Max Musson – Honoured to accept Freedom of Dublin Award!

I heard last night that Bob Geldof, the obnoxious, aging, rock music has-been, has announce he is returning his Freedom of Dublin Award on the grounds that the same honour was awarded to the Burmese leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. I’m not really bothered by the internal politics of a far-eastern state, but apparently, old Bob, now only famous for his dishevelled appearance, has got his ‘knickers’ in a right ‘twist’ that any national leader should have the common sense to remove a persistently troublesome minority from their country. However I’m sure there are many in Ireland who wish the Irish government would do the same, starting with Geldof himself and then moving swiftly on to the tens of thousands now pouring into Ireland from the Third World.

I now wish to inform the Irish authorities that should they accept the return of Geldof’s award, I will in future be inclined to accept the Freedom of Dublin should they ever wish to award me such a great honour. I am not aware that the Dublin authorities have any intention of honouring me in this way, however I have not felt able in the past to accept such an honour should it have been forthcoming, on account of not wanting to be associated with the likes of Bob Geldof.

Now that Geldof may no longer be associated with the Freedom of Dublin, I am relieved that such an impediment standing between me and the wonderful city of Dublin, and the wonderful people of Ireland may at last be removed.

By Max Musson © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Max Musson – Honoured to accept Freedom of Dublin Award!

  1. I know that freemen of the City of London have the right to herd sheep over London Bridge, I wonder what the Dublin equivalent might be – enough Guinness to float your boat perhaps? (Glad it’s not going to be offered to me).

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