Religious Fervour, the Multicult Religion and UKIP

By Fionn Westron:

“Religious fervour” – this is exactly the name of the game. We are dealing with a religion.

We all know that many of those who were staunch adherents of the old religions, did not have a jot of inner spirituality. A lot of such people wanted to belong to a religion because it gave one social status, it improved the image and thus the standing of a person amongst their peers and in keeping up with the Jones’s.

It is really depressing, because this really the brain still operating on a base, animalistic level. Animals operate like this, for instance, certain tropical birds have to look, move and dance the part, in order to attract the female. One wrong feather out of place or move that doesn’t quite fit into what their species has grown to expect, and they are rejected.

Multiculturalism is no different, it has been built up into a religion, which is the fashion. It is “cool” to be multicultural, it is cool because it means higher status, it means higher status because the masses have been shown that the world of celebrity indulges in it – e.g Cheryl Cole with a black footballer, and Heidi Klum with a black husband.

Multicult 1White females are led to believe that in order to have higher status one must have one of the new gods on one’s arm…..a black. For the female biology, if we are talking about the most fundamental instincts, consideration of the nest and anything that will be advantageous to the bringing up of the young is what appeals to the female brain at a raw, base fundamental genetic level (males have their own base genetic impetus’ too). Thus females will seek to imitate what they see is promoted in the media as being of higher status and right now, on film and TV, blacks are pushed as being the new gods.

Another aspect of this is for the  middle-classes to patronise and exhibit a faux humanitarianism. Having mixed raced kids is regarded as the height of piety, and you see certain middle-class mothers with a new African husband gushing about her little brown ‘jewel’ – not realising how the baby looks nothing like her, and more like she is baby-sitting someone else’s child. She does not realise how she will never see herself, her parents or her grandparents in the features or possibly persona of the child.

Describing this social status idea another way, it is a snobbery. But societal norms come and go. How many people have heard how their parents, used to go on about education, or have a particular admiration or blind spot if a person was “educated”. It is almost possible that they would have said about the serial killer doctor, Dr. Shipman “oooh my God, he murdered all those people……BUT he was a very well educated man though!?!”

Again this is the middle-class multicult attitude to multiculturalism, for them it is not so much a case of truly sincere humanitarianism, it is simply swopping one snobbery for another. Swopping what to them is old fashioned and ridiculous, thus status lowering, for what is perceived to make them appear good; holier-than-thou; righteous; and pious – the new high moral ground……the new religion, the snobbery of the multicult.

Other aspects of the religion, include sin – i.e. pride and enjoyment of one’s own race and culture, which by definition is exclusive. Blasphemy, is expressing the reality of multicult – the violence and harassment meted out to whites, expressing the desire to protect and defend one’s own ethnic group and home.

There are the high-priests, the leftists the clerics of our multicult anti-Christian churches, the EU governments, and the immigration industry NGO’s. We have heretical laws – the incitement to hatred laws, anti freedom of speech laws and so on. We have the witch-hunters, the UAF, ECHR our corrupted police, all who find, root out search and attempt to burn the practitioners of heresy/truth.

There are so many immigrants in our countries, many in Britain know someone who is not ethnically British, and so to support any party which outrightly acknowledges a difference in what is ethnically British and those who are not, but have lived in Britain all their lives, work, drink, play sport with their ethnic “pals”, this presents a problem. People do not want to be ostracised, or to be seen to be hurtful or mean to others, they also do not want, as stated in Max Musson’s recent article on UKIP, to invite the career and family attacks this would involve.

This is one of the reasons a lot of Britons voted UKIP, even those who are not of the nationalist persuasion. It gave them permission to say, or at least let them feel that they have permission to say, “I have a serious problem with immigration, and I love and want to protect my Britishness and this country. UKIP at least gave them that.

By Fionn Westron © 2014

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42 thoughts on “Religious Fervour, the Multicult Religion and UKIP

    1. “I have a serious problem with immigration, and I love and want to protect my Britishness and this country. UKIP at least gave them that.

      It did appear that UKIP gave voters the opportunity to say they want to protect their cultural identity. But it was a false hope, cruelly perpetrated!

