Some Thoughts on the Present Wave of Anti-Semitism

By Kasredin:

Israel GazaAccording to the national press, incidents of anti-semitic hostility have become increasingly common across Europe. Members of Israeli football team Maccabi Haifa have been attacked by pitch invaders in Austria. Two Israeli tourists were among four people gunned down at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Anti-Israeli and even anti-semitic slogans have been shouted in the streets of Germany, and a planned terror attack on a synagogue in that country has apparently been thwarted by the police. The Israeli ambassador has compared the situation to the events of 1938. France has for some time now experienced an exodus, as Jewish families move to either Israel or the United Kingdom in order to escape from persecution at the hands of pro-Palestinian Muslims.

Here in the United Kingdom the situation has not traditionally been particularly bad, but that is now changing. The Daily Mail reports:

A rabbi was attacked by four Muslim teenagers outside a Jewish boarding school in Gateshead …

In Belfast, bricks were thrown at the city’s only synagogue …

Groups of Asian men … drove through a Jewish area of Manchester, throwing missiles at passers-by.

I presume that readers of this site are for the most part racial nationalists. Some of them may be members of political parties, while others may prefer to go down the route of quiet preparation as envisaged by Western Spring. Either way, we need at some point to persuade the people of this country to support the cause of racial nationalism. Incidents of inter-ethnic hostility provide an opportunity for such persuasion.

The cause of the recent upsurge in hostility towards Jews is of course outrage at the bombardment of Gaza by Israel. I am aware that Hamas militants in Gaza are also bombarding Israel, but they cannot hope to match Israeli firepower.

When someone you know comments on anti-semitic activity in this country, it is reasonable to reply that some level of anti-semitism, while not to be condoned, is nevertheless unsurprising given the circumstances. Muslims in this country are likely to align themselves with Muslims in Gaza and condemn Israel for murdering hundreds of civilians. Of course a Jew living in Britain is not to blame for the actions of the Israeli government, but equally we must not be surprised when angry Muslims vent their frustrations on a locally available target.

If Britain were not in the EU, then Jews from France would not be able to come to Britain, and our Jewish population would be smaller, albeit only slightly smaller. If Britain had not endured a policy of open door immigration for many decades now, then we would not have three million Muslims living among us – or is it four million now?

When discussing this matter with someone who is not a patriot, then it makes sense to make them aware that this is the natural consequence of our immigration policy, and maybe he will acknowledge the point. However you might be unwise to try to take the conversation any further.

The important thing is that you do not want to come across as anti-semitic yourself, or at least I assume you don’t. Feel free to condemn Israel for the bombardment of Gaza, but try not to imply that all Jews are to blame.

While I tend to admire the tabloid columnist Peter Hitchens, I am surprised that he recently came out with the absurd comment that “Israel … is a place where Jews can go when other people want to kill them for being what they are, not for what they do, and when nobody else will take them in”.

Israel is a nation born out of the theft of land from Arabs, and which has expanded its frontiers by stealing more land from more Arabs. An important lesson from history is that Jews are often despised for what some Jews do. Hitler despised Jews because he objected to the behaviour of a clique of ultra-rich Jews, and many people today – notably Muslims – object to the terrorist activities of the Israeli government.

Whatever you personally think of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, do not fall into the trap of thinking that your enemy’s enemy is necessarily your friend. Muslims in this country, whatever their attitude towards Israel, tend to be very selective in what they choose to protest about.

How many Muslims object to the ritual slaughter of farm animals? How many Muslims campaign against female genital mutilation or Muslim paedophile grooming? How many Muslims protest against the persecution of Christians in countries like Egypt or Iraq?

Finally, if your non-nationalist friend asks you what advice if any you have for frightened Jews in Europe, then reply with a question. Ask them whether or not the European Jews who are fleeing to Israel are going to support the murderous regime of politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu.

By Kasredin © 2014

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8 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Present Wave of Anti-Semitism

  1. Jews seem to have taken the word Semite as their own in the way that Homosexuals took Gay.
    Both uses are not accurate.

  2. The latest mantras out of Israel is that Hamas stand behind their children while Israelis stand in front of theirs, also that if Israel lays down its arms there would be war, whereas if the Arabs lay down their arms there would be peace.

