Nick Griffin Declared Bankrupt?

By Max Musson:

Griffin 1There are as yet unsubstantiated reports emerging, claiming that Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party (BNP), was declared bankrupt in a hearing at Welshpool County Court, earlier today, 2nd January 2014  [NB. See note at bottom of this page].

The source of these allegations is the website of the British Democratic Party (BDP), and the leadership of the BDP obviously feel that this news if true, will significantly benefit them, as the story currently dominates the home page of their website.

The BDP is of course a BNP clone, composed of unimaginative and unperceptive people who have deluded themselves into thinking that the only thing wrong with the BNP has been the ethics of its chairman. They hope that by publicising the financial bankruptcy of the party chairman they will benefit from a surge of disillusioned BNP members transferring to their party.

What appears to have escaped the BDP leadership however, is that Nick Griffin has been bankrupt for some considerable time – politically bankrupt that is – ever since he betrayed the voting members of his party, and gerrymandered the result of the General Members Meeting of the 26th June 2011, using a pocket full of proxy votes.

While Griffin’s political bankruptcy has led to the BNP shedding roughly 80% of its members over the last couple of years, very few of those disillusioned members have sought to relive the experience by joining the fledgling BDP.

Most ex-members of the BNP are now either thoroughly disillusioned with nationalist politics, or they have the intelligence to recognise that electoral politics is a wasteland for us so long as the mass media in this country and throughout the Western world remains largely owned and/or controlled by Zionists

Furthermore, if the allegations of Griffin’s financial bankruptcy turn out to true, it does not follow that the BNP will collapse. There have been a number of court actions to recover debts from the BNP, in which Griffin has been implicated in recent years, yet he has still managed to hold together a large enough group of sycophants to enable the party to limp on. Why should it be any different this time, especially as the main stream media have not seemed too eager to publicise his fall from grace?

Griffin will eventually lose his seat as an MEP and when that time comes the BNP will be rendered irrelevant, just as all BNP clones will be rendered irrelevant when Andrew Brons retires and they continue to poll embarrassingly low numbers of votes in elections.

We have over the last century witnessed more than forty nationalist political parties launch and then collapse in this country, and the time is now ripe for us to adopt fresh new strategies in order to advance our cause.

Thankfully, increasingly large numbers of people are now beginning to realise that the strategies advocated here at Western Spring are the only hope for the salvation of our people.


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By Max Musson © 2014

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We have been supplied with this link which would appear to indicate that the allegations of bankruptcy made against Nick Griffin are true. :

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43 thoughts on “Nick Griffin Declared Bankrupt?

  1. With regards to your strategies, forgive me, but have any of them actually been implemented, or is it all just talk?

    1. Hi Paul, The simple answer to your question is that our strategies are indeed being implemented, but are as yet still in the early stages of development. Your scepticism is understandable, but have you ever wondered why we don’t already have a fully developed and thriving nationalist movement in this country? The answer is because building such an entity is an incredibly difficult thing to do given the extreme hostility we face from both establishment sources and from other rival nationalist groups, most of which are not interested in unifying our efforts.
      At this stage of our development growth is slow, but steady, as we move towards achieving the critical mass necessary for explosive growth to follow. That time will come however, of that I am sure.

    1. When we see people copying an already failing organisational structure, repeating actions that have already been shown to lead to failure, time and time again, then we can be pretty sure such people are ‘unimaginative and unperceptive’. It’s simply a matter of logic, my friend.

      1. Wasn’t it also the definition of stupidity, repeating the same mistake over & over again thinking the result would be different?

  2. I feel sorry for Mr, Griffin! He has tried his best and has, due to the human filth that controls the media, been persecuted to a degree that is unimaginable. Also, Mr. Griffin is the ONLY politician in the country who mentions globalism, liberalism, Zionism, and Marxism, etc., and their pernicious effects on the White Race. He does care….

    The problems with the BNP are multifaceted. I think the main one is a lack of dedication, strategy and determination.

    As for what the BNP have had to face, we all know the roots of their power: information and money. Our enemies, the human filth that controls our System, have the money and key institutional influence to control culture and fund their social control.

