Ignorance and Bigotry

Some of you may have seen reports in the press of a minor disturbance in the Bull Ring, Birmingham on Sunday 8th January. The significance of the date is that it is “Plough Sunday”, traditionally the beginning of the agricultural year. Although the centre of Birmingham might seem an odd place to celebrate the beginning of the agricultural year, a celebration there was in the shape of performances by groups of Morris dancers. One of these groups, from Alvechurch in Warwickshire, uses blackface in its performance (no doubt you are already ahead of me here) hence the disturbance.

According to the reports which I have seen, it started when a woman began to scream abuse at the dancers, and their performances were then disrupted by a group of “young men” running about among the dancers and stealing the hats which they wear. Attempts to explain that black face is traditional and does not refer to black people were to no avail.

There was no mention of any action by the police. There was no mention of the ethnicity of the “protestors”, but I suspect that they were almost certainly white because non-white people usually have better things to do. Very likely they were of the same kind as the posh and privileged white youngsters who recently caused untold disruption to the lives of thousands of passengers by blocking London City Airport, all in the name of “Black Lives Matter” – I must admit that I can never hear the name of that organization (or whatever it is) without guiltily asking myself the question “to whom, exactly?”

Although the City Airport protest was damaging and exasperating for those affected, the events in Birmingham were more significant because they were a direct attack on Englishness. Alright, Morris dancing may be a minor and rather quaint part of English culture but it is all part of that great bundle of ancestry, culture, traditions and temperament which make the English a people different from all others  – just as Germans and Italians, Welsh and Irish, Turks and Iranians are peoples different from all others: in other words it’s all a matter of identity, and that’s why it’s under attack.

It is almost certainly the case that the protestors knew perfectly well that the blackface worn by Morris dancers was not, and never has been, anything whatsoever to do with negroes. It may have had practical beginnings as a form of disguise, it may go much further back to magic rituals, but that is not the point. The point is that it is an English tradition and therefore, like any assertion of Englishness, it is suspect, embarrassing, maybe even, well, racist – you know, like flying the St. George’s flag. And must therefore be attacked and suppressed.

It is not easy for those who believe as we do to fathom the mindset of unnatural creatures who hate their own country and their own people. But haters they are, rotten with hatred of whiteness and Englishness and therefore bigots. As always, the Left is guilty of the very things of which leftists accuse us.

But the world is changing. The revolt on the right which has brought us Brexit and Trump, and may bring us further victories in this new year of 2017, is in large part a revolt against the cosmopolitan political and intellectual climate which, at it’s worst, spawns creatures such as those I have described. Their time is passing.

By Frederick Dixon © 2017

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14 thoughts on “Ignorance and Bigotry

  1. Sadly their performance took place on what is now foreign territory & as such is fair game as far as the liberal left are concerned.
    The establishment would like to see the indigenous culture die out in favour of imported ones.

    1. “The establishment would like to see the indigenous culture die out in favour of imported ones.”
      True words Stefan,
      It’s the only way a monoculture a homogeneous culture can transform into a multiculture. The lie is in their claim that it happens naturally.

      1. The thing is of course Richard, is that often one mono culture is replaced by another one in an area, which we feel is…umm…not an improvement.

  2. i wish those fools would just go away. haven’t we had enough of their brain-damaged stupidity? Perhaps things will change when the monarchy changes.

  3. Billy [rude words redacted]

    - Edit

    If bloody foreigners don’t like our culture, why don’t they just piss off back to their own countries, along with the stupid [rude word redacted] Anti-White, self – loathing, white Marxist melts. It isn’t the English being “Wacist”, it’s you stupid [rude word redacted]. Belt up.

  4. Multiculturalism and Diversity are the de facto celebration of non- European culture and traditions which are given prominence in our distorted society. It is not surprising that self-hating Cultural-Marxists should disrupt one of our more quainter and aesthetically pleasing English customs as described above.In contrast we see the benefits of diversity as evidenced by child brides, female mutilations, polygamy, honour killings, grooming and the implementation of sharia law. It is gratifying that all is well in our society!

  5. Multiculturalism and Diversity is the de facto celebration of non European culture and tradition. It is not surprising that a quaint and aesthetically pleasing English tradition should be disrupted by self-hating Cultural Marxists who endeavour to undermine and devalue our native traditions at every oppotunity but instead celebrate alien cultures.Despite the provocation by hostile and malicious forces we need to continue celebrating native English and Celtic traditions and pass on this legacy for future generations to enjoy, as it also defines our identity.

  6. Michael Woodbridge

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    There is indeed a deeper, visceral significance in the Left’s antipathy to our traditional music and Art forms. It’s occasionally been the practice in some countries to clear the streets of Negro rioters by playing loud classical music.