  3. frederickdixon

    - Edit

    The Jews are a nation so they need a national home, the great sadness is that they took one belonging to someone else. I was in Palestine recently and got into conversation with a local Christian – and remember that Palestinian Christians are at least as much the descendants of the Hebrews of biblical times as are the Jews – and although he was cagey, his bitterness at the dispossession, discrimination and hardship suffered by the Palestinians, Christian and Moslem, was palpable. If Israel or its backer, the USA, falters there will be a terrible reckoning, a great exodus of Jews to the West, and a new and pitiable Holocaust story to exploit just as WW2 fades from memory into history.

    Interestingly, he said that the only people who could untie the tangled knot which is the modern Near East were the people who tied it in the first place – the British.

    It should have been possible in the 19th century, when the whole world was the oyster of the western powers, to find somewhere suitable for a large population of European Jews – in California or Argentina or Rhodesia – but it didn’t happen. Only Stalin tried to find them a home, in a half frozen swamp where the borders of Siberia, China and Mongolia come together; not surprisingly few took the opportunity to go there and most of them have since left.

    I can see no nice way out of the mess.

  4. I think we need to pinch ourselves considering how far . Who would of said a month ago that #hitlerwasright would be mass trending on twitter and the strength of anti-zionism rhetoric.

    I would advise Nationalist not to look to ‘take advantage’ of the situation; as Napoleon said “do not interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake”. They are looking for a way out and they will push very hard to steer the anti-israel agenda onto anti-nationalism (anti-‘racism’) if Nationalists were seen to trying to gain from the situation. Let the left destroy itself.

    Jews are often the glue that keeps very different groups together in their anti-White agenda. Big business, blacks (see American civil rights movement) and muslims (see UK muslim organisation ‘Tell Mama’ with a Jew at it’s head). These groups are now rebelling from the ‘Jewish Nucleus’. Big business is under pressure from consumers not to support israel, blacks turn against israel because they think jews are White and for muslims it is self explanatory as the zionist jews are trying to impose conditions of life designed to make life so unbearable that they will leave.

    There is also inner conflict of zionist jews vs neo-marxist jews.The decades of gradualist work of strengthening non-european power and making commenting on jews beyond reproach has been shattered by those that only recently were their puppets.

    Peter Hitchens is a neo-con, ‘controlled opposition’. He gains the trust of the readership by tapping into anti-immigration sentiment but uses that trust to lead them down pointless avenues. See his articles in the 00’s about the BNP and think to yourself “is he on our side?” Up until the last few years his articles centered round anti-labour while presenting the conservatives as having the solutions.

    An individual like Peter Hitchens is 10x more damaging to Nationalism than any nick lowles, bennett or gerry cable type characters. He is far more useful to the establishment as ‘controlled opposition’ than just another left-wing talking-head.

    1. Yes I agree, also the bias of the press is apparent with all the nonsense about how people will sue Putin & sanctions that could backfire very badly, while at the same time saying virtually nothing about sanctions against Israel or war crimes.
      The UN have said something but will it amount to anything in action?
      I think Hamas know it’s make or break time now, I don’t think Israel wants them gone because they would be replaced by something far worse, I think they want the Palestinians forced out of Gaza by making it impossible to live there.
      If the blockade doesn’t stop, how long can they survive in what has been called the biggest open air prison in the world?

  5. In the media do they reveal who is doing these “anti Semitic” attacks?
    Do they let people assume it’s rabid right wingers?
    Some moslem extremists are attacking anyone who is not them, such as drinkers in Cardiff.
    One commenter asked why is it that they never attack somewhere like Stamford Hill or Golders Green?
    Then answered it by saying because the authorities would do something about it!

  6. Funny also how ISIS were a huge threat & about to capture Iraq & now nothing.
    There’s been some hints that things are far from well in Libya, faction fighting, oil refinery blown up, that sort of thing.
    But the focus is on MH 17 & Gaza, no doubt that’ll change in a heartbeat shortly, after all Palestinian massacres are hardly anything new & we shouldn’t dwell on old news!

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