    With massive funding, these creeps have worked out how to manipulate a critical mass of people to think” how they want to suit their agenda of secrecy, profit and evil. Listen to Kerry Bolton’s interview on Counter Currents (Multiculturalism, Globalism, and the NWO) and understand this one axiom: the elites benefit from wrecking our nations.

    The BNP have had these movers an’ shakers against them from day one. They have had only one method of resistance: mass approval. Unfortunately, they have lacked the skills in propaganda and networking needed to mount an effective campaign.

    I hate to admit this, but I must say it: by now the British nationalist movement should have secured the mass media. We’ve had 60 years — when we point the finger there are always three pointing right back.

    1. I don’t think Nick Griffin is a blameless as you suggest Shaun, but factors you list are the reasons why we must now try a different approach. We cannot continue to build organisations that are then at the mercy of the mass media.

      1. First we have the hardline Nazis in the BDP gloating over Griffin, the same who were recently spelling his name with two pound signs in place of the ‘f’s, now of course no one is apologizing for all those remarks where they accused Griffin of being a thief.
        And of course this site never mentions Griffins heroic support of Golden Dawn nor his throwing a monkey wrench into the Bankster war machine
        Of course Griffin and the BNP are the only ones who mention the bankster power structure at all. Other sites use Bankster only in conjunction with the word Jew and perpetuate the fiction that the jews run the new world order.
        And of course the only blows action against the Saudi Zionist oil company NWO coalition that was determined to make Syria just like Iraq and Libya, and had almost done that to Egypt til the Egyptian Army put a stop to it, was Griffins letter which derailed the parliamentary vote supporting Cameron.
        Max I haven’t quite figured you out yet perhaps you might try explaining yourself a little better.

        1. Hi Johnb, I see you are still living in your own alternative reality, or at least the one that Nick Griffin has created for you.
          While I hold no torch for the BDP, to describe their leadership as “hardline Nazis’, is rather like describing a tin of Heinz spaghetti hoops as ‘authentic Italian cuisine’. Furthermore, of course they are not going to apologise to Griffin until he explains where all the donated money went.
          As for Griffin speaking up for Golden Dawn, I am sure they already had enough troubles without an undischarged bankrupt assuming the role of their unappointed saviour.
          While Griffin may have established himself as a minor irritant to the ‘Saudi Zionist oil company NWO coalition’, to claim that he single handedly prevented war with Syria is rather like King Canute claiming to have repelled the sea as he sits and watches the tide go out.
          Johnb, the reason why you have yet to figure me out is that you obviously spend too much time reading the pap written on the BNP website instead of reading with an open mind, what we at Western Spring have to say. Please feel free to avail yourself of all we have to offer.

          1. Well if you look on the Golden Dawn web site you will see that their take on the actions of Nick Griffin are somewhat different than yours, and your assumption that I get all my information from the BNP is equally laughable. FYI I was involved in the political struggle against the globalist establishment most probably before you were born. I also got much of My information about Nazi Germany from my 100 percent German ancestored father who fought under both third and seventh army and spent another year and a half rounding up Nazis in the Occupation. somehow I suspect he knew from experience more about the Germans and the Nazi thugs who oppressed them than you ever will, even if your name is really Max Musson and you really have some German blood. As for figuring you out Max I hesitate to make judgements about a person until I have met them or corresponded with them. I know all I need to about the BDP from their days as the BNP ideas site when I caught them fputting up every deliberate rumor and Lie about Griffin as a fact, including the lies put out about the Phony Romac scandal which had Griffin trying to stitch up Barnbrook and all their defenses of Butler
            Just in case you are an innocent and haven’t figured it out yet Butler and Dowson were the Good cop – bad cop duo of agents provacatuer. who stirred up most of the dissention, including MacKenzie, Collet, and Bennet.
            So tell me Max since you hint that you’re not the babe in the woods. .and you have the real info just exactly what do you know about who and what and when. ?? Details Max names dates and actions.
            Your Good Friend Johnb

