most militant racial interests on the ‘coal face’ of politics and securing safe enclaves for its women, children and old people. I’m sure we can do equally well and even better, drawing on all our resources in a Movement of National Salvation.

  23. Crazy Englishman

    - Edit

    Thank you Western Spring.
    The articles on your site are enlightening and give reason to the values of racial nationalism.
    I hope that ALL nationalists get behind Western Spring implementing their plans.
    With the realization of a larger family sharing the same goal we can overcome our demise.
    I live in norfolk and there is a good sense of community and national pride, which I believe can be harnessed given the right teachings. At present people are still comfortable with their surroundings, (I fear this will be short lived). A push for large scale housing projects are being implemented, the best we can hope for is to congregate staunch nationalists to these areas and show the way forward, the only other option is already a reality in east London.
    The majority of people have been intimidated into not showing resistance to genocide, i’m sure they would accept their fate, if they are not awoken.
    I’m not academically what you require at present, but any assistance that I could be within East Anglia my spare time is yours.
    Again thank you for being someone doing something.

    1. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
      You write that you are “not academically what you require at present”, but don’t be too quick to write yourself off. You sound like an intelligent person and we need all the help we can get from people just like you. I would appreciate it therefore if you would be so kind as to email me with your contact details: and I will be in touch.

  24. Hi Max.

    You wrote: “Such areas that are White by default will succumb to immigration just as soon as the immigrants start arriving, whereas an enclave dominated by a high concentration of militant Whites will defend itself and repel the invaders.”
    Don’t you think that when the PTB get a whiff of militant Whites ‘repelling invaders’ they will make an example of it? Once they catch on to White ‘racists’ rejecting the ‘enriching gift’ that the ‘noble’ third worlders represent, that it will be like a red flag to a bull?
    You wrote: “If nothing is done to defend White communities so that our populations remain racially unsullied, and if nothing is done to boost fertility rates, Whites will suddenly find themselves in the minority around half-way through this century. This is why we must act now!”
    Completely agree! But the big issue is how to respond.
    You wrote: “If we are to win the war of ideas we must dominate the media and the culture that the media creates. This cannot initially be done on a nationwide basis because we do not have the resources, but it can be done on a localised basis, in areas where we are numerically strong. This is why we must create localised concentrations of militant nationalists (enclaves) so that we can dominate the local culture and having turned the tide in those locations, progressively expand outwards to cover the whole country.”
    But what will dominating the local media and culture amount to though? People are being brainwashed by the mass media that is national and international in scope. To dominate a village or small town will require sufficient numbers that it will largely be preaching to the converted in any case.

    For militant nationalists to get into these enclaves they will be required to break their established bonds and networks with family (if single), relatives and friends, get new jobs, new schools (if they have kids) and so on. Obviously there are not going to be that many people willing to do that unless there are clearly damn good and compelling reasons (which I don’t see).
    You wrote: “once established our enclaves will be aggressively expanded and will serve as centres of outreach to Whites living beyond their borders. Furthermore, we will implement initiatives to ‘wake up’ the sleeping Whites. These two strategies are not mutually exclusive. We can, and do intend to do both.”
    Yes, implementing initiatives to ‘wake up’ sleeping whites is the absolute key to solving our problems. And in this internet connected world you don’t really need physical proximity to achieve that. So rather than spend tens of millions or even hundreds of millions on re-locating people, I would suggest that those kind of resources be spent on the creation of ‘educational material of various kinds that can wake up the sleepers that matter. Look at what David Duke has done and how his material gets millions of views for his videos, etc. White nationalists throughout the world need to pay for ‘propaganda departments’ with skilled and talented individuals to churn out masses of all sorts of outreach material in multiple European languages. This is a MIND WAR first and foremost and we need to focus on that.

