Our Media

Welcome to our audio and visual media page. This page is a work-in-progress and will be constantly updated. For now, please see the following recordings of speeches and interviews from two leading figures of Western Spring.


(January 2017) Website Editor and Director of Operations, Max Musson, speaks to Radio Aryan’s Sven Longshanks on the subject of Left-wing terrorism and the recent attack on the South-West Forum meeting by Left-wing terrorists.



(October 2016) Max Musson Speaks at the Inaugural South-West Forum


(June 2016) Red Ice Live – Matthew Tait: Brexit


(May 2016) Max Musson – ‘ “I dare you!” Taking part in the adventure to save our Race’


(Feb 2016) On The Front – Episode 10: Nathan Damigo With Special Guest Matt Tait.



(January 2016) Max Musson interviewed by Sven Longshanks (audio with introductory text)



(October 2015) Max Musson of Western Spring speaking at the 10th John Tyndall Memorial Meeting


(September 2015) Matthew Tait – Earning our future, living for the cause.


(June, 2015) Matthew Tait – Towards a New Century of European Achievement – Hour 1 (for Hour 2 you will need to subscribe to Red Ice)


(May 2015) Matt Tait: “Tragedy and Hope: Lessons from the Plight of British Nationalism”


(April 2015) Max Musson on the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize 2015