Money Buys Power & Influence – Max Musson at the JTMM

In my closing address at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting I addressed the issue of the sacrifices that many nationalist activists make and how we often suffer unnecessarily the persecution of our enemies because our movement is weak and fractured. I invited the audience to behold, ‘nationalism with money’, and explained why this years JTMM was in a league above that which most people expect when they attend a nationalist meeting.

I explained that ‘Money is Power’ in our modern society, that ‘money buys power and influence’, and I told our audience that we nationalists are pitted against the most wealthy and powerful people on earth and if we are to win, we must equip ourselves with the wherewithal needed — “We must be bold enough to ask our people for money!”

I spoke of a second Leaders Conference that Western Spring will be hosting in the autumn and I invited the leaders of other nationalist groups and organisations to consider using that meeting to initiate a convergence process towards nationalist unity. I proposed using that meeting in order to share the fund raising methods employed by Western Spring, which have set us apart from other nationalist groups as the one organisation that has the money needed to progress, and I expressed my desire to be the man who showed our movement how to raise the money needed to win and bring about the salvation of our people.

By Max Musson © 2017

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