John Tyndall Memorial Meeting – Outstanding!

The 2017 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting went ahead as planned on Saturday, and was a great success. The venue was a high quality Edwardian country house hotel with the meeting room featuring an impressive purpose built display with large full colour graphics featuring John Tyndall in his prime.

The speakers were on top form.

First to speak following my opening address was Peter Rushton of Heritage & Destiny magazine, who described the current political scene explaining how recent events and current trends give us hope and provide opportunities for the future realisation of John Tyndall’s dreams of a free, White and prosperous Britain..

Richard Edmonds of the National Front, who was a close friend and colleague of John Tyndall for many years, described how John would have viewed the modern world and the current state of Britain had he lived until today.

To finish off the mornings proceedings we were entertained by singer Alison Chabloz, who also brought us up to date with the current status of the legal actions brought against her by vexatious Jewish groups and now the Crown Prosecution Service, under pressure, some might say direction, from those same Jewish groups.

The afternoon began with a lively and highly entertaining account of the friendship between John Tyndall and Colin Jordan, which was delivered by Steve Frost, the National Secretary of British Movement.

Mark Collett spoke next about the decadence that permeates our modern society and which is the cause of the decline of the West. He spoke of the excellence that John Tyndall represented and the same excellence which was a vital factor in the White mans former pre-eminence. He pointed out that our current decadence is the reason why we no longer command the respect of Third World populations, why we are susceptible to their predation and to their incursions into our racial homeland. Calling for a return to the excellence that so exemplified John Tyndall and our forebears, Mark delivered a powerfully emotive oration that received a standing ovation from the audience.

Our final guest speaker was 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize winner, Jez Turner, founder and Director of the London Forum, who spoke of the dedication of John Tyndall and the lifelong sacrifice he made to our cause, the salvation of the British people. Jez emphasised with great passion that if we are to succeed, more of us we must follow John Tyndall’s example and commit to making that same lifelong dedication and sacrifice.

The meeting was as I have already described, a great success, and more to the point it was a nationalist event unlike any other in recent times in terms of the prestigious nature and the quality of the various elements involved and consequently in terms of the costs involved.

In my closing address, I referred to the funding programme that Western Spring has and which enables us to afford to mount events such as this.

I pointed out that Western Spring had encountered much criticism and resistance from some quarters within the nationalist movement, who regarded our focus on fund raising as ‘unseemly’, and unnecessarily materialistic and out of place in furthering a cause for which a deep spiritual commitment should be all that is necessary.

“We live in a society in which money is power”, I stated, and our struggle is against the wealthiest and most powerful forces on this planet. If we are to have any chance of success, I explained, we must acquire vast sums of money.

“This [meeting] is an example of nationalism with money”, I declared, and I invited those present to imagine how much more successful their respective organisations would be if they shared the same ethic with regard to fundraising and if they had available to them the same resources that Western Spring has.

 I informed the meeting that Western Spring plan a second Leaders Conference later this year and that I hope through that meeting to create consensus among the leading and progressive elements within our movement for a process of convergence through which our movement can be progressively drawn together and so that through the resultant unity we can together acquire the critical mass needed to play a dominant role, and equip ourselves properly for the task of saving our nation.

I would like to offer a public vote of thanks to Mike Woodbridge for his sterling work in helping to make this meeting possible, to Richard and his team of ushers for the unobtrusive, yet highly effective control they exercised, for the support provided by Peter Rushton and Mark Cotterill of Heritage & Destiny, to all of our speakers young and old, and most especially to the unseen yet amazingly generous donors to Western Spring, without whose support none of Saturdays proceedings would have been possible.

The tide is beginning to turn and we are ‘girding our loins and summoning the blood’. We are the beginnings of what will become a mighty movement. Let us look to the future with hope in our hearts!

By Max Musson © 2017

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8 thoughts on “John Tyndall Memorial Meeting – Outstanding!

  1. Land of hope and glory, mother of the free
    How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
    Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet …….

  2. Yes Max, Western Spring, the Forums and the commitment of others to co-operate with each other, is seeing our audiences swell rapidly and send out a clear message to Nationalists that this is what we’ve been waiting and looking for.
    Clear leadership, direction, focus and determination has set an example that change was needed and that change has been embraced by those who are dedicated to the movement, with stunning effect.
    The experience of decades from you, Max, has pushed our movement forward in a highly professional manner that is now seeing the fruits of your unrecognised work, come to the fore, with the respect and success that you deserve.
    This is what Nationalism is about. Dedication and hard graft. Not the wannabe’s looking for a slither of fame in our good name, and off the back of our struggles.
    John Tyndall, Max, Richard etc, built this movement decades ago, and you are the inspiration that our young should look to.
    It’s a pleasure always to work with such professionals and an honour to have you Max as a close friend and confidant. Even when you are so busy, your support during this difficult time for me, is an enormous help. Of course, I expect you to speak again at the SW Forum meeting in a few weeks time.
    Congratulations on an enormous success, and I am honoured to be asked to speak at the next JTMM meeting.
    Kev Bryan was correct in saying ” John Tyndall was the greatest Prime Minister, Britain never had”.
    For certain, he would have been so proud of you all. Here’s to John Tyndall.

  3. Once again British Patriots keep inspiring we few across the pond, here in the Dominion of Canada. Congratulations to all. John Tyndall has been highly honoured.

  4. Really enjoyed it, an excellent and well executed day. All the speakers were top drawer and inspiring as always. Cheers.

  5. The highlight for me was brave, defiant English lady patriot ‘Too edgy for the Fringe’ Alison Chabloz, and her funny satirical songs ‘cocking a snook’ at our infinitely rich, humourless, vindictive masters and persecutors.

    And to our official supposed rulers, The Three Stooges, why not enjoy a quality musical interlude: Treasonous May, Wee-Jimmy Cranky and Coronation-Oath breaker, Elizabeth-the-Useless!

    1. Yes, we should not overlook the decidedly un-regal House of Windsor within which any aspirations to true Monarchy are all but totally absent.

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