            1. Johnb, taking the issues in the order that you raised them:
              I don’t really place much store by what Griffin said in defence of Golden Dawn, as talk is cheap for someone nearing the end of their period of tenure as an MEP with no real prospect of getting re-elected. I am sure it has not eluded Golden Dawn that it has taken Griffin almost 4 years to declare his support for them.
              So your father was German. That’s good, and upon the assumption that your mother was British, that means you have a good pedigree.
              That your father had a jaded view of the last remaining Nazi fighters does not surprise me. They would have been desperate men and as a British soldier who was half German, your father would have had an obvious need to be perceived as someone who detested the Nazis more intensely than his wholly British counterparts.
              As for the financial ‘scandals’ and internal wrangling within the BNP, my belief is that one should not ascribe to malice and conspiracy, that which can be explained by incompetence and small-mindedness. I have no great dislike of any of the characters involved and have not fallen out with any of them on a personal level, but Griffin did betray the voting members principle upon which his credibility largely rested, when he pulled that wad of proxy votes from his pocket at that EGM near Manchester and he simply cannot continue to lead the nationalist movement in this country. Sadly, through that act he has shown himself to be without honour or principle.
              As for the so called ‘financial wrong-doings’, I rather believe that most of the missing money was lost as a result of incompetent management rather than systematic embezzlement and I therefore do not subscribe to the kind of theories that abound in BDP circles.
              I don’t know Dowson, Mackenzie or Bennet and I hardly know Butler or Collet. I hold no malice towards them, but by the same token, I don’t at present see any of them as instrumental in bringing about the salvation of our people, and so I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no names dates or juicy gossip to share.
              Regards, Max.

              1. Max good a good conversation.
                First you misread me, my father is a 100 % German ancestored American. Second, yes Mom was a Londoner. She passed away in 03. Next you obviously have some skewed romanticized view of the second world war. It Was Not like that. It was hell for the soldiers on all sides and for the people who were attacked and occupied by the Nazis.
                [Third through to eighth contained many irrelevant assertions about the history of the Third Reich, which have no relevance as far as Western Spring and our mission are concerned]
                [Ninth consisted of a lengthy description of the writer’s father, which while rather endearing, also has no relevance as far as Western Spring and our mission are concerned]
                Next you say you know nothing about Dowson Mackenzie Collet and Butler Ok that’s honest and I accept that. However I am a good judge of character and [these people are problematic in terms of background and character].
                The Biggest problem in getting together a group to oppose the financial establishment is that most of your volunteers are going to be unfit for purpose. The biggest group of unfit for purpose clowns are those who mask feelings of inferiority by dreams that the belong to the master race. then their are the other nut jobs the ones who mask their inadequacies by wanting to be the big fish in a tiny pool. They are all about them,. they always want the leaders spots even though for the most part they are not leadership material.
                If you listened to Griffin he is rebuilding Slowly the Parties ranks by emphasizing community service. He gets lots of criticism from people who should be supporting The BNP. His vision that is based upon the principle of Mao, a correct principle (even the commies get on right now and then) that the party must be to the people like the fish to the sea. They must be part of the community, Each local party unit should have PERSONAL ties to all the British people in their area. Personal contact and personal service. is the ONLY thing that will overcome the mass media.
                Finally it does not matter who the leader is only that leader do the right program and follow through with it, In other words stay the course. and that is what any western spring people should be doing each working in his own community establishing contacts and pushing the BNP platform. because it is the CORRECT PLATFORM!!!

                1. Hi Johnb, Firstly, please forgive me for editing your previous comments. Much as the information edited out was interesting in terms of me understanding ‘where you’re coming from’, it had little or no relevance to our discussion as far as other readers are concerned and simply took up an inordinate amount of space.
                  Perhaps you didn’t read my previous reply to you carefully enough, but I pointed out that Nick Griffin has shown himself to be unprincipled and dishonourable by his passed actions, and for those reasons we at Western Spring will not be promoting him or the BNP in future. Neither will we be promoting the BDP or any of the other micro-parties that have sprung up following the decline of the BNP.
                  Please read the following articles, as these should help you understand our position more clearly:

      1. I am aware that my reply was rather long, but my “interesting assertions” regarding the Third Reich were rather to the point of both how people are manipulated, and the real character of the Nazis and to how the Banksters were behind both the Third Reich and WW2. Furthermore bankster manipulation of politics IS the point that it is most important to grasp, would not you agree?

