Racialism: Out and Proud

No doubt we all been duly outraged by Afua Hirsch’s proposal to remove Nelson from his column, an outrage which Ms Hirsch will have both expected and enjoyed. I don’t intend in this article to dwell on the ongoing assault on the cultural icons of the white race, and thus on the white race itself, as H. Millard has dealt with it far more effectively on this website than I could have done.

I prefer to look at what Ms. Hirsch thought that she was doing with her provocative suggestion, and the lessons which we can draw from it. Ms Hirsch is an interesting mixture – genetically and culturally – of Jewish intellectualism and Negro resentment, and all the more dangerous for it. Her purpose was not to actually topple Nelson from his perch (not yet) it was to plant in the public mind on this side of the Atlantic, or rather that part of the public mind which is accessible to “progressive” notions, those concepts of “white privilege” and “white supremacism” which already obsess the universities and the media of the United States. That in turn calls into question “whiteness” itself, meaning a society formed according to the assumptions of European culture. Nelson’s statue is nothing more than an attention grabbing symbol of those things.

The lesson for us is that we should not evade displaying our beliefs in full public view for fear that it will attract the hostility of the media and political establishments, or even the hatred of the orcs of Antifa. All of that we have already suffered and continue to suffer even though we strive to present ourselves to the public in non-threatening guises as the “Democratic this” or the “Freedom that” or even the “National other”. No – we are Racialists, and our organisations should shout it from the rooftops, not least in their very names – why not a “Racialist Party”?

Of course such an open avowal of racialism would be outrageous. Those who take such a bold step would have to suffer screams (and worse) of “racism” and “Nazism”, but those on our side of politics get that anyway, and it is not too difficult to answer such slurs. As with Ms. Hirsch’s proposal the outrage is the very point – it brings to public attention the fact that there are people who are prepared to argue for ideals which are beyond the pale of acceptable opinion, and thus draws attention to the ideals themselves. Those ideals, the preservation of traditional racial and cultural identities and a secure and exclusive homeland for all ethnicities, are set out in an article on this website – “The Twin Principles of Racial Nationalism“. Although one may agree or disagree with those ideals they are intellectually coherent and morally defensible and provide a foundation for programmes of political action and social reconstruction.

There is one caveat to my argument: while an open avowal of Racialism is proper for bodies engaged in politics, in debate and in propaganda, those groups (if any such exist) which are interested in building local community groups of our people would have to take a milder approach, basing their appeal on patriotism rather than open racialism.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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5 thoughts on “Racialism: Out and Proud

  1. “….. remove Nelson from his column ….. ongoing assault on the cultural icons of the white race …”
    Nelson fought Napoleon’s fleet. Both sides were white. So that statue is not an ‘icon of the white race’.

    1. Frederick Dixon

      - Edit

      I suspect that you are rather missing the point. Ms. Hirsch’s attack on Nelson was, at best, only indirectly to do with his victories over the French. He was chosen for this attack because he was white and is one of the foremost heroes of a great white nation. To attack him is therefore to attack “whiteness” itself which, as I explain in the article, is a society formed upon the assumptions of European culture.

  2. Only the moral courage to speak the truth and assert our Racism will win the day. Like a dog who smells fear in his adversary so our enemies will scent victory if we equivocate on our principles. But just to be clear, Racism has nothing whatsoever to do with liking or disliking an alien race, we can do either. It has everything to do with honouring our past generations and those yet to come.

  3. Has everyone seen this? :


    There don’t seem to be many British signatures there.
    Personally I don’t think that the petition will have any direct effect on the EU, but it’s a good way for white people in different countries to show solidarity with one another.

  4. Stop immigration!
    The Confucius Institute is a hotbed for communist/cultural Marxist agitators. It is a route of entry into Britain of the most committed communists and should be thoroughly investigated. Some students remain behind to take up positions within our telecommunications and other important industries where they intend to eventually hold senior posts. One tactic that these Chinese infiltrators use, is marriage, whereupon the unsuspecting victim becomes hooked. They are/were in thick with the former president of the USA Hillary Clinton administration often meeting at the White House. These agitators need to be nipped in the bud and deported forthwith.

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