I am Swedish, but I live in “Absurdistan”

“Ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ingrid Carlqvist and I was born in Sweden in 1960, when the Social Democrats were gonna rule for ever and ever and our country was the nicest and safest and most progressed in the world. Now I live in Absurdistan – a country that has the highest figure of reported rapes in the world, hundreds of so called “exclusion areas” where people live outside the Swedish society and with newspapers that hide all these horrible facts to the people…”

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  1. Michael Woodbridge

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    As a fifteen year old I visited Sweden on a school trip. A couple of years later I returned together with a friend. In those days of conventional morality, Sweden had a reputation for “free love”. We thought what an exciting prospect of all those blonde girls were.with their clean cut looks. Not that we were predators I must add. At that age it was more the prospect than the actuality which we found enticing. My friend and I stumbled upon a couple of other Swedish chaps and we went to a restaurant together. When I asked about the Swedish reputation for “free love” I was assured that it was no more than journalistic sensationalism.

    Having watched Ingrid Carlqvist’s sad account of how life has degenerated in that once beautiful country I can’t help wondering whether the journalistic attack on Swedish morality has been orchestrated by our racial enemies. Is it not probable that excessive liberalism in sexual morality, as in other matters, has played a part in attracting legions of the dross of humanity to Sweden for easy pickings?.

  2. A year on from when Ingrid Carlqvist presented her speech, Malmo, was witness to a week of immigrant rioting.
    On the subject of rapes in Sweden, there are those who make the claim that the high rape rate is due to how the statistics are gathered.
    Leaving aside the cross national statistics which would be influenced by how different nations collected their data, the fact remains that in Sweden the rape rate is increasing.
    Whilst the BBC report noticeably omitted any mention of immigration in their report, it is difficult to ignore the correlation between the increasing numbers of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants and the increase of rapes in Sweden.
    Similar to the BBC report, in the article at the above link we read of this rise in rapes as being a puzzle, something that can only be understood by concluding that the reason for the increase in the rate of rapes in Sweden as due to how the statistics are compiled or that women are encouraged to report rapes more in Sweden than elsewhere. This kind of statiscal gerrymandering by the BBC and others who refuse to acknowledge the impact of immigration on the increase of rape and other crimes, becomes apparent when we view the gathering of data pre and post immigration.
    Would these girls have been raped if the rapists had not been in Sweden.
    The medias suggestion that a reason for the high figures in rape statistics may be due to how the evidence is reported , whilst ignoring the fact that from those reported rapes 77% are commited by the 5% immigrant population is a blatant attempt to hide the truth which puts women at risk .


    1. When an inconvenient truth surfaces, try a spot of diversion!
      But we don’t fall for this type of rubbish, the truth is still there.

      1. It’s interesting that the same lies have been told to us & others, which proves the same script is being used, which indicates to me that the same people are behind this agenda all over Europe.

      2. She will probably never be able to get another mainstream job again as she is a “racist”.
        Has she connected the dots though, to understand why this is being done & by who & the fact other white western countries have the same thing being done to them.

    1. If you go back through all the articles we have published Rerevisionist, you will find that we have addressed the role played by organised Jewry in the decline of Western nations on a number of occasions. We keep this in perspective however and don’t ‘bang-on’ about it all of the time, mentioning it when it is relevant.
      With regard to this video, the content of the speech made was determined by the lady in question, however if you have some information about the machinations of Jewish groups or any other organised minority in Sweden, then please feel free to share it with us.

      1. Keep blaming the Jews forever while Muslims are effortlessly taking over and replacing your population. Swedes have much to learn from the Dodo, for they too are heading for the same fate.

        1. I think you will find that the ‘awakened’ Swedes will blame both organised Jewry and Islamic and other ethnic minority groups for the ill-effects associated with multiracialism an multiculturalism within their country.

        2. Who enabled the “Muslims are effortlessly taking over and replacing your population.” scenario?
          Did I vote for that, no.
          Can I vote for someone who opposes this takeover, no.

    2. Talking of which if you go to the link above in ConnalOakesHolt comment where it talks about “1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%”, you come across a comment about this, where Private Eyescream gets told he’s a skinhead & a moron for bringing this up by Mike who just abuses but has no other opinion apparently.
      Then Rudiger Plantiko weighs in with a typical classic “Yes there is a problem but the Jews have nothing to do with it” type answer.
      He boils it down to a very simplistic quote “Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration.”
      Which avoids a host of other issues.
      He seems to think it’s our fault for being tolerant of the intolerant & being liberal, as though we have a choice in this.
      He also says “Which blindness unmasks the liberals as ideologists, stemming from the same tribe as the Marxists.”
      I think the word “tribe” might be a bit of Freudian slip.
      So I think this man is a zionist doing a bit of diversion.

