Is Hanukkah a Racist Holiday?

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace–John Lennon, Imagine

Antiochus IV Epiphanes of Syria, a ruler who sought to end conflict among people, tried to make his empire a peaceful place by eradicating differences among the diverse groups in his empire and by having everyone assimilate.

This well-intentioned or evil ruler, depending on your point of view, wanted all people to have one religion so that there would be no religious disputes. He also wanted all people to have one culture  so there would be no cultural disputes, and he wanted all people to be of one race  so there would be no racial disputes.

His solution was to create a great melting pot  where various minority peoples–including Jews–would be assimilated into his brave new world.

A few “extremist” Jews (i.e., those who didn’t agree) said “No thanks, we like ourselves just as we are.” These grassroots “extremists,” led by Judah Maccabee, a peasant, resisted blending in, and they were hated and reviled as what we would now call  “racists,” “bigots,” “extremists,” “separatists,” “supremacists.”

Not all Jews helped Maccabee. In fact, the elites of Jewish society favored the blending away of the Jews  and they helped the tyrant in his attempt at assimilation.

The “extremist” Maccabees, weren’t having it and they fought against both the Syrian tyrant and their own Jewish elites. In time, the Maccabees won, and Jews who didn’t assimilate, became the only Jews, and they celebrated their victory over the forces of assimilation with Hanukkah.

So, Hanukkah was about Jews being able to have their own identity, religion and self-determination as a distinct people and in the manner that they themselves decided was right for themselves, and it was a struggle against their genocide and extinction by assimilation.

There are lessons in Hanukkah for both modern Jews and non-Jews alike.

It may be time for more Maccabees , because the forces that want to blend all nations, all religions and all races together are working overtime to accomplish this.

One can almost imagine Antiochus singing  John Lennon’s song Imagine.

Funny, when you hear Lennon singing this, the blending away of distinct races, nations and religions doesn’t sound evil, does it?

But, for those  who believe that distinct races, nations and religions have a right to exist as they choose to exist and to remain separate and have their own self-identification and self-determination without interference from other races, nations and religions, it is evil.

By H. Millard © 2017

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4 thoughts on “Is Hanukkah a Racist Holiday?

  1. Brilliant comparison.
    Sadly we have no movement that is organised enough and has a hierarchy with strong leadership to lead us in our quest.
    Not yet anyway but things I believe will come together and we all have our roles in creating that.

    A direct fight for our survival doesn’t seem to be on the horizon and support is too low but I sense that the silent majority are slowly bubbling away with the uneasy feeling that something sinister is wrong; They just don’t know exactly what it is yet.
    The mainstream media omit and discredit anything they can to keep the general public unaware but it is OUR job to organise and start mass campaigns to educate our brothers and sisters who are being kept in the dark.

    My proposal for how we move forward:

    1) We need to organise and consolidate support for our movement. We are too fragmented and without a hierarchy/Leadership. This needs to change before we can progress.

    2) We need to start educating the public through guerrilla tactics such as leaflet drops, stickers and flyers (with information and links) on public transport, poster campaigns around towns etc.
    This will in turn build grass root support and awareness (hopefully this will exponentially increase as the movement grows).

    3) Once we have enough support we can move more into the open, not just on internet boards/youtube channels and guerrilla propaganda. We could look at setting up a radio station or maybe even a right wing channel.

    4) We need to build networks and links into the infrastructure, just as the left wing has done with their long march through the institutions. This would be a major step forward and should be a serious priority for us.

    This is by means meant to be a definitive guide and it does not have an end result but this is the beginning steps that I see we desperately need to take.
    I cannot emphasise enough our need to engage the public with information and a counter narrative that they would not naturally come across. Some people do not like the idea of changing optics but we need to show the public that we are not the sinister evil groups that the MSM have portrayed us to be, it is important we portray ourselves as normal and something that won’t scare off the majority (the majority is what we desperately need).
    We also need to realise that for many people the path to the realisation of what is happening is not always a sudden thing, ground work needs to be laid and they need to be gradually “redpilled” to let them come to their own conclusion. I am not sure how we could cater for this but it is something that should be kept in consideration maybe.

    1. You are certainly on the right track JaG, and it looks as though you have come to the right place if you are of a mind to roll up your sleeves and help.
      Just under our banner graphic is a blue band where you can click on ‘about us’ and find that your assessment is very close to our own. Read the ‘Essential Truths’ series of articles.
      I look forward to receiving your membership application. 🙂

    2. The Identitarian movement which started in France is a gleaming example of how to generate a resistance. Unfortunately, I haven’t researched them enough to know whether they’re legitimate opposition or just another PEGIDA / Britain First. My hunch is they’re fake because they clearly have a lot of financial support and seem very professional.

      However, their brand and what they do is very exciting – and done in a way that attracts young people – the very people who matter most. Young people need to know that they have a choice of opinion and not just the self-destructive single-minded politically correct mainstream oppression they’re subjected to in every avenue of their lives.

      A problem to bear in mind is that the enemy has already predicted all our options and will be prepared for all scenarios. They know that we will go underground, they know that we need to consolidate and this is why BBC and ITV keep making these outrageous “undercover expose” hit-pieces whenever nationalists group together. At the moment, it should be perfectly legal for nationalists to congregate, but I fear soon enough it will be illegal.

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