Legion Camp, March 18-20

The revolution begins with you.  We are not just drifting individuals seeking out our own brand of pleasure in a meaningless world of consumerism and nihilistic vanity, we are Legionnaires, the standard bearers for our race.

Learn to fight, reconnect with nature, build new skills, form new bonds of friendship – join the fourth Legion Camp on March 18-20.  For more information see www.legionmac.org


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3 thoughts on “Legion Camp, March 18-20

  1. Matt, I bring this to your attention in case you missed it.:

    “In this roundtable, Marcus, Justin, Paul and Henrik address some key issues currently facing the men of Western civilization. We begin with a look into the recent Cologne sex attacks and the numerous other assaults that have been perpetrated by foreign #RapeFugees. The overarching strategy for managing this kind of violent threat to the social order is through man’s commitment to physical fitness and intimate relationships with warrior ethos, tribalism and violence. We consider the ideas of self-sacrifice and staying within the bounds of the system as we grapple with the task of returning our societal standards to the highest good. Paul says that we must act with pure hearts, strong limbs and actions matching words. Then, we get into what it takes to create strong networks and tribes, defend our borders, women and children, and combat the dividing forces of 3rd wave feminism and cultural Marxism.”

    This is well worth a listen (and subscription to Red Ice is very cheap and worth every penny): Marcus Follin (The Golden One), Justin Garcia & Paul Waggener – Man Up to the Invasion: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2016/01/RIR-160118.php

    Also, perhaps you’d consider expanding Legion (leaflets, stickers, etc) and developing its image through the creation of t-shirts identifiable to Legion and which will in a sense solidify the bond of those involved and also advertise the club down the gyms, etc. Paul Waggener’s Operation Werewolf is a great example of this: http://www.operationwerewolf.com/equipment/

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