The Most Important Thing You Can Do In Life

Many awakened Whites know that the most important thing any of us can ever do in life is to have as many White children as possible.  Any other important thing is a distant second to this.

However, some among us then fall into the trap of linking this to  traditional marriage. I do not.

The Meaning of LifeI see having White children as the increasing of the White DNA Code biomass.  In the usual way we speak of these things this simply means that  the more Whites in existence the better it is for all Whites. This being the case, any form of marriage, partnership or agreement between White males and White females that will help increase the White DNA Code biomass (read that will produce the most children for each individual) is morally right. This is not to say that one should abandon the traditional marriage, but the point is that if other forms of relationships that can help you multiply your personal White DNA Code to its maximum are to your liking, then I say they are as moral as traditional marriage.  The key to understanding this, is that this is to free ourselves from artificial Christian or so-called Western morality and to focus on authentic morality which says that the multiplication or expansion of your DNA Code is of the highest moral standard and is morally right.

Morally right? Yes, it is moral for us to be in tune with nature’s laws (or God’s Laws if you prefer) and to survive, thrive and eventually evolve spiritually and genetically into a new species.  Race (I say that at a minimum Whites are actually a sub-species) is a branching off from other types and is a step toward full specieshood if the race does not blend back in with other types that it has branched off from. This is one of the reasons why we must avoid miscegenation.

I say, further, that we are born as individuals, not couples, and our ability to produce children should not be tied to false moral ideas about what is moral and what is not, such as the idea that traditional marriage is the only moral way to have children.  This wrong idea can and often does  limit the number of children we produce as a people and it certainly limits the number of children that a man can produce.  In this I am informed by the ways of nature.

DNA DiagramSimply put,  human females are generally limited to one child every nine months, while human males can produce many children each and every day.  Why should males be limited to the female’s one child every nine months natural calendar when the male calendar is different?  That is not God’s (or nature’s) way for our survival and expansion.  If it were, males would also be limited to one child every nine months.

Why do human males and human females have different reproductive rate possibilities?   It is because nature (or God if you prefer) has to “think” in terms of millions of years and has to allow an organism an ability to adapt to ever changing circumstances, yet it has to maintain some stability of the type.

So, in our case as humans, what nature has engineered is this:  Males produce new spermatozoa every day, and this allows the spermatozoa and the semen carrying it, to change and adapt to internal and external environmental conditions to give a new child a better chance of survival in new conditions.  It also allows for mutations in the genes within the 23 chromosomes carried by each spermatozoon.

For example,  if a man is under stress internally or externally–say, just as one example, he is in military combat–his spermatozoa and semen may change. For example, his semen might become more acidic or more alkaline and this might allow a spermatozoon that is better adapted to one or the other to fertilize the egg.  As you are probably aware, more boys are born during and just after major wars. Why?  The spermatozoa has adapted to replace males who are killed in war so that there are roughly the same number of males and females in the population.

Disillusion 4And, in human females, nature has engineered them so that they get all their eggs just once in their lives and these eggs remain pretty much the same and do not change–they are set in concrete, so to speak.  This keeps the spermatozoa from making major changes in the new child when environmental conditions are only temporary.  In other words, males contribute novelty to the equation and females contribute stability.  And, the novelty produced is sometimes in the form of mutations, which are mostly minor.  When you hear about mutations being bad, you are usually hearing about very major ones.  Minor mutations actually happen all the time and if they give an organism a survival advantage they will often spread in the population via natural selection. Just a slight digression is in order here and I’ll only mention this in passing. Human males can have children very late in life, while human females usually lose that ability at a much younger age.  Again, this is nature at work to help us survive and thrive and win the gene wars and this also has to do with the spermatozoa being allowed to change as the male ages.

We have to go a few steps further here to put this all together.  When we have children with a White partner of the opposite sex,  what we are doing is increasing the biomass of our general White DNA Code as well as the biomass of our individual version of the White DNA Code.  Those 23 chromosomes that we pass on with their approximately 10,000 genes are about half of what make us the individuals we are. Each of us  goes on into the next generation in the DNA Code that we have passed on.

