No Time To Lose

Do you like statistics? Good, because here’s a few to make you think, although you may not enjoy them. In recent years a little under 700,000 children have been born in England and Wales each year. Of those, 436,000 (63%) were classified as White British in 2014, 432,000 (62%) in 2015, 422,000 (60.6%) in 2016.

Let me say that last one again in case you missed it – just 60.6% of the children born in England and Wales last year were White British, down from well over 90% when the third world immigration began in 1948. The decline, both in numbers and as a proportion of the whole, is startling and accelerating. I have seen these figures reported nowhere, perhaps because they have to be dug out of the depths of the reports of the Office for National Statistics, and the ONS does not draw attention to them.

The decline in White British birth numbers may well be due, at least in part, to the difficulty which young couples have in finding a home. High house prices have more than one cause but the competition for housing which pushes prices out of reach is one of those causes, a principal one, and it is a direct consequence of immigration. But the immigrants themselves are less affected by the housing shortage because on arrival they are willing to accept inferior and overcrowded conditions, but on giving birth those same overcrowded conditions entitle them to rehousing. A year or two ago I saw  a newspaper report to the effect that 80% of new lets by housing associations went to Eastern Europeans – Eastern Europeans alone,  not including all the other newcomers who presumably have to squeeze into the remaining 20%. (I have to say that I have never quite believed the report because it sounds so unlikely, but if you can’t believe a newspaper who can you believe?).

This accelerating dispossession of the English – and it is mainly the English who are affected as relatively few immigrants go to the other countries of the United Kingdom – is compounded by two further unpalatable realities which we need to take on board. One of these is the utter bankruptcy of racial nationalism as an electoral force, at least for the foreseeable future. I have sometimes thought that contesting elections does at least let people know that we are still around. I doubt if that argument still holds water; election results are so derisory that if anyone notices them they would surely conclude that, far from being still around, racial nationalism is quite dead. Can it really be less than nine years since the BNP won seats on the European Parliament?

The other unpalatable reality, and it is a bitter one, is that the white Britain for which so many have fought for so long no longer exists. Most of our people have no memory of a Britain in which non-white ethnic minorities were an unwelcome novelty. Most now have non-white friends, colleagues and even relatives and cannot imagine a Britain from which they are absent. Even the Royal Family is soon to include a non-white relative as it does what it always does and bends to the times – do not imagine that the forthcoming Royal Wedding is just about “two young people in love”, it is what Royal Marriages always are; political. The very considerable abatement in recent decades of overt “racism” is not due solely to the great engines of state repression and media propaganda which have been brought to bear on popular attitudes; it is due at least as much to this process of familiarisation.

So do we give up? Of course not! The plight of our country and our folk outlined above demands that we redouble our efforts to forge a racially conscious and  committed community of White British people dedicated, firstly, to saving our racial and cultural identity, and then to achieve what  must be our ultimate goal – an all white, all British Britain. With electoral activity in suspended animation for the duration (we might as well vote UKIP) we should devote our resources and our funds to developing the structures which will take us forward. We already have bodies which seek to represent all British racial nationalists irrespective of party. This website is one such, the London Forum is another, Heritage and Destiny is a third. These ventures, and there are others which I have not named, could function as ideological think tanks, act as sounding boards for nationalist ideas, and provide a centre for the coordination and funding of nationalist activities.

I wrote that they “could” do all of these things but at the present time they are limited very much by the lack of resources. Those resources could be found if they were not frittered away on pointless party political activity. Many among us have devoted their lives and energies to such activity and their activities were not wasted, they gave us hope for a time and, perhaps without quite meaning to, helped to prepare the ground for Brexit. But now party political activity should go into the deep freeze for the duration.

But merely consolidating our existing organisations is not enough. If we content ourselves with turning inward and speaking only to each other we will shrivel in growing isolation. So we need to reach out to the broad mass of people who would define themselves as patriotic, but whose patriotism in many cases embraces an ill-defined or unacknowledged racialism.

Such outreach should be conducted by an organisation with three aims in mind:-

1/ Educational; confirming and validating patriotism while putting a backbone of knowledge and commitment into those who know that they are patriots without, perhaps, being able to say why. There is no shortage of material for a patriotic education, extending from our traditional culture and incomparable heritage of beauty and craftsmanship to our creation of the modern world through the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution.

2/ Acting as a pressure group entering into combat with the establishment on behalf of the ancestral British, attracting attention and support by combatting the symptoms of our displacement –  the school which is marked down for being “too white and English”, the GCSE history syllabus which claims that Britain has always been a nation of immigrants with no indigenous population, the television historical dramas which misrepresent the past presence of ethnic minorities in our country by placing them in times and settings where they would not have been, the casual anti-white racism to be found in sneers such as “too pale, male and stale” (a sneer which contrives to be simultaneously racist, sexist and ageist!).

