Did anyone ever have a more perfect name than the hero of Hollywood’s latest romantic drama? It will not have been easy to miss the publicity for this film, but just in case anyone has, here’s the plot of what is presented as a true story: Mr. Loving, a white man, fell in love with a black woman in the Virginia of 1958. They wished to marry but Virginian law, in common with that of many of the American states, forbade interracial marriage. They took the State of Virginia to the Supreme Court and won, thus rendering all laws forbidding interracial relationships void.

Also released recently was “A United Kingdom”, telling the true story of the 1948 relationship between Seretse Khama, heir to the throne of Bechuanaland (today’s Botswana) and Ruth Williams, an English typist. I remember the former Miss Williams being interviewed on the radio some years ago and telling how she and Seretse were booed and jeered when they walked out together, so rare and unpopular was the sight of an interracial couple in the London of the 1940s; as someone once said “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”.

We have become very used over recent decades to the routine media representation of the interracial couple, the clear intention being to make us so accustomed to the sight that we no longer notice. And I will not comment on the way in which the media, even the right wing newspapers, coo over Prince Harry and his mulatta girl friend. The purpose, conscious or not, is to bring us to the point anticipated by the late Iain McLeod, a prominent Conservative politician of the post war decades, when he addressed young Tories in 1962 with these words:- “I look forward to the day when the question ‘would you let your daughter marry a black man’ will be as meaningless as the question ‘would you let your daughter marry a man with blue eyes'”.

It is, I suppose, unlikely that the makers of these celebratory films have heard of McLeod as he is a largely forgotten figure except among those interested in the history of the Conservative party. Nevertheless it is possible that the films have appeared now because the social climate is right, and the social climate is right because, perhaps, we are nearing the point at which McLeod’s vision becomes reality. This possibility occurred to me when I was sitting in a restaurant on the south coast a few days ago. Already in the restaurant were three white women with five mixed race children between them. The women were not together. Was I just very unlucky to see something quite rare – three such family groups at the same time in the same place? No, if race mixing were a rarity that would be a nearly impossible coincidence. The unhappy truth is that race mixing is prevalent in a way which would have been unthinkable in the recent past. I confirmed this for myself with a few minutes research on google – in 2011 six percent of under fives were mixed race, five percent of five to tens, and so on and so forth, the younger the age group the higher the mixed race percentage.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves just why it is that such relationships, although now so widely accepted, are so wrong. It is because they destroy our national and personal identity, turn our country into a foreign place and deprive our ancestors of their reasonable hope for descendants who would resemble themselves. The truth is that these films elevate individual desire over the individual’s duty to his people and his community.

If we are indeed nearing the point at which McLeod’s vision becomes reality we are not quite there yet, and the celebrations are premature. We may well be at one of those political cum social turning points which occur every couple of generations, when the established order is turned upside down, when the impossible becomes possible, when the unsayable is said. That is not my opinion alone; it is very clear that the left is bewildered by the way in which ordinary people in Britain and in the United States have turned on their cherished internationalist projects and demolished them. Steve Bannon, President Trump’s confidential adviser, is regarded by the left – with some cause – as a figure of the “far right” and he is of the opinion that history is about to undergo a sudden and “cleansing” turn.

We shall see. But even if we are at such a turning point we should not be complacent. The British are a remarkably docile people, taught to be proud of the “tolerance” which has given us the highest rate of mixed race relationships in the western world. When we recover control of our borders after Brexit there is every possibility that we will settle down comfortably in the belief that we have done enough and that our ethnic minorities can and should be absorbed. That is why nationalists, gathered around the two fundamental principles of racial nationalism, must construct a parallel society in which we look after our own people within our own institutions. Only thus, by ceasing to be scattered individuals and becoming instead an organized community – in other words by doing what many ethnic minorities do –  can we be certain of the long term survival of a White British people in our country.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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20 thoughts on “Loving