    1. Hi Katana, taking your points in the order written:
      As Simon Lote has stated in these comments, a White nationalist enclave already exists in Germany and that enclave has been created without any attempt at stealth. Furthermore, despite it’s existence being publicised all around the globe, it still exists and has not been crushed by our enemies.
      It is therefore possible, but by no means certain, that if our enclaves were formed with a fanfare accompaniment and if we employed crude tactics in order to achieve our aims, then this might constitute ‘a red rag to a bull’, but as I have repeated several times now, the authorities in Northern Ireland have not been able to crush the Loyalist and Republican enclaves that exist there and nor have the authorities been able to crush the ‘traveller’ enclaves that exist across most of the rest of the British Isles, despite many of these being bases for wanton criminal activity.
      Furthermore, as Venutios has pointed out a number of times, it will take some time before our enclaves become apparent to outsiders and during that time the apparatus of the state will continue to decay and their powers weaken. Therefore as long as we do not go out of our way to attract attention, the increasingly inefficient forces of the state will prefer to save the vast sums of money that they might have to spend breaking up our enclaves and will turn a blind eye towards us.
      Dominating the local culture means exactly what it says. It means exercising our influence over the work of parish councils, boards of governors of local schools, resident’s associations, village hall committees, neighbourhood watch groups, church committees, boy scout troops, farmers markets, the local shops, local businesses, the local branches of establishment political parties, the community constables, local amateur dramatic societies, etc., in such a way that they reflect and support the values underpinning racial nationalism and in such a way that they operate against the efforts of anyone who dissents from this new paradigm.
      We won’t be able to ban people from watching television or listening to the radio, or from buying national newspapers, but the circulation of national newspapers is dying due to the influence of the Internet and on the Internet, as this website shows, we can present our arguments just as powerfully as any of the major news corporations. Furthermore, you will be surprised how many subtle ways there are to discourage people from watching television, ways which I shall not go into at this time, but use your imagination.
      Nationalists joining our enclaves will not have to dissolve their bonds with existing friends and family. Joining an enclave will in most cases involve moving some distance away from where they live at present, but many people already make such moves in order to take up more lucrative employment or to improve their quality of life. As long as we ensure that the quality of life within our enclaves is more attractive than life outside within the decaying fabric of our existing society, we will have no problems attracting settlers.
      ‘Waking people up’ as you say will be key to securing the survival of our race, but our revolution cannot be won simply by presenting superior arguments on internet websites. If that was so, we would have already won.
      It is a fact of life that most people base their beliefs and their actions upon influences that are primarily emotional rather than logical. Only a very small percentage of people base their beliefs and behaviours upon pure logic. Therefore our appeal must be primarily emotional rather than logical.
      There is an old saying, that ‘People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care!’ What this means is that unless you first convey to someone that you sincerely care about their welfare, then your logical arguments will have very little impact upon them.
      From our current positions, sitting behind our computer keyboards, we can tell people that we care about them, but we cannot show them in any meaningful or convincing way. This can only be done face to face and by performing tangible acts of kindness that improve the quality of their lives.
      Furthermore, psychologists have demonstrated that people tend to conform, in terms of their attitudes and behaviours, to the environment in which they live. Therefore it will matter little that someone reads a scintillating article on the Internet, if everything and everyone within the physical environment in which they live are opposed to what they have read and this is why we must create physical environments that support the message that we will simultaneously be broadcasting on the Internet and through our own mass media that we intend to build.
      The need for supportive physical environments means that we must create enclaves.

  25. ConnalOakesHolt

    - Edit

    The mental dimension of our struggle, is not the only dimension though Katana, as I am sure that you are well aware, and being so then for you personally that part of the struggle has already been won.
    But what of the others of our people, the sleepers? How many of them have you awoken?
    This is no criticism of you, allow me to explain what I mean.
    I speak concerning our struggle with my peers and some agree and some can understand what I’m saying but have nothing in the real world to make possible the belief. Yeah but what can you do about it? Is an oft heard response.
    Not one person though have I managed to awaken within my peer group, through presenting an argument through facts and figures or appealing to emotions.
    I am not saying here that it is pointless to put out information, clearly that is not the case.
    Most people who read a particular website or forum already subscribe to the views and opinions on them and visit them for a reaffiming of their views, a sense of community, news that concerns them and new information being disseminated, but largely speaking they already agree with what is being presented.
    Most adults have already formed very strong opinions by the age thirty or are equally stubborn and would not admit to being persuadable. This is not to suggest that to attempt is pointless.
    Youths on the other hand are more maleable. Yet youths spend most of their time in Marxist mind factories being indoctrinated with racially degenerate teachings.
    Dreams are only of any value if you can realise them. The mind war at some point needs to be brought onto the material plane.
    The marxists have achieved cultural hegemony not by winning arguments, but by utalising certain tactics, in other words they have taken action in the real world. They have realised their dream through action.
    Enclaves will provide not only protection in the future, a future that we will see grow darker yet, but centers from which to expand and reproduce children that have not been immersed in the poisoned ponds of multicuturalism and cultural Marxism.
    Enclaves will act as beacons of example as it were, to many of our people that awaken during the dark days ahead.
    Enclaves can be protected, and discourage undesireables in the meantime, by methods that do not include violence, lest violence is brought against them, in which case it is self defense.
    If we wait for a hoped for enlightenment within our white brethren, how long should we wait? If we wait to act only when it happens we risk not only the time lost now but our future should it not happen at all.
    I believe that most people are fence sitters, they need to see evidence before they jump.
    Visionaries must provide that evidence.