Now, if we are wise and have not miscegenated, the new child will be fully White as we are.  If we have miscegenated, then we will not have produced a fully White child.  It takes two Whites to make a fully White child.  There is no other way. If we have  miscegenated, we have essentially destroyed the White DNA code and our own personal DNA code and we have contributed to the biomass of a non-White DNA Code.  In other words, we have increased the number of non-Whites instead of increasing the number of Whites. So, why is this bad? Read on.

White PeopleAs I’ve written many times, all organisms are in gene wars.  It is an eternal competition for survival and domination.  The gene wars are automatic and subconscious in humans (except in those of us who understand this).  The gene wars started with the competition of the spermatozoa in the competition to be the winner spermatozoon to fertilize the egg. And, in the female there was a competition to be that one  egg that was fertilized.  In the millions of individual spermatozoon competing to fertilize the egg, there are different shuffles of  genes for all the characteristics that make us the individuals we are. And, in the eggs there also many shuffles.  For example, the different spermatozoon and eggs may carry genes for tallness and another for shortness and so forth.

Of course, the gene wars also rage on eternally outside our bodies with other organisms. My genes are competing with your genes for survival and dominance.  Subconsciously, my genome wants to be the dominant genome and I want the whole planet to be full of people who are just like me, and who are thus carrying more of me into the future. And, you subconsciously want the same thing for yourself.  Now, because we are both Whites, the gene wars between us can be less violent  than if we were of different races, and if you win, I still win because the more Whites on the planet, the better it is for me. After all, my DNA Code needs other White DNA Codes to mate with to produce more of me.

When Europe was mostly White, the gene wars between different White nations played out in brother wars.  These were fine line competitions and refinements  of the White genotype.  And, yes, I am saying that the unspoken cause of wars (and also sports competitions which are really virtual wars) are gene wars as the genes of one type try to wipe out the genes of other types. Today, however, we Whites face external opponents who are invading our lands–non-Whites who are spreading their non-White DNA Codes and who are deceiving unawakened Whites into committing their own White genome suicide via bedroom genocide–miscegenation.  Remember, it takes two Whites to produce a fully White child. No other combination will do it.  Whites who miscegenate are killing off their White DNA Code and are destroying their ancestors that they carry within and are helping cause the genocide and extinction of all Whites by their evil action as their polluted genes spread.

Natural selection is another term for gene wars and can be defined this way:

Natural selection is the process by which organisms naturally compete for food, mates and living space; especially with other members of their own species with whom they can bear viable offspring. Those with traits that allow them to adapt in order to survive environmental pressures such as intraspecies competition, predators, climate changes and other detrimental conditions will survive and produce more offspring with their traits than those who do not survive.

Now, if we awaken enough Whites to the truths of evolution so they consciously live their lives knowing every minute about the eternal gene wars we are in, they may make better choices in their lives to be the winners of the competition for survival.  Certainly, knowing about the gene wars gives one an advantage over those who do not know about them.

Live consciously White, my friends, and never forget that we are in gene wars. Your survival as a White helps me survive as a White. Live long to breed White.

By H. Millard © 2016

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  1. Alaric Whitestone

    - Edit

    Miscegenation is an evil that has grown with an ever shrinking globe and political pressures to interbreed (I’m sure the useful idiot utopians think this will bring about peace, but the political agenda among the elites is to dumb down the population in an effort to build their Indian style global cast system).

    I hate the term “whites” since we are so much more diverse then the appearance of our skin colour, and it’s a term that has only gained ground in this century to discriminate against Europeans and erase their individual identity’s.
    (We are English, French, German, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, etc).
    We should not make the mistake of becoming like the blacks of America, who have no identity other then their skin colour, making them the prefect weapons of fabricated political strife.

    Yes, Europeans need to have more children and that will only be possible when we shrug off the chains of Christian control and follow a new order that promotes our identity and a reason to exist.
    An organised modern Ásatrú faith would fit the bill and move us away from the polluted abrahamic faiths, that have indentured us to foreign powers.

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