Heritage & Destiny Remember John Tyndall – Friday 6th October

Following the very successful John Tyndall Memorial Meeting hosted by Western Spring earlier this year, Heritage & Destiny are by popular demand to host a further meeting at a new high quality venue near Preston city centre, to once again remember the immense contribution made by John Tyndall to the cause of British nationalism. The meeting is to be held on Friday, 6th October 2017, starting at 1.00 pm sharp.

Heritage & Destiny have an extensive line-up of distinguished speakers from across the spectrum of nationalist opinion, several of whom were not able to speak at our earlier meeting, and there will be a number of new elements to this forthcoming meeting that will make it different from previous meetings of this kind, and for these reasons, if for nothing else, this meeting should be a must for all nationalists to attend, if at all possible.

Anyone wishing to attend and wanting details and directions to the venue should call Heritage & Destiny on 07833-677484 or 07747-373946 or email heritageanddestiny@yahoo.com.

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2 thoughts on “Heritage & Destiny Remember John Tyndall – Friday 6th October

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