3/ Acting as a clearing house for those who wish to support our own people by patronising small businesses, by offering employment and accommodation and by affording support to those, particularly our young, who find themselves in trouble for offences against political correctness.

Whether or not the organisation which does these things is one of the existing umbrella bodies or something new doesn’t matter. What does matter is that all those White British people who can be gathered into the organization are bound together by an ideological commitment to the two fundamental principles of racial nationalism – that we must maintain our racial identity free from non-European contamination, and that our countries are for ourselves alone. And that they then act as an organised ethnic minority. Organised ethnic minorities organise to advance their own interests and to preserve their own identities, in other words they put into practice their own versions of the three “aims” set out above. The birth rate figures  indicate that we are probably on the way to minority status so we must act likewise. Even if the British ethnicity does not sink to minority status, those of us dedicated to the restoration of the all-white, all-British, country which existed within living memory are a small ideological minority so, again, we must act accordingly. If we do not, within a generation there will be none left who think as we do, none left who can even comprehend why we think as we do. Within two generations there will be no “we”. There is no time to lose.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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15 thoughts on “No Time To Lose

  1. I hate to be a pessimist, but unless something far more dramatic than a so-called “hard Brexit” happens, where we shut down our borders completely and deport the countless illegal immigrants that have been free to live here unhindered, we’re not going to turn this around.

    A government stopping mass immigration and green-lighting mass deportations is *extremely* unlikely. Compounding our plight, when you consider the ongoing industrialised brainwashing that is subjected to adults and the normalisation of sexualising children while confusing them about their own sexual identity… you start to see we’re in a terrible situation.

    The anti-white propaganda in the UK is exponentially insatiable. Every movie now, every advert, every TV show – all commit themselves to pushing anti-white messages. And I’ve learned that as of next year, adverts will not be allowed to feature a woman acting out the ordinary role of a mother, as this – according to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) – is “harmful and outdated.” Yes, a caring mother is now outdated and harmful. They’re alienating the traditional family cell that bonds us together and sets us in good stead as an adult.

    It’s quite apparent that there are not enough of us who are willing to actually try and take a stand and push back – as is shown by the low numbers of people who have the guts to even write a comment on this site! There are few people who have come to realisation – or acceptance of who is responsible for this attack on our race and culture. Most who think they’re “red pilled,” are still wasting their time and energy getting angry by watching Paul Joseph Watson videos, or commenting over on Breitbart, or funding another solicitor for Tommy Robinson for his latest theatrical stunt.

    I don’t know what it is in particular we need, but it has to be seismic – figuratively speaking. I just wish I at least had some plausible ideas!

    1. Never give up hope Steve. An organised minority can move mountains even though the vast majority is against them. That in fact is why our country has ended up in this mess. Was there a popular majority in favour of abortion (which has cost us ten million predominantly White British lives in the last fifty years – had we had those ten million there could have been no argument that we needed immigrant labour), or the abolition of capital punishment, or homosexual “marriage”? No, of course not – popular majorities in favour of these innovations came only after organised pressure groups went to work on them. We must do the same; all it will take is a charismatic leader, a competent organiser, and plenty of cash – any suggestions?

    2. Why not bring every single living, breathing, and true European from all colonies and places, together under the English banner to end this madness at once, before our chance quickly passes altogether?

    3. I think we are in better shape than you think. We’ve had Brexit & Trump and seen the rise of the right wing media and demise of the left wing MSM. Right Wing/Alt Right Social Media superstars are proliferating in numbers and content. The momentum and energy is now fully with the Right. Generation Identy and other real world activist groups are forming and these will only grow now. We’ve got Victor Oban and young Autrian politicians rising through the ranks. The EU is about to implode into its own delusion. Just one more country leaving would be the end. 2018 will mark the beginning of the real fightback when the Left comes under real and sustained attack. I would encourage everyone to GET INVOLVED ACTIVELY.

    4. Hi, I live in south of Brazil, any 1 know Brazil has a large black/mix/non white population, we are a third world country with so many problems that is waste of time talking about it. Even so they r bringing refugees to the cities that remain white, the german and italian festivals propaganda are full of posters with mixed people and our numbers are declining.
      IDK if we will survive, but I can guarantee u that we must fight to the death and you in europe have nuclear bombs,I am extremely in favor of destroying the world if our defeat is imminent!!!!
      Only when we make clear that we are not joking that our enemies will fear us, we have nothing to lose!!!!