    1. frederickdixon

      - Edit

      The mass is always inert. Revolutions are effected by committed minorities. We are a committed minority, we can effect a revolution in the prevailing political culture of this country, and then the inert mass will realise that it always agreed with us. In fact most members of the inert mass DO agree to some degree or other with many of our positions, if only they knew it.

      Carrying out a revolution is never easy, but we have some things on our side; disenchantment with the established political parties, a public mood for political change, (both of these, ironically, a product of mass immigration), and in consequence the rise of new movements such as UKIP which are beginning to break up the hold of the traditional parties, the new electronic media which so amplifies the reach of our message.

      A nationalist enclave, whatever form it takes, will greatly advance the cause of the national revolution because, for the very first time, nationalism will have a real, solid, permanent achievement to its credit – we will actually be taking our country back, not in the ephemeral form of Council seats, but in the form of physical possession. The ethnic minorities have taken much of it from us in precisely that way – our turn now. The public, that inert mass, will find that prospect very attractive.

  26. Thanks Max for your considered reply.
    The likely difficulties in setting up enclaves that I mentioned are no doubt, as you indicate, surmountable given enough effort.
    Whether WNs are in enclaves or not they are still going to be engaged in ‘missionary’ work, waking up the ‘sleepers’ to our impending doom unless something is done.
    [As an aside, how tragically ironic is it that 21st century thinking White men whose forebears were once doing missionary work to ‘save the colored races’, are now compelled to do missionary work among our own people to save them from racial death!]
    Waking up enough thinking ‘sleepers’ to our dire challenge. That the third world invasion is not an accident or ‘karma’. That it’s a planned destruction of the White race by the same people/tribe who financed and organized the slaughter of White Russians and others following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. And so on.
    Waking up the sleepers to the fact that the socially destructive ‘-isms’ are not accidents but planned movements to destroy us.
    All this requires ‘propaganda’ which is really just the truth in this case.
    As you say Max, the facts are not sufficient. We need to appeal to both the hearts and the minds of Whites in order for them to wake up and save themselves from total destruction at the hands of the psychopaths that currently pull all the strings in our governments.
    Anyway your enclave idea is only going to be implemented over time so there will be plenty of opportunity to assess how useful it is in reality. If it turns out not to be so useful then it could at least be seen as a useful experiment. If it turns out successful then great.
    So carry on, and good luck! I look forward to reading about any other initiative.

  27. Anglo-Australian Alliance

    - Edit

    In light of the aims expressed in the article above and following on from this news ‘We Won’t Pay’: Greek activists reconnect power to poverty-stricken homes: I’d like to suggest the following:
    The “We Don’t Pay” movement is an excellent initiative and is the type of direct action I would like to see replicated by the Movement of National Salvation/Western Spring (M.O.N.S.).
    Political parties cannot realistically follow suit as they would be easily targeted by the “authorities”. But this is not the case with a leaderless resistance movement like M.O.N.S. Indeed, other movements such as Casa Pound –not constrained by the party system– have undertaken similar initiatives regarding housing, civil protection, welfare, and students.
    The initiative of the “We Don’t Pay” movement will of course take some time and effort to replicate. But I don’t see why we can’t at least set the wheel in motion with the following steps:
    1) Put a call out on Western Spring asking for electricians to come forward to help reconnect power to homes of the young, old and vulnerable;
    2) Compile an article advising people what to do if they cannot pay their bills. No one should be choosing between heating or eating and they should be encouraged to use gas and electricity as and when they need to and to hell with the companies. We do not risk death because of the utility companies threats.
    Sound, workable advice regarding this issue can be found on Get Out of Debt Free: –especially its Utilities section:
    Action speaks louder than words and I’ll be willing to help out both actively and financially with my proposal.
    Anyone else stepping forward, or are we all going to continue to just moan and type heated responses safe in our warm homes while our people die?

