I am a White Person!

I am a White person.  My parents were White. My grandparents were White. My great grandparents were White.  My great great grandparents were White. My White line goes back pure White as far as I have been able to check. And, my DNA test says I’m 100% non-Jewish White (they call it 100% European descent). I am an Aryan as that term was used in previous generations in Europe.

But, in addition to the biological reality of my identity as a White person, I choose to be White.  That is, my Whiteness is my religion, my nation, my politics, my everything. I am very proud to be White and descended from all the Whites who have gone before me, both directly in my family line, but also in the larger White collective. I am one with the ancient Romans, Greeks, Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, and on and on.  I am part of the great White Tribe that has made the Earth a better place simply by our presence.  Where we are, things are better and holier and more righteous and just.  We are the people through whom the Ineffable Divine enters our level of reality. He is the spirit in the DNA Code that we carry that makes us, us.

I do not practice universality. I practice particularity. I do not butt into the lives, affairs or destinies of non-Whites.  I mind my own business as much as I can, and my business is only White business.  All races must look out for themselves and not interfere in the lives, affairs or destinies of those unlike themselves.  This is the law of the Ineffable Divine, but it is often broken by many people including, sadly, many low consciousness Whites.  I ask of everything: Is this good for White people.

Even the ancient books of many religions tell the truth of what God (aka the Ineffable divine) wants, but the message has often been watered down or misunderstood. Take the tale of the Tower of Babel.  You may recall that in that tale, humans were all joining together to build a tower to reach heaven.  God did not want this and He caused humans to diverge from each other.  The tale is a clear cut metaphor for God wanting humans to remain separate types. And there are sayings in the Bible against mixing different seeds, against mixing different fabrics and against  yoking different animals together. There also many stories about the evils of miscegenation.  In the Bible, different races and different ethnicities  are often called different “nations.”

Consider the  ancient Aryan-Hindu Code of Manu.  Most of the Code is about how Whites must stay separate from other types of humans. That’s what the Caste system in India was set up to accomplish. Too often, people think the Caste system was just about the type of work people did.  That’s part of it, but the main part was based on color or race and the Indian term for Caste is Varna which means “color.” And, the major Castes are divided along color lines with the Brahmins being the Whitest and at the top. Of course, like the rest of the present PC world, you’ll now find “modern” interpretations trying to erase what the Code of Manu actually says. If you have the desire get a copy of the Code of Manu in English and read for yourself the laws about staying pure White.

In addition to my biological and genetic identity as a White person, I am also an Awakened White person. This means that I choose to be White in all ways. It also means that I am spiritually or religiously White. I, and all other Whites, are born White. It is our DNA Code, but we must then think White and not deny our Whiteness. We must develop the intellectual and  spiritual Whiteness and perfect it and learn to be fully and completely White in all possible ways while often still living in a world where we are the minority and where a wrong mistake in mating can take our families off the righteous White path and turn us non-White like the majority on this planet. I believe in the simple statement that we Whites must have Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.  The first, Right Blood means we are born White. It is essential and cannot be compromised or changed. Then, Right Belief leads to Right Action. These three simple headings cover all aspects of our White lives.

It is not usually necessary to say Awakened before declaring that one is a White person today, because the simple declarative sentence I am a White person is not usually said by any Whites who are not Awakened. in fact, it seems many un-Awakened Whites run from identifying themselves as being White.  We should pity these neurotic, lost, often self-hating,  identitiless souls who don’t want to be who and what they are born to be.

Just to be clear, what do I mean by saying that I am a White person? I mean that White is my primary identity and I am happy about it and I have no apologizes for being born White.  It is who and what I am.

But, in addition to my biology–my White genome which can also be called my White DNA Code (a broader term than just saying White genes)– I am declaring that not only was I born White, but I have chosen to be White in all possible ways by dint of my intellectual acceptance and love for who and what I am.

White Individuality vs. White Collectivism

I am both individually White and part of a collective of other Whites. It is a false dichotomy to think they are mutually exclusive. I am both an individual White person and a part of the White people–the great White Tribe–the people who have brought the Earth out of the dark ages with our inventions, discoveries, philosophies, culture and over very presence as the light of God shines out from us and makes where we are holy. We are the selected people to evolve ever higher–and even as you read this, we are evolving.

My identity has two main parts

There are many views, organizations, philosophies and different religious views among Whites but among those of us who are truly Awakened there is an invisible bond of unity even though we may argue and disagree on many points.  This invisible bond has two parts. The first part is our common White genome. We are truly related by blood. The second part of the bond is  our unshakeable  belief in Whiteness. The second part activates the first part and makes us different from un-Awakened Whites.

Once Awakened, one can never sleep walk through life again.  Once Awakened, one is on the path to being what one truly is and what one can truly become. Once Awakened, one knows that one’s life has meaning and purpose and that one is connected with a great people and with the spirit and ways of that people and one has a religious or spiritual feeling that one is doing what something greater than each of us as individuals wants us to do–and this is true no matter how we conceive of God or even if we are agnostic or atheist.  It is a feeling of awe that we are connected to through our essential sense of our Whiteness.

By H. Millard © 2017

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  1. Outstanding article and well written. Happy to have found this site. There has to be a reason it was put before me.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that without white people, the world will descend into an abyss of the “war of all against all.” Each white culture—Polish, English, Russian, Italian, Norwegian, etc. contributes to the white mosaic that becomes civilization.

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