  1. Well written article. Thank you. But, sadly, very true.
    It seems to me that every advertisement, every TV show (particularly the soaps) have a desire to tick these interracial boxes. But then we must remember that TV is a very Left luvvie organisation. I doubt if any of us would get a job there – or if we did we wouldn’t last past the first tea break!
    I taught at one time, but kept my views very much to myself, never daring to have a frank and open discussion with other staff, although it meant biting my tongue on many occasions. I have never heard such a lot of tripe talked (in the staff room).
    But it is a fact, that following WW2 the Kremlin stated they would infiltrate the BBC, the teaching profession and the Post Office. They succeeded, through the Trade Unions. But although some of the members are most definite Communists, most are wishy-washy liberals who cannot or will not understand democracy and nationalism.
    Having served in the Army for 24 years, 15 of which were in Germany, I saw something of the Communist regime in East Germany. If they want that, then they are welcome to it. Thank God for Brexit, because that was definitely heading towards a quaisi Communistic state.
    But now we have a new lot. A generation of snowflakes (very apt term in my opinion) who don’t like Brexit because they didn’t vote for it, and love to run round in their ‘pussy hats’ protesting when a nations leader has done something to protect his nation. With the best will in the world Donald Trump would be hard pressed to grab all their pussies! So what are they worry about? Getting left out? And looking at most of them, one must ask oneself – would he really want to? He has more pride. So what’s this marching business all about. This crowd of luvvies are not going to change a legal democratic election process.
    Meanwhile, we read reports of a 15 year old Syrian (?) girl who was raped to death by Daesh. Did these morons put on their pussy hats and take to the streets? Of course they didn’t. Where was Lily Allen and Madonna – oh, yes, and that famous crisp advertiser – Lineker? These people are moronic idiots and are beneath contempt. No doubt they feel full of piss and importance doing their pathetic little ‘marches’, but I’m not sure the majority understand why they are actually doing it.
    Apologies for the rant. Had to get it off my chest!

    1. With respect, you haven’t yet pieced together the jigsaw pieces. Here are a few clues: the US Federal Reserve (printer of paper money to loan at interest to the US govt) is always run by Jews. The USSR while it lasted was run by Jews. The Second World War is recognised now to have been won by Jews, at the expense of Brits, Americans, Germans and Russians. Campaigns against the death penalty were led by Jews. Immigration of blacks started in 1948, bang on with ‘National Assistance’ benefits. The ship that brought them was ruin by Jews. Pornography is an ‘industry’ largely run by Jews. Damage to the family (including absurd gender freaks, promotion of contraception but not to immigrants, ‘same sex marriage’) are all things promoted by Jews. Free debate about world history has been damaged by jewish lawyers as much as possible. Demonstrations with carefully printed banners and screaming thugs are paid for by Jews. Maybe you can see a pattern there?

      1. I don’t know what you mean by genes being “reset back to normal”, Mr Trev, however it is perfectly possible to selectively breed in favour of desired recessive genes.

  2. Although we have Brexit and Trumps victory, and we can hope the Right progress in France and Holland, It is the Cultural Marxist who run this Country and their main aim is to breed us back to the Stone Age.

  3. I have been reading about the biological and social effects of mixed race. Much of it was over my head but a fair bit made sense to me, especially in the social aspect.
    I very often wonder when I see all the children of immigrants, how they will feel about their place here when they grow up. Nothing is theirs, it’s not a home of their ancestors, history or culture.
    This is the social aspect mentioned regarding mixed race. Studies carried out by psychologists show mixed race people very often feel alienated, as they are not fully rooted.

    It was noted that as things stand in academia today any students of biology will only be told of mixed race individuals being superior because of “hybrid vigour”. The report did not deny that sometimes crossing evolutionary lines can be advantageous, but “outbreeding depression” is also a basic biological concept, with physical affects, that show mixed race can be harmful. Empirical data shows mixed race people are more likely to be in poor health, physically and mentally.

    Having mixed race children has also in my experience of those that I know of, become something of a fashion accessory, and a rebellion against parental wishes.
    Of course it has been elevated to the height of proving you are not racist. Yet to me it seems cynical, to use another human being as a fashion accessory, or stick to beat someone with. I’m sure there’s a lot more variation to it all than that, but that has been a large factor in cases I’ve known.

    The propaganda for mixed race, homosexuality, transgenderism etc., is a full on affair and inescapable ( believe me I have a 14yr old, who believes transgenders are a natural part of the landscape)
    If you couple that with an academic environment that isn’t allowed to be open and discuss these issues in a healthy rounded way, then you turn out an army of non-thinking people, who take everything they are told as being the absolute and final version. Anyone who questions, or puts forward other views is naturally a potential threat, and likely to be planning mass racial murder. So silly and hysterical everyone has become over these issues.

    Neither is it just a trait of whites only, to question mixed marriage and mixed race offspring, but I think we’ll have to wait a bit longer before the mainstream media would show that to be so. While the ridiculous label of Nazi or Racist still has every white man/woman cowed they’ll keep using it.

