In Memoriam – Stephen Howard Osborne (1951-2017)

It is with great sadness that I announce the unexpected death of one of our longest serving members, and one of my dearest friends, Stephen Osborne, who was born, lived most of his life and died in his beloved Northamptonshire, a county for which, and for whose people, he had an  immense and undying affection.

Steve was a traditionalist with a great love of history and culture. He studied the architecture, the literature and the language of old England and would at times pepper his conversation with phrases of old English and relish explaining the etymology of the words he had used.

He was an animal lover who doted on his dog, and as a young man studied animal husbandry and spent most of his life in farming, providing an artificial insemination service for cattle breeders in the beef and dairy industry. He was on first name terms with just about every farmer in Northamptonshire.

Steve was a patriot who hated the ‘Great Replacement’ and the adverse changes he could see taking place around him caused by mass immigration. I first met him when he joined the British National Party around 2006 and he quickly became one of that party’s most dedicated activists, attending meetings and demonstrations and spending many, many hours leafleting in support of election candidates.

Steve believed in advancing the nationalist cause through community activism and in 2010 under the nom de guerre, Walter Greenaway, was a founder member of the Northants English Welfare Society (NEWS) which affiliated with the  Steadfast Trust, a philanthropic society created to benefit people of Anglo-Saxon descent. In 2013 Steve joined Western Spring and has been both a dedicated supporter of our Legion events and a frequent contributor to the comments sections of this website.

I will always remember Steve for his selflessness and his willingness to help others. In recent years Steve has been a carer for his mother. He was married twice and leaves behind four children of which he was very proud. A friend, a patriot, loyal son and devoted father, Steve will be missed and we shall remember him.

By Max Musson © 2017

11 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Stephen Howard Osborne (1951-2017)

  1. He taught me how to put up a poncho shelter using just a stick and a few knots. Excellent bloke, expert bushcrafter. He was an asset to the movement, may he go onto a better place.

  2. Very sad news. Steve was a knowledgeable, brave and absolutely steadfast Englishman. I always found Steve to be genial and interesting company too and he will be sorely missed. Sympathy to his family on their loss.

  3. He had that sort of quiet, modest, unassuming bravery that startles one and seems so incongruous when you first come across it, but then as one goes through life one begins to frequently recognise the trait. It occurs frequently in the military and in warfare, where it is often the quiet soldier who volunteers to stay behind and cover the retreat of his fellows. I met him at many conferences, and surprisingly often at street demonstrations where the opposition were vicious and intent on violence, and yet he always had a gentle smile and remained calm & collected under fire. At our last chat he confided in me that he may not have long left for this world and we discussed this, and in doing so I assured him that he could feel well satisfied that he had lived fully, that he had definitely done more than his fair share for The Cause, that he was bound for a better place and that his example and memory would not be forgotten and would inspire us on to victory. Watch over us Stephen Howard Osborne and watch us win!

  4. I will miss Steve.
    I had met him on only a handfull of ocassions, each time being at one of the Legion events.
    Seemed a thoroughly decent fellow who had lived a full and interesting life.

  5. It is nice to put a face to him. I remember a few points he discussed from years ago and still use them to help convey our beliefs. One in particular related to his work.
    Looks how he projected himself in word, kind and genuine.
    My thoughts to family and friends

  6. I met him on the Legion weekends. A wonderful man that it was impossible to dislike. A very sad and untimely loss. When I get to Valhalla, the mead’s on me.

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