      For UKIP is an completely multicultural. Note that when Nigel Farage talks about immigration he’s only referring to immigration from Europe. He has no problem with the continuation of the Asian and/or African influx!

  1. Bernard from Bucks

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    “She does not realise how she will never see herself, her parents or her grandparents in the features or possibly persona of the child.”
    Do you know, I’d never thought of that. How awful that must be. How sad.
    Recently I have been putting together our family tree and I have so far got back to 1818. But more importantly, I have discovered an early photograph of my great grandfathers with all his family surrounding him and his wife. It is fascinating to look back over 100 years and compare features with my nieces and nephews children of today. Five generations! Three in the past, two in the present.

  2. frederickdixon

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    This is an excellent analysis which identifies many truths. I particularly picked up on the bit about people now having ethnic minority pals which makes it difficult for them to be nationalist in our sense of the word.

    When I was working I came to know a number of Asians whose company I enjoyed and I’m still in touch with, and socialise with, some of them. This doesn’t affect my nationalism in the slightest because my values were formed long before I met them and I’m able to completely separate my feelings for them from my feelings for our country – in other words my politics are not personal.

    I wonder if younger people who have always been around ethnic minorities are able to pull off the same trick? It would surely be much more difficult. This emphasises the need for institutions – “enclaves” – where our people can live their lives together and separated as far as is practical from all who are not White British.

    1. I can only speak for myself Mr. Dixon, but as a boy brought up in an environment where there where a few ethnics, but mainly a white area, I can say it hasn’t dampened my beliefs at all.
      There have been a few blacks, Indians and Chinese around in my town as long as I’ve been around and if I’m honest when I was smaller they always intrigued me. I always had a non white friend or two from being a toddler onwards. But when my dad told me you had to be white to be English I started to question why they were here. As I grew up I became more conscious of the way the non whites generally keep to their own, as a teenager I knew an Indian lad who was the exception that proved the rule, he didn’t get along with others like him because of it.
      If anything observing them from up close (but not too close, my town is still 90+% white for now) has made me all the more aware of what it means to be English.

      1. Ana Tomy-White

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        I have had to say goodbye to many white European friends over the years and gotten over it. So will have absolutely no problem saying goodbye to non-white colonists.

    2. Fionn Westron

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      There is also another angle. Although seeming quite hard, it works by osmosis just as multicult has.

      The message of immigration being bad and that all people whether White or Black can be opposed to it, is the start. Then the lead by example of showing how good Whites are, how their behaviour is sterling, how they achieve in every field. Of course I am talking about the individuals who are proponents of our race and way.

      By such example it inspires admiration and and aspiration to not only be like, but for other whites to…..”want in” to want a White partner and White childrenn, especially women. We will reinvigorate the notion of the White as Thor-like, if not in physical form then at least in aura by their countenance, demeanour, actions and words. Who would not want to partner with such a glowing, confident and capable, individual?

  3. For a working class white women living one of our many non-white ghettos, a half black child may well turn out to be a good survival strategy for her . . . . she and the child will now fit in. For the higher status woman that indulges in this behaviour I can only agree with the authors conclusion.

    1. A non-white child means both the mother and the child are lost to us. The child will be non-White and the mother will find it difficult/impossible to sublimate her instinct to care for her child to the needs of our people for racial survival. Therefore having a non-White child can never be a valid survival strategy.

      1. Max, I assume jackdaw means, by a ‘survival strategy’, something at a day-to-day and perhaps lifetime level; not a strategy for an entire race over millennia. However undesirable it may be, at least the woman’s level of harrassment and intimidation may be lowered to a bearable level. This of course explains the Jewish policy after 1945 to work for alien immigration into white countries. In those days, the idea of ‘coloured’ children was something like an ultimate taboo; people presented with evacuated children from Liverpool were shocked that some were non-English. Unless women are consciously protected, some of this is likely to happen. Think of Jack the Ripper, a Jew, in east London: similar depressing lesson. Or of innocent Vietnamese girls during the US invasion.

        1. I do understand what Jackdaw meant, Rerevisionist, but I remain of the opinion that any woman finding herself in that position should get away from it as quickly as possible and not try to find some way of making her existence tolerable by lumbering herself with a mixed race child and thereby defiling her race.