    1. You are right, Heather.
      The term ‘hybrid vigour’ is often banded about as if it is a phenomenon that always occurs when two different breeds, species or races are cross-bred. This is not so however.
      Sometimes when two animal breeds are cross-bred, the offspring may inherit all of the best characteristics of either parent, producing specimens that have ‘hybrid vigour’, however it is just as likely that the offspring of cross-breeding will inherit all of the worst characteristics of the parent stocks, in which case I suppose we should call it ‘hybrid sloth’. Furthermore, even if you take two individual hybrid specimens both of which exhibit hybrid vigour, and mate them in an attempt to create a new ‘vigourous’ strain, some of the young will exhibit less advantageous characteristic caused by recessive genes that were dormant in the hybrid parents. Hybrid vigour is therefore not something that will always be heritable.
      The kicker in all this as far as humans are concerned however is that both Northern Orientals and Europeans evolved from a more primitive African ancestor, and this means that the genes of those African ancestors will be dominant in combination with subsequently more recently evolved Northern Oriental and European genes. The hybrid offspring of human race mixing are therefore unlikely to exhibit ‘hybrid vigour’ unless the characteristics one is hoping to reproduce among our young are those exhibited by our primitive African ancestors. Large jaws, low intelligence, the ability to run fast, and/or resilience to sun-burn, for example. Once we understand these principles, the characteristics that we see most commonly exhibited by hybrid populations are explained.

  4. Recently attending a hospital with my wife we got talking to a woman with two mixed race sons, apparently these children had all sorts of illnesses some serious which the woman put down to their mixed heritage. This has got me thinking. Looking at some of the white mothers of these mixed race children it does make me wonders whether this is natures way of weeding out the weak members of our race.

    1. Not if benefits are ladelled out ad hoc for ever. This is where the breeding plan falls over as power will remain as Marshall law when the inevitable hits the demographic fan blades.
      Then the culling will really take off- but will our new citizens notice this coming?

  5. I’m pleased this site discusses the medical/ psychological/ social issues of mixed races. Races must have taken many thousands of years to form, perhaps hundreds of thousands. Mixed races are a new phenomenon in human life; the fact that races formed themselves naturally, shows how isolated population groups must have been for huge stretches of time, until whites invented ships, steam engines, road and air transport. I’m certain there must be a mass of expertise among medical and other researchers, but complete political censorship keeps them silent. For example, information on inbreeding defects, for example in Jews and Pakistanis, is hard to get. Mixed-race information is secret: in many cases it’s even been made illegal to collect such data. It’s not even possible to see exam scripts by blacks in Britain to assess their levels of comprehension. Anyway, well done for throwing some light on these problematic matters; let’s hope the light becomes brilliant.

  6. “Perhaps we should remind ourselves just why it is that such relationships, although now so widely accepted, are so wrong. It is because they destroy our national and personal identity, turn our country into a foreign place and deprive our ancestors of their reasonable hope for descendants who would resemble themselves.”

    Interracial relationships do not destroy anything, especially not “personal identity.” Rather, it is those who would forbid them that are a danger to people’s identities. And dead people can’t be deprived of anything.

    “The truth is that these films elevate individual desire over the individual’s duty to his people and his community.”

    This is the crux of the issue — should people be free to live their lives as they choose, or should the state have the power to tell them how to live?

    I prefer freedom.

    1. If interracial relationships do not destroy anything Yggdrasil, one wonders why conservationists expend so much effort trying to prevent interbreeding between Scottish wild cats and feral domestic cats; why they expend so much effort trying to prevent Australian dingos from interbreeding with feral domestic breeds of dog; and why they expend so much effort trying to prevent so many other wild species and sub-species from blending away their genetic integrity through intermixture with feral breeds? Clearly the genetic posterity of our wild-life and the preservation of its purity is considered something of great value, and it is, and so is the posterity of human groups.
      As for having a sense of duty to one’s people and one’s community, this should not be confused with subordination to ‘the state’. A sense of duty to one’s people and the protection of their posterity is something that any loving person should do willingly, as a mother cares for her child, it is not something that should need to be imposed by an external authority.
      It appears that you are an anarchist, despite your attempts to present yourself as someone with an affinity with history and tradition.

      1. In case you haven’t noticed, wild cats, feral cats, dingos and dogs are not people. They are not endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        Believing that people should be free to associate with whom they choose, as opposed to with whom the state permits, does not make me an anarchist. It makes me an American.

        1. Rights are a liberal concept clung to by the feeble. What the state permits or does not permit is either right or wrong dependent upon who controls it and in whose interests it acts. If a state which acts to secure the interests of a race and a future for its children wishes to determine who should associate with whom then that is for it and the race it serves, regardless of sloppy ideas like ‘happiness’. Outdated concepts which underpinned eighteenth century revolutions and constitutions have no value to today’s struggle for biological existence.

        2. I’m sorry Yggdrasil, but no-one has been endowed by their Creator with “certain inalienable rights”, not animals as you state, but also not humans either, not even if they are Americans.
          People are indeed free to associate with whom they choose, just as people are also free to choose not to associate with those they wish to avoid. Where two opposite but mutually incompatible desires exist there is a need for social rules to be introduced in order to prevent friction and hostility. Whether these social rules are enforced or simply freely observed as custom or convention will be determined through the dynamics of social interaction.
          Should a society choose to discourage miscegenation, that will only be accomplished by the will of the majority and that is called ‘democracy’. To insist that there must be no social mores or customs and no laws pertaining to human interaction irrespective of the will of the people, is not ‘American’, it is anarchist, just as I said.

