Oh, the Grand Old Duke of York!

Dover 2On Saturday a number of nationalist groups took part in a joint protest in Dover, against illegal immigration, and what must be the largest nationalist demonstration in Britain since the Rotherham Day of Action in September 2014. It is reported that in excess of four-hundred nationalist activists took part in and march a rally, and for once it would appear that the nationalist demonstrators were a match for the Antifa counter demonstrators in terms of numbers and in several outbreaks of violence that occurred, came off the better on each occasion.

Today’s news reports are full of pictures of bloodied and battered Antifa counter demonstrators looking very sorry for themselves, and one video sequence shows fighting between the two rival sides in which an Antifa demonstrator was knocked unconscious and lay helpless on the ground and at the mercy of the nationalist demonstrators, who chivalrously resisted the temptation to add to his injuries and allowed the police to carry him away to safety.

In another incident, at the Junction 8 services on the M20, it would appear that coaches laden with both nationalist and Antifa supporters stopped off at the same service area, where the rival factions opted to continue their hostilities. After a series of scuffles, the Anifa supporters retreated to their coaches, but before they could drive away, at least one coach suffered damage including a shattered windscreen.

Today, Facebook is awash with the individual stories of the various protagonists and it is clear that this Saturday’s confrontation is regarded as a resounding victory on the part of the Nationalist groups who took part and the response from the Antifa participants consists almost entirely of complaints about the violence they experienced at the hands of the nationalists.

Dover 1Many nationalists are jubilant and have cited Saturday’s events as a great victory and a possible turning point in the struggle to halt the mass invasion of Britain by migrants from the Third World. From a more analytical perspective however, admirable though the courage shown by the nationalist demonstrators was, Saturday’s events cannot be regarded as anything more than a successful skirmish with the enemy. The Battle of Dover and the greater battle to save our nation will require much more than we were collectively able to muster on Saturday.

Saturday’s skirmish will have served to bolster our morale and no doubt many nationalists will be eager to taste similar ‘victories’ in the future, but a measure of what was achieved on Saturday can be gleaned by observing what is different in Dover today, compared with Friday?

Today there is no great nationalist presence in Dover and life has returned to normal, in which illegal immigrants still steal their way into our country on the backs of hapless lorry driver’s vehicles.

The nationalist movement has acted like an army that has expended much time, energy and manpower in taking from our enemies a strategically vital piece of ground, only to immediately vacate that hard won ground and retreat to the warmth and hospitality of the nearest public house.

Today, the state apparatus that conspires to bring about our displacement and race replacement is once again in control of Dover and the invasion continues unabated. Ours was but a fleeting victory, the glory of which has been snatched back from us by virtue of the fact that we currently lack the resources needed to occupy and hold that strategic port. Indeed, I will wager that none of the organisers of Saturday’s campaign gave a moment’s thought to the task of occupying and holding Dover in order to permanently halt the invasion. The leaders of the various groups who took part in Saturday’s demonstrations claim that we are involved in a ‘war’ and yet they failed to think and plan as the leaders of an army involved in warfare should. Sadly, Saturday was but a brief glimpse of what could be achieved if we were properly mobilised, nothing more.

Over the decades we have seen marches and demonstrations organised by the National Front, by the British National Party, by the English Defence League and by Britain First, and by many other groups, and we are soon to be treated to much vaunted marches and demonstrations by Pegida here in the UK, but all of these marches and demonstrations in the past and all of them planned for the future – the future ‘war’ — will be a complete waste of time, money and manpower if we do not begin to think in military terms.

It is of little use to act like the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and having marched our men to the top of the hill, to march them down again, and immediately surrender to our enemies the land we have just won from them!

Dover 4Do we seriously think that this morning David Cameron is reconsidering his open-door immigration policy, simply because a few Antifa demonstrators got a bit of a kicking from angry patriots who subsequently went home again like good little boys and girls? No, he will be chuckling to himself at the short-sightedness and futility of our actions. He will arrange for a few more police officers to be on duty next time there is one of our telegraphed ‘Dover demos’, but otherwise, nothing will change. Nothing will change until we have the wherewithal to occupy Dover and permanently hold the port, and not just Dover, but every port of any size along the south coast. Nothing will change until we have the manpower to stop and search every vehicle passing through those ports and in doing so permanently halt the surface invasion of our homeland.

Furthermore, if we can occupy and hold every commercial airfield in the UK we will be able to halt the invasion of our homeland completely, and then and only then can we be sure that a turning point has been reached in which we can celebrate a great victory over our enemies. We are however a long way from being able to do any of this — we are currently woefully lacking in both resources, organisation and manpower. We are lacking because until the advent of Western Spring no-one ever gave serious thought to the enormity of the task ahead of us, and nobody ever considered what would be needed in military terms. All we ever planned were skirmishes, when we should have been planning a war!

