No Place in America or the Rest of the World for White Haters and Their Evil Ideology

The White-haters and anti-White bigots with their toxic and hateful ideology, that they hide behind terms such as anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-White supremacy, anti-Neo-Nazi, have to be seen for what they are and what they want to do.

The haters of Whites are not just removing statues of Confederate leaders, per se. These statues represent all Whites. They are removing statues, paintings, street names, college names and more of Whites.

They are symbolically erasing Whites from existence.  These symbolic erasures of Whites should be seen as trial balloons or early steps to the actual physical erasure of living White people. And, in colleges all across the land some of these anti-White bigots are teaching students to hate Whites.  You’ve seen the many news articles about this.  These people are evil and they are genocidal.

These bigoted and hateful anti-Whites include many neurotic self-hating Whites who are caught up in the evil anti-White ideology and who are able to psychologically  justify their  self hate  as hatred of  the socially acceptable boogey men who they call racists, etc.  In this way, they lie to themselves as they dehumanize ordinary Whites who express any healthy sense of self and group esteem.

What happened in Charlottesville is not difficult to understand and those who hate Whites and Whiteness are trying to hide the reality.

Here’s what Charlottesville was about.  A group of people wanted to hold a peaceful and legal rally. Under the law it doesn’t matter who they were or what they legally wanted to say. They had a Constitutional right to do so. And, they also had a legal permit to do so. They wanted to use their First Amendment rights of free speech to express their views.  All peaceful and legal.

Then, another group, with no permit, tried to keep them from exercising their free speech rights. And, the government that is supposed to protect the Constitutional right of free speech stood down and let those with no permit attack those with a permit. That’s it.  That’s all that Charlottesville was about. Evil triumphed in Charlottesville as the haters of Whites did keep peaceful people from using their first amendment rights.  It was a very sad day for those who support the Constitution and freedom.

Sadly, as we have seen so many times in history, the haters are trying to once again destroy peaceful people who just want to believe as they want to believe and live their lives in peace and happiness.

The modern evil-doers caught up in a mob frenzy against Whites who want to live peacefully and believe as they want, are no different than the past evil-doers who killed “Witches,” and various people who didn’t agree with various religious or social beliefs in their day.

You know about the hate aimed at Galileo and the persecution he faced as those all around him attacked him for his Copernican belief that the earth was not the center of the universe.  “How dare he believe such a thing?”  And, one imagines that the haters of his day, used their versions of terms such as “racist,” to describe and attack him.  But, today, we are much more enlightened, aren’t we?  Nope.  We are not. Just look at how the haters of Whites are trying to destroy us as a people.  We are the modern Galileos.

When you were in school and you read about the horrors of the past; about people being burned at the stake for not believing in certain religious creeds and about the Salem Witch Trials, you probably wondered how people could have been so ignorant to go along with such things.  Well, look around yourself. The same evil hatred thing is happening today. It is exactly the same thing.

Small minded bigots never change, they just change their targets.  The persecutors of Galileo are still with us. The killers of innocent people as Witches in Salem are still with us.  They have just changed their targets.

Even with our wonderful First Amendment, we have evil-doers today who try to subvert it as they attack others.   These evil-doers will say they are for free speech, but they side step the issue by calling speech they don’t like  “hate speech.”  And, they do this word shuffle about many other things.  They simply define what is good and just as something else and they then rely on a compliant media to repeat their evil lies to whip up the mob.

But there is more to the evil anti-White ideology.  There really is an attempt to kill off all Whites. It is genocide of Whites that they are playing at.  And, it is taking many forms. The removal of statutes and street names are just part of the bigger picture. There are calls for Whites to not have White babies.  There are moves to try to increase miscegenation by Whites.  And, it goes on and on. Whatever can remove Whites from existence is being tried.