  4. I’ve never looked at the problem of miscegenation that way, but yes … it does make sense. I think, however, that miscegenation only really takes place in the lowest IQ-range (75-110) and is rare — almost non-existent — amongst better, cleverer people.

    1. Miscegenation does take place even among intelligent people, however the higher up the IQ scale one goes, the fewer are the potential non-White mates and so this does tend to reduce the incidence.
      If one were to look at a group photo at a typical Mensa meeting for example, the group would be overwhelmingly White, with a smattering of Jews, Chinese and Asians, but no Negros. Some Negros can exhibit higher intelligence, but this tends to be much rarer than with Whites, and at the highest levels, i.e. Mensa levels, they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

      1. I think the main reason for miscegenation is stupidity. Although there are people out there practicing miscegenation who have a high-IQs, these people still might not be able to understand the consequences of their actions (in the case of ruining the country for future generations). They are, these race-mixers with high-IQs, incapable of seeing through the racial-egalitarian dogma spewed out by the media, the education System, and the government.

        In my opinion, this is stupidity! This type of person, in other contexts that involve dogmatic teaching (such as several parts of academia), would be incapable of breaking through with their own thoughts and changing the thought structures of their chosen discipline — they are sheep.

        Miscegenation is the action of a sheep and all sheep are stupid.

    2. Fionn Westron

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      The reason I had to point out how it is like a religion is to make people aware, the nature of what we are dealing with.

      Like religion it appeals to emotion, so any person of any intelligence is open to it. This is the realm of what is termed “emotional intelligence”. Where what you are intellectually has no bearing on your reasons for doing things in the world, your logic, or your feelings – which is why you like or dislike certain things. Or why a pillar of society because of his educated profile, can be a psychological misfit and murder many many people.

      Multiculturalism is exactly like a religion, it has nothing to do with appealing to our logic, our facts, our intelligence. It has everything to do with appealing to our emotional intelligence, our feelings. That is why it is pushed as something that means a person is good if a multicultist, and a bad person if they are not.

      It is a religion, you feel higher amongst your peers, you feel you have higher moral authority, you do not have to be alone in the field, combatting unpopular beliefs, the crowd are always on your side.

      Clever, smart, genius, all terms that have nothing to do with it. Geniuses will use all sorts of twists and bends to get out of acknowledging truth, and will push ideas and half-truths to assert what they are emotionally attached to. Multicult is pushed, the most intelligent people are susceptible to emotional blackmail or guilt-tripping, it is emotional strength and not mere intelligence that allows a person be a lone individual standing up to population of 6 billion.

      We must recognise how the mind works, it is what the multicult is based on, worked like a religion, then we can spread the antidote, to this cult.

      1. Fionn Westron

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        Just to add, if you want to take down multiculturalism, then only one question need be asked:

        How do you take down a religion?

        1. Good point!

          Science maybe?

          Hasn’t science and education made a lot of people understand that most religions are crock of shit? In practical terms, the best way to break a religion is through standing up to the people who enforce it…. One example: the Scottish were held in abject fear of the Kirk (the Prespertarian Church) up until the late 18-th century. But then, due to the rebellion of some brave people, the Kirk lost their power — these brave people have to die, however….

          Most nationalists wouldn’t go that far.

          1. The Bible tell us that the world is about 6000 years old Stephen Hawking the most renowned theoretical physicist alive reckons it is a little, something like 200,000 Billion years older. Why won’t the Scientists and the Clergy sit down and debate this?

            I will answer that question? it would prove this industry is playing on the superstitions of the poor heaving uneducated masses and if proved a con would close down this profitable religious industry and put the Vatican out of business and a lot of Cardinals and Bishops will be looking for another job.They don’t like women in their club either.

            A lot of children might also breath a sigh of relief……

          2. “Science”

            What you are referring to here, is countering emotion with fact. Yet we both know that trying to reason with people who are emotionally attached to something does not stop them believing otherwise. I am a Christian, the modern Christian religion is a farce, it practically has no Christian spirituality and is simply a populist, corrupt multicult pushing crowd pleaser. It has nothing to do with the message of Christ.

            Yet it took perhaps 100 years to change the throngs that used to attend to the contempt it is held by the multicult masses, who have now swopped old style church going snobbery for a new fashionable multicult religion.