So let me repeat once more the words of Dr William Pierce from his speech entitled, ‘Our Cause’:

“We have enormously difficult problems. If we are to solve them at all, we must tackle them with more determination, more tenacity, and more fanaticism than they have ever been tackled before. We must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for a very long, bloody, and agonizing struggle.

“We mustn’t imagine that we are like a squad of soldiers about to assault a cave full of robbers and that the only preparation we need is to be sure our bayonets are fixed and that our powder is dry. This seems to be the attitude of most patriots these days and it is not a realistic one. “Throw out those bums in Washington,” they say “and our problems will be over.”

“No. We must think of ourselves instead as the beginning — the barest beginning — of a mighty army whose task is not to clean out a cave full of robbers, but is to conquer an entire hostile world. Before the first shot is fired we must build our invasion fleet with thousands of ships and siege engines. We must lay in massive supplies of cannon balls, powder, and all sorts of other munitions. And we must do a hundred other things.

“In other words, we must prepare ourselves for our political struggle before we can count on it yielding anything other than the invariable failure which has rewarded patriots in the past. We must build a foundation which will sustain us for a very long campaign.”

In Dover on Saturday, all we did was ‘clear out a cave full of robbers’, and having done so, went home again, with a warm glow inside, but having achieved very little in real terms.

If we merely keep on repeating what happened last Saturday at Dover, we will find ourselves in twenty-year’s time having achieved nothing of lasting value. Mass immigration will continue and eventually there will be so many immigrants in our country and so few of us left that we will have lost our homeland forever. If we are to succeed in saving our people we must acquire the Six-Prerequisites and through that achievement we will have the resources in terms of property, money and manpower needed to bring about the permanent salvation of our people.

The Six Prerequisites are the ‘mighty army’; ‘our invasion fleet with thousands of ships and siege engines’; the ‘massive supplies of cannon balls, powder, and all sorts of other munitions’ and a ‘thousand other things’, that William Pierce speaks of, and if we have those resources, then we will be able to march into Dover as a mighty and unstoppable force with a column of men 10,000 strong; we will have the supplies of food needed to feed them for months on end; we will have tents in which to house them and field kitchens; and observation posts and communications systems and a command centre.

Dover would be ours and then the likes of David Cameron would sit up and take notice. No power on earth would shift us, because we would have the support of the local people and the police and the British Army would have neither the will nor the manpower to overwhelm us.

With the Six Prerequisites, we would be able to replicate this act of national self-defence all over Britain and the final salvation of the British people would be within reach.

We must work towards this end and not allow our efforts to be diverted into futile acts of protest, which are in reality futile demonstrations of political impotence. Leave the street gangs behind, and join us at Western Spring – don’t just talk and dream about revolution, become a real revolutionary, with serious revolutionary intent!

By Max Musson © 2016

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Western Spring is not just a website. We are a community of people dedicated to achieving the Six Prerequisites and thereby acquiring the wherewithal needed to win political power and through that secure the future survival, proliferation and advancement of the British people and other White peoples of European descent, wherever they may live. Please join us:

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55 thoughts on “Oh, the Grand Old Duke of York!

  1. From London Antifa: https://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2016/01/524094.html

    “First the positives. A good turnout for the Antifascists with between 500-600 turning out to oppose the NF stirring up racial hatred in Dover yesterday.

    We were well organised shipping in busloads of Antifascists from London, Birmingham, Oxford and Manchester to oppose the scum. Sadly it was in Dover were things went south for us. Although outnumbering the fascists greatly, it was disappointing to see that we failed to stop them from marching through the town.

    Also disappointing to see was the reaction of many anti-fascists when it came to getting up close and personal to face the fascists. Whilst happy to chant from behind police lines, wave flags in the air and throw bricks and bottles at the fascist from a distance it was disappointing to see how quickly many of the Antifascists retreated when confronted by fascists breaking through the police lines. I was involved/witnessed 3 major confrontations with the fascists and lessons need to be learned to avoid a repeat of yesterday.

    #1 Really the first brawl of the evening was when a group of 80-100 of us on the way to the main demo site encountered a much smaller group of Fash and gave chase. Although the fash ended up retreating, I was disappointed to see how most of the Antifa crowd hung back rather than taking the opportunity to give the fascists a good kicking. I’d say only 20-30 of us were game for a fight and gave chase, the rest hung to the back.

    #2 This was a nasty one near some police trucks when a small group of 20 or so fash charged at us. It was pathetic, we outnumbered the fascist yet other than a handful of comrades willing to give it back to them the rest high-tailed it behind the police. I witnessed one fellow antifascist getting knocked out and another one left with a blooded nose after getting headbutted. We outnumbered the fascists and would have been able to do them if the rest had been up for it.

