Richard Edmonds at the JTMM – The Torch Still Burns Brightly!

The second guest speaker at this year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting was veteran nationalist campaigner Richard Edmonds, a man who was for decades a close friend, colleague and confidant of John Tyndall.

Richard is another man, who like John Tyndall has devoted his life to our people’s cause and has kept going when many lessor men would have given up. No matter what our enemies have thrown at Richard, he has been undeterred and even now in his seventies is an inspiration to us all.

In his speech Richard refers to the task ahead of us of bringing together again the broken parts of our movement. He describes a political landscape that has the old established parties in a state of flux and advises us that we must remain alert to the opportunities this situation presents.

In closing he reminds us that only the likes of a John Tyndall can save us now, someone of great courage, energy and ability.

By Max Musson © 2017

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