Homeless Jack on Stopping Bigotry and Hatred

By H. Millard:

This article about a cop being put on leave because he refused to work a gay pride event in Salt Lake City got me thinking, man,” said Homeless Jack. “And, as a result, I’ve decided to come out of the closet and not just quietly accept hate and bigotry aimed at those like me.

white-pride“I’m White and I’m proud.

“I’m tired of hiding the real me. I”m a White Racist. I was born that way. It is as much a part of me as my skin color, my bone structure, my hair, my eyes and my heterosexuality. So, I don’t want none of them haters and bigots comin’ my way to try to reeducate me or deprogram me, or brainwash me, or condition me, or counsel me out of who and what I am. We are racist from birth.

“Homosexuals have been able to stop those haters and bigots continuing on that course with them, and I demand that they also stop that crap with us. We are who we are born to be and we’re fine as we are. Just leave us alone and mind your own business.

“Just as gays say they are born that way, I say we are also born the way we are.

“The way to stop hate speech and bigotry against us and to get fair treatment is for more of us to come out.

“You see, it’s not the White racist beliefs that came first, it was the White racist gene that came first.

“It’s like everything in our existence. Things just exist naturally and then we humans use words to describe them and define them and categorize them–which is good and this is what we should do, but we must do it correctly and we must not be blinded by prejudice, hatred and bigotry.

“A rose is a rose because of its genes. It does not have to believe it’s a rose to be a rose. It just is, as it is. That’s the same with us. We are, as we are. We are born that way. Should we try to overcome what we are born as and what we are born to be? Should a rose try to overcome being a rose? Should a homosexual try to overcome being a homosexual?

“Over time, humans got things reversed, as we often do, and too many of us came to believe that White racism is just a matter of choice. Well, it isn’t. It’s a survival mechanism that is built right into our genes, or as some of us say: into our DNA code.

“But, you know, the otherwise neutral term “racist” has been turned into a hate term by haters and bigots to try to smear Whites who do see their differentness. It’s like calling gays “faggots,” so maybe we shouldn’t use the term racist to define who and what we are. Racialist is one alternative. Some use the term White Nationalist or just Nationalist. Others use Race Realist. The point I’m making, man, is that what it is, is, no matter what words we choose to name it. A rose is a rose…yeah, you get the picture.

“And, what exactly is this White racist gene? Well, it’s probably not a single gene, but a combination of genes (but as a convention, I’ll continue to call it the White racist gene). It is a natural survival mechanism that is built into our genetic programs to help us survive and not be blended away.

“If one doesn’t recognize oneself as different from some others who really are different, one may override this natural survival mechanism and go extinct. The racist gene helps those with this gene to know us from not us.

“In nature, and humans are part of nature, us is usually safer and usually poses less of an immediate danger to our survival than not us, and most certainlyus poses far less of a reproductive danger to us in the long view of history than not us. White Family“And, how do we know us from not us. Nature’s first line of defense is our sense of sight. That’s right, man, our eyes send us the first messages of who isus and who is not us. Don’t disbelieve your eyes. Your eyesight is the king of the human senses and you have it to help you survive.

“You, know, man, there are studies that show that females are most “racist” when they are fertile. Why? Because their genetic program wants them to make more like themselves and not be baby factories for genetic programs unlike them. Let me repeat: Racism is a survival mechanism. It helps you survive.

“Okay, man, I see you squinting at me. Let me backtrack and explain something about you and your survival. You are more than the person you see in the mirror in our everyday reality. You are also your genetic program that made you, you. And, your genetic program “wants” to expand and continue on even after your body dies. It does this by you having children as much like you as possible.

“But, those who hate us want to blend us away. And, trying to convince us that not us is the same as us is one of the major techniques being used in the blending.

“It’s a very old technique. It was used against the Jews by Antiochus IV who wanted Jews to blend in with his people. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration of the revolt by (racist or separatist) Jews known as the Maccabees against being blended into non-existence. Those Jews who accepted the blending are no more. They were assimilated into the non-Jewish population and ceased to exist as a distinct people. Those who resisted the blending still exist in their Jewish descendants now alive.

“Blending was also tried on the American Indians as stupid Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers tried to destroy Indians by having them blend in with Whites. The examples abound.

“Okay, man, I gotta move on. Be who you were born to be and don’t run from being who you really are, no matter how many haters and bigots try to change you. You have a natural God (or nature) given right to be yourself, and when you are yourself as you truly are, you can find happiness.”

