Jez Turner – 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

By Max Musson:

Jez Turner 4I am pleased to announce the fourth nominee for the 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize, for a two speeches made during the course of 2014. The nominee in question is Jez Turner, the highly popular organiser of the London Forum.

In the first speech made at the John Tyndall Memorial Meeting held on 11th October, Jez recalls an amusing incident that occurred during his army career, and recounts his experiences attending a European nationalist conference in Hungary. Unfortunately, while the speech was videoed, it was recorded as a sound recording only although this does not detract too much from the impact of the speech which combines humour with a serious message.

The second speech was just a short ‘filler’ used by Jez between speakers at the London Forum in November last year, but it is a good example of his oratory, once more using humour to convey and augment a serious message.

Jez is clearly already a talented and experienced speaker with a well developed technique.

By Max Musson © 2015

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2 thoughts on “Jez Turner – 2015 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize Nominee

  1. Just for the record there is a video recording (made by Chris White) of Jezs speech to the 2014 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston, on Oct 11th. It was an excellent speech. If anybody has not seen it please let me know and I’ll get them a copy.

  2. The speaker has good credentials. He is a good clear calm speaker, perhaps understandable in a former soldier. He would no doubt accomplish a brilliant speech given the time and the subject, As it stands, within such a small compass, he makes an efficient contribution to these nationalist orations.

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