  28. I can’t help but feel that a nationalist revival, reawakening or consciousness – whatever you want to call it – will only really take place when the entire national infrastructure finally falls apart.
    We actually NEED more rioting from black areas, we NEED more bombings and murders from the peaceful Islamic encampments. These are the only things which are going to make people wake up, rub their eyes and WANT an alternative.
    MPs are doing their best to help us, overseeing a drop in th standard of living, closing hospitals, awarding themselves inflation busting pay rises and being caught on the fiddle.
    Even such things as destroying our welfare system is helping – turning more people towards militant action.
    All that is needed is the leadership to guide all of this malcontent in our direction.
    The White enclaves would be seen as a beacon for those wishing to escape the chaos.
    It would need to look a lot ‘nicer’ than those pictures in the Daily Fail though! We have grown soft on the back of our comfortable battery hen lives.

  29. Sounds like a reasonable plan altogether. Anything can be achieved provided it is realistic and sensible. The leftists already establish all white enclaves for themselves so its time for us to do the same. Keep up the good ideas.

  30. Dipping into Harpending and Cochran’s WestHunter blog and remembering their excellent book The 10,000 Year Explosion (evolutionary psychology and recent evolutionary developments) reminds me of a suggestion that I have been making occasionally over time in relevant places.

    Hope (fight) for the best, prepare for the worst as they say, but regarding the latter eventuality, we need a diasporic philosophy.

    How can small explicit white communities increase fertility rates, how can they raise the level of intelligence of the group, how can they collect and lock in resources and put them at the service of the community, how can they minimize defection, whilst offering strong routes out for the unsuitable, how can they avoid external aggression if the social order is disrupted or if there is increased state intrusion into the civic order for ends that conflict with the principles of the group. And so on. An overarching philosophy that binds together and creates a moral compulsion. And, I do not feel that a cosmotheistic philosophy will fulfill that role.

    1. That may be because you have never had a Cosmotheistic religion explained to you properly.
      However, if you wish to write an article on this subject and submit it to me for publishing and subsequent discussion, I will be happy to consider it.

    1. Again I would make the point that Loyalist and Republican enclaves have existed in Northern Ireland for decades and the British government have been unable to do anything about them.
      These Irish enclaves drew attention to their existence and painted large murals on their buildings so that everyone would know where they are and how far they extend. But we won’t be doing that.

  31. Just saw this over at Nova Europa. Absolutely fantastic article, and quite possibly one of the most important ever published on strategy.

    There is much that can be said about this vital topic, but I’ll hit a few key points:

    1. Stealth: there are things that by their very nature must be done in public (i.e. Golden Dawn), but this isn’t one of them. Most enclaves should not seek any media publicity at all. We’ve got to break the habit of being publicity hounds in a system that will not allow us to win through normal channels. Instead we’ve got the internet and, more importantly, we’ve got word of mouth. Start small, scale up gradually. Word will get out over time, in our own way. By then it will be too late to stop.

    2. Freeze out: not only should there be a freeze out of the media, but the enclaves should work to freeze out non-white invaders and white traitors. That’s how the invaders ethnically cleanse us, by freezing us out. They start their own businesses, and hire only their own. They scoop up housing. As there are more and more of them in an area, and fewer and fewer of us, our social opportunities begin to dry up, as do our economic and cultural opportunities. Every time you run into a Bantu behind the cashier stand instead of a pretty white girl, that’s one less opportunity in life. Enclaves can use this same process to our advantage. Every white nationalist we can get behind a cashier stand is one less potential opportunity for the invaders, expanding our own web of community while shrinking that of the opponent.

    3. Economics: the key is to develop an approach that is economically sustainable. If we can make it pay for itself to the point where those who provide seed capital have a realistic chance of getting most of their money back, perhaps even at a reasonable profit, then we can replicate it thousands of times. The sky is the limit. While our cause is a calling and not a means of making a buck, it’s hard to expand and be aggressive when you’re broke. Enclaves must be sustainable, not money pits. If they are money pits, there will never be enough of them.

    4. Whites helping whites: if the approach can be made economically sustainable, a portion of resources should be devoted toward charity for our fellow whites. Again, however tempting, don’t prance about the media even for something like this. Don’t scrape and grovel to system gatekeepers, instead create a parallel system, and keep our own gates. Word will get around in due course that pro-whites are helping poor whites, and that will mean far more than a media spectacle. At that point, we are legion.

