Multiculturalism, Terrorism and the Sad Inevitability of Intercommunal Violence.

During the last forty-eight hours the news has been dominated by reports of a random, cowardly, ill-conceived and deplorable attack on members of the Muslim community of Finsbury Park, London.

The attack appears to have been carried out by a man who has no previous history of racist or Islamophobic behaviour; who has no history of membership of so-called ‘far-right’ groups or political parties; who has according to the police, ‘no far-right digital footprint’; and who was unknown to the security services and was similarly unknown to any British or White nationalist political organisations. The motivation for this attack is unclear, although the attacker is reported by eye witnesses to have shouted that he wanted “to kill all Muslims” and attempted once captured to goad his captors into killing him, shouting “kill me, kill me”.

Muslim leaders and representatives of our political establishment have hastily declared this a ‘terrorist’ attack and have called for the government to do more to suppress what they term ‘far-right’ extremism and ‘Islamophobia’. The evidence however does not support this view and there is every reason to believe that this attack on the Muslim community of Finsbury Park can be categorised as similar in many respects to the murder of Jo Cox – as murder and possibly religious/politically motivated murder, but not really ‘terrorism’.

I will explain:

Both Thomas Mair and Darren Osborne, the man accused of carrying out the Finsbury Mosque attack, carried out their attacks when their lives were at a low point and they were socially isolated.

Thomas Mair lived alone following the deaths of his mother and his grandmother, he had never married, was a loner who didn’t socialise much and was described by some neighbours as a ‘recluse’.

Darren Osborne, on the other hand, is unemployed, separated from his partner and the mother of his children, and has been described as an obnoxious and aggressively anti-social person who liked to goad others into fighting him.

Both men have a history of mental issues.

Both men have a history of interacting quite amicably with non-White friends, relatives and neighbours to such an extent as to belie any suggestion that they were motivated by racism.

Thomas Mair appears to have interacted quite amicably and over a period of twenty years with his mother’s second husband, who was West Indian, and with his subsequent mixed race half-brother, Duane St Louis. His neighbours testified that he had never in all the years they had known him expressed any political views while in conversation with them.

Thomas Mair appears to have corresponded with foreign White nationalist websites during the 1990s and very early 2000s, and appears to have researched terrorist related topics online more recently, but neither man was a member of a British nationalist or White nationalist political organisation or had any recent interaction with any. Not within the last ten to fifteen years in Thomas Mair’s case, and not at all regarding Darren Osborne.

While Darren Osborne is reported to have been thrown out of his local pub last Saturday evening for ‘cursing Muslims’ and threatening to ‘do some damage’ during a drunken altercation, he acted out of kindness the following morning, changing a broken water tap in the house of his Muslim next door neighbour, apparently just hours before launching his attack!

Therefore, while there is an aspect of right-wing or racial/religious motivation to the actions of both men, neither of them could be described in any unqualified sense as adherents of ‘far-right’ or ‘White nationalist’ ideology, and furthermore, while they apparently committed politically motivated murders, they were not intent on achieving any political goals through ‘terrorism’, that is, through ‘terrorising’ anyone or any section of society.

Neither man issued any political threat prior to their attacks, and so no-one will have been induced to change or modify their behaviour or political beliefs because of the threat of attack by these men. Furthermore, the attacks were carried out in such a way that both men were bound to be apprehended and the threat they posed neutralised following the attacks. No-one would therefore be ‘terrorised’ by them after the event, and as neither man belonged to any organisation or was in communication with any organisation employing or advocating violence or the threat of violence for political purposes – ‘far-right’, ‘extremist’ or otherwise — the term ‘terrorism’ used to describe their actions is a misnomer.

These were politically and religiously motivated murders and attacks, but not strictly speaking ‘terrorism’ in the sense generally accepted by the public. There is therefore a critical difference between the actions of these two men and the actions of the Muslim terrorists that have carried out so many attacks in Britain and other Western countries in recent times. I don’t state this with any aim of lessoning the seriousness with which people view their crimes, but in order to prevent government action taken as a consequence of them being either deliberately or accidentally misdirected.

