France Pays the Price for Mass Non-White Colonisation

Almost unreported upon by the controlled media, the non-white invaders in France continued with their “tradition” of torching cars on New Year’s Eve, with the official count being at least 1,193 vehicles set aflame.

A burning car on the outskirts of Paris

According to a muted report by the Associated Press—which was, not surprisingly, largely ignored by the media who would rather die than admit the failure of their multi-cultural wonderland—“hundreds of empty, parked cars go up in flames in France each New Year’s Eve, set afire by young revelers, a much lamented tradition that remained intact this year.”

The “young revelers” are of course the non-whites who infest the suburbs around almost every large city in France, and who started the “tradition” of burning vehicles as a “protest” against their inability to function normally in an advanced white, western society.

Rather than admit that Third Worlders cannot be First Worlders, no matter how much “education” and “social improvement” funds are thrown their way, deluded liberals continue to pretend that the answer to the problem is to tinker with the “environment”—as if changing the housing setup will somehow miraculously stop the Third Worlders from being Third World.

The Associated Press report quoted Interior Minister Manuel Valls as saying that the Paris suburban region of Seine-Saint-Denis led the nation for torched cars, followed by two eastern regions around Strasbourg.

“His announcement was the first time in three years that such figures have been released,” the AP report continued.

“The conservative government of former President Nicolas Sarkozy had decided to stop publishing them in a bid to reduce the crime – and not play into the hands of car-torching youths who try to outdo each other.”

The practice began in earnest among non-white invaders in the 1990s in the region around Strasbourg in eastern France.

The practice finally reached the attention of the international media in 2005 when massive non-white riots swept France, when police reported that 8,810 vehicles burned in less than three weeks.

It is illegal in terms of French law to collect racial demographics in that nation, but a recent estimate by Solis, a marketing company, said that numbers for ethnic minorities (immigrants and 2nd generation) in France in 2009 were 3.26 million North Africans (Maghrebis) (5.23%); 1.83 million blacks (2.94%, 1.08 million Sub-Saharan Africans and 757,000 from the French West Indies); and 250,000 Turks (0.71%).

This is most likely an underestimate, as other estimates have reported that at least 20% of the population of France is now of non-white extraction, and of the “youth” element, a far greater proportion than that.