    #3 This was near the end of the day, around 30 of us got surrounded near some railings by a larger group of fascists. Some of us were up for fighting back and tried but the sad thing is, the majority there were content to stand, heads down, silent and relying on the police to protect us whilst the fascist spat on us, threw bottles of piss on us, pelted us with stones, hurled paint over us and chanted abuse. It was a pathetic performance that left me questioning the state of the anti-fascist movement in Britain today.

    Unfortunately, despite some on twitter claiming “victory” because a handful of fascist got bloodied by rocks and stones, the fact is this wasn’t a victory at all. Part of the reason for this is because so many of the antifascists present were not street fighters and were not up for engaging the fascists in hand-to-hand fighting. Playing the big boy behind the police, when the fascists broke through many of them turned tail and fled leaving the few such as myself willing to stand toe-to-toe with them to get outnumbered and take a beating.

    Lessons need to be taken from Dover to avoid a repeat of the scenes yesterday where many comrades were badly beaten thanks to the cowardice of the majority. Smaller numbers in smaller groups made up solely of fighters would be much more useful than a big mob of middle-class students who haven’t had a fight in their life. These sort, the Champagne Charlie’s pretending to be working class and opposing fascism from the comfort of Mummy’s Mansion do the movement more harm than good because they can not oppose the fascists on a street level and so give the fascists reason to claim victory by running.

    Yesterday was anything but a victory. I attended with a small group of Antifa from London and although willing to face the fash, we were often left outnumbered by the rest of the cowards more at home attending UAF concerts rather than physically opposing the fash. I wasn’t harmed but one of our comrades had to go to hospital to fix a broken arm after getting stamped on by the fash and more of our number had cuts, bruises and broken noses after been left behind and abandoned by our so-called comrades.”

    1. Yes, I have read that report AAA, it was one of the London Antifa bemoaning the cowardice of his comrades and we can take heart from the fact that we can now muster enough people to see-off any violence from counter-demonstrators. I don’t mean to demotivate the brave lads and lasses who went down to Dover, I am proud that they had the courage to take to the streets, but we must do more to equip ourselves with the means needed make real advances and to hold our ground. We will get no-where if we keep taking one step forward and then one step back again.

  2. Others have remarked in the past that poorly attended demonstrations (such as Nationalism in this country has mounted in recent years) are demonstrations of weakness, not of strength. That was not the case at Dover; on the contrary, it was heartening to see a numerous and effective turnout bearing comparison with the big anti-immigration rallies on the continent, and a positive sign that our people are not as utterly supine as we might have feared. It will have stiffened the resolve of nationalists and alerted the public generally to the fact that Nationalism in this country is still alive and active, which can only be good.

    Max’s complaint that it was not a permanent occupation is not understood – it wasn’t meant to be! Presumably Max intends his criticism to be taken figuratively; his point being (if I have it right) that we can’t recover our country until we are strong enough to recover our country! Well OK, but we have to start somewhere; we can start with blogs like this,we can start with youth work, we can assemble the intellectual and cultural resources which our national revival will need, there is a multitude of things which we can do – and one thing, one important thing, is to mount well attended and effective demonstrations.

    1. I did not say that there should be no demonstrations, simply that we should not regard demonstrations as the means by which salvation will be achieved.
      My belief is that the recent demonstration by National Action in the centre of Newcastle, was far more effective in terms of influencing public opinion than the Dover demonstration will prove to be.
      The key tactic to employ is static demonstrations that need no prior police approval and which can be organised as flash demo’s that provide the opportunity to address the public largely unopposed by Antifa and without policing constraints.
      It is far more effective to appear in a highly populated city centre as a stylishly dressed and disciplined body of people, able to take the time to calmly explain our arguments, than to be appear as a screaming mob, opposed by another screaming mob of counter demonstrators and kept apart by legions of police clad in riot gear.
      Now imagine the impact that would have been generated, if instead of just the 20 National Action demonstrators we saw at Newcastle, there had been in addition, the 400+ that attended Dover? The people of Newcastle would have been rocked by such an unopposed and therefore seemingly all-powerful body of people reinforcing our message. It would have caused a sensation and without any of the violence normally associated with such events and this will be the way that we attract new members from among the uncommitted
      I fully understand that the occupation of Dover was never meant to be permanent and my criticism is that a permanent occupation is what we should be aiming for and the only outcome we should regard as an unqualified ‘victory’. What happened at Dover was a fleeting victory which came as a result of a brief skirmish, which is good only in so far as that goes, but we did not put on a display that will have impressed the currently uncommitted public and today, “the state apparatus that conspires to bring about our displacement and race replacement is once again in control of Dover and the invasion continues unabated.”
      I don’t voice these criticisms in order to demoralise my fellow nationalists, but to encourage them to lift their gaze a little and behold the much larger prize that would be ours for the taking, if only they would swell our ranks instead of following the likes of Britain First, the EDL and Pegida on a fruitless, but rowdy circus tour of British cites with nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