Muslim terrorists have acted in accordance with threats issued by the Islamic terrorist groups with whom they sympathised, Al Qaida and ISIS, and furthermore in accordance with specific scriptural texts encouraging Muslims to employ violence against apostates and unbelievers. Violence is employed by these Muslim extremists with the very real expectation that it will achieve political or religious ends and in the belief that they will thereafter spend eternity in paradise because of their actions. Nothing comparable exists regarding the actions of Thomas Mair or Darren Osborne.

There are no White nationalist, British nationalist or ‘far-right’ groups in Britain calling for violence to be perpetrated against racial, religious, ethnic or political opponents or minority groups. There has been no declaration of ‘Holy War’ to which sympathisers are urged to sign up and there is no ideological ‘scripture’ advocating politically or racially or religiously motivated violence.

There are White nationalist and British nationalist groups that anticipate a progressive break-down of Western civilisation and foresee a time when White people will be forced to defend ourselves against attack from imported terrorism, but that is an eventuality which insofar as it is prepared for, is done so reluctantly, with dread, and without any intention of initiating violence. These are the critical differences between the reality of Islamic terrorism and the myth of any comparable threat from the ‘far-right’!

There is an eagerness on the part of our political elite and our ethnic minority communities to have the actions of Thomas Mair and Darren Osborne designated as ‘terrorism’, because this appeases their concerns and it also allows government to unfairly criminalise White nationalist groups and provides a pretext to ban the public expression of the inconvenient truths we speak. This is why they disingenuously seek to characterise what are in fact isolated acts of irrational politically motivated or religiously motivated murder as part of a wider campaign of extremism aimed at provoking violence.

There is no such thing as a ‘multicultural community’, such a term is an oxymoron, because despite some fringe mixing and miscegenation, the social dynamics of a multicultural, multi-ethnic or multiracial (MCMEMR) society inevitably causes each individual group to adopt an in-group/out-group attitude towards its dealings with all others and what always results is a series of separate communities, each eking out a fragile co-existence among the others.

Competition for finite resources and for political influence creates social dynamics within MCMEMR societies that inevitably leads to intercommunal tension, intercommunal rivalry, intercommunal jealousy, strife and eventually intercommunal violence. This is a pattern that can be identified in every MCMEMR society that exists today or that has ever been, and the quickening pace, and the worsening intercommunal violence that we see in Britain today can only end one way. No matter how hard the politically correct, pluralistic, one-world, cultural Marxist, liberal zealots try, and no matter how many ‘prevent’, equality and/or inclusivity initiatives are taken.

Those who are the architects of our MCMEMR society have set in motion an inevitable train of events that will inexorably lead to Britain’s descent into the chaos and corruption and sectarian and intercommunal violence that characterises all ‘Third World’ states. An inevitable train of events that is, unless we decide to unravel what has been done, before the tangled web of lies and deceptions and betrayals has been pulled too tightly into a Gordian knot of impossible proportions.

Our government needs to decide where its loyalties lie and to which of the ‘communities’ that currently exist on our British Isles it owes its allegiance. One would hope the community chosen would be the indigenous British people, and if so they should stop further immigration from countries that have populations that are racially incompatible with we White indigenous British and cultures that are incompatible with the British way of life and begin devising ways of humanely returning our ethnic minority populations to their lands of ethnic origin. This is the only course of action that will avoid the inevitability of perpetual intercommunal violence.

Let us hope that common sense prevails!

By Max Musson © 2017

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19 thoughts on “Multiculturalism, Terrorism and the Sad Inevitability of Intercommunal Violence.

  1. As soon as I started to read words like ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ I lost interest in your article Max, by taking on board such lefty nonsense you are devaluing your comments.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Eddy, but at least you tried to read the article. I hope the next article is more to your liking.

    2. I agree. Starting in the title with, “Sad Inevitability.” When whites start fighting back it will be anything but sad. Calling the attack “random,” “cowardly,” “deplorable,” “racist” is, I suppose, your attempt to curry favor with our enemies. Have you successfully proven to your masters you are one of the good whites? Shameful behavior from an aging, low-T Boomer.