            They will not drop multicult because of fact or science, precisely because it is held in their psyche the way a religion is. It is not rational, it is held by emotion.

            So how does one take down a religion especially when you cannot do so by force?

          3. Shaun, with respect, you, like many people such as Richard Dawkins, are thinking only of Christianity as a ‘crock of shit’. You don’t seem to have factored in the variety of religions. Confucianism for example was a very good match for the Chinese temperament: polite, respectful, etc. Hinduism seems to have been a deliberate attempt to retain race or class structures, which at least kept their society stable. Buddhism was a reaction to militarism; Islam and Judaism are both tribal exclusivist cults, with Islam permitting conversion and thus able to expand enormously. It’s one of the crushingly silly by-products of ‘Jewish’ media control that people have almost no feel for the true effects of religions.

          4. Science is also the new Religion. No longer does Science have to follow the Scientific Method that requires someone to duplicate/repeat their claims; but instead, all one has to do is invent a theory/story and have it repeated ad nauseam by the Marxist Media and Marxist Mis-Educational Colleges.

            Those who have faith in the magic of a man walking on water, are no different than those who have faith in the magic of a fish shape-shifting into dinosaurs, cows and humans.

            Faith + Magic = Mind Control

            How many other so-called Scientists want people to believe that homosexuals are genetically born to prefer sex with another man? Yet those who prefer sex with animals, midgets, dead people, blondes, fat chicks etc.. were NOT genetically born that way? Or those people who have been told that people who prefer Alcohol were genetically born that way? While those who prefer tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, sugar, speed were not genetically born that way?

            Ones chosen lifestyle/behavior is now a matter of genetics, while ones physical race is just a matter of culture (since racial genetics do not exist or matter).

            Its “Science” I tell you! Science!

            PhD = Piled Higher & Deeper

    3. frederickdixon

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      I’m not sure that you’re right about this. I see many middle class white men with oriental women (rarely vice versa) and, to a rapidly increasing extent, middle class white/Asian couples. I read somewhere that Asians born and brought up in the UK are four times more likely to marry white than those who have come from the sub-continent. All these people are likely to be from average or higher IQ groups.

  5. It is cool to purchase a Third World child it sits well with ones latest hit single or movie or with ones latest husband/wife/Partner and the gutter press really warm to it even more so Women’s Weakly/New Idea/Dolly/Cleo and a million other really interesting gossip mags…………………It is important to peoples lives.

    1. Yes, “cool”

      It is cool because it is a fashion. Constantly being pushed as the “in” fashion or trend”. Fashions usually come and go, so why does this have such a long shelf life? Why for example is gangsta hip hop rap still going strong and in fact one of the main noise genres (I would not dignify it by labelling it as music) ?

      It stays cool and in fashion because it is constantly being pushed, constantly propagandised as cool. How do they do this?

      By fame, anything on TV has a massive impact on people’s brains, you all know the term starstruck. Thus anything you see in real life, people get a little fazed and in awe. (I and most white nationalists do not).

      So they use TV pesonalities, celebs, sports people and so on, images of whites with blacks on their arms, their is more to it than that, but that would require more depth than this response.

      The main point is, when the peasantry see the elites with blacks on their arms, it becomes the status elevating fashion. It is moreover the female base impulse that is more tied to being socially accepted amongst the societal group, more so than the male, the female also plays a serious and group survival and sustaining role in being the natural glue of that society, having the natural impulse to talk with other female members and their family members and lives, this may sound bad, but it is in fact a very good and healthy attribute, it is the behind the scenes interaction and narrative that binds a community together with a strong background invisible glue.

      However one of the other genetic biologically wired impulses which is subconsciously within the female is the impulse to need or do what is status elevating, this is in the best interests of her nest and offspring. So the female impulse will see a black as desireable even if the chap is ugly, because in the eyes of society that is seen as living up to the TV image of the celebs on the red carpet. There are other reasons too, which also tie in to status elevation but are also different.

      Males too have their genetic impulses that are disadvantageous.

      1. I can’t argue with your points. I once found a great book in a London jumble-sale about evolutionary psychology (Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature) that concurred with your central ideas about the female will-to-status.