    1. I have given some thought to your article Max, whilst much of it I agree with there are some valid points surely we all must appreciate.
      Saturday the 31st of January was another day of victory for Nationalist Unity as was the Demonstration back in September. Brave men and women standing up to the Zionist left. If one attended these events, one no doubt would have a different opinion.
      A Nationalist movement of protest on the streets of Britain is inevitable. The Cameron Merkel epoch will see to that. The fact is more and more young people are drawn towards our cause through action rather than long drawn out meetings on a Saturday afternoon in Central London. If the Nationalist movement is to succeed, we need to support and influence these events.
      The fact is because of the fragmentation of our Movement the far left are far better organised. We need to find a way of assisting the organisation of such events and we need to work together at promoting such events. The numbers at Dover were good, however if Nationalist organisations learned to work together they would be quadrupled and in time grow to an invincible force.
      The physical calibre and bravery of the Nationalists at the Dover Demonstrations shows major potential for our movement.

  3. The Middle Classes who run this Country biggest fear is the mobilisation of The White Working Class..They know they will not be able to match our fighting spirit…This is why the Authorities will always clamp down on us harder…They call us the Far Right but most of us are just ordinary people.
    Let’s hope that last weekend can be built upon.

  4. A demo at which banners with pics and references to Hitler are displayed is definitely going to influence the public a lot more than the Dover demo did, but sadly it will only influence them AGAINST us. Clearly nonsense like that is nothing more than narcissistic gesture politics. An act of defiance but that is all. The sort of thing I did as a kid.

    1. I would say that it very much depends upon the way its done Eddie.
      I’m not saying that NA have got the formula completely right as yet, but if the four-hundred plus that attended Dover had been at the Newcastle demo the additional numbers, subliminally conveying strength and mass approval, would have had a lot of impact. The larger the audience that people see approving of a radical new idea or controversial idea, the more inclined uncommitted onlookers will be to conform to that prevailing response. Psychologically, people tend to conform to their environment, and if they are surrounded by large numbers of people, all approving of the of the message that Hitler was right and we don’t want any more refugees, most will conform, join in and agree.
      With say 450 nationalists present, perhaps with less threatening checkered, shemagh style scarves in place the skull masks, or scarves with a Celtic tribal art design, and with a similarly large entourage of brightly dressed pretty young girlfriends, with some stirring music and a little more drama, the demonstration could have had a massive impact on the uncommitted Geordies who witnessed it.
      If we compare Dover with Newcastle, the scope to win over uncommitted members of the public at Dover was nil, as all the public saw were two screaming mobs surrounded by riot police, with sporadic outbreaks of violence. At Newcastle the public may not have agreed, but they stopped and listened to what the NA lads were saying and the NA demonstrators appeared in control of the situation with minimal opposition.
      We are going to be called ‘Nazis’ whatever we do, and so the logical next step for us is to rehabilitate National Socialism in the eyes of the public, and the current situation regarding refugees and the molestation and rape of White women in Cologne and closer to home, plays into our hands in that respect.

  5. National socialism, in it’s German form that NA display on that banner, is never going to be “rehabilitated” in this country.

    1. Liam Andrew Kernaghan

      - Edit

      Lincoln Rockwell managed to make National Socialism “user-friendly” for the American public as a result of his highly successful “White People’s March” through Chicago in 1966 – barely 20 years after the end of the Second World War.

      1. George Lincoln Rockwell was only ever a joke on the American radical right, he was a self publicist and his politics were a crude miss mash. He certainly received a massive amount of coverage in the media, but what is his lasting legacy?

    2. The National Action protest was peaceful attracting a good size audience that felt safe enough to stand and watch. Not only that but they just walked into enemy headquarters without a shot bring fired. That was one well planned and executed operation.

      1. I’d be interested to know how many new recruits were gained from this demo or converts to national socialism? If I had to guess I’d say 0

            1. In my opinion we should be pleased to have the young folk of National Action on our side.
              I am sure that one reason for the masks is to minimize the risk of being thrown out of university, college or job etc. Thereby depriving the cause of people in the right places now, where ever recruiting might be taking place, and the youngsters of a good career where they can continue their good work.