Everyone should ask this question:  Is it okay for Whites to survive?  Isn’t the moral answer one that says that it is certainly okay for Whites to survive?  And, if it is okay for Whites to survive, what does “survive,” really mean?  Doesn’t it mean that Whites have a right to survive as Whites? That is, to be who and what we are by birth?  To try to be all that we can be?  To live in a society where we don’t have to fear being attacked in cities that we largely built?  To be treated fairly in school admissions and job placements? To be a free people not afraid to speak our minds? To be able to associate with or not associate with anyone we ourselves choose?

By H. Millard © 2017

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14 thoughts on “No Place in America or the Rest of the World for White Haters and Their Evil Ideology

  1. I entirely agree with this assessment. The current political and social chaos evident throughout the Western world has at its core hatred of the White race.

    No amount of appeasement and concession-granting to our enemies is going to cure this. Only concrete action is.

    Sustained attacks on the System such as the continuous highlighting of the traitorous ruling elite’s acts of hypocrisy and criminal activities, accompanied by loud AND relentless demands for their arrest and trial.

    All examples of anti-White hate crime must automatically result in arrest and trial. Should an obviously guilty individual or group be conveniently exonerated where evidence should have led to conviction, vigorous campaigns and petitions for their re-arrest must ensue.

    The setting up of nationalist investigation tribunals is imperative. It may be necessary to form a nationalist police force as would be evident in any parallel society. After all, we are seeing practitioners of Judaism and the Mohammedan belief system being permitted by the traitorous ruling elite to build such parallel societies in the ancestral homelands of White nationalities worldwide.

  2. Their is a minority of self hating white’s, but the people behind the destruction of the white race are the people that run the Media, the Banks, the Law, and Hollywood , The same people that have hated us since the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem by The Romans, 2000 years ago, yes they have long memories .

  3. A very Good article!

    For those that aren’t up to speed yet – our presence is currently being erased from the internet. There is no other way to say that and if you don’t believe me now, you will do in a few days or so. The worst part about this is there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

    Over the last three days we have had our largest websites and blogs erased from the web, and they haven’t finished yet. Today, The Daily Stormer reappeared with a new domain name ending in .lol ……. it won’t be there in a couple of hours as the company hosting it are already aware and in the process of removing it. This is the 3rd or 4th time in the last two days.

    Red Ice has gone along with many others. The Alternative-Right.blogspot was removed today. Paypal accounts, bitcoin accounts etc. are all being shut down too.

    This is an ongoing process to completely remove our presence from the web.

    So many things have happened to out sites and their income streams in the last 3 days that it’s beyond the scope of this comment so I’ll just leave with you this to ponder:

    ICANN are the people who decide who can and cannot have a domain name. Without a domain name your browser can’t find the website you’re searching for – so pressure is being put at the highest levels to remove our domain names. It matters not how many times you try and register another one, they find it almost immediately and it is taken down. There is simply no way around this and unless governments decide to regulate things like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. then in a very short space of time we will have very few, if any sites left.

    I am so angry about this I don’t know what else to say. Not only has our race been targeted for extinction but it seems the only real means to fight back is now also being taken away.

    Sorry for the black pill but it is what it is.

    1. I realize that these are alarming developments for lovers of free speech, but we should not despair because the internet provides infinite means to circumvent censorship. If you need convincing consider how the Pirate Bay has thwarted each and every attempt to shut them down. I was encouraged by how easily I could access the Daily Stormer website using it’s onion link in my Firefox browser and without any additional software or changes in settings. It appears that my VPN provides a facility to enter the TOR network, although this was not an advertised feature. If you are not so lucky with your choice of VPN you can install the FoxTor addon for Firefox.

      I must say having seen the Daily Stormer website it is hard to see what all the fuss is about because I found it to be boring and silly. The only thing that could be construed as ‘hate’ in the website is the section titled ‘Race War’ which features news items about black on white crime. It could hardly be described as ‘Neo Nazi’ as there is nothing in it about National Socialism or indeed any kind of political ideology which makes it kind of apolitical.

  4. There is still plenty of scope on the net for spreading propaganda, I spend a lot of time on various local newspaper Facebook pages, not the same as having a web site, but you are interacting with people who will never visit a political site. Re the Daily Stormer I do wonder if the disappearance is a great loss, some of the stuff was good but a lot was crude.

