Jonathan Bowden Oratory Award – and the winner is?

Alex Davies at NA Conf 2On Saturday 30th April at the London Forum, I had the pleasure of announcing the 2016 winner of the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Award, and this year’s winner is Alex Davies of National Action, the prize being awarded for the speech he made in February this year, also at the London Forum.

The announcement was met with applause and there was general agreement that Alex shows great promise as a speaker, having already developed his abilities in this area and achieved a remarkable level of competence. Alex has great confidence as a speaker, combining a lively sense of humour with a passionate delivery, but his most remarkable talent is the ability to deliver a lengthy speech of thirty-minutes or more without the need for notes and with no perceptible loss of momentum or continuity.

Unfortunately, due to the desire to maintain the element of surprise in making this announcement, Alex was not aware that he was going to win and was unable to attend the presentation due to an earlier commitment abroad. Arrangements will therefore be made for the trophy and prize money to be presented to Alex upon his return.

Nationalist activists are not generally motivated by the desire for personal gain, our experience is that the prize money awarded tends to be used by the recipients in order to facilitate further activism, and so for 2017 the prize money will be increased to £500.

Our thanks to all those people who went to the trouble of nominating speakers and our congratulations to the speakers nominated for the recognition their activism has attracted. We hope that more people will be encouraged to speak in our people’s cause and we look forward to a fresh crop of nominations over the next twelve months.

By Max Musson © 2016

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