              1. The thing with the masks – it’s nothing more than a pose, to look in their own words “a bit edgey” How serious is a member of the public likely to take someone wearing one? Would it scare a member of the public? Don’t take it the wrong way though, I myself have made shitloads of mistakes in the past and am far from perfect. It’s common sense that’s all.

                1. I imagine we are reaching a stage where the British general public will be standing there watching and thinking to themselves – ‘never mind the masks, this is a bunch of decent lads willing to do something positive about the invading hordes, unlike the weak, inept, treasonous government; thank goodness they have more balls than me. Maybe Hitler was right after all.’

    3. Eddie Stampton
      1st February 2016 at 8:14 pm –

      National socialism, in it’s German form that NA display on that banner, is never going to be “rehabilitated” in this country.

      “Never” is a long time in which the opinions of people shift back and forth, with a certain degree of manipulation, along the political spectrum and in so doing set the parameters on “respectable” politics.
      The Left never worry about whether their policies are acceptable to the sacks of potatoes over which we work to bring to our sides. Infact various Leftist groups (Further Left , NAMBLA in the US) deliberately provoke outrage by espousing such extreme policies, as in the case of NAMBLA for example, who marched alongside the Homosexualists, who at the time were marching for acceptence and rights in the USA, whilst campaigning for the legalization of pedarastry.
      The ordinary, straight homosexualists didn’t say to the NAMBLA pedarasts , “please don’t march next to us you give us a bad name and are jeapordizing our chances of becoming accepted.” Because the ordinary straight homosexualists understood that their chances of becoming accepted as normal straight homosexualists was improved through the presence of NAMBLA and that political pressure must be as extreme as possible in order to shift the spectrum. Sixty years have elapsed and the homosexualists have got what they wanted.
      Whilst its true that we will not see, in all likelehood the re-emergence of the NSDAP, as a symbol, Hitler, the Hakenkreutz and various other Third Reich imagery has the capacity to shock the sacks of potatoes out of their somnambulistic rituals.
      National Action understand this I am certain.
      This is not to suggest that NA are just dressing up and borrowing imagery willy nilly in order to shock and that they are not really NationalSocialists.
      The policies and opinions of the Left, open borders, race as social construct, diversity quotas, etc are the disgusting policies that they use to make our genocide seem acceptable.
      Fairly soon, within the next decade, the situation in Europe is going to be so extreme that our folk will be looking around for leadership, guidance, protection and sanctuary. We will be there to provide these things which will be so gratefully accepted by our folk who will be past caring whether or not you think Hitler was right (he was) or not.
      We must use this time of relative peace to acquire as much as we can of the six prerequisites, that in the future we are able to seize the hour of victory.

      1. Yes I understand all that but at the same time I believe at this moment in time, 21st century British national socialism is best served without the accoutrements of 1930s Germany. Use Golden Dawn as the template. Once the cities are ablaze and the blood is flowing will be the time to get the swastika back out.

        1. The general concensus from just the comments we have here is that Hitler or more broadly, National Socialism is/was right in principle and should/could be rehabilitated, the fundamental questions being: when? … by whom? … and in what way?
          Within a broad nationalist movement and one that caters for all tastes and sensibilities, we should therefore aim to accomodate a range of approaches to this issue, finding space for those like National Action who wish to occupy the ‘vanguard’, and space for those who prefer a more understated and subtle approach, and we can do this. It is one of the beauties of the ‘modular’, multi-faceted approach that we at Western Spring have always championed: a smorgasbord of diverse nationalist styles all working toward the same end. Let us therefore not fight over this, as in this respect, ‘diversity is our strength!’

  6. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    The whole of Europe is equally threatened and the time for a Dad’s Army approach to Germany is long past. National Socialism may need to evolve ideologically to meet modern conditions but we’ll only free Britain and Europe from its present morass once we summon the physical and moral courage to defy over 70 years of lies and hypocrisy. To do this historical truth has to be paramount, and so, we must acknowledge that in all essential matters Hitler was actually right.

    1. I agree, Mike, that the policies which brought the racial state into existence in Germany in the thirties were generally sound; how very sad it is that Hitler threw it all away by losing a war which he didn’t need to fight!

  7. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Frederick, unfortunately Hitler did need to fight the war because it had been forced upon him. Hitler made a number of peaceful overtures towards Britain which Churchill resisted. No one knew this better than Rudolf Hess who heroically and single handedly flew to Britain with the full knowledge that had the British government been willing to negotiate Hitler would have accepted any reasonable conditions with alacrity.

    1. I believe that when Hitler stated his terms after the fall of France, they were – in effect – that Britain should leave him a free hand in continental Europe. That would have been seriously bad news for all those good white Christian Europeans, such as the Poles, for whom the Germans did not propose a future of peace, harmony and good fellowship. Was that any business of Britain’s? That is a matter of opinion, but at this distance of time I suppose that it hardly matters. I agree with Eddie Stampton that we live in a different world now and we must fight our battles in a different way, and with a very different style, from that which served the Nazis so well in the Germany of the thirties.