      1. Hello Mac, I don’t think any sane or right-minded person would welcome intercommunal violence, and in view of the fact that once it starts it will quite likely spiral into the kind of mutual genocide and ethnic cleansing that we saw when Yugoslavia disintegrated, I don’t think any sane or right-mind person would regard that prospect and the deaths of probably thousands, if not tens of thousands or millions of our people as anything other than ‘sad’.
        The attack upon the Muslim community in Finsbury was ‘random’, because there was evidently no planning behind it, and one has to question why Osborne carried out the attack when he did, just hours after helping his Burka wearing, Muslim next door neighbour to change a broken tap in her house. Acts of inter-ethnic violence do not come any more ‘random’ than that!
        The attack was also ‘cowardly’, because the attacker resorted to the use of a lethal weapon (a large motor vehicle) in order to kill a helpless old man as he lay on the pavement already having a heart attack. As acts of ‘war’ go, they don’t come more ‘cowardly’ than that!
        The attack was ‘deplorable’, largely because we have not yet reached a point where tit-for-tat violence is necessary or even desirable in order to bring salvation to our people, and such acts — copying the cowardly style of attack employed by Muslim terrorists — simply casts us in the same mould as those cowardly Muslim terrorists.
        I never described the attack as ‘racist’, I stated that Darren Osborne does not have a history of ‘racism’ such as the media has tended to imply.
        Furthermore, I notice that you haven’t criticised my use of the term ‘ill-conceived’ in my description of Darren Osborne’s actions, and that is probably because there is no other way of describing them. Instead of emerging from his first ‘terrorist act’ and what will be his one and only ‘terrorist act’ attack covered in glory, as a ‘hero’ of the ‘British resistance’, or as a ‘noble warrior’ in some grand and historic ‘racial holy war’, Osborne has emerged widely regarded as a pathetic bungler who has dishonoured and diminished our cause in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of our people.
        His actions have not been a proportionate or in any way appropriate retaliation for the injustices committed by Muslim criminals against the British people. How does killing one already dying old man in Finsbury stack up against the systematic rape of thousands of under-age White school girls by Muslim grooming gangs in many of our cities? How does it stack up against the many people killed and maimed over the years in various attacks by Muslim terrorists?
        His actions have not been the catalyst that has provoked a ‘racial holy war’ bringing about the salvation of our people, have they?
        His actions have not demonstrated the fighting prowess of the ‘British warrior’, have they?
        He did not plan his escape in order to become a ‘Will ‘O’ the Wisp’, serial terrorist, out-foxing the intelligence services at every step and turn, like a modern day Scarlet Pimpernel!
        He did not seek to terrorise anyone before his attack, and having allowed himself to be captured, he will not terrorise anyone after the event, and therefore, in-so-far-as his actions can be described as ‘terrorism’ (and I don’t believe they should be), he has been a singular failure and has merely provided a pretext for government to introduce further Draconian measures that will further stifle the growth of our movement.
        In short, there was nothing admirable or impressive about what he did and his actions were ‘deplorable’ because besides targeting the innocent and helpless, they have been ineffective and wholly counterproductive on every level.
        A time may come when we British may have no option but to literally fight for our survival, but that time has not yet come and I hope it never will, because however such a time arises, whatever the circumstances, it will result in the deaths of many tens of thousands of our people, if not millions. Our aims can yet be achieved through the efficient organisation of our people, through militant community organisation and through exploiting the weaknesses in the current system. There is no need for violence or terrorism, nor to view such acts under the current circumstances as anything other than ‘deplorable’.

  2. The ill considered action of Darren Osborne will be given disproportionate coverage and the alleged threat arising from so-called “Far-right” organisations will be regarded as being equal to that of Islamist groups. It had been alleged that so-called hate crime and Islamaphobia has been increasing following the recent atrocities and it is revealing how Moslems are portrayed as victims of intolerance when a section of that very group continue to perpetrate the worst violence in the World. Consider the number of Christians who had been murdered by Moslems in Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria, and yet they are able to succeed in portraying themselves as victims.
    Moslems are abetted by cultural Marxists determined to advance their interests as a means of undermining western values.Scarce police resources are now being diverted so that extra protection can be offered to a community who is under no significant threat, notwithstanding unexpected random acts of violence.Meanwhile mainstream society faces increased threat levels as evidenced by the Manchester Arena atrocity and those incidents on London and Westminster Bridge.

  3. people are much more fragile than we imagine. do they need to be living under the additional distress caused by multiculturalism? I think not. think about how upsetting it is just to have a very minor traffic mishap–and then consider how much more stressful it is to live day in and day out in a multicultural nightmare! Who can forget Lee Rigby? it is just way too much to have those nut job cult of islam phony religionists telling everyone every day just how they are going to do you in . . . Tommy Robinson has been right all along all these years and think about how much ostracism and abuse he has suffered at the hands of those who are supposed to be protecting the English people and the rest of the people in the Empire. the govt and the leaders are all sold out in order to line their pockets. they should be ceausescu’d–they deserve it.

