Jez Turner – 2017 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

This is the third time that Jez has been nominated for the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize and he is one of the best known speakers in British nationalism today, but this was not always so. Jez however took the initiative to become the main organiser and host speaker for the London Forum and this has paid dividends. His present level of public speaking ability is the product of the great amount of regular practice gained in those roles and anyone wishing to become a better public speaker should take note – Übung macht den Meister – as the Germans would say!

As we can see from watching Jez’s speaking style, he is relaxed in front of an audience and able to articulate well and engage his audience with broad smiles and genuine bonhomie. This enables him to employ great emphasis and modulation in his voice and to employ dramatic affectations that add impact to his words.

By Max Musson © 2017

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