      Sorry for bad english, its not my native language. Peace ^^

      1. Hello Wagner, as you will gauge from my subsequent article, We do not advocate resorting to violence. Instead we advocate the creation of militant, consciously White communities.
        If violence is forced upon us, then we may retaliate in kind, but initiating violence will simply set us on a collision course with the police, the security forces and the army, a confrontation that we cannot win.
        Have lots of children, encourage others to follow suit, and organise in militant communities that reject miscegenation. That is he way forward.

  2. English families use to be large pre War …and up to the 50s…some familes Seven and larger, In the 60s we was told we must cut down and only have onlyTwo children, Since 1967 One Billion White children have been aborted, Worldwide.
    Then in the 80s we was told we are a ageing population that not enough babies are being born to support the old, that we need immigrants to make up the numbers, and so they come, They get free housing,health care benefits, and the more children the more benefits they get,
    White couples dont get Council Houses so they get tied down to massive Morgages and Child care bills cant even afford children..maybe one …and their it is…The Genocide of the White English working class planned since the end of WW2.

  3. I whole heartedly agree that we must not only look inward. I do not belong to any groups and have fairly recently only become “red pilled” so I have not built up any networks of like minded people but I have started to engage in actively trying to spread the information that most do not naturally come across in the media or online.

    As an individual (who has spent my whole teenage years engaged in “street art”) I believe there is a lot just one person can do to help spread awareness with some commitment. These are not big political moves but smaller things that can be done in spare time or even on a public transport journey to help build awareness through grass roots

    1. Printed stickers. Home printed stickers on public transport with web links such as this or other right wing outlets such as Breitbart/Red Ice. This is a good way to ensure mass audiences and also people sat on transport such as buses and trains with nothing to do are far more likely to engage to web link.
    This is a very cheap and effective method of spreading information through websites and Is most certainly going to reach younger audiences. Less is more; Just a web address will do, people will be curious and search out of boredom.
    Pre cut sticker sheets can be found easily on Amazon, £12 will get you 650ish stickers. They can be fed into a printer like regular paper and printed en mass at home.

    2. Spray paint stencilling. Stencils are an easy, fast and cheap way of spreading websites/information; it only takes an acetate sheet 400-600micron, stencil, spray paint and scalpel. Again bus stops and other waiting areas for public transport see mass audiences and will be there for the duration of the persons wait, maximising the likeliness of said person to engage by searching the link. Even done on the floor in front of seats to lessen the chance of removal. (I am not condoning criminal damage but merely hypothesising on how this would reach a large audience of all ages).

    3. Wheat paste posters. Wheat paste (or flour) is an extremely cheap adhesive to make an incredibly strong. The posters themselves will only be cost effective for an individual in black ink and would require the purchase of a Laser printer as inkjet runs in wet weather. This would be good for areas of high traffic that frequently stops such as boxes at traffic lights, train stations and any area that people tend to congregate.
    Wheat paste recipes can be found easily on the internet.

    4. Leafleting information door to door.
    This can be done with A5 sized leaflets/flyers that can contain a wealth of information and links. This can be done by an individual very easily with a bit of practice at design and printing. This is a more direct way of spreading information.

    These might seem trivial things to do but I honestly believe that these are great ways to reach large audiences. Points 1 and 2 are also a great way to passively engage in large amounts of people with a simple web link; people who would never engage with us, due to prior prejudice against our movement, will search web links and be engaged with vast amounts of information that they would normally avoid.

    I hope this will maybe give something for people to think about; Another tool for the arsenal of educating the public.

  4. I rarely watch or listen to the BBC but on this occasion I wanted to catch up on a radio programme. I went to BBC iplayer and clicked on radio and up popped a box asking for my email address and post code. Well I pay my tv licence, if somewhat reluctantly, and have nothing to hide. Then up popped another box asking me for my gender. I thought this was rather odd. I can think of a lot more pertinent questions that were not asked. Gender options – male/female/other. I entered other, I now wait to be asked to appear on Question Time.

  5. The problem with political parties like the NF or the BNP is that they are under a lot of direct pressure and when they fragment, everyone (80%) walks away.
    Any racial org that struggles on our behalf needs to be structured so that fragmentation can be avoided or mitigated.
    Structure and membership is everything in the building of an org. You’ve only got to look at the banning of NA to see how both were lost and how nothing has replaced it. Just a complete loss.
    WS could move in that direction, though there is no structure at present.

  6. Every Aryan birth is now an act of genetic insurrection against a programme the aim of which is our biological extinction. Racial nationalist politics must have this biological world-view if the Aryan race is to survive, flourish and prosper.

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