        1. An understanding of power politics is important, but the use of the term ‘bankster’ and its supporting concept represents a rather too simplistic interpretation of events.

          1. Max If you are referring to the term Bankster as too simplistic, you first need to define precisely who you mean as the movers and shakers.
            The bottom line is that the movers and shakers of the world are an international cabal of billionaire investment bankers, and the the term Banksters is as good as any.

            1. John, You say that Nick Griffin is exposing these ‘Banksters’, so who are the one’s he has exposed so far, that nobody else is talking about?

  3. I hope failure to remain in the European parliament follows, his time there turned out to be a disaster for the BNP, quite the opposite of what was expected.
    The BNP will only recover once he’s removed but it’s probably too late for them.
    Like others I think the democratic route is closed now, if it was ever open.

  4. I think we can all see how corrupt the System is from an observation of Greece. Golden Dawn have been classified as a criminal organization and have been banned from — to my utter horror — even giving their own people food parcels. All due to some leftist rapper called ”Killa P” who got murdered in a bar fight by a guy who supported Golden Dawn. Madness.

    Leftists have murdered people during this period, but they haven’t banned their parties because of their behavior. It seems, when nationalists get close, the Usual Suspects start getting nervous, and they whine to their lackeys until something is done.

    I wonder what the top political people think of these people after they get a threatening phone call or a warning from above. I mean, how hard is it to tell somebody to ”naff off”? Why do our so-called leaders back down? I know, the two Bs: bribes and blackmail.

    As for Mr. Griffin, I’m not the type of person to jump on bandwagons and throw out unbridled accusations. I don’t know much about Nick Griffin, but I do know this: the BNP lacks discipline, strategy and determination. They should have a media presence by now; they should have made some powerful allies; and they should have acquired a bigger resource base.

    That’s how the globalist elites have won: they have the money. In the nationalist case, most people who hold nationalist views who I have meet have been anti-money and that means they lack a foundational understanding of modern politics. I may be a 30-year-old cynic, but I have learned this brutal lesson: people don’t vote for the guy who speaks the truth, they vote for the guy who gets the funding.

    People vote for objects of success.

    1. It is good to see that you have made the transition from unthinking follower to political analyst, Shaun. As you say, the BNP and Nick Griffin have undoubtedly been persecuted by the establishment, but Nick Griffin has not provided the kind of leadership needed for the BNP to grow in strength and influence. Sadly, but like all other nationalist organisations dependent on electoral politics, the BNP has stagnated, atrophied and now stumbled backwards into terminal political obscurity.

      It’s time to email me your contact details, I think:

    2. Maybe voting is over rated?
      You right about the BNP & that was mainly due to one Nick Griffin.
      When I was a supporter I banged on about discipline & understanding how the enemy would sabotage things but that lesson wasn’t learned.
      The rot really set in once Nick became a MEP.

  5. I have mixed feelings about this. Like many nationalists I thought the BNP was going to be the solution to our problems. But like the NF before it, it was a false hope. I cancelled my membership of the BNP a couple of years ago when I finally realised that politics was not the answer. The odds are stacked against us; and the NWO/Zionists who control this country and the whole of the Western world, would ensure that a nationalist party would never come to power.

    Your reply to Paul above does give me hope though Max

    1. I am glad that we at Western Spring are able to provide hope where none would otherwise exist.
      What now remains is for all good nationalist to put aside our differences, embrace the strategies that we have outlined and make contact with us so that we can all begin working as a unified whole towards acquiring the six prerequisites, and following that the salvation of our people.

    2. I was pretty much of the same opinion with reservations about Nick & then I found a lot of the charges laid against him are true & that the BNP weren’t fit for power.
      Many of the lower rank & file members are good though, like the NF ones.
      I also think democracy is a sham, any colour you want as long as it is black!

  6. England Expects

    - Edit

    Everyone knew this would happen at some point or another and whilst there is much emphasis by the media on making sure that everyone knows he is not “finished” politically because of bankruptcy it must be remembered that people who are owed money have now just lost it.

    The media seem to be reporting this with some misconceptions. Bankruptcy does prevent you from standing in General and local council elections during the time you are judged bankrupt, usually 12 months unless a BRO is put in place.