      1. Within the next five years or so, virtually everyone who was alive during the Second World War will be dead, and the visceral hatred of Nazi Germany instilled within the wartime generation will disappear as the memories of that time pass from living memory into the realms of recent history. When that time comes, calling someone a Nazi, will have rapidly diminishing impact and will eventually be akin to calling someone a ‘Jacobite’. Time, as they say, is a great healer!

        1. That’s true Max, but we still have the “holocaust” and it’s propaganda devised to show just where national socialism/nationalism leads. They will increase the volume of this propaganda dramatically over the next 5 years. It’s already began – we are to have our very own memorial and museum outside parliament. Look out for the 80 part “historical” dramas on TV that we are also sure to blitzed with, and the increase of “holocaust” education on the syllabuses of our schools – it’s already begun and been discussed in parliament.

          1. Yet another Auschwitz guard prosecution…hopefully they have now run out of people to pursue.
            But this sort of thing can be used to say “How come Japanese guards aren’t prosecuted or what about the victims of Communism & their suffering, why is there a double standard?”
            There are many horrific things from both WW1, WW2 & that era in general that aren’t endlessly picked over & went unpunished.
            It is all there in mainstream history books but largely ignored or forgotten about.
            But of course we know why there is a double standard, why some deaths are more important & worthy of remembrance, that they serve a political purpose.
            The trick is for the general public to realise this is happening.
            Holocaust Memorial Day is said to be for remembering all victims of genocide but I usually only hear the stories from the WW2 about Auschwitz, little else is mentioned.

  8. WS have successfully identified the six prerequisites for successful elections. How about someone identify the prerequisites for national socialism itself to get anywhere? I’ll give you a clue, one would need to be an economic breakdown on par with the great depressions of last century. Without that, running around with swastikas, Hitler banners and masks, acting the silly bollocks is a complete waste of time.

  9. As a local who listens to people constantly complain about immigration, the difficulties of getting Doctors appointments, the difficulties of getting school places and housing, to name but a few of the things they complain about, I ask where were they?
    I understand many people do not want to get caught up in street violence, as a Woman it doesn’t appeal to me. However, it would have been no hardship for people to go along and listen to the speeches given at the port. I couldn’t see any of them.
    It seems that being spray painted orange, or paying extortionate amounts for a cup of dish water at Costa’s and anything else you care to mention is far more important. Their day was interrupted, and that seems now to be more of a crime than the mass immigration, or possibility of an ISIS attack in their world.
    As all the footage shows most of those with faces covered, and those that came with sticks, and threw bricks around are our friendly Antifascists, who I believe had the lovely Diane Abbott as their warm up act. However, the majority of people only mention the fact that the NF were present, and they are a good target to blame, everyone knows them, and it is acceptable, (indeed I noticed some people puffed up with pride at taking a verbal swipe at them) to scapegoat them.
    I note there are a few Nationalists in the footage giving the Nazi salute, it seems more to wind up the Antifascists than anything else.
    Surely by now though all Nationalists must realise any reference to Hitler, or Nazis in a way that seems to glorify them, or rehabilitate whichever you choose, will only ever send the public running in the opposite direction. It will always be the one and only thing that the media pick up on, and all enemies of Nationalists can sit back with a nice cup of tea and not have to lift a finger to try to blacken any Nationalist message to the people.

    Here are a few of the comments from locals.
    1. The NF always cause trouble. This one was particularly annoying as the person who said it had only just described how the antifascists (or other lot as he put it) were supposed to stay put, but they broke the Police cordon and went off to the station where the NF were. I can’t quite follow his logic.

    2. I don’t think we should have many immigrants here, but they are here now so what’s the point in marching about it.

    3. Why do they keep coming here and marching against us, it’s not us that lets them in, they should march on Parliament.
    I did ask rather acidly why on earth the woman thought that they were marching “against” the people of the town

    The latter, marching on Parliament I’m not against. A huge group of Nationalists, smartly turned out with a strong code of conduct. When the Antifascists turn up with their bricks and sticks, then stand fast. It would be interesting to see the media spin on that.

      1. Thank you Sir. I thought it right to just pass on what the general feeling of the towns folk is. I believe on line comments via the local rag were a little more favourable. Many noted the bias of the write up, obviously against the Nationalists. However, again why didn’t they at least lend a little moral support at the port, and listen to what people who had bothered to turn out on their behalf had to say. A huge crowd of locals at the port would have been a moral booster, and be a bit of a worry to the establishment.
        I’m just a little tired of hearing people moan, yet if asked just to do a small thing at no expense in any way to themselves they can’t be bothered.