By H. Millard © 2014

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10 thoughts on “Homeless Jack on Stopping Bigotry and Hatred

  1. I love H. Millard’s way of thinking! He perceives the world in a teleological manner! Of course, environment has a huge affect on people (I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t have meet that Swedish volleyball team); but we must also accept that the radical environmentalists are wrong: humans aren’t a blank-slate that you can mould in any and every direction….

    in some ways, H. Millard remains of the late, great Francis Parker Yockey! Yockey said in his masterpiece, the Imperium, his book was the end of rationalism and materialism — it took me about a year to work out what he meant.

    In regards to materialism — the idea that man will respond to his environment in a typical, mechanical way —Yockey responded by saying that there are a spiritual processes within a human being that can’t be stopped: they can only be suppressed.

    He called the enemies of our race Cultural Distorters and Culture Retarders.

    In regards to rationalism — the idea that man will forget his core identity as he gains a liberal education — Yockey responded with the truth: man cannot separate himself from what he is through indoctrination; he can only become what it is within him to be.

    Yes, I’ve got a racist gene!

    What of it?

  2. I’m coming out too, I’m a white racialist you see and I don’t hate anyone because of the colour of their skin but I just want to live amongst my own kind my own culture.

    1. Brin of the family Jenkins

      - Edit

      Exactly so, had other cultures just accepted our ways in our country, or stayed away if they couldn’t, we would see much less strife and destruction.

      I have yet to meet any black American wanting to live in the lands of his forebears.

      I’m English, there are no black Englishmen, only British by act of Parliament. Statute Laws passed by Governments can be changed, Common Law can not, and it is superior before a Judge.

      1. Brin, had other cultures accepted our ways in our country, that would not have been a good thing. That way immigration might have been much more acceptable to our own people, making it far harder for us to work against it. The fact that other cultures don’t integrate is one of the very reasons we’re able to so successfully garner support in attacking immigration.
        While you may not have knowingly met any, there have in fact been black Americans wanting to live in Africa – for example, some of those belonging to the Nation of Islam.
        I’m afraid you’ve got it completely wrong on common law, as have all of the people who embrace the ‘lawful rebellion’ way of thinking. Common law can actually change and that’s the whole point – it’s law based on precedent, based on previous decisions made by judges. These can be overruled by statutes and indeed they sometimes are.
        Our law currently derives from three sources: common law, statutes and European law. I’d like to remove the third but the other two are both a part of our lawmaking system and have different roles to play. Personally, I find legal woo like FOTL unpersuasive, undesirable, unproductive and above all damaging to the image of nationalism.

        1. Brin of the family Jenkins

          - Edit

          John the way I see it is one or two aliens accept a new culture, it will do little harm, and they are soon assimilated. What we have now could never be, it will be us that gets replaced by outbreeding assisted by our family planning schemes. Skin color is much harder to absorb as are very different races and cultures. Northern races, Germans French, and Italians are more compatible. As you correctly say this is not our case, we are deliberately being overwhelmed by invaders.

          Basically we have little argument here.

          On common Law however I think its you that may have it wrong.

          Statute law is the law of commerce, it requires contractual obligations that can be enforced by statute law. I have no contract with a great many folk who use statute law, unless I give my permission and agree a contact, it can not be used against me.

          Common Law is superior in a court of law, no one has a rights to change it, certainly not any Government. If I infringe a statute law and agree any contract it can and probably will be enforced. But if no loss has been suffered, and no injury inflicted, then no crime has been committed. Only a statute broken.

          Can I recommend Veronica Chapman.


  3. ‘ I just want to live among my own kind my own culture.”

    and what is wrong with that I am sure Africans feel the same way.

  4. This article has an excellent premise. However, it probably needs a few more minds and 100 hours of work to make it really good. The simple factual concept is there.

    Instead of saying I am a White Racist, the better approach would be to say I am a White Person. Does a faggot say he is a Homosexual Degenerate? No, he says he is a Homosexual Person. The word racist is like the word degenerate. etc… Contrary to what the word Racist implies, I really have no desire to debate if my race/culture is superior to another nor does it even matter; as I only seek to be a White Person.

    Do I want to be a White Racist? Hell no! I want to be a White Person. Do I want to be a Nazi? Hell no! I want to be a White Person. Do I want to be a Fascist? Hell no! I want to be a White Person. Do I want to be a Christian? Hell no! I want to be a White Person.

    You have to force our enemies to say they hate WHITE PEOPLE not racists or fascists or nazis or baptists etc… Do not give them the ability to demonize some stupid religion, political ideology, economic bullshit or historical lie that people want to wrap their little minds in.

    Make our enemies take us head on, instead of allowing their Marxist tactics to control the mental terrain.

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