        Lacking the ability to analyse Zio-propoganda in a rational manner (being a sheeple), a significant amount of Indo-European women will see miscegenation as a logical, status-elevating practice. Why not? All the cool people on the TV do it. They are intelligent, beautiful, and rich,— some women will fall for it.

        Age is another factor, I know this from experience. For example: when I was 17, I used to mix with non-Whites because I though they were cool! Then, after a fight with one member of my little gang, I realized I had a racial identity because they sided with one of their ”brothers” other me. Fine! I don’t hold this against them — hell, I won the fight. It must have pissed them off.

        Anyway, I mixed with non-Whites because I thought they were cool. A lot of people are attracted to hip hop culture, for instance, for the same reasons — they also lack racial identity like I used to. After my awakening at 17-years-old (14 years ago), I realized that my race was something that needed to survive.

        How do we get people to develop a racial identity?

        I don’t know.

        1. @Shaun

          “Lacking the ability to analyse Zio-propoganda in a rational manner (being a sheeple), a significant amount of Indo-European women will see miscegenation as a logical, status-elevating practice. ”

          It is important that we understand, women are indeed as intelligent and capable as men intellectually and certainly psychologically and emotionally. There are no more women going around as sheep then there are men, and considering society has historically not made opportunity available to women then that would account for any numerical analysis to the contrary.

          This analysis is not the same as the reason given why their is a disparity between the races in intelligence etc, even though this is the reason touted by neo-marxists. On deeper scrutiny greater observations and stats show the lie about the racial disparities. But on women, Aryan women are intellectually, psychologically and emotionally as capable as men. So they are fully able to analyse and see through the zio propaganda.

          To see the solution, we must correctly diagnose the faultlines, the problem. So in stating that women cannot correctly analyse the zio propaganda, skips past a more accurate statement, and that would be, to say really that our society has had 60 years of neo-marxist brainwashing. Hollywood, magazines, TV series, music, hip hop, news, media, newspapers, adverts with multi-racial people as trendies, celebs marrying blacks (this week we had the spectacle of the new royalty – Kardashian and Kanye, honeymooning in Ireland). It is everywhere, it is constantly pushed.

          So it is not just a case of women being unable to analyse, this is a generalisation that is unfair to our kind and to women. We must never make the mistake as being sour, miserable angry white men, this is another stereotype that Hollywood has crafted, let us not play into their bad image of us.

          No, White society in general is populated by sheep, both men and women, we grow up and are born into this multicult propaganda. I have just commented on one aspect of this religion which is made to work on female genetic impulses of desiring that which gives status and humanitarian kudos and “brownie” points.

          “I mixed with non-Whites because I thought they were cool.”

          Ask yourself and analyse why exactly you though they were cool, try to pin down the thought process and psychological pathology of why your mind went into that zone. Therein lies part of the answer of deconstructing any religion or fashion – what makes it cool, so what makes it, “uncool”?

          “A lot of people are attracted to hip hop culture, for instance, for the same reasons”
          Hip hop degeneracy is a attribute of the religion, it is a fashion, as such it theoretically has a shelf life and should fatigue, unless it is pushed and re-pushed with every generation, as it is. Any signs of hip-hop dying? No. It is refreshed every generation. Fashions and sacraments of the religion of multicult may if useful enough, take on enough power and momentum to become their own subset religions. Hip-hop seems to be doing this, it is long past it’s shelf-life date, yet it is as fashionable now as it was 25 years ago. Time to show how uncool it is.

          “How do we get people to develop a racial identity?”

          The same way they got multicult awareness and identity. Well not the exact same way. Multicult creates a religion based on falsehoods, half-truths and lies. It is truly not sustainable, the reason it is being sustained, is because nobody is pointing out the Emperor has no clothes in the right way and for the sustained repetitive amount of time.

          Racial identity has truth, fact, the reality that multicult results in much harm and a downgrade in genetic material for whites, and a good way to live providing a better lifestyle on it’s side, so why isn’t it selling. For a number of reasons, we do not have the media with us, they are blatantly pushing a white destruction message. But that aside, the media is not the real problem, we can achieve victory even with a hostile media. We really have to look at ourselves. We are not showing multicult for what it is in the right way, and we are not selling the alternative, our shining path, in the right way.