    1. I think your approach is sound Eddy. Local community activism is the way to build a grass-roots movement and this can be accomplished initially by getting involved in the issues that local newspapers highlight, providing a fresh nationalist perspective on those issues and subtly directing their readers to websites such as Western Spring where our arguments are set out in relatively moderate terms compared to websites like the Daily Stormer.
      The Daily Stormer was a website that specialised in provocation and agitation: Andrew Anglin attracted a massive amount of attention very quickly, but had no real-world organisation to direct his readers to. They were in the words of the Meatloaf song, “all revved up and no place to go!”
      There will be a need for websites like the Daily Stormer once we have a powerful real-world organisation and find ourselves in a proto-revolutionary situation. That’s when we will need our people revved-up because they will have a job to do and somewhere to go. Until then we should avoid unnecessary attention seeking, and continue building our organisation, largely untroubled by the enemy.

      1. Hello Max,

        “The Daily Stormer was a website”

        I think this is maybe premature as The Stormer now has a permanent web address on the deep web, accessible on TOR. As of yesterday it can also be accessed through a normal browser with an onion link thanks to Tor2Web. New articles are appearing daily still.

        “Andrew Anglin attracted a massive amount of attention very quickly, but had no real-world organisation to direct his readers to.”

        I would disagree with that as the site directed its readers not only to “real world organisations” such as Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI), Matthew Heimbach’s Traditional Workers Party and others – but also with the Stormer bookclubs, tens of thousands of people all over America, Europe, Canada, Australia and other places were contacting other bookclub members in their areas arranging meetings and doing real-world activism. These are people who were previously alienated from any kind of real-world activity due to not knowing anyone in their given location.

        We also have to remember that although some people see The Stormer as over-the-top extreme, it is actually very clever propaganda with specific aims – one of those being to normalise other groups and organisations in the minds of the public.

        One could hardly call Western Spring or other similar organisations “far-right extreme Nazis” while sites like The Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff exist. These sites also seem to be weathering the storm for now with things being put in place to create our own infrastructure within the web to prevent similar attacks being successful in the future.

        The fallout from Charlottesville has also sparked a much wider, long overdue debate from people across the political spectrum about Internet freedom. This is all positive stuff and maybe my previous comment was slightly premature as I hadn’t accounted for the skills of coding experts who are now stepping up to the plate to combat this.

        We can only watch to see how things develop and we mustn’t give up. Whether we like it or not the world has changed in the last ten years and the information war will be won or lost on the Internet where hundreds of thousands of people can be reached with the click of a button.

        This of course doesn’t mean that community activism shouldn’t be engaged in – of course it should. We all need to understand though how much more effective the Internet is at disseminating ideas and drawing large amounts of people into the movement.

        As a case in point – last Wednesday, the Stormer had over 3 million hits on its website which is Breitbart tier traffic levels.


  5. I hate to state the obvious but this is the epoch of Left Wing panic. Wooed up by the mass media. The “nazis” are coming the white terrorists etc etc. Since Trump and Brexit we have seen an organised backlash campaign of anti patriot spew! Today the Guardian Newspaper began an extraordinary attack on Nelsons colume, now that might not come as a surprise to many Patriots, but when you consider what a small circulation that publication has and its attacking our history it becomes mainstream media wow. Liberalism and the left have the power, I’d say their own goals will cost them dear. The hard left over many years have done their upmost to politicise the none white population of the US and at home. The R word is almost none stop and it’s their king pin: it’s their only hope. ! What they forget :when the none whites riot they don’t riot for Marxist revolution they riot for the latest Nike Trainers! Our civilisation is still very much in danger, they close down our websites because we are the one’s with the real revolutionary ideas. Putting it simple we need to unite our own alternative Right!