  7. It might be a good way of keeping fit, but I’m not keen on Morris dancing. I am, however, an Englishman, and I accept these people doing this are preserving out culture, and if I saw a group of people Morris dancing I’d stop to watch and clap after their performance. On principle.

    Were the people who threw all these left-wing calumnies at these morris dancers White? I’d say 100%. For a race that produced the greatest examples of philosophy, literature, science, music, and militrary brutalism out of all the other races, we also produce the best traitors. Look at at this way: non-White ethnic activists intent on our destruction, “ally” with leftist organizations as part of their overall strategy. I think that says it all.

    I think the White traitor is a product of both inferior genetics and first-world oppulance. Luckily, the left are finished as a political force in Western political discourse. None the less, no change will occur in this country until White people want it to change.

  8. I think that, on the face of it (pun not intended, but you can take it as one if you want!), it just shows that the majority of our own people (and the near entity of those whose origins are not English), have no understanding or appreciation of our identity.

    They are just parroting what they have been taught, taking umbrage over what they have been conditioned to do so, and our people are either largely on their side for the same reasons, or made unable to defend it without venturing into the “PC gone mad” approach.

    The non-whites are allowed to act as a group, take offence as a group, defend themselves as a group, for their collective identity and collective self interests and ego. We are afforded no such rights, and even have half of our own people acting against their own peoples interests.

    The article headline is right – it is ignorance and bigotry. I would probably add ‘intolerant’ and ‘hate’ to complete the modern lexicons. Yet our opponents and our ‘ethnic minority’ citizens would never see themselves as being so – because that is a label they feel can only be applied to the ‘likes of us’.

    I have heard many reasons given for black-face – from protecting the identity of performing beggars, to being a tribute to miners, to being a copying and praise of black dancing rituals (which we would no doubt be both guilty of ‘cultural appropriation’ or ‘racism’, despite it potentially being a form of flattery to them).

    What is even more ironic, is that the very few people I have met who have taken part in this kind of thing have been the worst kind of liberal you can imagine. Pro-diversity, liberal democrat voting weeds and wimps of the highest order. Not all of them will be, but the point is that it is hardly some “far right” culture filled with “fascists” taking part, going out deliberately to cause maximum offence.

    Yet whatever the reasons for it, for good or for ill, they are our customs and traditions that span back hundreds of years. Even if it was a direct imitation of black people, which it isn’t, it ought to be up to us, the English, what we do and do not do in our own country. It is a disgrace and a humiliation that we are remotely being told what we can and cannot do in our own streets by assorted interlopers.

    We do not have to justify ourselves. We do not have to apologise. This is our country and if people are “deeply offended” via their own idiocy, or otherwise don’t like it – they know where the door is; and I would gladly escort them out of it.

    Yet the carousel keeps on turning, doesn’t it? This was an issue somewhere or other last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and the one before that…..and it will be an issue next year, and the year after…..until either people cave in and stop it, or until there are none of us left to even care whether it is done or not.

  9. Blackboard
    BaaBaa Black Sheep
    Black Face
    Black as The Ace of Spades
    Are all phrases or words or customs that have received the politically correct, cultural revisionism, that has been employed as a means to the liberal, hopelessly utopian ends.
    “Tear down those racist White cliffs (Dover)” were the words grunted by Dianne Abbott at a demonstration against Britain, a few months ago.
    Words that belie an undercurrent of thought, an attitude, a motivation by disdain, to show hostility to the indigeneous British.
    A deep seated psychological complex, who’s dynamic can partially be explained through the outsider/insider perspective on relationships, but only in part. For the success of and effectiveness of, people like Abbott and her racial kinsman Lammy, has and could only of occured due to the political power granted to them by their White political enablers.
    Abbott and Lammy are fortunate enough to have an opportunity and a platform to spew their sometimes veiled, often naked hatred of the indigeneous British and our culture.
    The bile that these two alone spew, let alone the others, has filtered and trickled down, seeping its way into the deliberately disarmed minds of the natio(ns) youth.
    Go ahead Mrs Abbott, take up your pick and shovel and set to work tearing down those racist White cliffs. What you will find is that however far you excavate beyond the chalky White (remember him ?) sediment, the soil that lies behind it, will be forever England.

  10. Our people cannot even respond to the systematic rape and torture of our children by immigrant filth; why would one expect them to come to the aid of those promoting our cultural traditions. What would Alfred the Great and Athelstan think of their descendants one wonders!

  11. there was once a saying that was also a custom: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    if they don’t like it they should get out.

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