Tess Culnane – 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

By Max Musson:

When this award was first envisioned, our intention was to award the prize to the nationalist speaker who had throughout each year shown the greatest oratorical skill. The speaker who had delivered their speech fluidly, demonstrating eloquence, and artistry and a whole host of other possible oratorical devices with which to give emphasis to their message, and when began to listed to this speech by Tess Colnane of the National Front, I did not expect it to exhibit these qualities and I must confess I expected this speech to simply be predictable and uninspiring ‘padding’, taking up excess time between two ‘superior’ speeches. I was wrong.

Tess Culnane is not as I correctly anticipated, a speaker who employs artifice and oratorical devices in order to give emphasis to her message, but her speech shown in the video below is significant because her great sincerity and because of her insights and the wisdom displayed. This is probably one of the most important speeches of 2014, and possibly one of the most important speeches of the decade.

In this speech, Tess expresses her heartfelt wish that before she dies there should be some kind of “unification” of the small parties that currently comprise the nationalist movement in this country. Of the task ahead of us of saving our nation, Tess says of the national Front, “I don’t believe we can do tis on our own, … we’ve got to get around this problem another way, because [what we have been doing] so far, it hasn’t worked … I can’t see any movement [forward].

“… We’d love to get out and promote and do everything in London, but we can’t do it, we can’t do it because there’s not enough of us under that flag, National Front.

“But we could do it as nationalists”, that is, together with other nationalists, “We would perhaps have more notice taken.

“That doesn’t mean to say that we’re going to forget our National Front policies and what we believe in, and we don’t expect the BNP to fall in line with everything we believe, but now, surely we can work together rather than separately … … Why is it nationalists can’t get together and fight [the serious problems that threaten our people]?

“So, somewhere along the line everything has gone radically wrong and I do believe that unless we get our groups of nationalists [together], I really don’t think we’re going to fight them, … on our own. I really can’t see it and no disrespect to the NF and none to the BNP, but I really think that united we stand and divided we will fall”.

Tess is so right. What we nationalists have been doing so far, has not worked and shows no sign of working in the foreseeable future. Nationalists have got to learn to work together, but more than this, nationalists must in future do something different, something more than has been done in the past, and in this Tess’ message concurs with our message here at Western Spring.

By Max Musson © 2015

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3 thoughts on “Tess Culnane – 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

  1. This is the message of the century. We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

    Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Lovely Lady who has obviously “been there, seen that and got the tee shirt” Plain everyday speaking that must ring bells in us all. Of course she is right, small disjointed groups can never make the breakthrough. And in this political structure even medium sized, 50 thousand members plus, would be hard pressedto make a dent with the odds stacked the way they are.
    But there are other options and if we can all bend a little great things may yet be achieved. Sadly we need some small breakthrough pretty soon though, every year our situation will worsen

    1. Crazy Englishman

      - Edit

      The responsibility of creating cohesion not only falls on the shoulders of our leaders but on every nationalist to actively create this opportunity if not demand it. The issue of which flag do we work under can be resolved by using the white unity logo. Would it not also be progressive to see this logo being used as a symbol in all white nationalist groups worldwide.

      Nothing happens unless first we dream

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