  4. Frederick Dixon

    - Edit

    Sadly, people like Mair and this damn fool ARE the face of the nationalist right which people see. That is what they think we all are – middle aged losers with mental health issues who rant about “wogs” and “pakis” when we are not actively trying to kill them. What a great image that is! We really need to put aside the hate and anger (or at least reserve it for those of our own whose malignance or negligence have reduced our country to this ethnic chaos) and focus instead on love, love for our country – the positive side of nationalism, rather than the negative. (Love not Hate – our new slogan?)

  5. Only one course of action, can stop this now,

    First, there are 4,000 plus Jihadists under Surveillance, including those who have re-entered the UK, after fighting in Syria or The Lebanon, for IS, and British born Jihadists, known to the authorities.

    With or without the Finsbury attack, Islamic atrocities, such as Manchester and Westminster, would continue, because the Lone Wolf terrorists can be radicalised by the internet, very quickly. Every time, one of those 4,000 plus Jihadists carries out a lone wolf attack, police issue a statement, saying that he was known to them, and known to the authorities. So what are we to do? Sit back and wait for the next one, and the next one?

    The UK has an appalling record of caring for the mentally ill. They are thrown out of hospitals, back into their communities, with virtually no support, and only a GP. Many of them, are only well enough to be released, because their medication, keeps them from becoming paranoid and irrational. If they go without their meds just for a few days, there is a potentially, dangerous individual, among us.

    When it comes to the 4,000 plus, of those deemed to be a threat to national security, and have to be watched, then let’s stop the watching. Replace watching with, detain and deport. Round them all up now.

    Then, we must see a rapid change, to the way the mentally ill are being failed. A massive investment is needed, to prevent another murder.

  6. The die has already been cast, it was cast the very first day several decades ago when they first let these alien groups in. The eventuality of a Bosnia type conflict is inevitable, it always was. That, I believe, was the purpose all along. Remember the ultimate goal of the Zionists is white genocide, they don’t care how it happens and they’d prefer it sooner rather than later. Sadly most people still don’t get it. They see the tool of the attack (immigration) but not the cause i.e. the people behind the curtain.

  7. We should should commandeer the term “Europhobic” and repeat it relentlessly after every Islamic assault against our peoples in Europe. If used often enough the word will come to be understood as we wish it to be, just as our enemies have imposed the term “Islamophobic”. Yes, it’s using tactics and language that not all on our side will agree with, but propaganda is an indispensable part of any struggle, and ours will be to the bitter end.

  8. We are at the begining of Civil War, Eventually even the Left will face up to it and will be fighting for their lives like the rest of us.
    Their has been Eight major Civil Wars in England these last 900 years some lasting over Thirty years, This one coming will be the worse because our very civilisation is at stake.

    1. Albert, I suspect this in the planning stages. Islam is the greatest threat to world peace apart from North Korea and I do not believe I am the only person in the world to be concerned, European people are too. Islam was defeated once, since then their spread and influence throughout the world will not stop before there is another major confrontation.The country to keep your eyes on is Israel……If their security is really threatened the proverbial S***T will really hit the fan.

  9. What with our government and the American one’s support Saudi Arabia coupled with the limp and lackadaisical attitude to Islamic terrorism and the way dissenting voices are being silenced and threatened with worse, I am starting to think that the powers that be are deliberately trying to off us.
    A man waves an ISIS flag on national tv and claims support for Jihad, but goes unmolested. Some Welshman makes colourful comments about Islam and he is detained. I’m not seeing much of an effort to protect the public, only a concerted one from the media and the politicians to scare us into accepting terror and death.
    Why is there not a political movement strong enough to challenge the assertions of the Westminster class and the lying media?