    1. There is much to agree with in what you have written Heather, however as I have pointed out, which ever way we nationalists present ourselves to the public via the media, the media always focus their cameras on the least attractive looking, pot-bellied, drunken, tattooed skinhead they can find among our ranks and label us all neo-Nazi skinheads. And if they can’t find such a person within our ranks, they will use a stock photo taken at some other time, which has nothing to do with us. The reality of our situation therefore is that through no fault of our own, the broader nationalist movement does not actually have a public image that can be further tarnished.
      I am not saying therefore that we should not attempt to present ourselves as ‘ordinary decent citizens’ which many nationalist groups do, but even when we do, we are still presented in an unattractive way through the media.
      The power of the ‘Nazi’ smear that has been used against nationalists over the decades since WW2 comes from two things: the visceral hatred of the Third Reich instilled in the wartime generation, many of whom saw friends and relatives killed in the fighting; and the consequent reticence of ‘respectable’ members of the public to acknowledge, let alone defend, those aspects of National Socialism that are laudable. The effect of the smear however is that the words ‘Nazi’ and ‘racist’ can be used to constantly throw nationalists on the back-foot and give our enemies the advantage in any public debate.
      If we are honest with ourselves, the smear is powerful also, because to a great extent it is true. National Socialism is a brand of nationalism and most forms of White nationalism, or European nationalism embody in principle much of what is characteristic of National Socialism. Therefore, when we deny any association with the tenets of National Socialism, we are being ‘economical with the truth’. We know it, our political opponents know it, and the public can sense it also. Therefore when we deny any association with the ‘heinous creed’ of National Socialism, we not only reinforce the opprobrium associated with our form of political belief, we are also seen as liars by a large proportion of the public.
      Being honest and admitting the similarities between whichever form of nationalism we espouse and National Socialism means that at least we do not begin with a lie and the public will respect us for this. Secondly, if frees us to talk openly and frankly about the benefits of racial nationalism, the benefits of being a racialist and the admirable things that were achieved by the Germans under National Socialism prior to WW2.
      None of this would have cut much ice with the wartime generation, as their aversion to National Socialism was built upon emotional scars that no amount of logic and reason could completely shift. Never-the-less many of my father’s generation came to realise in the decades since, that they fought on the wrong side during WW2. My own father who suffered permanent crippling injuries, was in later life consumed with bitterness and rage at what had been done to this country since WW2 and acknowledged that there was much to admire in the Germans against whom he fought. Furthermore, as I have previously stated, the wartime generation are nearly all gone now, and they have been replaced with a younger generation, my children’s generation, who will increasingly in the years ahead pay a heavy price for our defeat of Germany. As the screw turns against them, they will increasingly recognise the bankruptcy of our corrupt political establishment and they will not be constrained by the visceral hatreds of old when making their decision as to who to turn to for leadership and inspiration.
      Having visited and sat in the living rooms of literally thousands of ordinary peoples homes, I have had the opportunity to browse their bookshelves and their dvd collections, and I can tell you that by far the largest genre of books and dvds owned by members of the British public are concerned with WW2 and the Nazis. Even among the wartime generation there was despite their visceral hatred, a certain irresistible fascination with the style, ceremony and iconography of the Third Reich. No-one can watch newsreel footage of the famous Nuremberg rallies without feeling the hair stand up on the back of their necks and thinking ‘wow!’ at the power of the imagery involved. There is something within this that calls to our people on a subliminal level and we weaken our own propaganda and our own appeal by denying ourselves access when appropriate, to that same style, ceremony and iconography.
      I’m not suggesting that we should all become ‘Hollywood Nazis’ and parade around wearing WW2 era uniforms and such like, but we should not be afraid to experiment occasionally with propaganda tools that reference the Third Reich and Hitler and the style, ceremony and iconography of that period. National Action are in the vanguard of groups experimenting in this way and it will be interesting to see the response they get from the public over the longer-term.

      1. An American here, and one who’s father was a WW2 vet (USMC, Pacific). Just wanted to say this was a particularly cogent, insightful bit of argumentation:

        “Therefore, when we deny any association with the tenets of National Socialism, we are being ‘economical with the truth’. We know it, our political opponents know it, and the public can sense it also. Therefore when we deny any association with the ‘heinous creed’ of National Socialism, we not only reinforce the opprobrium associated with our form of political belief, we are also seen as liars by a large proportion of the public.”

  10. I broadly agree with the logic of what Eddie is saying, we don’t want to repeat history & the use of symbolism that is connected with that is not helpful as the propaganda that is spewed out by the media just puts people off it.
    We need to do something new.
    We are inventive & adaptable, as I said to Max once, our enemies don’t use symbolism & it allows them to hide in plain sight unnoticed.
    We need to do the same.

