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imperiumThis film is designed to undermine the white advocacy movement. It will fail. Badly. Like the film ‘Cabaret’ with its iconic song, ‘Tomorrow belongs to me’, this film will bring people, good people, quality people, into our movement.

Nate is an intelligent, but lonely, classical music and literature loving young desk-bound FBI agent, bullied in, and bored with, a job overseeing the fitting up of American Muslims for conspiring to carry out acts of terrorism they really wouldn’t have the first clue about carrying out. He is persuaded to go under cover into ‘the American White Supremacist scene’.

His immediate superior, the one who does the persuading, is a peroxide-blonde, gym fanatic, adrenalin-junkie, Agent Angelo Zamparo, who, probably due to her Mexican blood/connections, has a grudge against Whites. The senior boss is a Jew who, due to all the hassle involved, tries to dissuade Nat from accepting the assignment – “You know how management feel about under-cover work, they will have you chasing paedophiles on an Indian Reservation”. The inference is far from politically correct. The FBI then are the good guys, but there isn’t much good about them, not by anybody’s moral standards, and the only thing they are actually any good at is understanding human nature.

The bad guys, on the other hand, are far more interesting. Like the race they represent, the survival of which they fight for, they come from all strata of society, all classes, all tastes and all cultural levels. While undercover, the agent Nate exposes his mind to all the unexplored regions of a world he never knew existed, far less ever understood.

The truth is in front of us – but most people are blind…. We all create a narrative based on what we think is important. We see what we want to see.  But just because we are not looking at something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there … There’s only really a handful of people who know what’s going on, but I want to be one of them.  I want to make a difference … What do we dream of? What is the world we wish to build? It will be a world like the one that shaped our race in Europe. A world of forests, mountains and lakes – not a world of concrete, asphalt and garbage … That’s the world I see, that’s what keeps me strong.

The undercover agent soon finds himself on friendly terms with those he is supposed to be infiltrating; listening to Brahms and Tchaikovsky, discussing high culture and movement philosophy, and welcomed into their wholesome families and valued for what he is, not for what he owns, he warms to them and here … almost … the film could have taken an unexpected turn and become truly a classic.

He soliloquizes: How can I convert people like them?  You can’t, you can only destroy them.

His mind gives him another option: Either that, or join them.

The agent of ZOG becoming an agent of White Survival would have been the twist to end all twists. Instead the film shies away into predictability.  And yet there lingers a something that might have been as the supremacist leader consoles him.

It’s hard to find what we’re looking for in life.  But then I listen to something like that (Brahms Clarinet Quintet) and realise that one man made something that will make millions, maybe billions of people feel like we just did.  We all have that power, all of us … change the world, right wrongs, fight injustice … its people like us that feel these things the most – idealists.

For those curious about Our Cause there is much of nutritional value here. Cameo appearances are made by Francis Parker-Yockey’s Imperium, William Gayley Simpson’s Which Way Western Man, Ben Klassen ‘The White Man’s Bible’ and Louis Beam’s ‘Essays of a Klansman’ and his theory of ‘Leaderless Resistance get’s a look-in too. David Lane’s ‘Precepts’ are quoted from;

The simplest way to describe a democracy is this: Three people form a government, each having one vote.  Then two of them vote to steal the wealth of the third.

At the end of the film, the FBI agent, now no longer under cover, and awaiting his transfer and promotion to yet another sterile dreary desk job, while reminiscing about the man and his comrades whom he betrayed, ruefully quotes from Byron’s ‘Manfred’:

This should have been a noble creature.  He hath all the energy which would have made a goodly frame of glorious elements had they been wisely mingled.

Those words would have been better aimed at the FBI agent himself.

It all begins with the word. Prepare for the unthinkable. We are going to win.

Reviewed by Jez Turner © 2016

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13 thoughts on “Imperium – Film Review

  1. As somebody else said, sounds like someone is worried when they feel the need to push this narrative, they feel threatened by recent events.
    As you say it could well backfire.

  2. It’s like when a child is told don’t do this, don’t look in the box, there’s a temptation to investigate what seems forbidden & naughty.
    Maybe they’ll think this isn’t so bad after all, now things make more sense.
    It worked for me.