  7. I’m amused at ‘Ygdrassil’ and will try to make a reply.
    ‘.. free to associate with whom they choose, as opposed to with whom the state permits..’ is *not* the point at issue. In all communities there are internal rules. If someone leaves a trail of bastards, or fathers subnormal children, or causes damage, the opposition isn’t the state; it’s other people. There’s a balance, more or less delicate. The situation isn’t as simple as you state.
    A different point is your slogan, which you seem to use without any critical thought. You appear to be claiming that you were ‘created’, and that you are entitled to claim life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (if not actual happiness). And that these things are ‘inalienable’. You may find the hard way that they certainly are ‘alienable’. It seems to be a specially white attitude, to gullibly accept slogans; possibly due to inheritance over huge stretches of time. Or perhaps Ygdrassil is already mixed race, but can’t think of a good defence. Or perhaps it’s a white thing to aggressively oppose opinions and facts with divisive sloganeering.
    May I just repeat my plea for research – or possibly just publicity for already known facts – into mixed races? Surely there must be some more reliable basis than Yggdrasil in effect saying he wants to shag some woman.

    1. @rerevisionist,

      If by communities’ “internal rules” you mean laws, then the state is most decidedly involved. If, instead, you are referring to mere customs, then the state is not involved unless it sanctions the coercive enforcement of the customs (as for example in many Muslim countries), in which case, again, the state is most decidedly involved. In any event, I understand the author to be calling for the outlawing of interracial marriages. If I’m wrong about that, if all he is saying is that he wishes people did not marry outside their ‘race,’ then I apologize for misreading him, but I don’t think I am wrong.

      I presume you know that my slogan, as you call it, is from the American Declaration of Independence. I don’t believe it needs to be defended against the claim from some nobody like you that it is not the product of critical thought. I will, however, mention in its defense that the ideal it embodies echoes The Great Charter, which is commonly accepted as the source of Englishmen’s freedoms.

      I won’t dignify your intended slur against what you imagine to be my ancestory with a response, other than to note that, after hundreds of thousands of years of human migration, invasion, conquest, pacification and amalgamation, we are all mutts of one sort or another. As for your suspicion that my beliefs have something to do with “want[ing] to shag some woman,” all I will say is that no woman I ever seduced asked me about my views on miscegenation.

      Finally, if you are aware of any research that proves that persons of ‘mixed race’ are somehow inferior to ‘pure bloods,’ please share it with the rest of us, We could all use a good laugh.

      1. “we are all mutts of one sort or another” – you speak for yourself only. And if that is the basis for your understanding of identity then it is no surprise that you are out of step with other contributors to this thread. You can be left to your mushy ideas of freedom whilst the rest of us get on with securing the existence of our people and a future for white children.

      2. A lot of rather stupid Americans, as you appear to me, like to preen themselves on being free, independent etc. But the sad fact is the territory they occupy was given to them by governments who wanted the land settled. They hit on the idea of praising their independence, liberty etc, very successfully. Sadly, all their ideas, all their food, clothes, building styles, pretty much everything, including their Jewish superstitions, was not invented by them. You see bumper stickers saying things like ‘I served 3 tours in Iraq – now unemployed’. Americans have been used as thugs around the world. At present, America is intentionally being put at risk, by powerful forces. I dislike being called a ‘nobody’ by a fool who seems to have never had an original thought in his life. And this is a particularly dangerous time for fantasists.

      3. Human beings do not exist in a laboratory and therefore the evidence demonstrating that miscegenation is harmful is as one would expect entirely empirical.
        If one examines the advance of civilisation, we can see that great civilisations have risen and declined at various points in history and it can be observed that when they have risen it has invariably been as a result of the genius and endeavours of one racial group, and when they have declined this has invariably followed a period of widespread miscegenation in which the founding racial/ethnic group lost any sense of identity or purpose.
        We can see this latter effect at play in the USA today, with the USA progressively being eclipsed by China as the industrial powerhouse of the world, and by Russia as the foremost military power. The inability or lack of will on the part of a civilisation to protect its borders is always the first key indicator of civilisational decline and thankfully some Western heads of state, like President Trump and Viktor Orban are beginning to realise this.
        What I find interesting, Yggdrasil, is that you have chosen a username on this website that suggests a Pagan disposition and yet you have fallen back upon references to the Christian God from the US constitution in order to prop up your faltering anarchistic argument. It would seem that you are a little muddled in your thinking, for a person who hangs his hat on the peg of ‘critical thought’ that is. 😉

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