    Considering the amount of claims of financial mismanagement over the past few years this either means that they were totally unfounded or someone is overlooking the glaringly obvious.

    If there is no BRO put in place and a deeper look into allegations then it will make a mockery of the bankruptcy system probably leading to outrage by political enemies and maybe in the long run lead to a review of bankruptcy procedures. Its not a good thing to release statements telling people it is of no consequence to him as this gives a signal of no respect for the procedure. If that is the case and its all allowed to run smoothly then either the claims against him are fictitious or it suites to have him down but not out.

    Trustees have a legal obligation to act on behalf of the creditors to seek to reclaim money owed. To openly flout his opinions of no consequence whilst the procedure has only just started is either brave in as much he really feels he is a victim or stupid.

    1. Yes some of the reporting is a bit misleading, Nick may well be spinning it for his own ends, expect a cry of “Infamy, infamy, they’ve got it in for me, send a donation”.
      I’m thankful not to get the begging letters anymore.
      I think he’s deluded & just won’t admit the reality of the situation, he thinks he’s waving when really he’s drowning.

      1. Although the BNP is a toxic brand, there is a huge amount of soft support for the party amongst the target population: Whites!

        I have been on demonstrations and seen it for myself. Loads of people bib their horns and stuff; the BNP is only hated by the haters of European man. Max Musson, however, is right: they aren’t seen as strong enough by the people to be worthy of a vote. Unless, of course, the voters are hardcore nationalists. We are few….

        1. I think you are correct in that, there were some polls done on BNP policies which were vote winners but as soon as the BNP name was put against them…..
          There has been a well organised campaign against the BNP & NF for years but Nick Griffin in the end didn’t do them any good either.
          The problem with the NF is that they seem to want people to go to them but they don’t reach out.
          Though certain of their members do appear on websites like this & make well argued cases on their own behalf.

        2. The other thing is that I think the BNP will be less toxic without Nick but would it do them any good?
          As I think the democratic route is closed, then I guess not.

        3. England Expects

          - Edit

          Its nice when you are out loud and proud to get the support of passers by and encouraging maybe to a few by standers who are indecisive as to their support but looking at it deeper its actually more depressing.

          Most of those people who beep their horns and give the thumbs up wouldn’t even get out of their car to get a leaflet from you. Most of them will drive one and forget about it by the next corner they go round.

          Where are the million people who voted in the last EU elections? no where that’s where as the extent of their political aspirations is a cross on a ballot paper and even that is dwindling for every party not just the BNP

          The fact of the matter is that for most organisations left and right the ballot box is no longer a viable alternative and the response of the elite is and will be to ensure actor organisations crop up to catch the active non voters. This is my opinion of some rapidly expanding lobby groups that get more than their fair share of support from the liberal media.

          Then there are groups with the same style of set up but not actors and are genuine set ups with real aspirations and goals. They are not promising electoral success and not encouraging you to raise your head above the parapet and shield a leadership they are doing what they say they will do.

          But then you already know that as you have found one of them.

          1. I think the BNP was a good idea, but, apart from the obvious obstacles,. they had one more major obstacle: human pettiness. Human pettiness is something that not many nationalists take into consideration when they try to analyse the failures of the post-WW2 nationalist movements.

            Human pettiness can be defined as a ubiquitous self-absorption. Another way of looking at it is small-minded rationalism: doing what is best for the self at the moment. It is rational to follow the system, so many people ”choose” to do this to create a better life.

            To a man, nationalists are the type of people who look at the bigger picture. Time and space are only relative to the future and the corollaries of the present — this is rational too. It just isn’t small-minded rationalism: it is the highest form of altruism.

            Yes, I do agree. Most White people don’t think outside of the context of a narrow sphere of self-interest, so they aren’t bothered by what is coming for their descendants….