  3. One actor certainly of a much higher calibre than Harry Radcliffe/Daniel Potter is James Woods who –in light of his recent ‘goodbye’ to Twitter after their attack on free speech and banning of leading Alt-Right figures– would presumably not have accepted such an anti-White role.

    James Woods‘ tagline: “Twitter has now sadly abdicated its position as a sole beacon of free speech. Voltaire’s famous dictum has been quietly buried by these left wing savages.”

    And his final post: “Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to free speech. #GoodbyeAll”

    His final post was in response to an article by USA Today on Twitter’s mass ban of Alt-Right figues and its slavish adherence to the liberal-Left Establishment. The article on Woods’ Twitter page mentions “White nationalist Matthew Heimbach” and “Richard Spencer…who wants to segregate the USA into racial groups…”

    James Woods has been a keen follower and supporter of Donald Trump and has shown a passive interest in, and support of, the Alt Right during his time on Twitter.

    It is easy to assume that all of Hollywood is subservient to the Tribe that controls it, but one need only remember the comments calling out the Jew made by Gary Oldman, Mel Gibson… and now James Woods’ attack on the totalitarian narrative… all of whom are clearly not toeing the line and whom both collectively and individually have the capacity to step out of Hollywood and create great works in the European tradition or else works which are not so perversely controlled.

    Welcome to the New Zeitgeist.

    A clip of James Woods (in the character of ‘Max’) from one of my favourite films, Once Upon a Time in America. (Hail Max!):

    1. Sorry but I’m largely unimpressed by James Woods. He is a typical Hollywood vulgarist, and his protest on Twitter is likely to be contrived attention-seeking.

      In support of my point, I refer you back to the clip that you have posted above. I couldn’t have asked for better evidence. It’s difficult to see the appeal of it. It’s just non-stop swearing. It’s not real acting. If that’s the best James Woods has to offer, then the liberals should keep him.

      I think the decline in standards in film-making and acting is a major socio-cultural problem, because this stuff seeps into the mass mind and influences behaviour. It’s clearly the result of a determination to break down and subvert what are seen as socially-constructed moral and civic standards.

      The actors and film-makers think they’re being ‘edgy’ and assume that what they are doing will be perceived as subtle and clever, but it isn’t. There’s nothing insightful about it. It’s just violence and swearing and nihilism. It’s the motive equivalent of modern art – just an expressive representation of the artist’s soulless emptiness and hubris, in which the artist becomes the subject and the subject the artist.

      Another example is the clip below, where Woods’ character discusses Jews and also makes an important point in that context: “There is a difference between bona fide racism and just speaking the truth”. That’s interesting and I was immediately hooked, not because of the social and political sentiment expressed, but because of the lucidity of the dialogue and the skill with which Woods delivers it. Woods might have been saying that all white men are devils, and I would be equally riveted because the dialogue engages with the viewer’s intellect, treats the viewer as an adult, and prompts the viewer to think and reflect on what is being said and put it into the larger context of the film and consider how it reflects the viewer’s own life and experiences.

      However that positive impression didn’t last long. The scene quickly degenerates, marred by the unnecessary swearing and vulgarity. Whoever came up with it is attempting to make a clever point but it is difficult to see why the same clever point couldn’t have been made more skilfully without treating us like children. What could have been a very interesting and thought-provoking scene becomes just another exercise in ‘psychic shock’, as if electro-convulsive therapy is now being administered en mass. I am supposed to be impressed by the witty liberal snark and the observation about repetition, but I am just left feeling infantalised, empty, violated and dirty by the unnecessary and vivid psychological assault of the line, “Do you [copulate with] dogs?”. I am also left feeling like a lesser person for having colluded in the spectacle by watching it.

      1. Your “better evidence” of Woods in real life being “a typical Hollywood vulgarist”, and his support and protection of the First Amendment is “attention-seeking”, is based on his playing the part of a 1930s gangster who, shockingly, curses?

        1. No. Don’t misrepresent me.

          I don’t object to violence and swearing in films where it is contextually appropriate. But that is not the objective of the scene you link to above, which is just people using foul language. I do wonder why you think 1930s gangsters would swear to the extent shown in the clip and in that film? The film is pile of crap – it plays on hype about ‘gangsters’ rather than the reality. It’s just a thoughtless, dim-witted carnival of violence, gore, profanity and pretentiousness, dressed-up as art.