    There is so much more that can be said, and I truly hope that this idea is developed over time. I have become convinced that this is the necessary foundation for achieving our own ethnostates again. Until we create numerous physical spaces that are meaningfully “ours,” we will be helpless and alone, easy pickings for our opponents, and extremely vulnerable to the system’s financial and psychological sanctions. But what if we had real communities where, even if a man ends up taking a hard hit for the cause, he is in no danger of losing his job? Where he is in no danger of losing status, in fact his respect within a real physical community will only increase? Maybe he even gets the love and admiration of a pretty woman. Point is, we need spaces that are our own. Real strength is developed in these sorts of ways, not by prancing about in front of media system hacks.

    As one minor example among a million different possibilities, take the time to read this article by Jack Donovan on how to start a “gang” with a co-op gym:

    Donovan’s co-op gym idea is an example of something that we can do right now, under the radar, and replicate many times. Do that, and you’ve got one more space for us, and one more space that freezes out the invader and the traitor.

    In any event, brilliant article. I hope this sort of thing takes root here in America and other endangered white areas, but as Britain is the land of my ancestors, it is particularly exciting for it to start happening there. Very well done!

  32. I would like to pick up Trainspotter’s point 1 about stealth. Do you think there is a place in our organisational structure for a clandestine organisation that would actually control political and social arms of the intended structure? I have in mind something similar to the Masons, but without the Billy-Goat Riding.

  33. Very interesting initiative. I’ve thought about something like this for while now, and it is very encouraging to see that there are others willing to embark on a such a project. However, there are two issues with the approach taken that seem, to me, to have the potential of undermining the project.

    1. The lack of enforcement of “white-only” policies for the areas designated to be the target settling space. It is entirely possible that not all non-whites will be pushed out. In fact, it seems probable that some of them, especially those which have culturally assimilated and/or rely on social security, will not feel any need to move out. The Orania approach of building a community entirely on private land, thus having the option of vetoing any “undesired” applicants, seems to provide the legal means to overcome this problem. Would you consider any such option?

    2. How will you ensure the racial purity of the applicants? Based only on phenotypical traits? The non-white admixture can be quite large in people who “look white”, thus completely destroying the whole point of the project. If the veto power mentioned in the previous point exists, would you consider DNA testing all potential settlers, to assure the racial purity of the community?

    Cheers from Portugal.

    1. 1. The Orania approach is what we have in mind.
      2. This is a complex issue that for practical purposes has a simple solution. White genes are more recently evolved than non-White genes and are therefore recessive when the two are mixed, which means that if a person has any appreciable amount of non-White genetic composition, this fact will be readily apparent from their physical appearance. We would therefore accept someone as White if their physical appearance is such that they would ordinarily be regarded as White by their compatriots.
      I would be opposed to any ‘witch-hunt’ in which people who are ostensibly White are stigmatised or shunned simply because they have inherited relic genes from a non-White ancestor which have no appreciable impact upon their appearance of behaviour.
      Such a ‘witch-hunt’ would in fact be unnecessary as I plan to introduce eugenic principles into the voluntary religious customs of our communities and any remnant non-White genes together with any rogue White genes that adversely impact upon the character of our people, will be humanely bred out of our gene pool over two or three generations. There will be no need for unpleasantness, no need for inquisitions and no need for compulsion, all people of good will who can credibly present as White people will find a home within our communities.

      1. Thanks for the answers. I sincerely hope this project succeeds, and wish you the best of luck in its pursuit. I’ll be eagerly following the developments in the project. I’d love to be able to visit your community one day!

  34. Funny i just found out this page, as a Portuguese nationalist i had already tough on a similar strategy, it was still very incomplete but i even spoken about it on a white nationalist website and sadly very few were open to the idea! However we dont have a choice mainly for two reasons:
    1: We dont have time to simply keep on awakening people or wait for a election win without a backup plan, those white enclaves are a priority, not only because of the reasons already mentioned but any resistance needs a headquarter!
    2: If we contnue tangled in the virtual world, eventually anyone willng to figth back will just be filled with apathy and give up or wait for some miracle that will never come!
    I would love to some some cooperation between Portuguese and British nationalists, i think our countries are vital along with spain and france, if we wish to free our nations from the globalised elites we need to secure the atlantic sea, and the mediterranean, UK, Spain, Portugal, France nationalists should cooperate to attain the same goal! Besides all the countries that i mentioned are at the verge of economic colapse (Portugal, spain) or ethnic civil war (UK, France) just think about it!

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