Richard Edmonds – 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

Nominated for a third time for the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize is the 2015 winner and veteran nationalist campaigner Richard Edmonds.

At the ripe old age of seventy-four, Richard still exhibits great passion and energy. His speaking style is very animated, employing vivid facial expressions and hand gesticulations in order to emphasise his message. Richard also uses repetition in order to emphasise key points and in order to slow the pace of his delivery and give him time to think about what he is going to say next. It is important when speaking in public that the speaker controls the pace of his or her delivery. Failure to do this results in either a rambling speech or in the speaker suffering a mental blank in which the thread of the speech is lost.

Richard is a frequent and popular speaker at nationalist meetings again emphasising the importance of practice in perfecting one’s craft.

By Max Musson © 2017

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