          1. Funny enough, I once watched a documentary on the artistic culture of the NS regime and they described their propaganda techniques with horror! In the NS culture industry, everything had to correlate with the fundamental ideas of the state: that was movies, radio shows, theatre, literature — everything.

            This propaganda technique comes from Plato! He knew, being the genius he was, that the masses wouldn’t learn how to behave through cold, rational instruction, so he instructed the leaders of the future to teach people to behave through drama. I get it; I just don’t like it; I wish the masses could be reached in another way!

            As for women I think you may have misunderstood me. I’m not a misogynist (I have many female friends), but I do think their is a tendency with women to be more concerned with marrying-up when it comes to sex-selection. Laughably, the Jews have managed to portray the Negro as somehow superior to the White man….

            As for why I used to embrace hip-hop culture? Well, if I’m honest, I thought it was cool. Why did I think it was cool. Let me think…. Ok … I thought it made me look tough, made me iconoclastic and added another dimension to my persona. I was attracted by the danger of it all and the ”status” that being one of the homies gave me amongst my kinsmen of the same age….

            It was a social thing!

            I reckon, at that age, I could have been reached by a militant movement that was hyper-violent (I’m just being honest) and was prepared to engage in daring, irrational acts…. Sorry, not the BNP with their stupid marches….

          2. @Shaun

            I also wish people would respond to fact. The ideal is that we have a good balance between logic and emotion. Emotion is not a bad thing, like any of our attributes, it is when things become more weighed in one attribute, then that is the problem. It would likewise be a cold, inhuman world if we did not have and respond to emotion.

            Yes the female biology is hardwired to seek out a male that will give her status and will confer power – this means her nest (home) and offspring will have a better chance of survival. This is one base survival aspect, the other is the social status need. A need to be seen by other females and society in general that one is of a certain level in that society. This is both important or a desire in and of itself but also then feeds into the first base need of nest and offspring survival hardwiring.

            The article was a comment only on this aspect of human wiring. Females have their massive advantages to our society. Likewise us males have aspects of our hardwiring that lend to disadvantaging us in our present predicament, but it is correct, the female has a hardwiring that is more open to new things, whereas the male is less open. This is both advantageous and disadvantageous depending on the circumstances.

            For example, in neolithic times women were the ones who went gathering the foods like berries and flora, they would be the ones who would come across more different types of plants and would experiment (or be open) to testing and trying new plants, these would help the tribe in adopting new medicinal and nutritional plants. Women’s intelligence is well capable to invent and create and come up with new creative ideas and thought processes, being the tribal nurturers and cares, made sure their brains were very well exercised and creative.

            Men seem more closed off to new things, seeking to stick to the tried and tested, we are the hunters and protectors by force and poltics, obviously we too invented new implements and tools, and use of our brainpower in that execution of force. But we are very security conscious, it served our species well, and very closed to new things entering the tribe, that might expose it to harm. So yes men’s hardwiring is less predisposed to race-mixing too, whereas women are more open to it, but especially if it it pushed that high status White women are constantly seen on TV and media with a Black on their arm. For us men, the status is more from what we find visually attractive, and that means what is aesthetically more feminine, which means more delicate and fine features, which is what White women have, but we also know there is a plethora of genetic talent of all skills in that White women. So we are very less inclined to go for other races, because we stick with our own, are attracted to what is a more feminine form, and has a good genetic quality.

            “Cool and tough”
            This is normal, it is a drive for power that most people seek. For us now the problem is what is being pushed as cool and tough is destructive to our race. People seek it out for the same reasons. Although there is now more of an element of the weaker Whites wanting to be part of what they now see as a new dominant group – the aggressive black. Wiggers are weak and pathetic who in ordinary circumstances would be nothing and invisible, they latch onto hip hop to get a bit of that cool and toughness onto them. As well as not being a target for the local Black boiizz, so they hope.

  6. Hi Max, think you misunderstand my survival strategy comment. For the lumpen-race mixing women the future of her world does not include white people or white authority. Her environment is already largely non-white and getting darker by the day. She now needs to secure her existance in a non-white world and that can be done by having non-white babies. Thing is, unless we succeed, her choices may prove to be correct

    1. I have not misunderstood, I simply reject the notion completely. Having a non-White child may enable a woman to be accepted by blacks as an ‘honorary’ non-White, but it will compromise her as an individual for the rest of her life and will be damaging to the survival prospects and wellbeing of our people.
      Any White people finding themselves surrounded by non-White who have authority over them, should get the hell out of there, find some other White people to live with and fight for their self-determination as a separate people.