  11. On the other hand NA must really pee off certain liberal left types & there is a certain amount of joy to be had from that.

  12. I think as people see the situation here & abroad getting more extreme, they will be more likely to join opposition that they see as extreme at the moment but not see it as extreme in the future.
    I also think that if we remain shackled to the corpse of the EU & go down with them, if the referendum goes against us, then that might also drive people into our arms as they realise there is no other choice between surrender or fight.

  13. As we are well aware most so called “right wing” demos are met with violence from the antifa types & the media generally implies that the “Nazis” were responsible for that, when in reality they are responding to attacks.
    Now I was nowhere near any of this but I get a sense that the “right” was fully aware they would be violently attacked & to a certain extent prepared for that & also took preemptive action.
    As things generally in Europe are getting more extreme, then I would expect any sign of opposition to this situation will be met with hysterical vilification & protests will be attacked, so overall the protests will be more violent now.
    The authorities will use that as a pretext to ban protests against refugees or islam but of course people won’t be quiet & we enter a new phase, something more extreme.
    I think here in Europe & in the US we are seeing a sea change in politics, a polarisation of views.
    We have entered a new era, expect turmoil until one side or the other gets power & holds it.

  14. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    It may be that given the historical circumstances Poles were the last people to be accommodated by Hitler’s Third Reich, however just about every other European nation had a contingent in the Waffen SS fighting for National Socialism and the new Europe. Of course no one is suggesting that after 70 years we shouldn’t look at things afresh and one of the encouraging developments is the recent participation of Polish Racial Nationalists on British street demonstrations. What we should avoid at all costs though is the moral cowardice which tries to pick holes in Hitler’s legacy just in order to curry favour with our most deadly enemies.

  15. I am not in favour of endless protests for the reasons already mentioned.Multi faceted approaches from all corners of united Nationalist parties is required. NA is not for everyone it is a youth movement.It is exciting,informed and courageous.Those qualities are revered and resonate at many levels.The left loathe NA’s audaciousness, informed ideology and strength of purpose.Nationalist circles are filled with criticisms,too timid,too aggressive etc etc but the message of replacement and displacement is spreading,effective positive messaging throughout Europe has momentum.The old arguments against us are exposed as dross,let’s move forward together!

  16. Michael Woodbridge

    - Edit

    Well said Diane! The media hold a distorting mirror to our faces. This is absolutely intentional, it’s why they’re funded in the first place. National Action calls their bluff and therefore breaks through the phalanx of lies and distortions. The worst possible strategy is for us to deny the historical truth about National Socialist Germany just because the British public have been lied to for so long. The hysterical intensity of the holohoax mongers is simply the death throws of a lie they’re finding increasingly difficult to maintain. Their lies are becoming so transparent that they’re now self-defeating and only bring shame and ignominy on their perpetrators.

      1. Stronghold Britain written by Geoffrey Williams ISBN 0 7509 3519 7

        As a precaution it might prove useful to locate some of our ancient strongholds.
        The book Stronghold Britain is interesting and a good starting point should any of our youngsters be willing to begin taking on the task of finding a few useful strongholds. There are numerous, spread throughout Britain, therefore a few ordinance survey maps will also be required.

  17. I have given some thought to your article Max, whilst much of it I agree with there are some valid points surely we all must appreciate.
    Saturday the 31st of January was another day of victory for Nationalist Unity as was the Demonstration back in September. Brave men and women standing up to the Zionist left. If one attended these events, one no doubt would have a different opinion.
    A Nationalist movement of protest on the streets of Britain is inevitable. The Cameron Merkel epoch will see to that. The fact is more and more young people are drawn towards our cause through action rather than long drawn out meetings on a Saturday afternoon in Central London. If the Nationalist movement is to succeed, we need to support and influence these events.
    The fact is because of the fragmentation of our Movement the far left are far better organised. We need to find a way of assisting the organisation of such events and we need to work together at promoting such events. The numbers at Dover were good, however if Nationalist organisations learned to work together they would be quadrupled and in time grow to an invincible force.
    The physical calibre and bravery of the Nationalists at the Dover Demonstrations shows major potential for our movement.

    1. I assume the attendees took their own video & photos so that something could be constructed out of that to show an alternative to the media view?

  18. I don’t think the ‘far left’ [many of them Jews] are ‘better organised’. They just have money siphoned through to them, often from wealthy Jewish sources. They have professionally printed banners, lawyers, money, hired chanting types paid to yell, and support of all the media and probably video makers. What nationalists are doing is infinitely more difficult.

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