Samantha Lewthwaite – Role Model?

By Frederick Dixon:

Samatha Lewthwaite 1We’ve all seen that photo of the “white widow”, head tightly wrapped in a light blue/grey niqab which serves to emphasise her big blue eyes, eyes further enhanced by a light application of eye shadow as her mouth is improved by a little lipstick. I don’t know whether or not Islam approves of cosmetics, nor do I know whether or not Ms Lewthwaite had anything to do with the recent atrocity in Nairobi – although, if she did, she may now be lying dead in the ruins of the Westgate shopping mall.

What interests me about Samantha Lewthwaite is that she represents, in an extreme form, a modern version of something very ancient. It is one of those unhappy facts of life that women have always been a prize of conquest, the conqueror taking the womenfolk of the conquered. The women, of course, have in the past had no choice in the matter but there is no reason to suppose that they are always reluctant; it is much better for their children that they should be the children of a conqueror than the children of the conquered. But conquest can take more than one form and need not always be military, so that when power begins to pass from one community to another, a conquest is taking place, albeit a gradual one. When women sense that power is passing it is natural for them, or at least for some of them, to follow the power to where it now resides.

It is difficult for those who are aware of the changes in our society not to have an uneasy suspicion that power is passing in just that way. The traditional political, media and academic elites remain of course but they now buttressing their position by the recruitment of a new middle class, an ethnic minority middle class. This is done by the ongoing process of privileging immigrants and their descendants and silencing and disempowering the native British. The inevitable result of this disempowering is the appropriation of the womenfolk of the disempowered by the newly powerful – this can be seen at its crudest in the vile treatment of vulnerable young white girls by Moslem “grooming gangs”, but it can be seen too in accelerating levels of miscegenation and conversions of white women to Islam in order to marry Moslems.

There is, though, another factor at work in the case of those women who convert to Islam. That religion, however perverted and hateful it may seem to us, has the great advantage of an iron moral code within which women and their children can find certainty and security of a kind. Some prefer that certainty and security to the often frightening “freedom” of our atomised and debauched society in which, it sometimes seems, all values have been replaced by the Satanists’ injunction: “do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” (does it not sometimes seem as if everything which has happened in our society since the fifties has been in accord with that injunction?) .

To come back to Lewthwaite. She was one of our own but is now utterly lost; having embraced the ever growing power which is Islam and entered into a marriage with a Negro who was himself a convert to that religion, she and her husband, with all the fervour of converts, embarked on the career of atrocity which Islam seems to inspire in its most literal minded followers. In her inter-racial marriage and her embrace of an alien faith she perfectly epitomises the spirit of the times in this country, and that is why she might well serve (although not, we must hope, in the violent end to her career) as a role model for young white British women who know little of their own heritage, but have come to dislike the hedonism which is all that our society now seems to offer its young.

That is why she must also serve us, not as a role model, but as a dire warning. We must draw on our own national and racial traditions to develop a system of beliefs, and a code of personal and civic conduct, which will provide our own young with the moral security which Samantha Lewthwaite and others like her could find only by turning to an alien faith. In Western Spring there exists an instrument which has the will, and the intellectual strengths to carry through this crucial work.

By Frederick Dixon © 2013

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11 thoughts on “Samantha Lewthwaite – Role Model?

  1. Great article extremely well put. I see many many, young white women converting to Islam, despite the violent extremist Islam carries.

  2. I’ve had a stab at this subject somewhere in the past – long before the Lewthwaite case – and I must say that this article is better presented and more in-depth.

  3. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Frederick Dixon goes straight to the raw nerve of miscegenation when he writes ..

    “It is one of those unhappy facts of life that women have always been a prize of conquest, the conqueror taking the womenfolk of the conquered. The women, of course, have in the past had no choice in the matter but there is no reason to suppose that they are always reluctant; it is much better for their children that they should be the children of a conqueror than the children of the conquered.”

    Only by facing this bitter truth will Aryan man sum up the courage and will power to re-assert his birthright; in this matter tolerance is a code word for death.

  4. Miscegenation might be cool for some young uneducated girls but the crunch comes when in the future one of their half-caste ancestors is looking up to find out who the hell it was that was responsible for changing their family tree from pedigree Anglo-Saxon to random hybrid; Its irreversible, a bit like having a sex change because you did not like what you were given in the first place.

  5. Interesting one this and I agree with your sentiments. The Nationalist community should be providing an outlet, a focus for all those disenfranchised by the hedonistic, selfish legacy left by the Baby Boomers. We should be taking a cue from Génération Identitaire and their women’s section Antigones and be setting up a grass roots youth movement in order to fill the vacuum, a movement that provides education and inspiration for our youth. We need to steer our abandoned youth away not just from Islam but also away from the establishment’s multicultural propaganda. It doesn’t have to be like this, we can change it.

    1. There was no ‘baby boom’. This commenter is yet another troll or liar. The lies started in the 19th century and it’s absurd to blame the last generation: they’d been lied to all their lives.

      It’s clear to me this site is not properly monitored and I personally will not contribute again.

      1. Rerevisionist, you seem to be trying very hard to be outraged. I cannot see what Florian Geyer has written that you find so offensive.
        Perhaps you should invest some time in explaining to us why Florian is wrong instead of getting in a huff.

  6. Excellent piece regarding the vacuum many uneducated,unloved girls find themselves inevitably making the wrong choices.What a very sad girl,finding a kind of celebrity in a violent political system which treats women so heinously under the guise of religion and faith.
    It is her very ignorance of Islam that has lead her to join such a violent ‘faith’

    1. “finding a kind of celebrity”. Quite so. She is now, we are told, the “world’s most wanted woman” How glamorous is that! How many will want to be like her?

  7. I think that picture sums up her hypocrisy of having it both ways, if you want to convert to islam then go & live in a moslem country & not have your cake & eat it here.
    It’s incompatible with the country I want to live in.

    1. They don’t want to live in an Islamic country,look at Egypt.This silly girl obviously desperate for love was duped by someone who had clear intentions.Some of her ilk have had bombs placed in their baggage unknowingly and tried to board planes.I think Samantha could have been seduced into another social group and never have been exposed to such evil. C’est la vie! Unfortunately,impressionable,vulnerable and probably not very bright.

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