  7. Here is how you take down a religion in today’s world where people are not armed or force cannot be used.

    You use your mouth, conversation, debate, discussion, the written word, online and offline comments and activity.

    You show how it is not moral.

    Show how the members of the religion do not have the moral high ground.

    Show how they are hypocrits.

    You make fun of it.

    You ridicule it.

    You show how ridiculous beleif in it is.

    You make jokes about it.

    The religion becomes a laughing stock, a joke, an institution of philosophy no-one would be seen having anything to do with. In some ways, we have had some smaller victories. Leftists have had to change their name from leftists to progressives, they were becoming a dirty laughable name as leftists. I see some light, in that the word racism, is acquiring the same fatigue and ridicule.

    Of course the demise and take down of the Roman Catholic church was greatly helped by the corruption and absolute filth within (and I am Roman Catholic – but do not confuse religion with spirituality). And what do we have with multiculturalism, we have the exact same corruption and rot. The facts you do use are: the results of multiculturalism, the violence that results in society from it, the loss of native ethnic existance, the British ethnic genocide. The muslim grooming and rape gangs, the demographic change leading to dominance of peoples from more barbaric cultures, the existance of their barbarism in UK, where there was once a more civilised community based white society. The dumbing down, the loss of British ingenuity and invention, loss of British products, and so on, you get the picture, oh, and the amelioration and profit of the few the golden clad popes of multicult, as well as showing how multicult exploits the 3rd world, exploits workers of the world, while the popes sit in luxury, the local high-priests and withc-hunters gorge themselves on self-righteousness, while doing the bankster popes bidding. The extreme-leftists being the tools and puppets of the global super rich who crave mass immigration and a world free of intelligent resistance building white nationalists.

    You compare members of the religion to comical, nonsensical characters, lampoon them and make parodies of them and their beliefs.

    And yes, you use facts against them, sometimes in the execution of the above, and sometimes as cold non-emotional responses.

    You show the contradictions and thus preposterousness of their position.

    You do all the above constantly and conssitantly and without coming across as petty, or spiteful, without coming across as “the angry little man”. I am not supporting UKIP, but Nick Farage, is able to do this.

  8. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    The points made by Fionn Westron are absolutely vital to our understanding of our situation. As Alex Kutargic has frequently stated, in terms of reason our side has won. Science has proven the truth of our case.

    The problem of our racial and cultural survival is from beginning to end an emotional one.Those who wish us harm also control the mass-media and are able to manipulate fashion and public opinion. Fionn Westron is absolutely right in asserting that multiculturalism has all the hallmarks of a religion.

    Fionn makes a valuable distinction between spirituality and religion. The essence of our value system has to be founded on personal sensibility. Paramount amongst this is the virtue of Courage.

    My own conversion to racial-patriotism was as a child when various patriotic groups such as the League of Empire Loyalists, Sir Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement and, above all, Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement were audaciously defying the post-War status quo. Much of what they stood for would be unreasonable or impossible to re-enact nowadays, to ensure our racial survival we have to start from another position. But, the courage and conviction of those early pioneers will remain with us even after the practical difficulties such as what our exact relationship with other European countries should be have been sorted out.

    1. I agree with you about reason! Most people (including yours truly) find it easier to believe something if it fits within a paradigm that makes them feel good about their experienced reality. David Hume, a great thinker, based a substantial amount of his philosophy on these ideas — Hume believed that we had certain instincts and these instincts sought to philosophise to make themselves the dominating heirachy of instincts within the diverse spectrum of instincts that constitute the general content of our minds (God, I’m proud of that sentence!).

      In our current society, people with a strong instinct to fit in won’t be swayed by reason alone. They need to see a new set ideas as stronger than their ”last beliefs”; so they offered what they are designed by nature to seek: base, animalistic, herdish conformity.

      Good luck!