    1. In answer to your last question, there is not a movement such as you describe because no-one has as yet taken the time to create one.
      What happens is that individuals and groups of individuals speak out against what they see taking place and in defence of our people without realising that for more than a century now our enemies have been planning and preparing for this time and have vast resources assembled to crush anyone who speaks out. And what we find is that those who do speak out are denigrated and vilified, and made social pariahs. THIS issue more than any other is the raison d’etre of Western Spring — the need to make our people stop and think before going off at half cock.
      We need to acknowledge that our enemies are much more powerful than we are at present and instead of challenging them openly and attempting to meet them in a head on clash, we must first go through a period of covert resistance while we build our strength and our resources.
      Only when we have the resources necessary — the Six Prerequisites — will we be strong enough to challenge the existing order with any hope of success.

  10. I thought the article was both well written and well devised.

    Yes, I’d somewhat agree with ‘Eddy’ that we all ought to be careful of perpetuating the language of our opponents (and thus normalising their propaganda against us), but we are also trapped in trying to make ourselves understood in a society that often only understands these distinctions and labels.

    (Also in fairness to Max, although the first paragraph or so uses these terms, throughout the rest of the article most of the labelling is done within quotation marks. This distinguishes it as being a label that’s not self descriptive).

    If there is one criticism that could be made – and this is nit-picking – is that an opportunity was missed to make more of the notion that organisations like Western Spring (or indeed a swathe of micro-nationalist parties, but particularly Western Spring) are avenues which could be steering the bitter resentments people are developing (about our situation) into a more constructive path.

    There seems to be a void between what organisations like this stand for, and what tends to prevail through the lens of the mass media and through the comment sections on sites like Breitbart, Daily Express, or “down the pub”, between neighbours, between friends, etc.

    It is this gap (and no doubt via the personal troubles and voids within these individual’s lives) that makes these people so easily “radicalised” into taking such silly self-defeating actions. They get pumped up on rhetoric and do not know how to channel themselves appropriately. I doubt Mr Osborne was well versed in proper nationalistic positions or our particular set of issues, yet he gets magically turned into some kind of representative of us all.

    Whatever the government and media do (or do not do), it is not going to change what seems to be coming. Everything they do ends up backfiring.

    By trying to “clamp down” upon so-called “far right” activity, “far right” comments on social media, pressuring companies to remove video contents, etc, it could only serve to push more people over the edge and away from taking more sensible options.

    They think they can airbrush out “bad thoughts”, but it does not stop the relentless ways of nature. By having even less of a voice and even less of a say (or avenues to try and stop what’s taking place) – it is just backing ever more people into a corner to which they feel they have no other option but to come out fighting.

    We are therefore likely to see a “tit-for-tat” escalation, as “events” are getting ever more common. We are hardly going a week now without some “event” taking place somewhere. The British public are indeed quite docile and complacent, but some of them are bound to snap eventually.

    These two characters were apparently already damaged goods and faltering for reasons driven by their own personal circumstances. We may (kind of) understand what their motivations were, but they were not directly acting in the name of our movement or organisations.

    Yet, we ought to know by now that this does not matter. For the establishment, the media, our opponents as a whole, they do not care about these distinctions. It serves their interest to purposefully conflate us, just as much as they try and conflate it as being ‘terrorism’.

    Hopefully, those sitting upon the fence and populating the “populist” comment sections are able to be reached. Hopefully some can be ‘de-programmed’ from fever-pitch levels of Islamic mono-vision (of the counter-jihadi variety) and pushed into a more well rounded viewpoint and set of solutions, or priorities.

    At this rate, things could just escalate in ways that none of us are going to be ready for. Some may welcome that as being necessary, yet if the hammer ever did come down, do we all really know what we’re going to do?. This could all be nothing, but it could also be the start of everything. Within 10 years I think our situation is going to be very different to that of today. The pace is accelerating.

  11. The good news to come out the reports of a “random, cowardly, ill-conceived and deplorable attack on members of the Muslim community of Finsbury Park, London”, if there can be good news is that there were no Nationalists groups involved in the attack or there would have been a feeding frenzy by the Controlled Media.

    1. At his first hearing Darren Osbourne said that what motivated him was the BBC documentary Three Girls. Does this mean then that the BBC ” radicalized Darren Osbourne, as JK Rowling and others claim certain publications are doing to the general public ?
      It took them decades to report this in the forn of a docudrama and this is the result. Yet it continues. Just the other day a thirteen year girl escaped abduction and possibly almost certainly rape by the Pakistani youth perpetrator. Yet no outcry.
      Then this…keep an eye on this because this is a whole new level of low.

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