            The problem the BNP had from the beginning was an in inability to communicate this bigger picture in a way that could be copied by people and used to defeat the leftist shaming tactics devised by the Frankfurt School. They have often claimed they aren’t racist; they should have said anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

  7. England Expects

    - Edit

    Obviously the BNP was a good idea, none of us would have been involved in it if we didn’t feel that way but the pettiness you talk about was also within that movement if not down right stubbornness. The cognitive dissonance that the wider public display is in the sub concious state of mind and is the foundation stones of the current “democratic” system.
    The age old debate of empiricism vs rationalism is what applied to the left vs right and has been debated since the Greek philosophers.
    Nationalism does have its flaws and one of them is that its people become in the main fixed thinkers. Any ideology has to adjust, it must keep its basic principals and core beliefs but must be constantly tailored to suit current times. That is the reason for the set up of the Frankfurt school at the time to keep Marxism applicable and alive within an ever expanding capitalist society.
    The Nationalism has always faired better under a Labour government and has always struggled under a conservative one. I think this is because the left always push a more rapid pace of change through and the conservatives by nature attempt (poorly) to slow it down a little. This means we as a movement are appealing to a sense of nostalgia within people and we can see that with much of our literature in elections. Nostalgia is nice but has a habit of editing out the bad and focussing on the good to a point whereby you have a slightly skewed and differing opinion to actual fact. That makes it weak and non defensible to attack by opposition at times. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia but everyone has been convinced that living in the past is not a good thing you must look forward to “progress”
    Christmas is a prime example of the short term love of nostalgia a romantic few days where people habitually look back on Christmases past especially their childhood, reminisce and then at the drop of a hat go back to their normal lives. This cycle is similar to the wider spread support of nationalist policies at certain crunch times.
    What nationalism is lacking firstly throughout its history is education of its membership and constant critical thinking, secondly money.
    Groups such as this have obviously recognised both these issues.

    1. England Expects

      - Edit

      What sort of nostalgia will be applied by nationalists of the future to people if there is not transcendence beyond where we are at the moment?

      Spitfire’s and Churchill are used at present, post war boom living into a golden age of the 1950’s and early 60’s remembrance of sacrifices made by our fathers and grandfathers at war and our mothers and grandmothers on the home front, thrifty living and strong family units.

      How is that going to apply to generations in the future? They wont have any ties with it or direct living contact with the past. Is it going to be remembering when Raj and Winston lived next door and we all spoke wigger language but now its Aashiq and Abdul and we all speak wislamic ?

      It doesn’t have the same appeal or impact does it? so nationalism has to move past the appeal of nostalgia and offer viable alternatives for a decent future rather than demanding a return to a bygone era.

      1. Do you know what, I have never realized that nationalists have been trying to appeal to people’s nostalgia. It is true; it really is true.

        I have often say to people that my grandmother used to be able to walk through East London at 3 O’Clock in the morning without a single worry. I’m nostalgic myself, but I have never realized that I have expected other people to share my values! I’m sickened by the lowlife phenomena we now have in ”our” capital city because I know it used to be different: thing like postcode wars disgust me!

        Poisoned by Zionist culture, many young people think the modern urban ghettos are cool and the Negro thug, illiterate and angry, is the coolest of them all. I see modern ”gangster” culture as a bad joke.

        Very interesting points….

        1. Shaun that is an essential point you have made./ Back when Paul Morris and I were still agreeing to disagree he published something I wrote called “its the economy, stupid”. ( you can look it up on the archives of the VOTBR site) Basically I said that for many people the turning point where they would abandon the mainstream globalist parties for another is first when they realized these parties were reducing them to an economic level that they found intolerable AND when another party proposed an understandable alternative,
          That is the real reason that until recently Golden Dawn was a minor party then when more an more people realized what the Banksters austerity program was going to do to them, Support for both GD and the extreme left Syrizia exploded into double digits each.
          It is my belief that soon this level of economic pain will soon strike not only the bottom layer of British society but also many in the middle class. by that time I certainly hope the BNP has made clear its proposed solutions.

  8. Nostalgia for WWII and Churchill demonstrates how distorting it is, for we Britons were fighting a genocidal war under a traitorous leader. Of course you can’t mention this to Joe Public because he’ll react, as conditioned, by calling you a ‘Nazi’, a ‘Fascist’ etc …. (He may even mention his grandfather who died fighting Hitler to show how wrong you are.)

  9. Politically the BDP is similar to the BNP, however, the former lacks anyone with drive and they seem content to sit on their hands. I think a Nationalist political party is needed, we need to cover all bases.

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