  9. Good comment Fionn. I used the exact same point that you make recently. I explained to a self-hating white liberal that on ANY topic that we could discuss, I would hold the moral high ground. The anti-whites moral complacency is now so easy to expose.

  10. One argument worth considering is the FACT that all this talk about “diversity” is really about DESTROYING diversity rather than “embracing” it.

    If the corrupt politicians were to get their way (they won’t), there would be no more White People, but Africa would still be full of Africans, India full of Indians, China still full of Chinese and so on. All the multicultists want is to destroy the White Race because we’re the ONLY ones capable of bringing them down, and they know it.

    Now for something that may get me banned from this site BECAUSE it’s the TRUTH, but not everybody can handle the WHOLE truth. Apologies if this goes against the grain.

    Jews play a leading role in the promotion of multiculturalism and multiracialism and I believe the contents of the Talmud are responsible for this.


      1. Ha ha ha — I would love to work in Israel as a diversity officer or something. I would even buy a pair of dark, black-rimmed glasses and develop a designer beard that screamed out to anybody who cared to look at me, I’M A MULTICULTRALIST….

        I would love that job.

        Funny, anti-Whites must feel the same today as they attempt to destroy our countries. Also, we mustn’t forget one thing: Israel has a growing leftist element within its borders that would love to diversify the Zionist state. Perhaps, in the fullness of times, their ideas might win — then Israel will join the human family and become just another member of the global melting pot. Heart warming….

  11. Fionn Westron

    - Edit

    I want to make it clear the exact point of this article. It is of utmost importance that people understand exactly what is so important in seeing that multicult is a religion with associated trends/policies/tools that it uses and pushes the same way fashions are pushed and are desireable.

    The article is not about religions that exist. It is about:

    THE NATURE OF RELIGION, HOW A RELIGION WORKS, how humans adopt what they call a religion, how their psychology works, how the psychology of every single religion works. How members of the religion’s whole being and world view is then an execution of their religious belief. Their religion IS their way of life. Remember do not confuse real, genuine spirituality with a religion.

    If we understand that multiculturalism is a religion, then we understand that we are not dealing with a debate that is neat and tidy. We must understand that we are not dealing with a situation where those who simply present the facts, win the debate.

    The cultural marxists recognised a long time ago, that they are not in possession of the facts or even what can be sustained consistantly morally. Thus they chose the format of religion to have the masses adopt their agenda, and the masses have.

    Multicult is a religion, therefore it is based on emotion. It is not a philosophy, based on facts. It is a philosophy based on emotion, people adopt it and take into their belief system, they take it into their hearts and souls.

    Because multicult is a religion, it appeals to all members of society: from the most vulnerable and least capable, least intellectual in our society to the most capable and learned in our society. It appeals to all classes, from so-called upper class to working class, to welfare class.

    It has nothing to do with how intelligent or sane you are, it has everything to do with this concept called “emotional intelligence”.

    So a religion or even more hardcore than that, a cult, operates on emotion. Intelligence has nothing to do with it, for the same reason, all people from dumb to genius fall in love with all sorts of people, including people they are not suited to. Love is irrational, you cannot argue with it, even if you are in possession of the facts.

    So religion attracts members because the message pushed is that they are the best boys and girls of the class if they are members and obey and act out the sacraments (fashions) of the religion, and also when they do these things, they attain more status.

    This is the real reason I wrote this article – to highlight why multicult is a religion. If done in the wrong way it doesn’t matter how much fact and logic you put their way. Right until the last white is dead, it may not even matter how much violence impacts them. How many of us ask exclaim: “people can see the results of multicult but why are they still supporting it ?” Answer: Because it is a religion and these are religious people, religious people see only a certain world

    The multicult religion or cult operates on emotion it is an emotional problem requiring a carefully crafted response. Our response should have it’s foundations in fact and anchored in reality but crafted to appeal to the brain on an emotional level.

  12. “WE ARE A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY” orated the fat, bald foreign looking man wearing a silk suit, the Rolex and with diamond rings dripping from his fingers.

    and whose effing fault is that cried out the wretched little man.

    1. Brin of the family Jenkins

      - Edit

      We must show our appreciation for Antony Blair one day soon. He may not be the cause, but he has most certainly done more to change society than any one else I can think think off.

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