    3. Explain to me why Jews would ignore speaking out against those that commit these rapes? I looked into those “news sources” you claim are owned by Jews. Most are corporations owned by stockholders of all races, religions and ethnicities. I visited Sweden 3 times. In 1986, 1997 and 2012. Each time I went and davened (prayed) with friends in Stockholm and the great synagogue in Malmo. The last time I went, I was greeted by security before entering. When I came out after services without my head covering as warned by the congregants, I was spit on, cursed and my life threatened. This by middle easterners. I have davened in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, France, Great Britain and Ireland. I have NEVER experienced this type of evil. I hope to one day return to Sweden and enjoy the hospitality I once enjoyed from Jews and non-Jews alike. I met many Swedes in Israel, some Jewish others not. My non-Jewish Swedish friends warned me about Malmo, but having friends there, I still went. My friends have since moved away from Malmo. Some to Israel some to other areas in Sweden. They are uncomfortable in their own country. Seems some of my friends are calling their country Swedenistan and are awaiting the day when Sharia law is the law of the land. Good luck. Frid vare med er.

        1. From the links you provided Max I note that Gutkind Hirschiel changed him name to Gerdherd Bonnier.
          This seems to be a common feature within the Jewish community. Others have noted this peculiar behavior and often refer to the Jews as ‘name changers’ these days.
          It appears that they, the Jews, have much to hide, by so readily adopting this tactic.
          It makes one think Charles Dickens portrayal of Fagin, as the typical Jew of that period, was an accurate one.

      1. Well it’s down to the fact that Jews are not all of one mind, some are sacrificed by others because they feel the end justifies the means.
        Some zionists are not Jewish either but they still promote Israeli interests.

  3. I also remember that thing of what is your culture & how crap it is & unimportant.
    Often we couldn’t define our culture as it’s ingrained, you couldn’t see the wood for the trees but once it’s lost you realise what’s gone & that the replacement cultures, no matter how polished the turd is, are not a good replacement for ours.
    Also if these cultures are so great, why don’t these people stay in them in their own countries?
    They have been told they can have the best of both worlds, all the advantages of home with the wealth of the west given to them.
    If the reverse offer was made I’d say “No thanks” but it’s being forced on me, where I get their poverty & all the disadvantages of their culture without leaving home.

  4. Why oh why is this multicultural disease and the rape that is causing the social decay and ghettoisation that goes with it that is so prevalent throughout the whole of Western Europe. I know who is causing the rape epidemic but is it triggered because most of these countries are being governed by Socialist governments who are encouraging uncontrolled immigration from the Third World or what? Was it this that caused Brevik to lose it?

    1. Breivik is a zionist, the government he attacked was perceived as anti zionist & the atrocity happened on an important zionist anniversary.
      On the internet many rabid zionists applauded what he did.

  5. This person got it right!

    ‘’The fundamental criteria for the establishment of a ‘European Union’ was to destroy European Nationalism. Wars had ravaged Europe for centuries, Nationalism or loyalty to ones country was to blame. It was a small price to pay to purge Nationalism from Europe forever by destroying the ethnic and National homogeneity of all the European people.”

    The central control room for the destruction of the old Europe is in Brussels. its poisonous tentacles spread out to encompass the media, the clergy and the education of our children, destroy these foundations of a nation and the NEW SOCIALIST EUROPE wil rise from the ashes. Sweden is paying a high price so are its females, but where is the outcry?.

  6. Rerevisionist, I’m a Bible believing Christian. Jews are Blamed for EVERYTHING. I don’t understand WHY Christian leaders – dirty, disgusting TRAITORS are given a free pass on their complicity with mass Muslim immigration.

    The Archbishop and all the Church of England leaders sent a letter to the Prime Minister demanding that Britain take in a much higher number of (so-called) refugees than what Cameron had already said he would take in. The DIRTY TRAITORS.

    Also, PATRIOTIC Britain First was denounced by EVERY MAJOR CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION in the UK. The Christian leaders are TRAITORS to Almighty God, our Awesome Creator, His Precious Son, Jesus Christ, The Bible, Christians and TRAITORS to our Beloved Britain and all Europe.

    Britain First Denounced By Every Major Christian Denomination In The UK

    Britain First has been denounced by every major Christian denomination in the UK, The Huffington Post UK can reveal today, a week after the far-right group held a so-called ‘Christian patrol’ targeting Muslims in Luton.

    Representatives of 14 churches and Christian groups have variously described the political party as “extremist”, “self-serving” and “blasphemous” and condemned its actions as “hi-jacking the name of Jesus Christ to justify hatred and spread fear”.

    Britain First claim to be defenders of “traditional British Christian values” and Leader Paul Golding has regularly invoked religious rhetoric to justify their actions.

    In an interview in 2014, he said: “This is a Christian country, whether it’s our legal system, our system of government, all our historical figures, Churchill, Nelson, Cromwell, Elizabeth… all of them are Christian. This country is built on Christianity, and we do take it very seriously.

  7. Breivik was a zionist & the atrocity happened on a famous anniversary, the King David Hotel bombing & yes he’s evil & deluded.
    Yes there are plenty of zionists who are not Jewish, Blair & Murdoch are good examples.

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