  6. The duplicitous machinations in Charlottesville, the international unity of the MSM’s deceitful presentation of the affair, the role of the SPLC, the removal of statues representing white history, the effects of mass non white immigration, the unified effort to eradicate alt right voices on the net, the list of Jew run entities involved in bringing this about including Paypal etc and an apparent freehand for antifa and the idiot BLM crowd make it abundantly clear to all those with a white skin that they are in peril.
    Most of those I know who do not wish to engage with the reality of the situation have to actively subdue their concerns but it is becoming increasingly difficult for if they have children and therefore an investment in the future, they can not help but forecast the outcome of current trends.
    Recent events have forced me to utilise Tor and activated me to attend a stormer bookclub meeting. This after the Daily Stormer was removed from what is likely to become regarded as the cucknet.
    Also noteworthy as an example of the power of the net to disseminate memes is the widespread use of the term ‘cuck’. It was clear that Shillary didn’t appreciate it during her election run. This is vastly superior to local networking especially in an environment where ‘hate speech’ laws induce a chilling effect upon free interaction.
    When the white middle class realise that they and their offspring can not swerve the coming disaster there will be a fight.
    Unlike previous isolated examples such as South Africa which was subject to manufactured international opprobrium this fight will be in European homelands and across continents inhabited by whites simultaneously. Each reinforcing the actions of the other.
    Hence the urgent need to close down the net. Brainwashing via the MSM and education systems is not sufficient whilst alternative means of disseminating ideas exist.
    But it won’t work because it contradicts too strongly with all that is supposed to fundamental to western society and the benefits that have accrued as a result of our enlightenment.

  7. It is quite clear that our backs are to the metaphorical wall as great sinister forces are arrayed against patriots and loyalists.

    We need to take every opportunity to inform our people of the impending dangers and the extent of the deception we experience on a daily basis.

    We need to achieve small and incremental victories and reject the values foisted on us via television under the guise of entertainment.

    We need to avoid cheering the national team whether in football or athletics, but choose on our own terms how we will relax and with whom to consort with.

    Let us do our own bidding and not that of others!

  8. I interpret the constant agitation and propaganda about racism and ‘white privilege’ to be psychological warfare against whites intended to bring about their compliance with their displacement by hordes of non white immigrants, and as such it serves the same purpose as all the all the indoctrination about ‘the final solution’ that we have endured for the last sixty years. I don’t share Western Spring’s obsession with race, so I don’t interpret mass Third World immigration as an attempt to eliminate the white race by unknown forces for unknown reasons. Rather I see it as a front that the globalists have opened in their war against the nation state which stands in the way of continuous ‘integration’ as they call it. To eliminate the nation state you need to eliminate national consciousness and what better way to do it than flood nations with immigrants who are as racially and culturally distinct from the native population as possible. To get a better understanding of what is going on everyone who follows Western Spring should read this article titled ‘ Globalist Think Tank: North American Community “Will Be Forged in the Heat of Conflict”’. Here are some quotations from the article that perfectly reveal the elite’s plans:

    ‘On June 11, 2002 a conference on North American integration was held by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The center, which influences policy making in Washington, is funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Gates Foundation and George Soros. During the 2002 meeting, shocking revelations were made regarding the elite’s plans to create a North American Union between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. In order to accomplish this, representatives from various think tanks agreed that a campaign of social engineering needed to re-shape beliefs about national sovereignty and identity.’

    ‘Bruce Stokes, Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow, National Journal columnist and Chatham House member told the conference that a true “North American Community” would only be born out of the heat of conflict.’

    ‘Stokes said, “For those of you, who like me, believe that one of the biggest challenges we face as a society is coming to terms with globalization… then we must embrace the rough spots” like illegal immigration. Stokes stated that we need to “…use these as teaching experiences… to create a public dialogue about the meaning of becoming a true North American Community.”

    ‘The spectacle of tens of thousands of “unaccompanied minors” is a “teaching experience” that globalist run media is using to manipulate public opinion. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi recently stated in response to the current crisis that the United States and Mexico is “a community with a border going through it.” Pelosi then said that the establishment must view the crisis as an “opportunity.”’

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