          James Wood is not an exemplar of our culture. None of them are.

          1. From your unfortunate description of this film I can only presume that you haven’t seen it.

            The film is widely recognised as an aesthetical artistic masterpiece, perhaps director Sergio Leone’s magnum opus.

            “While ostensibly an epic gangster story, the film is about friendship, love, betrayal, history, class, memory, and time. The narrative structure is non-linear, starting in the 1930s, moving forward to the 1960s, back to the 1920s and shifting several more times between the three periods. Among its many virtues are the cinematography, acting, period details and the beautiful musical score by Ennio Morricone.”

            Your three considerations (thoughtless, dim-witted, pretentious) clearly do not, by any objective measure, befit this film.

            It is included in a list of essential films for nationalists:

  4. Great films are like chicken with teeth: hard to find!

    Taxi Driver, Forest Gump, Goodfellas, Trainspotting, etc., are surrounded by films that should’ve never ever been put onto the screen.

    Anyway…. A film about some double agent penetrating the movement? Hahahahahaha. The people I know who’re red pilled, racially conscious, and active in our movement vary considerably. Infiltrate what?

    I know guys who like drinking in their local bar and their sheer knowledge on politics, history, and conspiracies lends up red pilling a wide section of his local area. I know nationalist gym fanatics. Nationalist nut jobs. Rich nationalists, poor nationalists. Smart nationalists, dumb nationalists.

    I also have meet people who I’m almost certain are double agents. One guy, who I’m 99% sure was an infiltrator, had to spend an evening listening to me talk absolute nonsense; he knew what I was doing too. I lended up telling him I want to have a sex change on the NHS.

    Yes…. I hope this film backfires on the movie makers. I remember watching this film one time where some neo-Nazis were smoking meth while going on about the Forth Reich. Another film was even more perverse. It was about The Order. According to the film, Robert J. Matthews’ wife was an obese alcoholic with special needs who Mathews used to beat up after his Nazi meetings.


    I hope to watch the film soon.

    Good article.

    1. You mean you haven’t already had a sex change on the NHS? Wow that’s a new one! To quote one double agent of notoriety ‘double agents are like double yoke eggs – all the same on the inside’.

  5. There is a great interview with the author (book and film), Michael German. In Law Weekly:

    He kind of confirms that this review by Jez is correct, and that the film is not quite what it seems to be – because he says his main concern, after going undercover with white supremacists, was to induce the FBI etc. to use the same tactics with non-white groups. They do not do so, according to him – and so are failing. He also confirms that the FBI are not interested in the brainiacs, of which he says there are plenty amongst white nationalists. They are only interested in the handful of oddballs who really are capable of perpetrating extreme violence.

    I don’t know why this would be, because terrorist-style, lone wolf, violence discredits any movement. Surely if the FBI were really anti white nationalists, they would want to suppress words and speech above all else? I suspect that the FBI etc. are not at all anti white nationalists – why would they be? They would probably join up, if there was any salary at all attached to this. But as there is no money in it at all, quite the reverse, they are obliged to keep working for the Yankee dollar like any old street girl.

    1. Hello Edith,
      The pen is mightier than the sword they say but all the powerfull pens have even mightier swords to back them.

  6. .It is those who listen to Brahms who are the dangerous ones. – Jez Turner

    Soundtrack from the movie ‘Imperium’
    1. Glad To Be S.A.D. – Quentin Collins
    2. A Wolf in Dallas – Simon TaufiQue
    3. Concerto for Piano No.1 D-Min.op.15 – Johannes Brahms
    4. Symphony #4 In E-Minor, Op.98 – Allegro Non Troppo – Johannes Brahms
    5. Mean Joe Green – Local Honey
    6. Quintet F.clarinet 2 Violins Viola & Cello B Min – Johannes Brahms
    7. Old Ways – Local Honey
    8. Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in D Major op 77 Allegro Non Troppo – Johannes Brahms
    9. Sick Society – Shield Front
    10. I’m Gonna Fight It – Eytan Mirsky
    11. Raze It – Submachine
    12. Symphony No.1 In C-Min. Op. 68 – Johannes Brahms

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